Yes Theory is hiring (here is why)


  1. Crazy Skippy

    Crazy Skippyヶ月 前

    Damn, this would've been an absolute mind blowing journey/experience.

  2. DisplacedHippie

    DisplacedHippie2 ヶ月 前

    Hey @Yes Theory, I know this is a year ago, but I sent an email for the graphic designer position if it's still around, lmk!

  3. Jacob Mozer

    Jacob Mozer6 ヶ月 前

    Are either of these job positions still open?

  4. Jonathan Brewster

    Jonathan Brewster6 ヶ月 前

    Hire me. I have good energy and love to travel

  5. Bmoore6

    Bmoore66 ヶ月 前

    Who did you end up hiring?

  6. Donna Li

    Donna Li7 ヶ月 前

    I got a sick idea for the merch ,do you want to hear it?

  7. Angel 1001

    Angel 10018 ヶ月 前

    And I'm watching it after a year 😂

  8. ricochico

    ricochico8 ヶ月 前

    the message is cool but the group of like minded people is cooler

  9. Umme Salma

    Umme Salma10 ヶ月 前


  10. Chilling homie

    Chilling homie10 ヶ月 前

    I am an artist!

  11. Chilling homie

    Chilling homie10 ヶ月 前

    please take me away

  12. Danielle Santora

    Danielle Santora年 前

    if only I saw this then

  13. RCK Gaming

    RCK Gaming年 前


  14. Yo Ya

    Yo Ya年 前

    so sad I'm 16, too late for this and not in the US, cuz Graphic design is one of my favourite things but I guess You can't have it all

  15. Griffin

    Griffin年 前

    No way!!! I just saw this video today! I hope its not too late to for an application submission! Team work makes the dream work!!!

  16. Matt McCaul

    Matt McCaul年 前

    Getting a tattoo dedicated to the yes theory and promote helping people and humanity.

  17. Fabiola Pisanu

    Fabiola Pisanu年 前

    when i'll be old enough and i will have the right skills i hope i could join you in your journey, I would love to live like you do, in the environment of the yes theory family

  18. Luis David

    Luis David年 前

    What about a Spanish "yes theory"

  19. Johnny Nava

    Johnny Nava年 前

    Track ID? Anyone?

  20. Just CPU

    Just CPU年 前

    Dang I'm 6 months too late and I'm 18 not 19. :(

  21. TheBest OfNothing

    TheBest OfNothing年 前

    Me : can I work here Yes theory : yes M : even though I’m only 13? Y : Yes *tear goes down face*

  22. tristen waller

    tristen waller年 前

    This would be a dream come true you guys are inspirational and I am definitely applying for the graphic designer position I think I may have what it takes 🤔

  23. Sameplayer

    Sameplayer年 前

    Damn... too bad I am already working as a graphic designer in germany🙁🙁🙁🙁

  24. Tj So Lit

    Tj So Lit年 前

    i would to to apply for a job at yes theory because i wanna become a youtuber but i wanna be a right one like you guys plz consider me

  25. Sophie Rose Rickert

    Sophie Rose Rickert年 前

    You guys are literally my idols at the moment. Meeting you would be my dream.

  26. Jina Lives

    Jina Lives年 前

    I suppose I'm about 5 months too late... or are you still looking for the perfect editor...? Say yes!

  27. YaBoiGermie

    YaBoiGermie年 前

    Once Yes Series Closes (Because everything dies sometime) im Gonna Start Yes Series #2 Because why the fuck not lol

  28. FaziLex

    FaziLex年 前

    I would loveee

  29. Jacob Kessler

    Jacob Kessler年 前

    jobs are for losers

  30. Community

    Community年 前

    I'm guessing you won the lottery then

  31. Peter Najm

    Peter Najm年 前

    Still hiring?

  32. GuessItsMDS

    GuessItsMDS年 前

    have a taste of my edits

  33. Juliana

    Juliana年 前


  34. Avantika AKrishnan

    Avantika AKrishnan年 前

    2 more years of waiting till I’m old enough!! Longest years ever😢😢😭

  35. Maria Ponce

    Maria Ponce年 前

    I want to work with yes theory buttttt I’m 12... damn it

  36. John Phil

    John Phil年 前

    Dang I’m late...

  37. Nito Ulloa

    Nito Ulloa年 前

    hire me

  38. Sang Won

    Sang Won年 前


  39. 707 Baby

    707 Baby年 前

    Awww man I would of been great for the graphic designer job,but I’m a little late to it 😂Plus I live in Australia so who ever got the the job congratulations

  40. Igor Dalmolin

    Igor Dalmolin年 前

    Oh, I'm late :(

  41. Chancelor Page

    Chancelor Page年 前

    Just got put onto your videos and I’m assuming the positions are filled, but I figured it’s worth a shot to check. Anything still currently open?

  42. Petra Darklander

    Petra Darklander年 前

    ... I knew I should have pursued what I loved instead of playing it safe. *le sigh*

  43. Just Me

    Just Me年 前

    Im 14 and really want that story telling job but rip age constraints/time constraints

  44. Carmen De Jesus

    Carmen De Jesus年 前

    Chose a girl

  45. Mia Tijerina

    Mia Tijerina年 前

    I want to meet y’all so bad but I live in hurst 😭😭😭

  46. CinderHellaFine 22

    CinderHellaFine 22年 前

    Where Can I Apply To Go On A Date With You?

  47. dangos200

    dangos200年 前

    Hire me

  48. Rowun

    Rowun年 前

  49. Jaiden Harris

    Jaiden Harris年 前

    U need me man not for any of those positions but bc I am crazy and willing to do anything make a new challenge called what can’t he do involving me and I’ll do anything you want for 24 hours straight






    Bro u got me I’m in

  52. Order of Shadow

    Order of Shadow年 前

    Is this still available?

  53. Sydney Lorenzana

    Sydney Lorenzana年 前

    I would love to see a collaboration with them and Jack Harries!!

  54. 99 Melodies

    99 Melodies年 前

    When you wanna become the graphic designer because you love designing but you don’t fill all the criteria 😖😖😖. Congrats to whoever gets the position though. Seek Discomfort. Say Yes.

  55. scott

    scott年 前

    I'm from Australia!!! Would be a dream but i guess its impossible :(

  56. Samil Parikh

    Samil Parikh年 前

    I'd like to work with you

  57. G

    G年 前

    I’ve always wanted to improve in graphic design but i’m just too lazy to and this video made me realize that i could have applied if i improved and i missed a great opportunity like this and i could miss more too if i didn’t start now...

  58. Elis Guerrero

    Elis Guerrero年 前

    Yes to hire me lol 😂

  59. Joseph Mejia

    Joseph Mejia年 前

    Hey yes theory! I am a big fan of your videos and love to watch them as they are very entertaining, but I am also a young music producer from Lakewood california and I was wondering if I could provide music for the channel! I am a trap, rap, and hip hop producer but I did notice that on the outros of some of the channels videos, there was a beat or song or just an instrumental, and I am writing this with the hopes of providing beats for the outros and become a full on producer for living in the future. I have about 3 years of experience in producing and know my beats are well produced, mixed, and mastered. I am also very diverse with my beats and I have no limits. But thanks for all the content that is uploaded to the channel as I love all the videos and I hope the channel prospers even more in the future!

  60. Melissa Clarke

    Melissa Clarke年 前

    So sad that i'm not talented enough. Btw first comment on JPreporter ever #seekdiscomfort i guess 😂

  61. Ph4nth00m

    Ph4nth00m年 前

    The work you guys do is so awesome would love to be apart of it, cause you guys life the message that I wanna show people. Sadly am still a beginner in both these fields the applications are about. Congratz to whoever gets in and don't let this amazing opportunity slide by you.