YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. Bf3 Turtlez

    Bf3 Turtlez時間 前

    Copy striked ;)

  2. International Mochi

    International Mochi時間 前

    Renames it: JPreporter trying to be cool but completely failing

  3. The_Real_Pichael_Thompson

    The_Real_Pichael_Thompson時間 前

    Keep up the dislikes everyone!

  4. Ashley Edwards

    Ashley Edwards時間 前

    We all know you came for the dislikes, and stayed for the comments. I hear you denying. Don't *lie* to us! See! **sigh of relief** Wasn't it easy to get that off your chest?

  5. Srikar Iyer

    Srikar Iyer時間 前

    Cop out lookin as

  6. Maria Nelcy Camacho Pita

    Maria Nelcy Camacho Pita時間 前

    Do this again and do a real rewind ok JPreporter? BORING!!! We said a rewind not a top. Do well the things, that's why we hate you.

  7. Bez Nazwy

    Bez Nazwy時間 前

    JPreporter:"What you like" Everyone: made rewind 2018 and 2019 most disliked

  8. W K

    W K時間 前

    Is it time to safe 2018 JPreporter rewind from the most disliked youtube video??

  9. We are from Serbia

    We are from Serbia時間 前


  10. Dawid Kwaśny

    Dawid Kwaśny時間 前


  11. How About No

    How About No時間 前

    We don’t want NEW things We want the old legends that have NEW ideas

  12. Pedro Santos

    Pedro Santos時間 前

    C'mon, it's better than the last one

  13. unknown player

    unknown player時間 前

    The JPreporter rewind 2019 is the worst than its before JESUS

  14. xttv-dylan-xxz

    xttv-dylan-xxz時間 前

    Por qué le dan tantos dislikes ? :(

  15. i took doms yorkshire tea bags

    i took doms yorkshire tea bags時間 前

    love how 2018 is at 16mil dislikes and it’s been up for a year, and this got posted 2 days ago and is already at 5.4mil dislikes

  16. Nicole

    Nicole時間 前


  17. Gamer sub

    Gamer sub時間 前


  18. Amazington the ruler of Amazing world of warfare

    Amazington the ruler of Amazing world of warfare時間 前

    This was just...boring and overall disappointing. Still not as bad as 2018

  19. Supergirl !!

    Supergirl !!時間 前

    Just comment what you want in a rewind so youtube knows wtf to do next year ⬇️

  20. Carlos Leon

    Carlos Leon時間 前

    this is so lazy

  21. Getaway's escape - inactive

    Getaway's escape - inactive時間 前

    Everyone: "so in 2019 let's see everyones likes" Everyone: "lets copy and paste everyone elses comments"

  22. Aquaticyt -fortnite

    Aquaticyt -fortnite時間 前

    Why number 1 on trending

  23. Annabella Lograsso

    Annabella Lograsso時間 前

    It is still a crappy rewind anyways.

  24. Kyle Reilly-Joseph

    Kyle Reilly-Joseph時間 前

    Year 2 of youtube screwing the pooch on making the Rewind lets see how long until they can get it right? Nobody knows, but hey maybe THIRD times the charm! :#

  25. Kaizo Ken

    Kaizo Ken時間 前

    Guys FR this wasn’t that bad cut em some slack!

  26. ARM-MAN

    ARM-MAN時間 前

    JPreporter 2018: Spent millions of dollars on a cringe fest compilation JPreporter 2019: Just hired and editor from fiverr for 50 bucks to make them a top 10 compilation

  27. Dani Cruz

    Dani Cruz時間 前

    Me gusto bastante el echo de poner videos de recopilación pero siento que faltó creatividad (Saquen a badabun xd) A y BTS




  29. COCHEA

    COCHEA時間 前

    No more t series

  30. Rosa Maura

    Rosa Maura時間 前

    lets make this video the new most disliked video in the history of youtube since they decided to not put any effort or creativity into this, once again, trash, youtube what are you DOINGG?!

  31. Levi Kwok

    Levi Kwok時間 前

    Bruh we want a rewind like 2017 and before

  32. Mikołaj Szczepka

    Mikołaj Szczepka時間 前

    PewDiePie in this is like Darth Vader in Rogue 1

  33. CRITIC

    CRITIC時間 前


  34. Khai huynh

    Khai huynh時間 前

    I don’t know most of these people here

  35. maynard dadgar

    maynard dadgar時間 前

    Ok boomer

  36. Freakleak

    Freakleak時間 前

    This is the biggest face palm every 😂😂

  37. Young Amazing

    Young Amazing時間 前

    *Comes here hoping it was better than last year looks at the dislikes and watches the video leaves disappointed 🤦🏽‍♂️*