1. hadi elzein

    hadi elzein5 時間 前

    I think the first cereal should be Oreo cereal

  2. Trippie Free

    Trippie Free5 時間 前

    Garret should’ve won so easily

  3. L&M Toones

    L&M Toones5 時間 前

    I do garret

  4. L&M Toones

    L&M Toones5 時間 前

    Garret candy

  5. TJ Oetrosky

    TJ Oetrosky5 時間 前

    Make a cake what’s a called

  6. Gamer god

    Gamer god6 時間 前


  7. Ry Che

    Ry Che8 時間 前

    The boring drake obviously trust because wedge kelly battle around a feeble feigned stomach. fluttering, tacky calf

  8. ninjaghop YT

    ninjaghop YT8 時間 前


  9. irakli gaming

    irakli gaming11 時間 前

    17:28 why does he sound so much like dr disrespect 😂😂😂

  10. Bradyn M

    Bradyn M14 時間 前

    Im very sad that the OG... Cheerios, Were not on the list

  11. Marley Sadler

    Marley Sadler14 時間 前

    Sparky is a horrible judge...

  12. Brobrox Games

    Brobrox Games14 時間 前

    23:56 best part ever 😂

  13. DannyTheFrostyDragon

    DannyTheFrostyDragon15 時間 前

    where is the scene that my Froots Loops being Puffs

  14. SadDetective

    SadDetective16 時間 前

    Can we talk about how fruit loops easing on there

  15. Aahil alam

    Aahil alam16 時間 前

    I till can't belive that sparks gave coby the 4th place.

  16. Lucas Hutchens

    Lucas Hutchens16 時間 前

    Jerry kinda sucks.

  17. Master SEB

    Master SEB17 時間 前

    2:17 what in the world is that sound?

  18. Shea HW

    Shea HW17 時間 前

    Everyone when Cory picks himself : yayyyyyyy! Woooooo! I don't know how to react 😳

  19. rzr_ beastmode

    rzr_ beastmode17 時間 前

    they forgot that cory was spinning the wheel anyway sense he yeeted the mic last video and they counted that as a noise

  20. ItsMrfishy

    ItsMrfishy17 時間 前

    At 19:30 there is a word written on the table

  21. Beans1 gg

    Beans1 gg17 時間 前


  22. David Demello

    David Demello17 時間 前

    The part when Tyler slipped on the rug and fell I was crying laughing

  23. Phoenix967

    Phoenix96718 時間 前

    I think Krave tastes nice

  24. Ryan Carney

    Ryan Carney19 時間 前

    how do you throw away honeycomb😭😭😭

  25. michelle valentin

    michelle valentin20 時間 前

    The juvenile sousaphone superiorly include because reason unfortunately preserve atop a noisy energy. delirious, thoughtless stranger

  26. Aaliya Ahsan

    Aaliya Ahsan20 時間 前

    Its a bandicot.

  27. Jordyn Floyd

    Jordyn Floyd21 時間 前

    Poor Cory I feel bad for him

  28. Chris CISV GERMANY

    Chris CISV GERMANY21 時間 前

    Tyler was not suppose to do the top 10🙁

  29. Clément Payette

    Clément Payette22 時間 前

    can we have garrett's opinion

  30. Goblin Shark

    Goblin Shark日 前

    Ur bad ty

  31. Events Sebber

    Events Sebber日 前

    Bring back Ned

  32. tj _

    tj _日 前


  33. Caleb Coates

    Caleb Coates日 前

    Cody is so annoying in all top 10s

  34. Caleb Coates

    Caleb Coates日 前

    dude i like sparky but coby 100 % should have won

  35. FIN2703

    FIN2703日 前

    I like how the sidemen got a million likes on a mukbang but Dude Perfect couldn’t even get a million even tho I’m fan of both I’m just saying.

  36. Rasal Hewage

    Rasal Hewage日 前

    I hit my like with the failed kick of tyler where he hit his back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Contrariar ps

    Contrariar ps日 前

    Cory was just asking for it wearing that shirt

  38. Magicblood The Hedghog

    Magicblood The Hedghog日 前

    im confused about wheel unfortunte due to wheres ned like he says hes the golden boy

  39. Barley 2_ BrawlStars

    Barley 2_ BrawlStars日 前

    18:15 Cory did not fake the expression in the punishment

  40. ItzMint

    ItzMint日 前

    Hello DP Editors :)

  41. GalaxyGaming

    GalaxyGaming日 前

    Cory 2nd fr

  42. Tannah Richens

    Tannah Richens日 前


  43. Beau Griffin

    Beau Griffin日 前

    Where is the coco pops

  44. Matthew K. Matthews

    Matthew K. Matthews日 前

    Mom can we go to the beach? But we already have a beach at home The beach at home : 18:55

  45. Jeremiah Rummerfield

    Jeremiah Rummerfield日 前

    28:20 Coby: " I didn't know that!" Coby less than a second later: "It is called 'Dude Perfect Plus."

  46. عباس معروف

    عباس معروف日 前

    جم من زال

  47. Fawn Bear

    Fawn Bear日 前

    I agree with Cody get someone else to do top 10

  48. Samurai

    Samurai日 前

    I hate resses puffs bc I hate peanuts butter and I’m allergic to peanuts

  49. Dominic Cognetta

    Dominic Cognetta日 前

    Do it for you Cody we’re gonna take this journey with you

  50. Victor Chen

    Victor Chen日 前

    If my kid asked what’s karma? I’d show them this The video should be called “the cereal strikes back 21:06

  51. Jack OBrien

    Jack OBrien日 前

    I love how ty says are we still gonna play cod later a the end of get crafty

  52. King D

    King D日 前

    Number 4 sucks so much

  53. Wil G

    Wil G日 前

    Ngl Cody’s painting was awesome

  54. KingJake2511

    KingJake2511日 前

    That DP logo painting should have won and everyone knows it

  55. Aiden Berridge

    Aiden Berridge5 時間 前

    Thank you

  56. Cøre LVL

    Cøre LVL7 時間 前

    35 likes more like 1 mill likes for this comment

  57. SShined

    SShined13 時間 前

    @Bill Coward yeah fr tho. Ty went wayyyyyyyyyy too far

  58. Bill Coward

    Bill Coward日 前

    Ty went a bit over board

  59. Bill Coward

    Bill Coward日 前

    @Shaunak Sood man you do not know what you are talking about

  60. Bradley Mohammed

    Bradley Mohammed日 前

    When ty was kicking nothing on the floor he looked like my 5 year old cousin when he was told no eating dog food

  61. Rachel McCausland

    Rachel McCausland日 前

    May I just say the edits for wheel unfortunate are freakin amazing 😂😂

  62. PaulOfDuty

    PaulOfDuty日 前


  63. Firoza Shakhizada

    Firoza Shakhizada日 前

    From coby is the best

  64. FireHawkGamer

    FireHawkGamer日 前

    Team Cory

  65. Ryan Jin

    Ryan Jin2 日 前

    Say rip for crash bandicoot

  66. Lum1et

    Lum1et2 日 前

    26:19 true the best there is no beating the mighty CTC

  67. Grass_hopper 1213

    Grass_hopper 12132 日 前

    Dream in his most recent manhunt 15:41

  68. William Pergerson

    William Pergerson2 日 前

    poor Cory ;)

  69. Hithendra Oruganti

    Hithendra Oruganti2 日 前

    Fire sparky

  70. Kartik

    Kartik2 日 前

    I did not watch this video because there is no cool not cool

  71. Sebastian Sepulveda

    Sebastian Sepulveda2 日 前

    Tyler: This person is safe *Checks paper* Tyler: Coby cot- COby: LETS- *yeets mic* LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  72. DS07_

    DS07_2 日 前


  73. Arnajit Singha Roy

    Arnajit Singha Roy2 日 前

    The get crafty segment should be permanent as because its the best segment according to me.....

  74. Kaizu

    Kaizu2 日 前

    15:41 Super Saiyan Cody

  75. 4020 Ong Chung Lin

    4020 Ong Chung Lin2 日 前

    they are just bullying cory

  76. JustinInnit

    JustinInnit2 日 前

    Conner looks like schlatt

  77. Nachiket Choudhary

    Nachiket Choudhary2 日 前

    I want ty for top 10

  78. Sakina Zehra

    Sakina Zehra2 日 前

    I like ned not jerry

  79. Darcie Carender

    Darcie Carender2 日 前

    I had a like on the video Litterally switched to thumbs down for pushing out the captain crunch!!!!! Rest of the vid was AWESOME

  80. Jade Mills

    Jade Mills2 日 前


  81. Jade Mills

    Jade Mills2 日 前

    6-4 220 and zero friends.

  82. Jade Mills

    Jade Mills2 日 前

    F the money. Isley for a name GOLD!

  83. Quinn Metcalfe

    Quinn Metcalfe2 日 前

    Quick Gtcvhtc

  84. T Gosselin

    T Gosselin2 日 前

    Not very Christian of you guys. What a waste! I don't think about this normally (maybe I should) but for some reason as I was watching this the thought popped in to my head - I wondered, what if a really poor or homeless kid, or something along those lines, was to see that 'Top 10' segment, how would they feel seeing all that food wasted? It's really sad to think about. I mean seriously though, just imagine how you would feel if, as a kid, you were poor and you/your family couldn't afford, in this case, these "name brand" cereals and you see some guy, or girl, throwing & kicking boxes of cereal around, ripping them open & dumping them out all over the floor, ultimately, wasting all of that food which you don't even have the luxury of owning... just something to think about.

  85. Mallory Kessler

    Mallory Kessler2 日 前

    Where were fruit loops on the list :o

  86. Oops

    Oops2 日 前

    9:55 the way crash bandicoot looked at Coby is my new nightmare

  87. Emily Gathright

    Emily Gathright2 日 前

    Hello DP editors! :)

  88. Ronan Garofalo

    Ronan Garofalo2 日 前

    the dp hq is so cool

  89. Francisco Herrera

    Francisco Herrera2 日 前

    Cory: thanks for team Cory for sticking with me Team Cory :

  90. Geeky Gaming Bros

    Geeky Gaming Bros2 日 前

    OT 14 Ty " I AM to controvesal so im going to let someone else do the leading role." Also Ty " Cody is this your show,? Or am I just confused."

  91. jaqueline gallardo

    jaqueline gallardo2 日 前

    Get Crafty Champions: 1st Place: Coby. 2nd: Garrett. 3rd: Cody. 4th: Cory. 5th: Rage Monster (Tyler, AKA TT)

  92. Eddie Solorzano

    Eddie Solorzano3 日 前

    Weel unfortunate send man away🤣

  93. Harrison Bieschke

    Harrison Bieschke3 日 前

    Since when were overtimes time stamped

  94. FN Sweatifyy

    FN Sweatifyy3 日 前

    Pause it at 15:41

  95. O9c7

    O9c73 日 前

    Should’ve worn a “Jerry Senderson” shirt, then!

  96. O9c7

    O9c719 時間 前

    @78WoundsTaken not saying im the next justin y but thats a big doubt

  97. 78WoundsTaken

    78WoundsTaken19 時間 前

    Bruh why you everywhere

  98. Vlove my family forever

    Vlove my family forever3 日 前

    Garrett should host top ten

  99. Vlove my family forever

    Vlove my family forever3 日 前

    You should do top ten sodas

  100. Michael Snoots

    Michael Snoots3 日 前

    Where were the fruit loops in top 10?

  101. Erin Amann

    Erin Amann3 日 前

    Ty threw on purpose

  102. Kyle Miller

    Kyle Miller3 日 前

    The distinct node allegedly dream because club epidemiologically consist after a fixed ox. spectacular, agonizing kitchen

  103. J52K X

    J52K X3 日 前


  104. Cooper ROBERTS

    Cooper ROBERTS3 日 前

    who's watching this in 2021

  105. FuSiOn EcLiPsE

    FuSiOn EcLiPsE3 日 前


  106. Cooper ROBERTS

    Cooper ROBERTS3 日 前

    so tru

  107. Buboligy Inc

    Buboligy Inc3 日 前

    Maybe the reason Cory got picked was because it wasn’t Ned and he wore a ned shirt so maybe he should do it again

  108. Oliver's TV Channel

    Oliver's TV Channel3 日 前

    Probably the best top 10 so far.