You'll Never Guess Where He's Actually Hiding • Hidden in Plain Sight #3


  1. Vat19

    Vat197 日 前

    Episode #6 is out! Watch it here:

  2. BloodBath YT1

    BloodBath YT1日 前

    @#Co2 Me three

  3. Lance Pirini

    Lance Pirini5 日 前

    Hey Sisters!

  4. treeno

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  5. #Co2

    #Co27 日 前

    Chemicalcupcake me too 😃

  6. Chemicalcupcake: Gaming and more!

    Chemicalcupcake: Gaming and more!7 日 前

    Already watched it

  7. Gia Divine

    Gia Divine6 時間 前

    when Jamie was looking at the security cameras on his phone he even passed Danny in the box on the shelf 7:34

  8. ACB IXI

    ACB IXI12 時間 前

    Hidden in plain sight 10: the country is kinda small 100: the earth is small!!! 10000: I wanna go to mars but Venus is cool 10000000: I am here it side the galaxy

  9. Jalanie Gaming

    Jalanie Gaming18 時間 前

    7:35 pause right after

  10. Left Twix is the better one S

    Left Twix is the better one S日 前

    7:35 anyone see that?

  11. iamdaguyOJD

    iamdaguyOJD日 前

    7:34 - He swiped right past him on the cameras

  12. Gators RuLe

    Gators RuLe日 前

    7:35 lol he right there

  13. Tmar

    Tmar日 前

    He was on the cameras when u looked at it

  14. Sabireena Qureshi

    Sabireena Qureshi日 前

    4:39 That is a BTS poster

  15. daniel 2004511

    daniel 2004511日 前

    you should hide and he will try to find you

  16. Venla Hakala

    Venla Hakala日 前


  17. robrit

    robrit日 前

    7:34 Danny spotted

  18. LC Gacha

    LC Gacha日 前


  19. LC Gacha

    LC Gacha日 前


  20. Descovery26

    Descovery26日 前

    I saw him in the box but wasnt sure if it was him but i was like might be him

  21. holly gomez

    holly gomez2 日 前


  22. I_dont_ _even_know

    I_dont_ _even_know2 日 前

    Jamie: heat rises I- no it doesn’t. Cool air rises lmao

  23. Bnz

    Bnz日 前

    No, he's right. Hot air rises.

  24. Grace Hudson

    Grace Hudson2 日 前

    Can you go all the way to 10 on the series.

  25. Kerotku

    Kerotku2 日 前

    this is really interesting

  26. Hey It’s Zoe

    Hey It’s Zoe2 日 前

    Comment random replies to this comment and I’ll change it to confuse people

  27. Ewittz

    Ewittz2 日 前

    4:39 BTS poster lmao

  28. Lyric Bissontz

    Lyric Bissontz2 日 前

    7:35 you can see him in the box

  29. Smoothie Time

    Smoothie Time2 日 前


  30. Isabelle Thomas

    Isabelle Thomas2 日 前

    I have the same iPad and the same case

  31. Rachel Sato

    Rachel Sato2 日 前

    At 7:35 there Danny! I’ve already watched this so I knew he’d be there though. Any one else catch him there?

  32. Alex Giles

    Alex Giles2 日 前

    7:33 hey danny

  33. Strange Soul

    Strange Soul2 日 前

    7:34 bruh anyone see Danny waving

  34. Em

    Em3 日 前

    7:34 there he issss

  35. unicornforever 17

    unicornforever 173 日 前

    Jamie: LET ME SEE YOUR PHONE KARA Me:jezzz you Sound like my dad

  36. Slinky Dink

    Slinky Dink3 日 前


  37. Natalie Olsen

    Natalie Olsen3 日 前

    Where’s Waldo: Part 3

  38. Lil Man

    Lil Man3 日 前

    Pause and go to 7:34

  39. Max Cohen

    Max Cohen3 日 前

    This is staged

  40. Stryklius

    Stryklius3 日 前

    Kara: “I cannot allow that” “youre fired”

  41. RAINS Kids

    RAINS Kids3 日 前

    I saw him when he was on the phone!!!!!

  42. Nick Gottron

    Nick Gottron3 日 前

    3:54 that’s a Calvin and Hobbes reference.

  43. TorixLovesxYou

    TorixLovesxYou3 日 前

    This started as a product add and has evolved into WAR

  44. Fabricio Aguilar

    Fabricio Aguilar3 日 前


  45. denica78

    denica783 日 前

    Jamie:this will take like about 20 to 30 minutes ACTUAL TIME:10 hours

  46. Nevaeh Moran

    Nevaeh Moran3 日 前

    7:35 💀💀 your welcome

  47. Jake Kure

    Jake Kure3 日 前

    If he was in that been bag tho

  48. D3LL4 YT

    D3LL4 YT3 日 前

    7:35 you can see Danny on the camera on his phone

  49. Izzy Iz a Potato

    Izzy Iz a Potato3 日 前

    Jamie you should hide from Jamie one of these times

  50. DaPie

    DaPie3 日 前

    7:35 Danny

  51. Mini Gamez

    Mini Gamez3 日 前

    07:31 look at his phone verryyyy carefully

  52. Sukiato 高く飛ぶ

    Sukiato 高く飛ぶ3 日 前

    I adore this series. It’s literally my life fuel.

  53. Kyle Hobson

    Kyle Hobson3 日 前

    7:33 he's hiding in the box on top of the shelf LOL

  54. Kyle Hobson

    Kyle Hobson3 日 前

    Hiding just means your not making money. XD LMAO!!!!

  55. Crazy Kids

    Crazy Kids3 日 前

    Hi will you please do a hiding in plain sight in 360

  56. KzCreationz & More

    KzCreationz & More3 日 前

    That poor beanbag gets beaten up every episode xd

  57. Siriwan Eamm

    Siriwan Eamm3 日 前

    Jamie plz make hidden plain sight 7 plz plz

  58. ALL 4 3DS

    ALL 4 3DS3 日 前

    It's so easy.

  59. Alloisious Arceo

    Alloisious Arceo4 日 前

    Pause 7:34 Hi

  60. harika wan

    harika wan4 日 前


  61. kiwi gaming

    kiwi gaming4 日 前


  62. Jennifer hensley

    Jennifer hensley4 日 前

    7:33 in the video he staring straight at Him on his phone

  63. Jeremiah broussard

    Jeremiah broussard4 日 前

    3:08 shooters ready to shoot you down

  64. Slime 11

    Slime 114 日 前

    He should disguise as an intern

  65. Hailey Saks

    Hailey Saks4 日 前

    anyone else see Danny when he was on his phone looking at the security camra

  66. Carter Little

    Carter Little11 時間 前

    Hailey Saks at 7:35 yes

  67. RandomRohan

    RandomRohan4 日 前

    Pause at 2:59 and Jamie looks blonde Like if u see it