You Chiaki'd Into the Wrong Neighbourhood


  1. Myclvex

    Myclvex16 日 前

    Hey hey! Two to the one to the one to the three! Then let's start with that mystery It probably has monokuma about it? :O A nasty trashy pig shit. Let's move on to group d. The base breaking, (probably). The killer knew about nagitos plan all along? No! That's wrong! By doing so, the killer I dont know ripped off the piece of the wallpaper I'm Chiaki Nanami the ultimate gamer Why did hiyoko go to the music venue? So I brought a board game too! It's a space beneath the floor I emptied, I think- Every thing that happened here, I will never disappear. Um, nekomaru? I'm sorry, thank you. Why did the picture of the far back door change? And when the killer did the stabbing if the scene? That's a problem. An eternal game utopia sounds like fun! Hiyoko is the one who dropped that yellow gummy if she handled the body that bloody (Stop!) Dead from a blow to the head.. Oh well! Let's just press on ahead. Nothing you say can change _____ ( idk) I'm sorry but can you just be quiet. Killing, i'll never allow it! Leave it to me :)

  2. Byakuya Togami

    Byakuya Togami2 日 前

    I think it’s “girl D” instead of group d, as trial 2 was about twilight syndrome with all the girls

  3. lemoncandy

    lemoncandy12 日 前

    MysteryMuffn I think you’re right

  4. MysteryMuffn

    MysteryMuffn15 日 前

    I believe that one line is "Mapping is second nature to retro game fans" I could be totally wrong though

  5. Despair.Mia.chr

    Despair.Mia.chr15 日 前

    Myclvex I tried this before but I couldn’t translate half the lyrics lmaoo

  6. Myclvex

    Myclvex16 日 前

    I couldn't find any lyrics so I made them myself-

  7. Aspen

    Aspen時間 前

    Personally, I have a CRUSH on Chiaki.

  8. The Ruler

    The Ruler6 時間 前

    My Goddess

  9. Bea Las

    Bea Las7 時間 前

    Nobody: Me: *reads all the comments with spoilers even though I haven’t watched the whole danganronpa 2 yet*

  10. Bea Las

    Bea Las7 時間 前

    Lol i made a playlist of these

  11. Optix27

    Optix2711 時間 前

    i hate this song kill me

  12. Myth Alpha

    Myth Alpha23 時間 前

    *A Nasty Trashy Pig-shit*

  13. snapped foil

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  14. Sen Pie

    Sen Pie2 日 前

    Cutest video I've seen.

  15. Luka Dazai

    Luka Dazai2 日 前

    Lyrics: Hey Hey! two to the one to the one to the three(2-1-1-3) Then, let's start with that mystery They probably asked Monokuma about it A nasty, trashy, pig shit... Let's move on to Girl D The vase breaking.... probably The killer knew about Nagitos plan all along? No! That's wrong! -- (yawn) -- By doing so... The killer? I dunno -ripped off a piece of the wallpaper I'm Chiaki Nanami - The ultimate gamer Why *did* Hyoko go to the music venue? So I brought a board game too! If the space between the floor is empty... I think- -- (yawning) *sleepy* -- Everything that happend here, I will never disappear...! Uhmm, ...Nekomaru? I'm sorry Thank you Why did the picture on the far back door change? -and where the killer did the stabbing are the same? (sigh) that's aproblem An eternal game utopia sounds like fun! Hyoko is the one that dropped that yellow gummy If she handled the body that bloody... Stop! Dead from a blow to the head... ... Oh well! Let's just press on ahead! Mapping is second nature to retro-game fans! I'm sorry but can you just be quiet? Killing..... I'll *never* allow it! Leave it to me!

  16. Clumsy Mess

    Clumsy Mess3 日 前

    How can I make this a ringtone on android phones

  17. • Pastel Phobia •

    • Pastel Phobia •3 日 前

    {Spoilers} The 30 dislikes was just Nagito on different accounts being salty that she got to monologue with Hajime in the 6th chapter

  18. Purple Ruu

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  19. Nagitoe komemeda on the Nintendo ds

    Nagitoe komemeda on the Nintendo ds4 日 前

    My ringtone now

  20. thick nuzzlez

    thick nuzzlez5 日 前

    her voice is relaxing

  21. Da dusty Doritos on the floor

    Da dusty Doritos on the floor6 日 前

    She might be my mom but whatever ever she is cute

  22. Henry Conner

    Henry Conner7 日 前

    When your harmless, wholesome waifu or husbando swears: Shocked Pikachu

  23. Boba Eden

    Boba Eden11 日 前

    I've only read the first manga... I DIDN'T IMAGINE THIS AS HER VOICE.. IT'S SO SOFT AND LITTLE

  24. hEhE i hate quarentene

    hEhE i hate quarentene11 日 前

    The first anime girl i ever simped over.

  25. Drow Archer

    Drow Archer11 日 前

    Chiaki is the most relatable to me. Why? Because we're both gamers and we both *died twice.*

  26. This is life

    This is life13 日 前

    She’s best girl and pure She wasn’t even real in the game Chihiro made a programmed of her Bc JUNKO killed her to show to her classmates to make them Despair

  27. coffeexcreme

    coffeexcreme13 日 前

    I’m staying in this neighborhood thank you very much

  28. That Little Dorodere

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  30. Seamnie

    Seamnie14 日 前

    her sleeping sounds like moaning, makes this a viable asset for my hentai

  31. XxWishinqxX ’

    XxWishinqxX ’16 日 前

    To the 25 people who disliked, *Fight me.*

  32. XxWishinqxX ’

    XxWishinqxX ’16 日 前

    *Junko appears* Hey! Me: *pulls out shotgun and shoots her before she can taking another step* BACK OFF FROM HER

  33. IlikEtURTLES

    IlikEtURTLES17 日 前

    *N A S T Y T R A S H Y P I G S H I T*

  34. Hawaiian cheetos

    Hawaiian cheetos18 日 前

    First best girl is kyoko Second is chiaka

  35. Dominic DiAngelo

    Dominic DiAngelo20 日 前

    Best girl

  36. IlikEtURTLES

    IlikEtURTLES20 日 前

    "I'll never disappear" Me: your right you'll never disappear in my heart :3 [I know she died in the video game and the anime]

  37. Black Gold

    Black Gold21 日 前

    You chiak'd into the wrong tetris block.

  38. EMB3R

    EMB3R21 日 前

    me quietly in my mind before the video starts: _hey hey hey hey hey hey_ chiaki: hey hey me: I can foresee future

  39. ꧁Kokichi Ouma꧂

    ꧁Kokichi Ouma꧂22 日 前

    No thats wrong

  40. Bailey

    Bailey22 日 前

    i ate a pear i wont ever dissapear.

  41. CornFlakes

    CornFlakes23 日 前

    Hey look its u 0:11 Im kidding dont send hate to me pls l o l

  42. GalaxyBlaze kitten

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  43. Nyima Gassama

    Nyima Gassama24 日 前

    Omg when she said ’no thats wronge’’ is she the new naegi??

  44. • Ł i Ł Å Ć •

    • Ł i Ł Å Ć •24 日 前

    Have we ever just ignored the fact that Chiaki is just Chihiro as a girl with bangs and looks cuter

  45. GachaPaw

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  46. Shrek Juicer

    Shrek Juicer25 日 前

    The sound of chiaki sleeping sounds so uwu!

  47. Shrek Juicer

    Shrek Juicer25 日 前

    Chiaki is the ultimate uwu baby besides chihiro

  48. Chiaki Nanami

    Chiaki Nanami26 日 前

    Nagito always makes tetris jokes

  49. Александр Невский

    Александр Невский26 日 前

    I cried... you know, two times.

  50. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller27 日 前

    I preferred the Byakuya version of this but she’s such a good character especially after the despair arc.

  51. BoS_Sentinel_Chiaki

    BoS_Sentinel_Chiaki28 日 前

    I came to the right neighbourhood

  52. Isaac R

    Isaac R28 日 前

    This is my new favorite thing

  53. Chiaki _Nanami18

    Chiaki _Nanami1828 日 前

    I love Chiaki she is best girl.

  54. gabe gamerboy

    gabe gamerboy27 日 前

    I agree

  55. Anime Toes

    Anime Toes29 日 前

    i listen too this everday i love it!!

  56. cazzy

    cazzy29 日 前

    god i miss her so much, they did her so wrong

  57. Spanderous

    Spanderous29 日 前

    *Monomi has Joined the Chat*

  58. Average Danganronpa Fan

    Average Danganronpa Fan29 日 前

    I love her :)

  59. gabe gamerboy

    gabe gamerboy27 日 前

    @Average Danganronpa Fan i love her to :3

  60. Average Danganronpa Fan

    Average Danganronpa Fan27 日 前

    gabe gamerboy True

  61. gabe gamerboy

    gabe gamerboy27 日 前

    Everyone love her lol

  62. 月Mood

    月Moodヶ月 前

    Welcome to watch mojo, today we're counting down top 10 most cutest waifus.

  63. TheMasterRiolu15

    TheMasterRiolu15ヶ月 前

    Best girl, best neighborhood. Love her.

  64. silverlio28 Animates

    silverlio28 Animatesヶ月 前

    Chiaki is and will always be best girl

  65. firewolf 33

    firewolf 33ヶ月 前

    I'm moving to this neighborhood, best girl is here

  66. kazuichi soda

    kazuichi sodaヶ月 前

    aaaaa so cute

  67. Hikkikomori iidesuyo

    Hikkikomori iidesuyoヶ月 前

    I forgot why she said "Nasty trashy pigshit" and am being so humored and confused rn at the same time

  68. shadow niko

    shadow nikoヶ月 前

    She best gamer girl

  69. poffle z.

    poffle z.ヶ月 前

    ⓐ ⓝⓐⓢⓣⓨ ⓣⓡⓐⓢⓗⓨ ⓟⓘⓖⓢⓗⓘⓣ

  70. Shimohira Reika

    Shimohira Reikaヶ月 前

    At first I didn’t know she is main heroin in game, I spend most of my time interacting with Mikan. Until chapter 3, my disappointment is beyond any human expectation. Nonetheless I still have Kyoko :,)

  71. Funniman Number 736

    Funniman Number 736ヶ月 前

    This almost makes me forget that she was the only character in Dr2 that got killed

  72. ashy

    ashyヶ月 前

    She makes insulting me adorable.........

  73. Viva Valente

    Viva Valenteヶ月 前


  74. Fnaf Girl 88

    Fnaf Girl 88ヶ月 前

    Chiaki is a bean

  75. Kaminari & Shinso Edits

    Kaminari & Shinso Editsヶ月 前

    This is the cutest neighborhood there is is it not? And I thought she died in dispair arc

  76. Ducks UwU

    Ducks UwUヶ月 前

    She is a queen UwU

  77. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestarヶ月 前

    bruh me while listening to this: 0///0

  78. Emelia Jaime

    Emelia Jaimeヶ月 前

    Best waifu

  79. Mochi No zuka

    Mochi No zukaヶ月 前

    They just had to kill waifs twice 😞✌️

  80. Monokuma

    Monokumaヶ月 前


  81. Jack Taylor

    Jack Taylorヶ月 前

    Chiaki is the best waifu you can’t argue

  82. Hopeless Edits

    Hopeless Editsヶ月 前

    I come from a different game but i really love nanami! So seeing this makes my day

  83. Cthulhu

    Cthulhuヶ月 前

    A N A S T Y T R A S H Y P I G S H I T why did i wheeze-

  84. Misuwu

    Misuwuヶ月 前

    I don't know why my pp and my heart is crying Not sure why

  85. xXUnaiXx

    xXUnaiXxヶ月 前

    I prefer lolis.

  86. Humans Are Retarded Creatures

    Humans Are Retarded Creaturesヶ月 前

    She's so cute!

  87. Galaxy Donawt

    Galaxy Donawtヶ月 前

    *_69k views_*

  88. Aj draws Stuff

    Aj draws Stuffヶ月 前

    *nasty trashy pigshit* also alternative name: You gamer girl'd into the right neighborhood

  89. tboss2017 gaming 2

    tboss2017 gaming 2ヶ月 前

    Monokuma here’s a message that Chiaki wanted to tell you