YouTubers React To My New Song "Goin' Live"


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug26 日 前


  2. Coin Feret

    Coin Feret17 日 前

    Juice WRLD

  3. It's yo boy ManManTooFly

    It's yo boy ManManTooFly25 日 前

    It would lowkey be nice if DDG got on the track with you

  4. Np Sir

    Np Sir26 日 前

    FaZe Rug offset

  5. James 101

    James 10126 日 前

    Juice wrld

  6. Chrome Krusty

    Chrome Krusty26 日 前

    Dude ur song is actually ass lmao do one that’s not 97% auto tune

  7. OD_LaughSANITY

    OD_LaughSANITY13 分 前

    Keen is a bitch😡😡



    I think keem star was mean to rug

  9. Aaden Persuasion

    Aaden Persuasion6 時間 前

    Is brawadas jealous of you and sommer

  10. Stanley Jean

    Stanley Jean8 時間 前


  11. I Am Shay

    I Am Shay8 時間 前

    **SUX Ace Family COPIED u! SMH Could take it as a compliment tho LOL**

  12. Arcully

    Arcully10 時間 前

    I’m sorry to tell you ruggy. Buut,just stick to vlogs😂😂

  13. MISTRAL 95

    MISTRAL 9511 時間 前

    Firee !!🖤🖤

  14. Andrew&Eliyas Milton

    Andrew&Eliyas Milton13 時間 前


  15. Andrew&Eliyas Milton

    Andrew&Eliyas Milton13 時間 前

    I love it broooo!!!!!!!!😱

  16. Daniel Contreras

    Daniel Contreras16 時間 前

    Make at least one more song you are good

  17. Christian Rowe

    Christian Rowe16 時間 前

    Make more songs!!!!!

  18. Angel Hinojos

    Angel Hinojos16 時間 前

    You should put Offset or DDG

  19. Juan Bautista

    Juan Bautista17 時間 前

    That shit was 🔥!!!!!!!🤙

  20. eduardo v

    eduardo v17 時間 前

    Fuckin trash

  21. MattEhx

    MattEhx17 時間 前


  22. Nskinny_901

    Nskinny_90119 時間 前

    Lil tjay

  23. Flixzy Shotz

    Flixzy Shotz23 時間 前

    You should ft FaZe Offset and FaZe Lil Yachty

  24. Erick Juarez

    Erick Juarez日 前


  25. Dale Moore

    Dale Moore日 前

    nle chorpe

  26. stop moshin Gutierrez

    stop moshin Gutierrez日 前

    Put drake in it

  27. C.H. 2008

    C.H. 2008日 前

    Not getin enough hate, u suck at rAp

  28. RazorSharkGaming

    RazorSharkGaming日 前


  29. Oh yeah yeah Me

    Oh yeah yeah Me日 前

    banks and ceem was actually harsh to u lol

  30. Nazia Khan

    Nazia Khan日 前

    You killed it bro like this fire

  31. Taze_ Tony

    Taze_ Tony日 前


  32. Jose Robles

    Jose Robles日 前

    went are you doing the music vidoe

  33. Hotmelinda Paranormal Damon Broadcast Owner U.S.A

    Hotmelinda Paranormal Damon Broadcast Owner U.S.A日 前

    I give you five star 10+

  34. Hamish Clark

    Hamish Clark日 前

    6locc 6a6y

  35. Jaylee Granados

    Jaylee Granados日 前

    10/10 that song is lit .I love it. I hear it every day .❤️ love you rug

  36. l a n i

    l a n i2 日 前

    This is what u hear the quiet kid in your class humming. *Lowkey makes ma feel Gangsta.* 😎😎

  37. l a n i

    l a n i2 日 前

    *bro it's actually lit, I swear not even joking* 🔥🤘🏾

  38. Evan V

    Evan V2 日 前

    Tell banks to rethink when he cheats on Alissa Lol 😂

  39. Logan Vallee

    Logan Vallee2 日 前

    Rice don’t act like your musics good 😂😂

  40. Logan Vallee

    Logan Vallee2 日 前

    Sommer Ray is so beautiful

  41. Bladez DC

    Bladez DC2 日 前

    Faze Blaze is crap at rapping he’s like a 4

  42. NSC_ Nxazir

    NSC_ Nxazir2 日 前

    Where have ricegum been

  43. Daniel De Leon

    Daniel De Leon2 日 前

    Put ricegum on this

  44. It’s me Mario!

    It’s me Mario!2 日 前

    Feels like quavo from amigos would kill the beat !!

  45. Corina Monroy

    Corina Monroy2 日 前

    All those haters out there shut up because faz rug did his best