You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*


  1. jack smith

    jack smith29 分 前

    When you get jump scare 4:28

  2. Mia Ortega

    Mia Ortega3 時間 前

    Makr more of these edit : make

  3. XxGiGi WolvesxX

    XxGiGi WolvesxX6 時間 前

    Aaron: there is a price Alex:what is it? Aaron:1 dollar. *gives 100 dollars* -Later- Alex: it didn’t work! Aaron: I have another idea Alex:what is it? Aaron:you have to pay Alex:ANOTHER DOLLAR! UGH *gives another 100 dollars* 😂 😂 😂

  4. Julianna Padilla

    Julianna Padilla10 時間 前

    I ship them

  5. Quincy Kisor

    Quincy Kisor10 時間 前

    That's a 100 dollar

  6. __PAUL RIDER__

    __PAUL RIDER__11 時間 前


  7. Froi

    Froi18 時間 前

    Just ask her to be your valentine Alex:will you be my valentine Girl:yeah just like that Alex:will you be my valentine Girl:good but why are u asking me

  8. Darryl Ah Lam

    Darryl Ah Lam20 時間 前

    alex man how do you do the voice I wanna do it for my next video

  9. ame johuka

    ame johuka21 時間 前

    “ but she so BOOTIful what am l supposed to do? “

  10. tricia maria Castro

    tricia maria Castro日 前

    So cuteeeeèee

  11. Kenneth Griffin

    Kenneth Griffin日 前

    Just say will you be my valentine and she might say yes or no

  12. The six sister youtubers LITTLE sis

    The six sister youtubers LITTLE sis日 前

    when you said three you put up four hands

  13. Destiny Gutierrez

    Destiny Gutierrez日 前

    She killed Alex😂

  14. Bubbly Kawaii Unicorn

    Bubbly Kawaii Unicorn日 前

    Alex: "This better work or elsei want my three dollars back" -as saying three dollars he holds up four fingers-

  15. icytato

    icytato2 日 前

    Mhm that’s so me.

  16. Merci

    Merci2 日 前

    This is officially my favorite one

  17. Tang Family

    Tang Family2 日 前

    You mean 300 dollar

  18. Morgan N

    Morgan N2 日 前

    me when I saw the thumbnail: Oh cool, Molly! Me when she kissed him: YASSSSS SHIPPPPPPPPPPPPS

  19. Joshy Washy

    Joshy Washy2 日 前

    What's the name of the beat or song played at the end

  20. potato queen

    potato queen3 日 前

    Me thinks of laren

  21. Shay Shay Za za

    Shay Shay Za za3 日 前

    My Birthday is on Valentine’s Day

  22. Octavio Viveros

    Octavio Viveros3 日 前

    She looks so sexsy

  23. legendary pokemon master flaming bolt

    legendary pokemon master flaming bolt3 日 前

    Still like Lauren

  24. Bebiana Goncavols Cruz

    Bebiana Goncavols Cruz3 日 前

    He has about 300 dollars by now

  25. Green Face

    Green Face3 日 前

    That’s 100 doh doh brain

  26. Angel Camacho

    Angel Camacho3 日 前

    am i the only one who misses Laurex?😢

  27. Elisha_playz :3

    Elisha_playz :34 日 前

    Her: kiss @lex: AHHHHHHH CUTTIES(idk) Alex:faint Her:NOPE I IS OUT BRUH I KILLED HIM

  28. Squirly Squad

    Squirly Squad4 日 前

    I’m Aaron I always give my friends advise about everything and they have to pay me all the time I love Aaron so much❤️

  29. Larry Tafur

    Larry Tafur4 日 前

    I love this video 😃

  30. dragon girl /karaoke singer

    dragon girl /karaoke singer4 日 前

    Kindergarten life When my crush comes to me and says hi Me: uhh...... hello pretty My mind:NUU NOW IM CRINGY Her:aww :3 ur so cringyly funny ! *KISSES MY CHEEK* EEEEK *DROPS ONTO FLOOR PARALYSED*

  31. dragon girl /karaoke singer

    dragon girl /karaoke singer4 日 前

    *girl kisses Alex's cheek*. Alex: AAHHH GIBERISH *FAINTS INSTANLY*

  32. Mystical Via

    Mystical Via4 日 前


  33. Braylen Butner

    Braylen Butner4 日 前

    KISS was my favorite part

  34. Celine Celine

    Celine Celine4 日 前

    You said you wanted back your $3 but you put up four fingers

  35. Rose Pele

    Rose Pele5 日 前

    Will you be my valentine Girl yeah say that Will you be my valentine Girl yes say that Alex I just did Me aww so cute🥰

  36. Kelvin John Bicasan

    Kelvin John Bicasan5 日 前

    Alex had $100 it was not one 💵 Dollar

  37. Bebiana Goncavols Cruz

    Bebiana Goncavols Cruz5 日 前


  38. Anthony Perini

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  39. Vayda Davis

    Vayda Davis5 日 前

    When u kisssed!

  40. Vayda Davis

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  41. Valentina Medina

    Valentina Medina6 日 前

    Another 100$

  42. Ana Arias

    Ana Arias6 日 前

    Thats 100 doler or am i blaind

  43. Iamdjnathan

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  44. twodirtydogs

    twodirtydogs6 日 前

    Hahahahahayou looser

  45. Jonathan Nguyen

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  46. C Pati

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  47. C Pati

    C Pati6 日 前

    Ii9o9jl.ujlkyjo 87.5 u0

  48. Bencalix Urbina

    Bencalix Urbina6 日 前

    OMG mkbye

  49. Kaya Davis

    Kaya Davis6 日 前

    I SAW 100! DOLERS 😱😱😱😱😱 *faints*

  50. Kaya Davis

    Kaya Davis6 日 前

    hola only jocking HIII

  51. Kaya Davis

    Kaya Davis6 日 前

    wasabi im gonna say my FAIVRIT part when they k k kiss SOOO gross I only like it becose it's a happy ending😂😂😂LOL

  52. Kaya Davis

    Kaya Davis6 日 前

    the other boy is sooo mean poor wasabi it's beacose how he talks im soooo 😢😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Savannah&miko Bartolome

    Savannah&miko Bartolome6 日 前

    I’m already big enough to watch this video it just shows a picture of me when I was a little girl

  54. Sheylin Gonzalez

    Sheylin Gonzalez6 日 前

    When you pulled your brothers hair

  55. trudi roy

    trudi roy6 日 前

    I like your voise

  56. Katie the c00l kidd0

    Katie the c00l kidd07 日 前

    I had a LaurDIY x Converse ad before this video 😭

  57. Blkbudafly124

    Blkbudafly1247 日 前

    hi cutie love

  58. Brooke Dorofy

    Brooke Dorofy7 日 前

    I love these they are so cute!!

  59. zania cazares

    zania cazares7 日 前

    Lol this is funny

  60. An Trac

    An Trac7 日 前

    Are tho's your sister? Awwwwwww at the end looked so cute😄😄😄 love (:

  61. Butterfly Stables

    Butterfly Stables7 日 前

    “The price is one dollar please” *hands over $100*

  62. Shinaynay Nay

    Shinaynay Nay7 日 前

    Do more please

  63. Zeke Agcaoili

    Zeke Agcaoili8 日 前

    Was that $10 or 100$

  64. Mandy Barajas

    Mandy Barajas8 日 前

    He said give me my 3 dollars back but he puts four fingers up literally me😂

  65. Lanna Nokham

    Lanna Nokham8 日 前

    OMG so cute

  66. Izzy Robloxandmore

    Izzy Robloxandmore8 日 前

    Alex-do you have a valentines Molly-no why did u ask ? Alex-okie baiii

  67. Angelina Lopez

    Angelina Lopez8 日 前

    Aaaaaaaa it's so funny aaaaaaa

  68. saanvi sai prakash

    saanvi sai prakash9 日 前

    aw...... the ending was soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  69. its ya boy cesar 22

    its ya boy cesar 2210 日 前

    The flex tho

  70. Chloey Phoukieo

    Chloey Phoukieo10 日 前

    YOU BROUGHT IT BACK. Only OG followers will know.

  71. Miriam Rocca

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  73. Hamidah Ali

    Hamidah Ali10 日 前

    Alex and Roy are immature

  74. aladin foronda

    aladin foronda11 日 前

    Alan :tell her your feelings Alex : I'm hungry

  75. Daniel Alcosaba

    Daniel Alcosaba11 日 前

    When you said will you. Be my valentines

  76. Kaitlyn Nichols

    Kaitlyn Nichols11 日 前

    2:33 Alex gave him a 100 dollar bill 😂

  77. erdalozcan

    erdalozcan11 日 前

    E🌠y hallo Lulu de poeder

  78. She Lopez

    She Lopez11 日 前

    Girl: what are u Me:a human

  79. ace buganan

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  80. Christine Nicoll

    Christine Nicoll12 日 前

    Zoey I

  81. Janette Molina

    Janette Molina12 日 前

    1:47 *Me*

  82. 1D Fan

    1D Fan12 日 前

    Omgggg im so happy

  83. Ari Martinez

    Ari Martinez13 日 前

    LOL Aaron: Trust me I'm a ladies man LOL

  84. Gerald Johnson

    Gerald Johnson14 日 前

    My favorite part is that you said will you be my Valentine

  85. Jenny Tran

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  86. Valarie Yang

    Valarie Yang14 日 前

    Sooo cool

  87. Jhun Carreon

    Jhun Carreon14 日 前

    3 dollars is 4

  88. Jhun Carreon

    Jhun Carreon15 日 前

    3.08 to 3.12 is the cutest voice

  89. Nessa Martinez

    Nessa Martinez15 日 前

    one dollar is not that much

  90. Kaye Cayago

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  91. couch potato ._.

    couch potato ._.15 日 前

    4:11 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  92. lizzy turtlecorn

    lizzy turtlecorn15 日 前

    Alex's brother- U only have to gibe me 1 dollar. Alex-*hand him a $100 dollar bill

  93. Travis T.

    Travis T.15 日 前

    Your so cute

  94. DM Simpson

    DM Simpson15 日 前

    That sooo cute,plus the voices r adooorrraaabbbllleeee

  95. Phillip Kamanga

    Phillip Kamanga15 日 前

    Why don’t you use your girlfriend for the video instead of her

  96. Tanishka Karkera

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  97. Evelynn Milburn

    Evelynn Milburn16 日 前

    I Woch this over again and again

  98. Phuong Hoac

    Phuong Hoac16 日 前

    Would u like to here a poem? Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment And you should too

  99. Addison Hendricks

    Addison Hendricks16 日 前

    So funny and cute

  100. Sita O'Shea-McAllister

    Sita O'Shea-McAllister16 日 前

    do more