You'll Never Guess Where He's Actually Hiding | Hidden in Plain Sight #3


  1. Vat19

    Vat1923 日 前

    Should we make a Hidden in Plain Sight 4? Who should hide and who should seek? New here? Try this: If you want to see our Wix site where fans interacted with Danny, click here:

  2. tha djoor

    tha djoor時間 前

    Totally do a part 4

  3. Karen Foong

    Karen Foong日 前

    Yes!!! I cant wait!!!

  4. Ozz !

    Ozz !2 日 前

    Vat19 you should

  5. Annabel Muir

    Annabel Muir2 日 前

    Yes part for please! And keep the same people

  6. Jaime Morris Basquez

    Jaime Morris Basquez42 分 前

    I need something something to softly poke him *grabs umbrella* Perfect... *AGGRESSIVELY STABS BEAN BAG*

  7. Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman

    Hoseok and Namjoons Hypewoman44 分 前

    4:39 I see that poster and the pop figure 👀👀👀 that's beautiful

  8. min Yoongi

    min Yoongi時間 前

    Lmao this is hilarious. They should do this more. Also 4:38 anyone else see that bts poster in her office above her computer? ? No? Just me ? Ok😂

  9. Haley Banana

    Haley Banana4 時間 前

    Is Jamie’s hair turning gray or just light?

  10. Awsonedogeguy

    Awsonedogeguy5 時間 前

    How was this video made possible by wix. The whole video was just a guy hiding from his boss.

  11. Erica Tarasoff

    Erica Tarasoff8 時間 前

    After watching all 3 episodes, I guess the trick is to make yourself as unbelievably obvious as possible, while still hiding. The more you try to hide and be sneaky the easier it is to find you, like in episode 2. Danny tried a bit too hard in that one.

  12. Carlo loke lim

    Carlo loke lim9 時間 前

    danny is visible at 7:34

  13. RZT _3

    RZT _312 時間 前

    Saw danny at 7:34

  14. BCLT470

    BCLT47012 時間 前

    Jamie has the most respect out of all of us since he when’t in the girls bathroom

  15. Rory Grant

    Rory Grant18 時間 前


  16. xoMaterializing

    xoMaterializing21 時間 前

    was that a bts poster at 4:40 or have I been on twitter too much

  17. Cardi B

    Cardi B22 時間 前

    1919:we will have flying cars in the future 2019:let’s hide from our boss forever until he finds us

  18. Doug Play’s

    Doug Play’s23 時間 前

    vat19 worker: hides in plain sight *SNEAK 100*

  19. Ella Tammar Kanias

    Ella Tammar Kanias日 前

    4:39 is that a BTS poster?

  20. M O O D

    M O O D日 前

    *The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration would like to know your location*

  21. m o o n c h ɪ l d

    m o o n c h ɪ l d日 前

    4:39 Army... (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. Talon Durgan

    Talon Durgan日 前

    Wait A Minute... Did I see Danny? 7:32

  23. Nathan

    Nathan日 前


  24. Chiara M.J. Auer

    Chiara M.J. Auer日 前

    "Hidden in plain sight" - cloak

  25. LukewarmBerry 6

    LukewarmBerry 6日 前

    7:35 who else saw Danny in the camera

  26. tally ade

    tally ade日 前

    More hidden in plain sight pls

  27. Jm Reasonda

    Jm Reasonda日 前

    Please make more of this

  28. Cale Lynn

    Cale Lynn日 前

    "Who is this 'Danny' you speak of" "You found Donny!" I lost my shit

  29. SmexyHinata13

    SmexyHinata13日 前

    My boss: *You'RE NOt DoInG EnOUgH yOU WaSte oF SpaCe!* Vat19: let's play hide and seek

  30. Cool alyssa Balgobin

    Cool alyssa Balgobin日 前

    Part 4 please

  31. Bat Man

    Bat Man日 前

    10:02 wow not really in plain site that would be more on ground level as he walked past it. Fail.

  32. Xx_GachaBella_xX 101

    Xx_GachaBella_xX 101日 前

    Did anyone else see danny on the security cameras on his phone? It was so obvious!! Jamie please check your eyes! XD *edit: time is 7:33 look at the next slide and pause it you can see danny waving in the box up top

  33. jessica reif

    jessica reif日 前

    anyone else see what i saw for a split second at 8:13

  34. Saturday’s with Madden master

    Saturday’s with Madden master日 前

    7:35 when he’s checking the camera you can see Danny lmao

  35. marry

    marry日 前

    DANNY! *WACK * *WACK * DANNY!!!!! *BANG** See why im scared of this man?

  36. Jackson Mak

    Jackson Mak日 前

    Around 7:30 you can see Danny waving and he doesn’t even notice 🤣😂

  37. Metqa

    Metqa日 前

    OMG! This was so much fun to watch! I've been waiting to watch for so long. I'm so glad I did.

  38. Bonnie K

    Bonnie K日 前

    7:34, on the security camera as hes scrolling through danny is waving at the camera

  39. Zane Gibson

    Zane Gibson日 前

    prop hunt

  40. Noddle

    Noddle日 前

    7:35 how else saw Danny?

  41. THE Katsuki Bakugou

    THE Katsuki Bakugou日 前

    Mind: 'play dumb' Him: who's Danny? Mind: 'not that dumb!'

  42. Maggie Nurzia

    Maggie Nurzia日 前

    You have to do another one of these.

  43. DevilAndAngel

    DevilAndAngel2 日 前

    3:17 when you cant find the tv remote and nobody knows where it is

  44. Chase

    Chase2 日 前

    I saw him at 7:34

  45. Aiden Jensen

    Aiden Jensen2 日 前

    11:05 You’re welcome

  46. Panda Face

    Panda Face2 日 前

    Fine youtube, I’ll watch it

  47. Ella Magella

    Ella Magella2 日 前

    This is how many people want a part four 👇🏻

  48. Heavenly Star

    Heavenly Star2 日 前

    Am I the only one on Jamie’s side? No, okay..

  49. edit_er !

    edit_er !2 日 前

    Please make more videos like this!!!!! Best thing vat 19 has ever done

  50. GoldGuy GT

    GoldGuy GT2 日 前

    Imagine playing hide and seek for your job

  51. NeonWarper

    NeonWarper2 日 前

    Hide in the walls

  52. Icarus

    Icarus2 日 前

    I'm the slim skinny, yes I'm the real skinny all you other slim skinny are just imitating.... LOL

  53. Young Element

    Young Element2 日 前

    Who else saw Danny on His phone waving 👋 7:32

  54. Grace Blamphin

    Grace Blamphin2 日 前

    Donny! He found Donny! that made me laugh so much