YouTubers React To My New Song "Goin' Live"


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug7 ヶ月 前


  2. Lumbo Mukuka

    Lumbo Mukuka7 日 前


  3. Ryan Taing

    Ryan Taing20 日 前

    FaZe Rug 5:05

  4. Isaac Evans

    Isaac Evans29 日 前

    FaZe Rug I love you

  5. NTG JT

    NTG JTヶ月 前


  6. Julian Cardoso

    Julian Cardosoヶ月 前


  7. Ader Lopez

    Ader Lopez56 分 前


  8. Ader Lopez

    Ader Lopez57 分 前

    "We get litty like a candle" "G wagon I pull up like skkrrrt" wtf was that?! TRASH!!! My guy should've kept it as a "joke" trash ass youtuber.

  9. Ader Lopez

    Ader Lopez時間 前

    Dont make another song. TRASSSHHHHH!!!

  10. Ader Lopez

    Ader Lopez時間 前

    SONG WAS TRASH!!!! of course your youtuber friends said it was dope. Shit was garbage!! Take that to a record label and watch em laugh 😂😂

  11. Cody Kovash

    Cody Kovash時間 前


  12. Jeanwilner Tallerany

    Jeanwilner Tallerany時間 前

    It's so fire.

  13. Jackson Jones

    Jackson Jones時間 前

    I think you should make another song

  14. Aditya Ranka

    Aditya Ranka3 時間 前

    Is it just me or blaze is the chilled faze member?

  15. Vijaya Kulkarni

    Vijaya Kulkarni9 時間 前

    Keem was honest The people who think that are mad


    XXGABETHESWEATXX123 45616 時間 前

    Jake Paul plz

  17. Evan Baker

    Evan Baker22 時間 前

    Keemstar is a party pooper

  18. Knicholas Riccio

    Knicholas Riccio日 前

    I just see blaze vibing to it

  19. Daniel Schofield

    Daniel Schofield日 前


  20. dana tam

    dana tam日 前

    I give it a 10/10% 🎉🎉🎉

  21. Shashank Patil

    Shashank Patil日 前


  22. dj_ AC3

    dj_ AC3日 前

    Imagain having ricegum judge ur song.🤣🤣🤣. Thats way better than anything rice could make

  23. Barry

    Barry日 前


  24. Rizp1008

    Rizp10082 日 前


  25. andjum #01

    andjum #012 日 前

    Why are people hating on you?




  27. Cristian Mascorro

    Cristian Mascorro2 日 前

    well everybody

  28. nafeesthe rager

    nafeesthe rager2 日 前

    No harm but ricegum is a shit at rapping he dont write any song accept the newest and it's the worst its everyday sis wasnt written by him check ksi new vid

  29. nafeesthe rager

    nafeesthe rager日 前

    @Ni̷co edi̷ts and he has platinum and that's only his best song that's on platinum i bet in his life he will never make a song on platinum

  30. nafeesthe rager

    nafeesthe rager日 前

    @Ni̷co edi̷ts what u like songs that aren't written by him

  31. Ni̷co edi̷ts

    Ni̷co edi̷ts2 日 前

    Shut ☝🏾 u know he’s fire

  32. Damian Silva

    Damian Silva2 日 前

    I fuck with faze rug but just if u aren’t a rapper then don’t try cause any mf with a computer can do it

  33. Damian Silva

    Damian Silva2 日 前

    Rice gum ain’t no rapper 😂🤣

  34. William Burdis

    William Burdis3 日 前


  35. Sa'id & Waggie &

    Sa'id & Waggie &3 日 前


  36. Faze Goggs

    Faze Goggs3 日 前


  37. Mella Baldobino

    Mella Baldobino3 日 前

    I think yo song is fire

  38. Gang Stars

    Gang Stars3 日 前

    Tell faze Banks to post a video

  39. Bentley Playz

    Bentley Playz3 日 前

    I love your song

  40. qtMenice _

    qtMenice _4 日 前

    Bra wadis is mad 😂😂

  41. FaZe star

    FaZe star4 日 前

    I really like the song no cap 😮😮

  42. ItsJ_Playz

    ItsJ_Playz4 日 前


  43. Sandra Campbell

    Sandra Campbell4 日 前

    It’s so good

  44. Banana

    Banana4 日 前


  45. Jesus Escajadillo

    Jesus Escajadillo5 日 前

    FaZe rug Jersey but I think Aaron

  46. Mobile baraa

    Mobile baraa5 日 前


  47. Alfredo Ambrosio

    Alfredo Ambrosio5 日 前

    Jake paul

  48. Zeetin DC

    Zeetin DC5 日 前

    It's true his vibes changes the world

  49. RsWinter

    RsWinter5 日 前

    Banks still calls rug rugrat?

  50. Sylvia Castillo

    Sylvia Castillo5 日 前

    FaZe rug your songs are just not good either ricegum songs are not good man I could be turning in a rap battle and I'm only 10 years old

  51. nafeesthe rager

    nafeesthe rager2 日 前

    Ricegum just d9esnt write his song

  52. Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez

    Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez5 日 前


  53. Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez

    Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez5 日 前

    Faze rug you know how to song

  54. Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez

    Vanessa Aguilar Vasquez5 日 前


  55. herberto avila

    herberto avila5 日 前

    Faze Rug And Papa Rug Would be a good collab Fr

  56. marco Alejos

    marco Alejos5 日 前

    I wish i could do a song

  57. marco Alejos

    marco Alejos5 日 前

    it was sick en lit

  58. iiiEstellxa

    iiiEstellxa5 日 前

    Tbh ur the most successful one in all the faze clan

  59. Mervyn 0 Spamz

    Mervyn 0 Spamz5 日 前

    We all peeped the Ksubi jeans🤣🤑

  60. Jacob the gamer YT yT

    Jacob the gamer YT yT5 日 前


  61. Samay Advani

    Samay Advani6 日 前

    Faze Tempers reaction was the best lol.

  62. Damien Hunter

    Damien Hunter6 日 前

    Rug that a really good song

  63. Hunter Hassan

    Hunter Hassan6 日 前

    he knows he's dead serious

  64. Samy

    Samy6 日 前

    banks, rain and lucas is the type of friends u need

  65. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores6 日 前

    Put travis scott

  66. Hussain Haideri

    Hussain Haideri6 日 前

    I will give it a 10/of 10

  67. Isaac Zamora

    Isaac Zamora6 日 前

    Who hates keem for hating on our boy rug

  68. Hey it’s Cwf 2

    Hey it’s Cwf 26 日 前

    Jeez keem being so critical

  69. Heythem Alshaobi

    Heythem Alshaobi7 日 前

    Going live is a good rug how did you made it

  70. vincecranks

    vincecranks7 日 前

    Every time he starts the time he laughs

  71. Daniels Liepins

    Daniels Liepins7 日 前

    Trash song cringe

  72. Hey it’s Cwf 2

    Hey it’s Cwf 26 日 前


  73. Toxic_ Zombie996

    Toxic_ Zombie9967 日 前

    Blaze Gave Good Vibes

  74. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget7 日 前


  75. Marvin Ramirez

    Marvin Ramirez7 日 前

    Low key I want a PC no cap

  76. Biorni Hoxha

    Biorni Hoxha7 日 前

    That nigga ricegum thinks he us a rapper🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  77. Pxin X2

    Pxin X28 日 前


  78. geørgeツ

    geørgeツ8 日 前

    You should make a new song we love your voice and going live❤️🎥🎙

  79. Hey it’s Cwf 2

    Hey it’s Cwf 26 日 前


  80. Svetlana Lopez Muniz

    Svetlana Lopez Muniz8 日 前

    Definitely tyga

  81. Collin Parrish

    Collin Parrish8 日 前

    Do a song with Jason deruleo

  82. Rachiklee8

    Rachiklee88 日 前

    Busted head aka jarvis

  83. Asha Pandya

    Asha Pandya8 日 前



    MATT STRO8 日 前

    songs hard fr

  85. holden wry

    holden wry8 日 前

    Not ricegum

  86. F1R3 Charlie

    F1R3 Charlie9 日 前

    U should get Lucas to do 1 with u

  87. Isaiah Rios

    Isaiah Rios9 日 前

    Ricegum plz he is fire

  88. Kareem ali

    Kareem ali9 日 前

    For everyone who say keemstar is jealous and doesn’t like rug and stuff like that probably didn’t even watch his part He literally said I’m shocked which means he thought it was pretty good and all he said was the ooooohhhhohohohoh needs to be fixed which I agree with that too tbh and he gave him a 6 which is actually pretty good

  89. Abraiz Khan

    Abraiz Khan9 日 前

    I love faze rug but all of them were pretending to like it

  90. Storm Stormy

    Storm Stormy9 日 前

    Fuck your good

  91. 6

    69 日 前

    Ngl I cringed a lot