Zoë Kravitz Gets Trippy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast7 ヶ月 前

    Who is the most chill Hot Ones guest of all time?

  2. donkeydarko77

    donkeydarko7717 日 前

    Charlize was great, iirc.

  3. brendon n henderson

    brendon n henderson2 ヶ月 前

    issa by far

  4. Ruthie R

    Ruthie R2 ヶ月 前

    Haven't watched all but Lisa Koshy was chill and funny too

  5. Felix Perez

    Felix Perez5 ヶ月 前

    Shia Labeouf/Steve Austin very cool dudes.

  6. Jayson Morgan

    Jayson Morgan6 ヶ月 前

    Halle Berry.

  7. ryukenb2k

    ryukenb2k8 時間 前

    My God Zoe is so dang hot the hot sauce cooled down as soon as it landed in her mouth, No pun intended

  8. Sean Green

    Sean Green8 時間 前

    I used to love her mom back in the day. And now I'm Head Over Heels over her😍😍😍.

  9. Purple Dallas

    Purple Dallas日 前

    when i saw that haircut ffs thats selina kyle

  10. Jamie Whittaker

    Jamie Whittaker日 前

    Ngl the only thing ive seen her is is "the road within"

  11. Mehdi Hoseyni

    Mehdi Hoseyni日 前

    2:06 omg im dead 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  12. Francisco Lopes

    Francisco Lopes2 日 前

    eu te amooooo

  13. P Stewart

    P Stewart3 日 前

    Damn she’s fine....

  14. Jonas Baas

    Jonas Baas3 日 前

    That was funny as hell.

  15. Avril Miller

    Avril Miller3 日 前


  16. Changilwa Kigamwa

    Changilwa Kigamwa3 日 前

    Marry me?!

  17. marti

    marti4 日 前

    hearing her swear in interviews is so refreshing

  18. Matthew Deck

    Matthew Deck5 日 前

    Motivation girl Zoe make me sick like leave me alone

  19. marti

    marti5 日 前

    leta lestrange and christina were literally my gay awakening 💀

  20. marti

    marti5 日 前

    god..if i had her cheekbones i wouldn’t know how to act

  21. OKSooo_

    OKSooo_5 日 前

    She's so chill and beautiful.

  22. Maxwell Actual

    Maxwell Actual6 日 前

    I’m not too familiar with this woman but she is ridiculously stunning. Id chase down a bottle of last dab with a bottle of da bomb while taking a widow maker enema for a date with her. Hopefully on a different day.

  23. spciy papI

    spciy papI6 日 前


  24. spciy papI

    spciy papI6 日 前


  25. Jack Blakeney-Swanson

    Jack Blakeney-Swanson6 日 前

    Hopefully these browse the comments, but having anyone from the office would be very good for viewers I think!

  26. Z F

    Z F6 日 前

    This was great!!🥰

  27. JOKER

    JOKER6 日 前

    Zoe is so gorgeous. She is a darker version of Emilia Clarke.

  28. Michael D. Williams III

    Michael D. Williams III7 日 前

    Love me some Zoe!!! 👏🏽❤️😄 I’ve been pretty much digging this series lately, though I can’t eat spicy 🌶 foods. I recently have become vegan in a way on top of pescatarian. I’ve cut chicken, beef, and pork, out period...

  29. Serafim B

    Serafim B7 日 前

    Can someone leave a time mark for the batman questions?

  30. LEE 3

    LEE 38 日 前

    Zoey out baller'd Halle Barry with not sipping ANY beverage!

  31. Sudarshan More

    Sudarshan More8 日 前

    Here's our Selina

  32. Nikhil Vinod

    Nikhil Vinod8 日 前

    Amelia Clarke is just a white Zoe Kravitz.

  33. ging cen

    ging cen9 日 前

    She's so vibez n cud handle d pepper! 😎 #wifeymaterial

  34. Top Back Podcast

    Top Back Podcast9 日 前

    Can't wait how Zoe will play Catwoman. We just did the Hot Ones challenge on our channel! Check it out if you're bored

  35. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    Not an alcoholic, I'm a binger and have to for my mental .

  36. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    Easy drunks, can do stuff next day. Hrd drunks can't. ( Unless 22 of age). Actually I Drank(Age 45) 27 hours, then slept, Oops I had to meet people, so hr and a half sleep, had to pee. Oh yes I do, Got ready and great time, I out drank them all, another 8 hours. So, dismiss 1;30 hrs. thats 49 hrs. actually ended at 54 hours.

  37. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    Guessing a cheap drunk, she small. so 5-6 drinks tops. I drink 48 hrs, so thats why agh.

  38. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    She said while hungover, how can anyone do anything if agh. That takes talent, agh.

  39. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    Don't want to say nice ass, and it's a guy. F that shit, ladies. Such B. Thinkings about themselves.

  40. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    I can't watch this, with her in short hair. Makes me think non really lesbian. Girls need longer hair then men. Fact.

  41. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    She looks like a Les, is she?

  42. captainevilhare

    captainevilhare10 日 前

    Seriously, dislike girls with guys hair cut. Ladies FO, be girls .

  43. Duke

    Duke11 日 前

    She could get the schmeat.

  44. LazerDeluxe

    LazerDeluxe11 日 前

    Who is the blonde women? 23:32

  45. Jamie Clarke

    Jamie Clarke11 日 前


  46. f3rfra

    f3rfra12 日 前

    this was the chillest session i've seen and then i come to the comments and they're asking the same :P nice vibes from her

  47. Mathieu Carrier

    Mathieu Carrier12 日 前

    just watch High fidelity! That **** is insane!

  48. DarthVaderAnakin

    DarthVaderAnakin12 日 前

    Over rated actress because of her parents

  49. DarthVaderAnakin

    DarthVaderAnakin12 日 前

    Over rated actress because of her parents

  50. shmuckling

    shmuckling13 日 前


  51. RandomAccount007

    RandomAccount00713 日 前

    Hot questions, hotter wings, even hotter guests

  52. ccbbh4477223

    ccbbh447722314 日 前

    You're in trouble if the first bite is referred to as "a little kick" LOL

  53. FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst

    FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst14 日 前

    she's like nerdy hipster white girl

  54. LifeOfNate

    LifeOfNate15 日 前

    Zoe is the type I'd want to smoke a blunt with and talk shit about anything.

  55. Frannie

    Frannie15 日 前

    Sky’s face is priceless and she is precious and must be protected at all costs!!! 💜

  56. shmuckling

    shmuckling13 日 前

    Agreed! This whole thing was so sweet! I love the show, but I've never loved it this much before. Precious this was.

  57. MINNIE

    MINNIE17 日 前

    I actually love how this interview was all about her. Usually interviewers make it all about her parents.

  58. gobins e

    gobins e17 日 前


  59. fazzurri

    fazzurri17 日 前

    Owh catwoman..

  60. Anna Kilian

    Anna Kilian18 日 前

    Zoe is a sassy smart. She seems very cool. Like a girl I could have a beer with and convo about everything. The music in the background is excellent, so fitting with the content of the interview. Wish to know these tracks...

  61. 81ackman

    81ackman19 日 前

    Wow, she and Emilia Clarke look alike.

  62. Duwayne Tha Portuguese Goddess

    Duwayne Tha Portuguese Goddess19 日 前

    PLEASE somebody, ANYBODY share w/ me the name of the music/song at 0:12 seconds in Please and THANK YOU anyone that can help me out, I appreciate you!!

  63. night king

    night king19 日 前

    20:14 HOLY SHIT!! I was too fascinated with her that i didnt even notice she didnt take one sip of water or milk the whole time holy crap zoe you killed it. Congrats.

  64. night king

    night king19 日 前

    She looks so much like her mother its not even funny. Both beautiful

  65. anton santos

    anton santos19 日 前

    Ooooooooooo weeeeeeee, baby scratch me with your catwonan nail. Oh wait she is catwoman 0-0

  66. Sameeha

    Sameeha20 日 前

    her best interview on this entire app. thank you for this.

  67. Rafa Rodriguez

    Rafa Rodriguez20 日 前


  68. Inanna Kali Ma

    Inanna Kali Ma20 日 前

    She's so gorgeous


    JESUS LOVES20 日 前


  70. artha5

    artha521 日 前

    I freaking love Zoe, my god!

  71. Knowledge Reyes

    Knowledge Reyes21 日 前

    Echo and shitttttt it it it :D hahaha

  72. Captain Fartmaster

    Captain Fartmaster21 日 前

    She is badass. She’ll be a great Catwoman.

  73. Jayden Daniel Stanley

    Jayden Daniel Stanley21 日 前

    So we're not gonna talk about the fact that she sounds like Zendaya

  74. Matthew Vu

    Matthew Vu21 日 前

    She didn’t even flinch, beast

  75. nelia jelia

    nelia jelia22 日 前

    she is so perfect

  76. the machinist

    the machinist22 日 前

    Weird Al Yankovic, LOL! He took bites so small you would need a scanning electron microscope to see them.

  77. Armando Villaba

    Armando Villaba22 日 前

    This camera this camera this camera.

  78. Tony Mccrorey

    Tony Mccrorey22 日 前

    seeing sky be so happy to try out that wing really made my day. she couldnt even speak

  79. Joey Gonzales

    Joey Gonzales22 日 前

    It's crazy how beautiful she is like if only I was famous

  80. SadaEKE

    SadaEKE22 日 前

    I've never been a fan of either of her parents but now I have a celebrity crush on Zoe.

  81. Aditya Singh Sajwan

    Aditya Singh Sajwan22 日 前

    She killed it❤️

  82. THE DARK Knight

    THE DARK Knight22 日 前

    She is so hotter than sauce

  83. Axof

    Axof22 日 前

    PAUSE at 13:38

  84. C.S.R. B.

    C.S.R. B.22 日 前

    That thumbnail hmmm... hello 👀

  85. Eddie Greene

    Eddie Greene22 日 前

    Love her

  86. jonas gomes

    jonas gomes22 日 前

    The Kravitz genetics hitting hard

  87. Nutkin B

    Nutkin B23 日 前

    We need High Fidelity season 2 please and thank you

  88. Davo

    Davo23 日 前

    Never heard of her., seems like a genuinely lovely person

  89. Stefan J.D.

    Stefan J.D.24 日 前

    She just seems so down to just hangout and talk about whatever. Love this woman. She doesnt hold back and is honest as fuck! EDIT: Also shes a hero for not drinking anything during the course of murder world. (comic book reference)

  90. LifeOfNate

    LifeOfNate24 日 前

    Out of all the celeb crushes I've had that's gone in an out...without a doubt...with certainty...no lies...no hesitation...zoe Kravitz is the only woman who has been consistent with being my crush, she hasn't gone out like every other woman celeb crush I've had.

  91. Sheridan Isashitstain

    Sheridan Isashitstain24 日 前

    Vegan wings? eeeeeewwwwww

  92. Chibuike Christopher

    Chibuike Christopher24 日 前

    Everyone to Da bomb: I don't like the way this taste, it's awful Da bomb: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  93. ChumBucket 08

    ChumBucket 0825 日 前

    Where are the catwomen questions at

  94. Alias Marg8ta

    Alias Marg8ta25 日 前

    One of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She even chews pretty.

  95. Epiphanny Taylor

    Epiphanny Taylor25 日 前

    Have chloe and Halle on here!!

  96. withMATT

    withMATT25 日 前

    Sean, the Hot Sauce Shaman

  97. Twentywulf

    Twentywulf25 日 前

    19:40 Catwoman & Batman talks

  98. Connor Haines

    Connor Haines25 日 前

    Why couldn’t he mention the fact that she’s playing John Cusack’s part while her mother played a musician who slept with pretty much her (Zoe’s) character?

  99. Junie Gyllenhaal

    Junie Gyllenhaal25 日 前

    This show is so fake now. Now all a sudden EVERY celebrity finishes. Wasn’t like this before

  100. Iftee Talukder

    Iftee Talukder25 日 前

    19:44 Mostly everyone is here for the Batman.

  101. Marius Kristensen

    Marius Kristensen20 日 前

    I em vengeance

  102. Kayla Castro

    Kayla Castro25 日 前

    Im dying to do this challenge lol

  103. TedTucholski

    TedTucholski25 日 前

    wow this young lady crushed the hot sauce challenge

  104. Gino Peñaflor

    Gino Peñaflor26 日 前

    13:37 OMG!

  105. harajuku

    harajuku26 日 前

    why the dislike ratio

  106. Leonor Perez-Rodriguez

    Leonor Perez-Rodriguez26 日 前

    OMG that was awesome!!

  107. Marcos H

    Marcos H26 日 前

    I really wish Hulu didn’t cancel High Fidelity. Loved season 1!

  108. Amani Hossain

    Amani Hossain23 日 前

    they cancelled it?! did they even end it nicely? (i barely started watching)

  109. Gambit2483

    Gambit248326 日 前

    She's going to be an awesome Catwoman/ Selena Kyle