Yung Booke Freestyle | What I Do


  1. XXL

    XXL20 日 前

    Did Yung Booke kill his freestyle?

  2. Ceramicz YT

    Ceramicz YT19 日 前

    Oh yeah

  3. imaloneimsorrycinthia

    imaloneimsorrycinthia19 日 前

    burt simmons ikr hahahahh

  4. Rashad Persons

    Rashad Persons20 日 前

    Booke killed his freestyle that’s fa sho fa sho 😎

  5. Lonzo Ball

    Lonzo Ball12 日 前

    I mean this shit is high key ass

  6. Yung Gazini

    Yung Gazini18 日 前


  7. GrindSmart Jizzle

    GrindSmart Jizzle19 日 前

    One of da best XXL freestyles I’ve seen in a min💯 Good to see da homie gettin the shine he deserves

  8. YSK. Krazykidd

    YSK. Krazykidd19 日 前

    He killed it way better then the last people

  9. John Wayne

    John Wayne19 日 前

    He SUPER slept on

  10. Dvonne Walker

    Dvonne Walker19 日 前

    This nigga garbage asl 😤😤😤

  11. johny Bee

    johny Bee20 日 前

    Wtf fake

  12. pungence fan

    pungence fan20 日 前

    Looks like solluminati in thumbnail looool

  13. Justin Hillman

    Justin Hillman20 日 前


  14. burt simmons

    burt simmons20 日 前

    Oh my god who the hell cares

  15. Javon Mikael

    Javon Mikael19 日 前

    burt simmons stfu

  16. JordanGATW

    JordanGATW20 日 前

    he said hope you .... die on a plane bro this dude is not my type of rapper straight off the bat my guy im sometimes down to listen to stuff like that but dang bro thats how you feel

  17. Acesiz Official

    Acesiz Official20 日 前


  18. Andrick Figueroa

    Andrick Figueroa20 日 前

    Booke stay being slept on

  19. Curtis Wood

    Curtis Wood20 日 前

    Booke sposed to blow a long time ago he way better than these lame SoundCloud rappers n actually real

  20. Coudge b

    Coudge b20 日 前

    Definitely better than the last like 5 ppl. But my cat could've freestyled better than those wannabes.

  21. 58LilAnt

    58LilAnt20 日 前 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. King David

    King David20 日 前

    This nigga is going to make it



    Looks like dave chappelle as P diddy 😂 trust me look at the cover of the video then look up

  24. King Art

    King Art20 日 前


  25. choppa

    choppa20 日 前

    SPEAK UP damn

  26. Curtis Wright

    Curtis Wright20 日 前

    He got a track called ''on da set'' that song is so fire

  27. 5K subs before Christmas

    5K subs before Christmas20 日 前

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  28. choppa

    choppa20 日 前

    Stfu cornball

  29. Xxxolog

    Xxxolog20 日 前

    Stfu nigga

  30. Alex Ross

    Alex Ross20 日 前


  31. Mohsin Ahmad

    Mohsin Ahmad20 日 前


  32. Paul Viman

    Paul Viman20 日 前

    I love xxl

  33. ViperNate

    ViperNate20 日 前

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  34. Itz Craxk

    Itz Craxk20 日 前

    No your not

  35. Xxxolog

    Xxxolog20 日 前


  36. Chester

    Chester20 日 前


  37. Robel Tesfay

    Robel Tesfay20 日 前


  38. ViperNate

    ViperNate20 日 前

    Who else is a fan Of XXL 👇🏼💘 🌾gifting my next 13 Loyal Subs!🎁 Must have Notis! 🔔



    Your trash

  40. Xxxolog

    Xxxolog20 日 前


  41. Chester

    Chester20 日 前

    ViperNate shutup

  42. ViperNate

    ViperNate20 日 前

    Who else is a fan Of XXL 👇🏼💘 🌾gifting my next 13 Loyal Subs!🎁 Must have Notis! 🔔

  43. Xxxolog

    Xxxolog20 日 前

    stfu nigga you have no life

  44. M E M E Goats

    M E M E Goats20 日 前

    Aren’t you supposed to be in school