You Chiaki'd Into the Wrong Neighbourhood


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    This is the one girl I'd date if I wasn't straight....damn who am I kidding this girl made me bi..

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    she precious

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    Hey I’m selling the best quote of this gurl, take some if you want! 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03 0:03

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    Thanks, I'll use it well

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    hey hey

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    MY BABY!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Spoilers Below! . . . . . . Chiaki was the only non-insane mastermind...

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    " I will never disappear" yeah sure Nanami sure you will live in our hearts

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    0:12 welcome :)

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    I cried so much when she died

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    this was posted on my birthday

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    Im blasted with cuteness *^*

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    “so i brought a board game too!” MY HEART-

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    0:04 Instant joy

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    You hey hey‘d in the wrong neighborhood

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    Best gamer gril

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    I'm crying for numerous reasons.

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    Chiaki's hoodie is so cute, I want it 😂

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    Soft voice soft voice ❤️

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    She is my favorite because she is the sister of alter ego,and chihiro

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    @The Starlight Child okay

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    Steller RPGs Chihiro was her father.

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    I didn't see anyone doing this, soo hey hey! two the one, to the one to the three. then let's start with that mystery. it probably has monokuma about it. a nasty trashy pig shit. lets move on to girl D. the vase breaking- probably? would the killer know about Nagito's plan, all along? No, that's wrong! By doing so, the killer- i don't know. Ripped of a piece of the wallpaper. I'm Chiaki Nanami, the ultimate gamer. Why did you go-go to the music venue? So i brought a board game too! If the space beneath the floor is empty. I think.. *yawn*(?) Everything that happened here. I will never disappear! Um.. Nekomaru? I'm sorry, thank you. Why did the picture on the fourth bathroom change? Where the killer did the stabbing to seem- huh, that's a problem. An eternal game utopia sound's like fun! Hiyoko is the one who dropped that yellow gummy. If she handled the body that bloody. Stop! Dead from a blow to the head. Oh well, let's just press on ahead. Nothing you say to (idk what it says then). I'm sorry, but can you just be quiet!? Killing. I'll never allow it! Leave it to me. I'm not sure what it says at the 4th last sentence >__< please correct me in any of the sentences

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    Ah yes, Chiaki. A waifu so good they killed her twice.

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    Yes becase gamers Respawn

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    *A nasty thrashy picture*

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    You best girl'd in the right game

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    It should be “You Chiaki’d in the right neighborhood”

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    She is baby

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    Chiaki is so cute aaaaAAAAAA Can I have her hoodie?

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    I’m in the right neighborhood rn-

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    Chiaki saying sleepy is such a mood

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    Anime name?

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    *T H A T S A P R O B L E M*

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    A *nasty trashy pig shit* Ah, I love chiaki

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    ⚠️SPOILERS⚠️ “ I will never disappear “ * dies by getting crushed with no trace *

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    @Mr. Matt I love tetris and nanami heh

  42. Mr. Matt

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    Nam veterans have loud noises and such as triggers. Danganronpa 2 fans have Tetris as a trigger. I don't know if I can ever feel good about Tetris again. =/

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    hello :) i was wondering if i can use this sound for my tiktok video with my chiaki cosplay. Of course, I'll give the link to your orginal work which is brilliant btw But only if you don't mind ;-;

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    Don't you dare! lmao Destroying this masterpiece with tiktok

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    *I was born in the right neighborhood*

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    Shes so cute 🌌❤❤🥰

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    You Sonia’d in the wrong neighborhood.

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    Gamer GF

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    I can do chiaki’s voice :)

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    Kokichi? Being able to Copy Chiaki's voice. Man thats terrifying

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    Kokichi Oma omg that’s so cool

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    waifu song

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    Chiaki Nanami. The bestest girl.

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    She’s so frickn cute

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    waifu material yes yes great video :))

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    n a s t y t r a s h y p i g s h i t

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    plays 0.25x Aaa nnnnaaassttyy tttrrraaasssshy ppiiiiiigg ssshhiiiitt

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    Hiyoko, Stop insulting Mikan

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    You killed Nagito. =_= Edit : I’m confused

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    CHEYENNE JONES i mean technically he killed himself. he just used chiaki to do it



    Heyitsdragon My friend either lied to me or she’s telling the truth that she killed my son.

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    *NOT COMPLETELY ACCURATE* Lyrics: Hey, hey. Two to the one to the one to the three... Then, let's start with that mystery! They probably asked Monokuma about it... A nasty, trashy pig shit! Let's move on to Girl D. The vase breaking, probably? The killer moved out Nagito's plan all along... No, that's wrong! *yawns* In doing so... The killer? I don't know. Ripped off a piece of the wallpaper! I'm Chiaki Nanami, the Ultimate Gamer. Why did Hiyoko go to the music venue? So I brought a board game, too! If the space beneath the floor is empty... I think- Sleepy!... Everything that happened here... I will never disappear. Um... Nekomaru? I'm sorry. Thank you. Why did the picture on the far back door change? And where the killer did the stabbing are the same. Hm.. That's a problem. An eternal game utopia sounds like fun! Hiyoko is the one who dropped that yellow gummy. If she handled a body that bloody... Stop! Dead from a blow to the head... Oh well, let's just press on ahead! Mapping is second nature to retro game fans! I'm sorry, but can you just be quiet? Killing... I'll never allow it. Leave it to me!

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    MY WIFE!!

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    Zero dislikes. Let's keep it that way.

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    You gamed in the wrong neighborhood

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    hey hey

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    I LOVE MY WAIFU OMFG 🤧🥵😘😔☺️🥰😊

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    hey hey (●´ω`●)

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    a nasty trashy pig shit