YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)


  1. Kyle Willion

    Kyle Willion12 分 前

    Hot af

  2. Donald Caldwell

    Donald Caldwell12 分 前

    Respect u dropped this on my daughter's birthday

  3. hee hee

    hee hee12 分 前

    he lowkey disrespected one of MJ's best tracks, eye- 💀💀

  4. Ebony Moorlet

    Ebony Moorlet13 分 前

    This Shii Sound Old School Asf lol🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. llovingleo

    llovingleo13 分 前

    Alright idk who this is can someone please tell me why he’s been number one on trending for 2 days

  6. NominalDegree76

    NominalDegree7615 分 前

    This sounds fucking horrible. RIP MJ. This nigga didn’t go six feet under for niggas to do this to his classics smh.

  7. King Eman

    King Eman16 分 前

    This was pretty trash for a Michael beat

  8. kingk 500

    kingk 50016 分 前

    This shit was hella bad

  9. Martin Mallery

    Martin Mallery18 分 前

    Jit said “DIE” 🤣

  10. LickMunnaTrell VEVO

    LickMunnaTrell VEVO19 分 前

    Add Me On IG : Munnagangtrell 🗣🖤 Get Me To 1k Love Yall


    EZZY GREZZY21 分 前

    Sctty Cain home rip gee quick SAY dead don't sleep bigger ain't gonna make it

  12. X Griffin

    X Griffin21 分 前

    #1 trending for 3 days in a row 💪

  13. Almighty Jah

    Almighty Jah21 分 前

    Cmon youngboy why u got a Xbox🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Lf Boat

    Lf Boat23 分 前

    Mane I can vibe to this it ain’t that bad



    This is straight dummy ass

  16. Ped C

    Ped C23 分 前

    💯 🗑

  17. Jaden Booker

    Jaden Booker23 分 前

    Boy he was trying to be like Michel Jackson

  18. James Prime

    James Prime23 分 前

    You guys need to come up with better comments. These: “Like if” “Nobody:” “Whose listening in ___” All need to go away in 2020.

  19. Kasch970

    Kasch97024 分 前

    This is literally awful. Look at how awful the lip syncing is. Do people like this unironically I’m genuinely curious

  20. head ass :c

    head ass :c24 分 前

    NBA is only hype bc you PS4 niggas

  21. Danny Mera

    Danny Mera24 分 前

    Anybody that likes this is trash af too

  22. Tempus FückIT

    Tempus FückIT24 分 前

    How do i unlisten this piece of shit. How you gonna sample MJ and turn it into this dumpster fire.

  23. Jovanni Rivera

    Jovanni Rivera25 分 前

    Who that girl

  24. tynk baby

    tynk baby25 分 前

    So dead bro but I like the song 💕

  25. Its Rai

    Its Rai25 分 前

    Oh lord

  26. Juan Bello

    Juan Bello26 分 前

    This shit is 🗑

  27. Pure OGKush420

    Pure OGKush42027 分 前


  28. Sanaa Simmons

    Sanaa Simmons27 分 前

    just throw the whole “rApPeR” away..seriously

  29. Jacari Saffold

    Jacari Saffold27 分 前

    yall only saying its ass cause michael jackson did this first, if this was just yb song then everyone would fw it be honest, its not bad , hard ass song just really difficult to get on Mj level , let anyone else do this then it’d suck fr

  30. OG Dillan

    OG Dillan28 分 前

    This has to be a joke, like damn that’s why he should’ve finished high school.

  31. John

    John14 分 前

    OG Dillan he’s rich as fuck

  32. shaeshae1026

    shaeshae102628 分 前

    I'll give him this it was a smart business move

  33. Virtual Droid

    Virtual Droid28 分 前

    Kids pop

  34. FrostBite

    FrostBite28 分 前

    6.9 million views *Nice*

  35. DanielsWorld TV

    DanielsWorld TV29 分 前

  36. ArmaniCoat

    ArmaniCoat29 分 前

    this is fire bro 🔥

  37. Young YT

    Young YT29 分 前


  38. Forenite Default

    Forenite Default29 分 前

    Only people who take showers will like this 🤮🤢

  39. Isaac Jones Sr.

    Isaac Jones Sr.29 分 前

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  40. StringedEel 2091

    StringedEel 209129 分 前


  41. dennismaryanski

    dennismaryanski31 分 前

    Oh god this is garbage. 🤦🏻‍♂️ this happens every-time someone tries to touch a Michael Jackson song. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️