YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!


  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Brooklyn and Baileyヶ月 前

    Who do you think had the craziest Drive-Thru order?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn

  2. NS

    NS5 日 前

    Hi this is my first Video i watched of yours

  3. Tesneem Shabsigh

    Tesneem Shabsigh5 日 前

    Btw, love u guys😘. U guys r sooooo pretty!

  4. Tesneem Shabsigh

    Tesneem Shabsigh5 日 前

    I would definitely say Collins Key!!

  5. Samantha Kim

    Samantha Kim6 日 前

    Rebecca Zamolos

  6. Mya Jayla Gould

    Mya Jayla Gould7 日 前


  7. Nylah Dhawan

    Nylah Dhawan2 時間 前

    You know the day they published this was the day India got independence from the British....... I’m from if ur from India or the UK

  8. Tarsem Sandhu

    Tarsem Sandhu12 時間 前

    you guys should have called the dolan twins.

  9. Zoe Gibson

    Zoe Gibson14 時間 前

    I think Collins would be the craziest yet the yummisest

  10. Gab Gomez

    Gab Gomez15 時間 前

    Do a part ttwwwooo

  11. dayneth hernandez

    dayneth hernandez15 時間 前

    No Hate but at 11:52 Brooklyn looked like she wanted to eat her Booger😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️love you guys tho

  12. Julia Aguilar

    Julia Aguilar17 時間 前

    When u realize u already watched this lol

  13. Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson18 時間 前


  14. shister_ sarah

    shister_ sarah23 時間 前


  15. mal francis

    mal francis日 前

    I agree with Baiey

  16. Rose Mlikota

    Rose Mlikota日 前

    7:25 you look like Billie Eilish sorry if i spelt her last name wrong😳

  17. Molly Cornelius

    Molly Cornelius日 前

    un salted

  18. k. o.

    k. o.日 前

    It isn’t big it’s THICC

  19. Keelee Dunaway

    Keelee Dunaway日 前

    I love Sadie

  20. Stephanie Geiger

    Stephanie Geiger日 前

    I side with bailey i love apple pie on sandwiches👌😊😎😂

  21. Ashlee SHIPE

    Ashlee SHIPE日 前

    The sandwich the merrill twins had you get is a secret menu item called the air land and sea sandwich ..

  22. Sirf Kitty

    Sirf Kitty日 前

    WTF only cheese with mustard????? OML how much money did you pay for it 5 cents?

  23. Ella Pape

    Ella Pape日 前

    U eyes 👀 😍😍😍😍

  24. James Daniels

    James Daniels日 前

    Sweet girls.

  25. DH Dhingly's Side

    DH Dhingly's Side日 前

    I always get Fillet o fish it is dwlish

  26. DH Dhingly's Side

    DH Dhingly's Side日 前

    I watch all of rebeca Zamolos videos gmi are evil

  27. Rebecca Markiw

    Rebecca Markiw2 日 前

    Collins key and Devan key definetly had the craziest order if the workers actually could do the order properly

  28. Jasmin Avryl

    Jasmin Avryl2 日 前

    Oh you for got Annie and Hayley Leblanc

  29. Chen Tracy

    Chen Tracy2 日 前

    I love pickle

  30. Kiara Ereen

    Kiara Ereen2 日 前

    Part 2!!!!!

  31. Sariah Johnson

    Sariah Johnson2 日 前

    If I *sniff* a cookie, I will *gain* 12 pounds, but these kids can eat 6 cows and lose weight

  32. Jolie Nguyen

    Jolie Nguyen14 時間 前

    Sariah Johnson ikrrr

  33. Avery Fulton

    Avery Fulton2 日 前

    August 19 is my birthday

  34. tyler carr

    tyler carr2 日 前

    i think collins and soffis

  35. cwaters147

    cwaters1472 日 前

    The other day me and my bff had a sleepover and her sister was having a sleepover the same night too and the next day we had gone hiking and then on the way back we stopped at Sonic and her dad ordered 15 corn dogs and three large tater tots

  36. Alisia Sadler

    Alisia Sadler2 日 前

    Brooklyn you should dye your hair purple

  37. Faith Cross

    Faith Cross2 日 前

    I wanna part 2!

  38. Kennadi White

    Kennadi White3 日 前

    do you live in Texas

  39. Kennadi White

    Kennadi White3 日 前

    what city do you live in

  40. Meleah Mcmillan

    Meleah Mcmillan3 日 前

    I knew 7 people they people are Chloe,Rebecca,Merrell twins,Collins key,Nia,Ro and Sofie Dossi

  41. Anjali Sinha

    Anjali Sinha日 前

    Meleah Mcmillan me too!! I honestly have no idea who Grant is! 🤨

  42. Amanda Tan

    Amanda Tan3 日 前

    Is it just me or when they went to whataburger they forgot the pickles

  43. KafeBirdFish Loftus

    KafeBirdFish Loftus3 日 前

    on salted

  44. meiling 111

    meiling 1113 日 前

    Omg coiling keys

  45. meiling 111

    meiling 1113 日 前


  46. Leticia Salazar

    Leticia Salazar3 日 前

    5:10 Bailey:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  47. Cindy Hooker

    Cindy Hooker3 日 前

    I think I said on top of salted fries



    how much people yawned when she yawned ' 5:23 ' ^

  49. Super funny crazy kid Melina

    Super funny crazy kid Melina3 日 前

    Best video ever ♥️🤣

  50. Taylor Saucier

    Taylor Saucier3 日 前

    On salted

  51. Anna Carrell

    Anna Carrell3 日 前

    I’m with you girl. I despise pickles

  52. Laura KS

    Laura KS3 日 前

    I love every on e in this video especially the dance moms girls

  53. Carissa Burton

    Carissa Burton4 日 前

    I heard "on salted" lol and I agree with Brooklyn 😂

  54. amiel Games

    amiel Games4 日 前


  55. amiel Games

    amiel Games4 日 前


  56. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face4 日 前

    I live in Britain WTF IS A CORN DOG

  57. AddiThePinkNarwallSlime

    AddiThePinkNarwallSlime3 日 前

    Smiley Face it is basically a hotdog that is bredded

  58. Dave Hewitt

    Dave Hewitt4 日 前

    You guys forgot the shake at Aburys its really good

  59. Glydelyn la batterista

    Glydelyn la batterista5 日 前

    6:58 you forgot to get the jemeka shake!

  60. Alexander Mason

    Alexander Mason5 日 前

    This is so fake, it’s all filmed on the same day is you look at 9:20 which is day three dinner then day four lunch they are in the same carpark and the same spot they just changed outfita

  61. khush talto

    khush talto5 日 前

    They have dinner and lunch at the same time lol

  62. Tiara Cruz

    Tiara Cruz5 日 前

    Part 2

  63. Rylee Rodriguez

    Rylee Rodriguez5 日 前

    Definitely want a part 3!

  64. Mia garcia

    Mia garcia5 日 前

    Three of my favorite youtubers 1: Chloe luisak 2:Brooklyn and Bailey 3: Collins key

  65. Everything Squad

    Everything Squad5 日 前

    I love pickels

  66. Gabby Falkenstein

    Gabby Falkenstein5 日 前

    I hate pickles too

  67. Tesneem Shabsigh

    Tesneem Shabsigh5 日 前

    This is hilarious! I would have practically gave up by now!

  68. Shipa Aktar

    Shipa Aktar5 日 前

    Rebecca is at vidcone