X1, Like always [THE SHOW 190910]


  1. Kopila Syangbo

    Kopila Syangbo20 分 前

    Dongyo you are so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Sonam Pem

    Sonam Pem5 時間 前

    Nam dohyon ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

  3. kang minhee stan

    kang minhee stan6 時間 前

    minhee why are u so cute it isn’t good for my heart D:

  4. Jin Wei Low

    Jin Wei Low10 時間 前

    Where all members are visuals and passionate ♥️ Fly high X1. Continue to make us smile, we will keep supporting you guys ♥️

  5. Jin Wei Low

    Jin Wei Low10 時間 前

    Where all members are visuals and passionate ♥️ Fly high X1. Continue to make us smile, we will keep supporting you guys ♥️

  6. soff

    soff15 時間 前

    Glad that eunsang is the x member of x1 ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Aster oaks

    Aster oaks21 時間 前

    Yohan, pls comeback on the stage

  8. Sehun's vivi

    Sehun's vivi日 前

    Junho was so cute sghshsydnshsmnd

  9. jung maira

    jung maira2 日 前

    Yohan is mine ❤❤❤

  10. こと、

    こと、2 日 前

    너무 귀여워ㅠㅠ

  11. Febi Zulhiyah

    Febi Zulhiyah2 日 前

    Always fall for Seung-woo high note in 03:41 . How can i love him so much 😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘

  12. jnnfrjes jenniferjes

    jnnfrjes jenniferjes2 日 前


  13. Angellee 11

    Angellee 113 日 前

    I loveYouYohann:3

  14. Phanita Thangwitmonai

    Phanita Thangwitmonai3 日 前

    MBK boys in pastel pink is super cute.

  15. i stan Victon

    i stan Victon3 日 前

    Eunsang is my bias wrecker

  16. Baejin

    Baejin4 日 前

    I really love hyeongjun's part @3:17 like, the body roll tho

  17. Junying Yang

    Junying Yang4 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed Seungyoun's shoe? Its so funny

  18. S15 S05

    S15 S054 日 前

    Seungyoun !!!!! He’s sooo cute Ohmygod everytime I see him preform it’s the cutest and sweetest ever !

  19. Andria Kim

    Andria Kim4 日 前

    Seungwoo's wardrobes didn't give justice on his sexyness😂

  20. Felicia and kpop

    Felicia and kpop5 日 前

    요한이 왜 항상 늘 앉아있는 것처럼 노래를 가져올 때마다 걱정이 돼요

  21. Sammy Prodon

    Sammy Prodon5 日 前

    2:28 the time when seungyoun's shoe fell off

  22. hae

    hae5 日 前

    1:23 eunsang and hangyul is doing something to my heart

  23. Mary Jane MB.

    Mary Jane MB.5 日 前


  24. Young One ARMY

    Young One ARMY5 日 前

    Dohyon ang Dongpyo always have their transition in 2:03 UwU huhu

  25. Lizzy shiori

    Lizzy shiori5 日 前

    i love son dongpyo part here !!!

  26. lmao idk

    lmao idk5 日 前


  27. Sol

    Sol5 日 前

    3:58 Dohyon realizing the confetti had butterfly shape 😭😭 a whole baby

  28. putri febrianti

    putri febrianti5 日 前


  29. Kim Looh

    Kim Looh5 日 前

    tudo pra mim

  30. Lisa Ahmad

    Lisa Ahmad5 日 前

    cute junho... ;)

  31. Firdayanti Nurdin

    Firdayanti Nurdin5 日 前

    i don't know if dancing with 1 shoes will be this cute.. seungyounaa

  32. Yonanda firdaus

    Yonanda firdaus5 日 前

    No one talk about precious baby nam dohyon?😭♥️

  33. Shasha Labay

    Shasha Labay6 日 前

    Seungyeon reminds me Haenamie 😢 this performance reminds me ippeo ippeo 😭 HAENAMIEEEEEEE

  34. Nabilaaa oktv

    Nabilaaa oktv6 日 前

    Mas Seungyoun sepatu e copot dong wkwkwk😂😂

  35. Nadiya Fitriani

    Nadiya Fitriani6 日 前


  36. kang daniel’s WiFE

    kang daniel’s WiFE6 日 前

    lmao i just realized😆😆

  37. limario oppa

    limario oppa6 日 前

    wooseok in beret is the cause of death

  38. frisca sabita

    frisca sabita6 日 前

    Wooseok... ^_^

  39. papara sipa

    papara sipa6 日 前

    did seungyoun's shoes was kicked by hyeongjun? wkwkwkwk

  40. Balkis Hani

    Balkis Hani6 日 前

    fighting dongpyo

  41. Hendry Sorti

    Hendry Sorti6 日 前

    Exo ~ love me right ? Anyone ?

  42. tuktasong hyeongjun dongpyo

    tuktasong hyeongjun dongpyo6 日 前

    Love hyeongjun 😍😍😆😆😆😆😆😆X1love 😂😂😁😍😍😍😆😆😆😆

  43. Jb

    Jb6 日 前

    Hangyul in pink is my religion

  44. basically a kpop stanner UwU

    basically a kpop stanner UwU6 日 前

    plisss...Junho eyes Is SPARKLING AND SHINING

  45. Maris Mabs

    Maris Mabs6 日 前

    Seungyoun’s shoeeeee 😂 Hyeongjun kicked it HAHAHAHA

  46. Lindsey Yang

    Lindsey Yang6 日 前

    3:31 seungyoun: *jamming* yohan: i have no idea what's going on

  47. Mikaela Go

    Mikaela Go6 日 前

    Minhee's part will always be my favorite. ❤️

  48. Roronoa Luna

    Roronoa Luna6 日 前

    I am going to hell for laughing at SeungYoun's shoe!!!!! You ARE SO CUTE!!!! LMAOO

  49. lost s0ulz

    lost s0ulz6 日 前


  50. hiraizone

    hiraizone6 日 前

    whos doing it like seungyeon? dancing like this with just one shoe lol

  51. Emma Pshak

    Emma Pshak5 日 前

    hiraizone minhee last time when his shoe fell off

  52. Maya Hc

    Maya Hc6 日 前

    Nam Dohyon it's so cut Nam Dohyon I live you

  53. Shem •

    Shem •6 日 前

    Seungyoun's shoes omg hahahahhaha 2:28


    RENNY IKA6 日 前

    2:27 seungyoun lose the shoes ,, 🤣🤣

  55. Istiazah Nisa

    Istiazah Nisa6 日 前

    Tuhkan youn kualat abis nyubitin yohan lepas deh tuh sepatu 😂😂

  56. Titania Dewi

    Titania Dewi6 日 前

    Omg yohan so cute at the last show ♥♥

  57. Cherry N

    Cherry N6 日 前

    2:27 - 2:30 formerly minhee, now seungyoun

  58. stanjihyology

    stanjihyology7 日 前

    this is one of my favorite looks on seungyoun omg

  59. Yourvaaa Hazza

    Yourvaaa Hazza7 日 前


  60. Martina Silvia

    Martina Silvia7 日 前


  61. yin yang

    yin yang7 日 前

    *CHODERELLA* 2:28

  62. fRAn CHeskA

    fRAn CHeskA7 日 前

    i feel so sorry for yohan... he couldve been enjoying the stage- well i mean he was but..