YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!


  1. Brooklyn and Bailey

    Brooklyn and Bailey6 ヶ月 前

    Who do you think had the craziest Drive-Thru order?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn

  2. Arshiya Ahmed

    Arshiya Ahmed日 前

    The craziest one was definitely the key bros order😂

  3. Karla Moreno Reynoso

    Karla Moreno Reynoso6 日 前


  4. Shreya Parmar

    Shreya Parmar12 日 前

    Bruh literally no one responded 2 their question.

  5. Cameron Metcalf

    Cameron Metcalf17 日 前

    the EXACT number of fries but make it a big number

  6. Lps Avery

    Lps Avery28 日 前

    Shahara Lod

  7. Heather Duckworth

    Heather Duckworth2 時間 前

    Collins key

  8. Makenzie Erickson

    Makenzie Erickson15 時間 前


  9. Maddi Howden

    Maddi Howden日 前


  10. Street Carz Speed

    Street Carz Speed日 前

    This is like the most hilarious videos that I have seen in my whole life

  11. Sienna Parsons

    Sienna Parsons日 前

    Low-key love there eyes soooo much x

  12. rhea mak

    rhea mak2 日 前


  13. Enma Alvarez

    Enma Alvarez3 日 前

    OMG is that grant that used to be in Kidz Bob

  14. Kelly McKiernan

    Kelly McKiernan3 日 前

    I kind of like pickles but I kind of don't so its hard for me to choose!

  15. Afrin Kanon

    Afrin Kanon3 日 前

    Okay pickle bead Pickles are amazing

  16. Savannah Jade

    Savannah Jade4 日 前

    Are y’all crazy?! Pickles make my mouth water 🤤

  17. Alaina Shepherd

    Alaina Shepherd5 日 前

    Unsalted ._.

  18. jonathan chan

    jonathan chan5 日 前

    Ah, so you guys DO know Sofie. She is the only JPreporterr in this video that I subscribed besides you guys and she is pretty cool. Why don't you guys make a video with her or have her make a video with you guys?

  19. Elizabeth Kittle

    Elizabeth Kittle6 日 前

    Hey guys!! I just started my Chanel!! It’s gonna be travel and lifestyle!! Check it out:))

  20. Karla Moreno Reynoso

    Karla Moreno Reynoso6 日 前

    Love you guys

  21. NatalieJo RF

    NatalieJo RF6 日 前

    Tbh the Jamoca shakes at Arby's are the best item there...

  22. Payton Marshall

    Payton Marshall7 日 前

    where did bailey get her shirt in day 5?

  23. Danijela Sara B. Björnsdóttir

    Danijela Sara B. Björnsdóttir7 日 前


  24. AllenDFW

    AllenDFW7 日 前

    This is one of my favorite videos.

  25. Eden Van Dusen

    Eden Van Dusen7 日 前


  26. Wanda Holcombe

    Wanda Holcombe7 日 前

    he said on salted fries

  27. KiWizard 07

    KiWizard 077 日 前

    6.66M are you guys devils ??????? 👿 😈

  28. Caged-Criminal14

    Caged-Criminal148 日 前

    plz part two

  29. Caged-Criminal14

    Caged-Criminal148 日 前

    I am always confused if they are saying lettuce or let us know im just sooo confused

  30. Phoebe Teasdale

    Phoebe Teasdale8 日 前

    Is their BTS?

  31. Petal Lee

    Petal Lee8 日 前

    onsalted fries

  32. Meira Schupak

    Meira Schupak8 日 前


  33. Zara Atif

    Zara Atif9 日 前

    I’m not judging people but is it just my family who likes the Filet-O-Fish?

  34. Jack Black

    Jack Black9 日 前

    I would side with Bailey

  35. Missymoo2020 MSP

    Missymoo2020 MSP10 日 前

    Omg 😂 the poor ppl taking the orders😂

  36. Missymoo2020 MSP

    Missymoo2020 MSP10 日 前

    Omg 😂

  37. Kiddo Lily

    Kiddo Lily11 日 前

    One girl: so, spicy chicken nuggets Collins: AND 16 CORN DOGS

  38. Bareerah Abdul Wajid

    Bareerah Abdul Wajid11 日 前

    I personally don’t like apple pie at all so ye


    SUMMER VANCE11 日 前

    when she said "okay Summer let's see if I got ur order right" I got so confused lol ( look at my name)

  40. Anthony Moreno

    Anthony Moreno11 日 前

    i think its unsalted fries bc its pretty easy to put a hashbrown on fries

  41. digit v

    digit v12 日 前


  42. Rania Haji Rashid

    Rania Haji Rashid14 日 前

    I dont mind pickels

  43. Lillie Mckeand

    Lillie Mckeand14 日 前

    he said un

  44. Sian Bennewith

    Sian Bennewith15 日 前

    I subscribed to your channel liked and turned on the bell

  45. Denis Murphy

    Denis Murphy15 日 前


  46. Matt Horn

    Matt Horn15 日 前

    Hahha so funny I love doing this

  47. Miya K

    Miya K17 日 前

    I feel like whoever was in the drivers seat liked the gross food😂😂

  48. The No Named Channel

    The No Named Channel18 日 前

    It was ON

  49. Roman Arana

    Roman Arana19 日 前

    I side with Bailey I feel like a apple pie would go good with fish

  50. Roman Arana

    Roman Arana19 日 前

    Why are you two so adorable

  51. Haley Wells

    Haley Wells19 日 前

    I would never eat the fish filet with the Apple pie 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  52. Haley Wells

    Haley Wells19 日 前

    It is unsalted haha 😂

  53. Taylor Brzazowsky

    Taylor Brzazowsky19 日 前

    I like pickles

  54. Angel Rena

    Angel Rena20 日 前

    I love their friends 😂

  55. AusMade

    AusMade20 日 前

    That 1st burger is frickin massive.

  56. Person Persimmon

    Person Persimmon21 日 前

    I WOULD TRY EVERYTHING!! except the jalapenoes :)

  57. joseph timbrell

    joseph timbrell21 日 前

    Please do a part 2 Brooklyn and Bailey

  58. Sara W

    Sara W22 日 前

    It is definitely in salted By the way Brooklyn and bailey are my fav yoitubers😀😛

  59. Sara W

    Sara W22 日 前

    Sorry ment to say un salted

  60. Chapa Chowdhury

    Chapa Chowdhury22 日 前

    Brooklyn: I’m eating more meat than I am

  61. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud23 日 前


  62. Diana jacob

    Diana jacob23 日 前

    Ja-la-pen- yo

  63. Diana jacob

    Diana jacob23 日 前


  64. Felicity Dixon

    Felicity Dixon23 日 前

    I hate fish 😫😫

  65. Georgiexr

    Georgiexr23 日 前

    Am i the only one who’s noticed that they change the colour of Brooklyn’s top in loads of thumbnails? 🤣♥️

  66. Cate Babcock

    Cate Babcock25 日 前

    i think on salted