YouTube Woes | June 12, 2019 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS


  1. jas16899

    jas168999 時間 前

    The algorithm knows what people like.

  2. Rahamses Galvan

    Rahamses Galvan2 日 前

    I don't actually agree with her here.

  3. justmemadison

    justmemadison16 日 前

    We need a new site that doesn't have these issues and leave the perverts behind for youtube to work their algorithms, push their ads and demonetize anything they don't like. Same with Facebook and sites for people that really do just want to share their lives with their families and friends; without content being pushed on them that they don't know the source and/or the validity. Also, how about they don't sell our data. It's really gross how greed takes over everything. We need to move on to something new until that becomes corrupt and then we need to do it again. I don't use Facebook or Instagram, but I use youtube quite a bit. Ugh!

  4. John Doe

    John Doe22 日 前

    youtube is demonetizing literally everyone except the people who deserve it

  5. Gloria Nica

    Gloria Nica23 日 前

    JPreporter is a scam, my channel doesn't have any violations & subscribers are growing; youtube play commercials, but I had not seen a penny split in half in two years; youtuber we need to seek legal advice & suit youtube for this abuse & scam, whose with me.

  6. No Name

    No Name24 日 前

    JPreporter is disgusting.

  7. Djelari Ghana

    Djelari Ghana24 日 前


  8. Paolo Ariedo

    Paolo Ariedo24 日 前

    The one and only good response to this is to start watching and uploading to *Vimeo. EXCLUSIVELY on Vimeo.* No one wants to do it, though.

  9. Jodi Garrity

    Jodi Garrity25 日 前

    Actually fox actor was just overreacting yeah he got insulted but I’m pretty sure calling someone a white supremacists are so insulting but you don’t see the whites premises flagging them

  10. Crimson51

    Crimson5127 日 前

    This isn't even the biggest problem with JPreporter. The biggest problem is that the only way it can effectively moderate its platform is to automate it, but we don't have technology available that can effectively distinguish hateful content from content discussing hate. E.G. *DOZENS* of documentaries and history-focused channels are being hit with hate-speech claims because they depict people being hateful, though not endorsing that hate. Videos in support of LGBT rights are getting inaccurately flagged as hateful because the algorithm isn't advanced enough to tell the difference.

  11. Dom Trussardi

    Dom Trussardi27 日 前

    First world problems. Sam, did your cookie not fit in to the milk glass too? lol

  12. Fynn Sill

    Fynn Sill28 日 前

    Catering to phedos is a bit of strong language

  13. nickrich56

    nickrich5628 日 前

    Even deleting watched , liked and favorite vids doesn't affect the recommended stream. Restarting does nothing either. Not for me anyway.

  14. tenacious645

    tenacious64529 日 前

    Good. No one should be silenced by force. That's what fascists do.

  15. John King

    John King29 日 前

    No censorship America

  16. The 9th Spade

    The 9th Spadeヶ月 前

    I literally spent hours one week going through all of the recommended vids JPreporter has in my feed, and hitting Not Interested, Don't Like Video, and Don't Like Channel . If you do it long enough, you'll actually get good stuff, but who the f#$k wants to do that each day?

  17. TheGschultz

    TheGschultzヶ月 前

    She is such a dim wit

  18. Carlos Lugo

    Carlos Lugoヶ月 前

    If JPreporter did what that vox guy wanted, this channel would be taken down too

  19. w4fjhDU514I1

    w4fjhDU514I1ヶ月 前

    No. The obvious corollary to no "hurtful and negative personal comments/videos" is that it is okay to harshly criticize someone for their words and actions.

  20. Eugene Ax

    Eugene Axヶ月 前

    Anytime I watch videos from ANY news channel JPreporter gives me pro-Trump ads. President Clickbait must be cashing in bigly.

  21. Diarmuhnd

    Diarmuhndヶ月 前

    *MAGA ANIME 2020* oh wait ... its spreading, ew.

  22. R. B.

    R. B.ヶ月 前

    Vote for Climate in 2020 - we don't get that taken care of nothing else matters. Vote Democrats locally, state-wide and nationally.

  23. Prismolly

    Prismollyヶ月 前

    the good creators should've all left this behemoth to rot years ago tbh.

  24. Misty Quadrucci

    Misty Quadrucciヶ月 前


  25. David P

    David Pヶ月 前

    I noticed the demographic algorithm too. Ill watch someone in their thirties then i will get other videos by someone in the thrities. If i watch a female fitness video i get more female fitness videos. Same as when i look up male fitness videos. Fitness videos are very obviously gendered. Thats advertising for you.

  26. lop3z2055

    lop3z2055ヶ月 前

    As much as the alt right whines about censorship, they are fed viewers. I dont watch anything right wing and that's all that's ever recommended to me, controversy is clicks and money, the smaller channels slip up and admit it in their non scripted videos. It all starts with anti-SJW content

  27. Temple Pate

    Temple Pateヶ月 前

    Idk, I understand what she is saying, but AI doesn't understand. They can only continue to work on it and make it better. Hiring more people wont solve the problem. But that said I will agree with you on the issue of the hate speech, they did take it down finally but the CEO had to get involved.

  28. Walter De wit

    Walter De witヶ月 前

    Starting with paedophile vids and than connecting them to alt right vids. Pretty disgusting.

  29. Lubus Maximus

    Lubus Maximusヶ月 前

    No Salutations? In Act 1, not even a welcome! Thats hardcore man...i reckn the crowd gives a great hand (*cough*job) in between the taping of the show... Sam is so good she doesnt need to put the audience viewing at home through the endless applause, histrionics and the like, One of a kind, cutting through the theatrics aint easy, Way to be Sam!

  30. Anthony Drennan

    Anthony Drennanヶ月 前

    I've got a common sense algorithm for you samantha, quit being such an idiot about Tulsi Gabbert. It shows you are completely ignorant about who she is and what she stands for/her policies. It's a disservice to women that you still badmouth Tulsi and seem to still insanely like Hillary Clinton. It's extremely unfortunate you act progressive and love a moderate Republican(Hillary) and massive corporate schill. But hey ratings and advertising are important to your show aren't they. Too bad those things get in the way of sound judgement on Tulsi.

  31. C. N.

    C. N.ヶ月 前

    One thing that is sort of sad is that JPreporter has never really cared about focused harrassment of creators, look no farther than Anita Sarkeesian than to see that JPreporter doesn't enforce its harrassment policy.

  32. Mozart FX

    Mozart FXヶ月 前

    You're a hateful witch. Stand up straight for Christs sake.

  33. Loor

    Loorヶ月 前

    JPreporter needs to fix its algorithm ASAP!! Disgraceful

  34. bjkjoseph

    bjkjosephヶ月 前

    I get a lot of girls fishing in bikinis and concrete walkway videos for some reason.

  35. Geri Poppins

    Geri Poppinsヶ月 前

    I think it's weird you didn't cover the demonetization of the lgbt community on JPreporter as a whole. JPreporter is a homophobic/transphobic platform.

  36. snakey973

    snakey973ヶ月 前

    So much wrong with the internet

  37. Peter M

    Peter Mヶ月 前

    This is so funny.... the lady that has a show about mocking everyone who doesn't agree with her points of view and then uploads it to youtube is now mad cause another host mocked someone who agrees with her points of view on youtube, and wants youtube to deplatform that host.... oh the irony

  38. Mon Sta

    Mon Staヶ月 前

    You have almost 1 milion subscribers on this channel with several millions of views yet you speak of JPreporter in such a distancing and condescending way as old media usually does. Did you forget you ARE on JPreporter ?

  39. NewsCitrus

    NewsCitrusヶ月 前

    A comedian promoting censorship of other comedians just because someone felt offended...

  40. abubakar mohammed

    abubakar mohammedヶ月 前

    If youtube was an oppressive king it would torture this video or maybe hang samantha to Death

  41. Sweatt

    Sweattヶ月 前

    A "Comedian" that wants to silence comedy. #clownworld

  42. Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Matthew Harris-Levesqueヶ月 前

    Sam, I love your content. I still can't stop noticing the way you squeeze your knees together and crouch - It's as if your camera is way too low and you're trying to adjust for the error.

  43. chetan costa

    chetan costaヶ月 前

    Thank you sunder ...🙂

  44. MzBittersweet

    MzBittersweetヶ月 前

    If Samantha Bee wants JPreporter to enforce the standards equally, they would remove her channel for targeted harassment as well. Equality, y'all!

  45. JApp John Andrew Patrick Peters

    JApp John Andrew Patrick Petersヶ月 前

    Why do companies become evil when money is involved.

  46. Lauren-Kate Kush

    Lauren-Kate Kushヶ月 前

    The call themselves the ‘Tech mob’ aka ‘pay pal Mafia’ for a reason

  47. Dominic S.

    Dominic S.ヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who isn’t getting notifications when channels like these (news) upload a new video?

  48. andres sanchez

    andres sanchezヶ月 前

    Leave youtube alone

  49. JCS

    JCSヶ月 前

    companies can't policy themselves, that's what government is for

  50. Arcwhiteflame

    Arcwhiteflameヶ月 前

    I used to get a lot of prejudice recommendations because I liked classical music (because being fond of Claude Debussy is some how bigoted?) so I fixed it by favouriting a load of awesome 70s funk.

  51. Da Hawk

    Da Hawkヶ月 前

    Now do a follow up vid, Sam, clarifying where you stand on the First Amendment.