YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)


  1. ImJayyy


    #1 on Trending 🤯!

  2. Siddhant Misra

    Siddhant Misra

    What a joke.

  3. Adante Paige

    Adante Paige

    I was just listening to the original

  4. E Money

    E Money

    YB only for kids 18 and Under.

  5. TheReal BraceFace

    TheReal BraceFace32 秒 前

    I love youngboy but imma be honest... this one, im just not feeling it. But dont get me wrong, this man is versitile asf 🌟💯

  6. rafael Patrick

    rafael Patrick分 前


  7. Al Davis

    Al Davis2 分 前

    Protect my heart with that rod!

  8. W P

    W P2 分 前

    lol what's this autotune shit? This is what kids are into now?

  9. Tonah Farley

    Tonah Farley3 分 前

    Is it just a me or does anyone else wanna 1v1 this nigga on cod

  10. Dasher Nation

    Dasher Nation3 分 前

    I personally feel like this is his first bad song.

  11. Rylodamacc - Music

    Rylodamacc - Music4 分 前

    Wtf youngboy??

  12. Life with Nenee

    Life with Nenee4 分 前

    song trash asf .

  13. Sabrina Molina

    Sabrina Molina4 分 前

    I honestly like this Young boy dirty Iyana Plus the original Michael Jackson dirty Diana

  14. Vazxl NxzT

    Vazxl NxzT5 分 前

    This song ass ❌🧢

  15. Anthony

    Anthony5 分 前

    Youngboy really ass at cod tho🤣💀💀💀

  16. jordan Gazi

    jordan Gazi5 分 前

    Straight Trash already knew since before I click skip button

  17. Tronald Dump

    Tronald Dump5 分 前

    If genital warts had a voice

  18. Wood Shii

    Wood Shii5 分 前

    I swear on my moms life ima like this comment (you swore) 🤝

  19. El pilin De Dross

    El pilin De Dross5 分 前

    Well that was fucking gay

  20. Kakorat Yolo

    Kakorat Yolo6 分 前

    When YB found he had .00001 Michael Jackson blood in him

  21. Amenhir

    Amenhir7 分 前

    Interesting, this was the next autoplay video after watching one featuring whiny kids.

  22. Rui Carlos

    Rui Carlos7 分 前

    Killlllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. Mekhi Willis

    Mekhi Willis7 分 前

    DIEEE 😂😂😂

  24. Vegan Dolls

    Vegan Dolls8 分 前

    Is that McMansion supposed to be impressive?

  25. Daryl Vaca

    Daryl Vaca8 分 前

    This is horrible, the disrespect to MJ 🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. Kayla Smith

    Kayla Smith9 分 前

    I fuck wit dis song ong

  27. Kirklan Yoshinaga

    Kirklan Yoshinaga9 分 前

    Guess young boy will be broke again after this song. 😂😂

  28. Feared00

    Feared009 分 前

    everytime i go to trending i see a new youngboy music video

  29. Playboijonny

    Playboijonny10 分 前

    Take him and bring juice wrld back

  30. 0 vids 0 subs challenge !

    0 vids 0 subs challenge !11 分 前

    YB Never Disappoint 🎞

  31. Derrick Davenport Jr

    Derrick Davenport Jr11 分 前

    Micheal Jackson reminds me of this song

  32. Jacob Vasquez

    Jacob Vasquez11 分 前

    NBA youngboy girlfriend betrayed Him

  33. ari

    ari11 分 前

    why half her nails gone ? 😭

  34. Jamorris Bailey

    Jamorris Bailey11 分 前

    While you ran out of lyrics so you had to copy off of Michael Jackson

  35. 💜Kat💜

    💜Kat💜12 分 前

    This is practically Michael Jackson's Dirty Dianna. Y'all tripping if you think this is original.

  36. Ffc T bb

    Ffc T bb12 分 前


  37. Elijah Daley

    Elijah Daley13 分 前

    Beautiful remake of dirty diana

  38. damirDommebeforeDishonor

    damirDommebeforeDishonor13 分 前

    won't be mad if they sue bruh 😭😭 this fire.. MJ would approve

  39. anthony Pisanello

    anthony Pisanello13 分 前

    I like this song🐶

  40. Manuel Ramos

    Manuel Ramos13 分 前

    Look back at it by boogie is better than this shit. #willthrowhands