Yung Booke "H.I.T.V. (Hoes In The Valley) Feat. London Jae (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. Mar Robinson

    Mar Robinsonヶ月 前

    Yung Booke Hoes In The Valley Part 2 OTW Hoes In The Valley The Movie OTW

  2. Thouse2great

    Thouse2great2 ヶ月 前

    This man Is so talented shoutout from east Atl 💪🏽

  3. H O T G I R L S H I T

    H O T G I R L S H I T6 ヶ月 前

    They just played this song at a party I went too last night “HOES IN THE VALLEY”🥵

  4. Masio Dinero

    Masio Dinero7 ヶ月 前

    Only Playaz understand da video doe 💯 u can get ya bitch took frum u but can always get ha back if u play ya cards smart datz Hoes In The Valley

  5. SoEpic TheWestside Music

    SoEpic TheWestside Music10 ヶ月 前

    #soepicthewestside u know when I say it's lit it's lit #itslit

  6. Ju'Quon Ortiz

    Ju'Quon Ortiz10 ヶ月 前

    He Been Running Chit SinCe Rich Kidz Days🚫🧢

  7. Ari Paul

    Ari Paul年 前


  8. 810 Goodfella

    810 Goodfella年 前

    underrated.. ABN in dat bih tho ✊

  9. Jeimmer Haney

    Jeimmer Haney年 前

    Hi there are you My donunt

  10. Mahki Phillips

    Mahki Phillips年 前

    You made it cusin

  11. Daija Davis

    Daija Davis年 前

    i dont get

  12. Clifford Moriasi

    Clifford Moriasi年 前

    one of the coolest beats cant leave my living room

  13. Summer’s World

    Summer’s World年 前

    this song still slept on smh..

  14. Omg_Tirk

    Omg_Tirk2 年 前

    Should be at a mill

  15. Omg_Tirk

    Omg_Tirk2 年 前


  16. bill belly

    bill belly2 年 前

    hearing this on the radio i was like.... aawwweeyyeeeaaaa

  17. Alex Watkins

    Alex Watkins2 年 前


  18. Montelo Payso

    Montelo Payso2 年 前

    Most underrated song of 2017

  19. Luh Pes0

    Luh Pes02 年 前

    Love. Sorry

  20. Jernika Hilll

    Jernika Hilll2 年 前

    this my Favorite Song right now❤️


    DOE KADAFI2 年 前


  22. Savii WorldLifeTour

    Savii WorldLifeTour2 年 前

    BookeVision 🤘🏼🔥

  23. SEG 313

    SEG 3132 年 前

    this that shit fr

  24. marc brook

    marc brook2 年 前

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 au mon dieu

  25. tyler ray

    tyler ray2 年 前

    Finna be the most popular song soon, this 🔥

  26. Breasia Steward

    Breasia Steward2 年 前

    My New Favorite😍🌸 Super Slept On💯😀

  27. Stevie Glover

    Stevie Glover2 年 前

    this song a great hit

  28. Anthax

    Anthax2 年 前

    The most underated

  29. Mars Valinchi

    Mars Valinchi2 年 前

    song of the year if u a mac

  30. Trippy Dot

    Trippy Dot2 年 前

    Too slept on

  31. Trippy Dot

    Trippy Dot2 年 前

    I'm make a dance video to this song to try to put more people on

  32. Enam Amevo

    Enam Amevo2 年 前

    you been slept on too long booke

  33. Jasper Wortham

    Jasper Wortham2 年 前

    I like the beat but not the rapper, big krit would have bless this beat

  34. Anthony McCommons

    Anthony McCommons年 前

    Jasper Wortham Hell yeah Big K.R.I.T would have killed this shit

  35. James Kelly

    James Kelly2 年 前

    this my shit. now we need a video for"Hating on the low".

  36. Mars Valinchi

    Mars Valinchi2 年 前

    awards best song of the fuck year

  37. MFKidCross15

    MFKidCross152 年 前

    whats that dance crew name that did a dance mix to this

  38. Antonio Thornton

    Antonio Thornton2 年 前

    this shit too hard

  39. messquiz

    messquiz2 年 前

    HIVTV? terrible abbreviation on any title, ever. Should've just name the damn song to something else.. like uh idk, how about 'In the valley' or something simple as 'John Salley'. sure these are terrible names also but not as horrible as HIVTV. At least those dont make you think of an STD.. smh lol

  40. Bayster G

    Bayster G2 年 前

    jayg0tfans _ haha I lost my shit when he said HIVTV, this song still lit tho

  41. jaygotfans -

    jaygotfans -2 年 前

    messquiz you dumb asf cuz it's H.I.T.V not HIVTV wth

  42. Jv 008

    Jv 0082 年 前

    This tough but slept on, smh...

  43. Westleigh Davies

    Westleigh Davies2 年 前

  44. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee2 年 前

    1000 of these views gotta be mine!

  45. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee2 年 前

    ill af! Schooling these guys who've been here for a minute!

  46. Ify Duru

    Ify Duru2 年 前

    I usually don't like when rappers vocalize but I actually like it in this song

  47. DukeTheGeneral

    DukeTheGeneral2 年 前

    Here b4 this hits a mil.

  48. damaria edwards

    damaria edwards2 年 前

    it's HITV fuck boys. check yo shit but this shit 🔥🔥 🔥

  49. Diamond Princess

    Diamond Princess2 年 前

    This My Shit ❤️🤸🏽‍♂️

  50. Kiana Shy

    Kiana Shy2 年 前


  51. kelly martin

    kelly martin2 年 前

    this shit go hard

  52. Shniah Carr

    Shniah Carr2 年 前

    Boy 👦 you good

  53. Nick D

    Nick D2 年 前

    Oh shit this was filmed in Coachella valley in Palm Springs near where I live

  54. chilisauce32

    chilisauce3215 日 前

    Nick D yo me too

  55. Jason Sumair

    Jason Sumair2 年 前

    The steel pan in the background is straight fire .

  56. Khiry Hatcher

    Khiry Hatcher2 年 前

    i dont understand why this song so slept on

  57. Vante P

    Vante P9 ヶ月 前

    Cause he didn’t sale his ass

  58. S.G. THE GREAT

    S.G. THE GREAT年 前

    Real Shit this song should have over a milllon views and more people don't know good music frfr💯💪🙏✔

  59. Kng Tch

    Kng Tch年 前

    Khiry Hatcher because y6 isn't as hot as cats like Young thug or migos

  60. Herheartofgold T

    Herheartofgold T2 年 前

    I love you vidoeo

  61. Masio Dinero

    Masio Dinero2 年 前


  62. Nancy Angel Gilmore

    Nancy Angel Gilmore2 年 前

    dis shit bang

  63. Clay Platt

    Clay Platt2 年 前

    BOUT TIME...

  64. Montana J

    Montana J2 年 前

    My nigga

  65. Demarcus Pollard

    Demarcus Pollard2 年 前

    been waiting on this

  66. Jeremiah Flett

    Jeremiah Flett2 年 前

    lmao I came here from no jumper, but i deadass thought for a good min it was "H.I.V."

  67. Jerome Davis

    Jerome Davis2 年 前

    🔥🔥🔥 This Hella Slept on , supposed to been hit a Mil views 💯💯