Worst Haircut Ever


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfectヶ月 前

    1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️



    Dp you guys are the best thank you for the great videos

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    Dude Perfect what

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    O great people, i want views thank you...

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    Dude Perfect coooooool

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  7. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol10 時間 前

    Does anyone else realize the personal massager was from goop

  8. Hoang Ho

    Hoang Ho11 時間 前

    Ty watches too much Bob Ross

  9. Michael Sun

    Michael Sun11 時間 前

    They are literally telling you don’t buy the theragun from Instagram 😂

  10. Hoang Ho

    Hoang Ho11 時間 前

    Coby’s wife: How was Overtime? Coby: *Removes Hat* Coby’s wife: F

  11. Adisa Lleshi

    Adisa Lleshi14 時間 前

    nobody: ty: **is bob ross**

  12. Nicki Labrador

    Nicki Labrador14 時間 前

    Add hold a bunch of gross slimy bugs

  13. nicks world of mystical wonders

    nicks world of mystical wonders14 時間 前

    I bet ned forester would get someone to own a cat in the next episode of overtime

  14. undead coolness

    undead coolness15 時間 前

    This time it was?

  15. Carrie Venetis

    Carrie Venetis15 時間 前

    Can I point out the coin that got stuck on coby’s shirt

  16. Madhay 11

    Madhay 1117 時間 前

    Cody should have won on the painting

  17. Ganemba 111

    Ganemba 11118 時間 前

    Hol up that is that gwenneth paltro chizel gun thing from Jon tron

  18. Elizabeth Williams

    Elizabeth Williams18 時間 前

    Can you add a unfortunate thing to the wheel, smash your trophys with a sledgehammer.

  19. MichaelDaUnicorn

    MichaelDaUnicorn18 時間 前

    3:15 That coin stayed on Coby's shoulder a long time

  20. Yohan Thomas

    Yohan Thomas18 時間 前

    when will overtime 17 release Cannot wait anymore 😫😫😫😫

  21. YN master - தமிழ் channel

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    thank you

  22. Kris Roberts

    Kris Roberts20 時間 前

    Haircut? Is that not just being bald?


    JJMAHONEY1320 時間 前

    Who thinks ckby looks like Murr from impractical jokerz



    Please add a new consequence of doing push ups while saying "I am the most unfortunate person in the overtime"

  25. Elijah Agapito

    Elijah Agapito22 時間 前

    Can we just talk abouy how Coby casually knows the names and looks of Guess Who characters?

  26. Elijah Agapito

    Elijah Agapito22 時間 前

    Can we just talk abouy how Coby casually knows the names and looks of Guess Who characters?

  27. Mark Haycock

    Mark Haycock22 時間 前

    This is how many people have been eyeing “own a cat” since it was on the wheel

  28. Aaron Rodrigues

    Aaron Rodrigues23 時間 前

    Does anyone know what music was playing during the painting?

  29. jacob

    jacob日 前

    What if they did an extra big episode with 5 or 6 segments

  30. Santiago Losada Delgado

    Santiago Losada Delgado日 前

    For Coby it will be Ok to have that haircut during all cuarentine

  31. yes yes

    yes yes日 前

    I’d pay over 100 for tys painting

  32. Nicolas Xavier

    Nicolas Xavier日 前

    I think that spark is panda

  33. Jon Filthy

    Jon Filthy日 前

    At some point Coby or Cory will change their name

  34. Skylar Ma

    Skylar Ma日 前

    Lol actually lowkey Coby doesn't look to bad with that shaved head lol

  35. Daniel M. Holmgren

    Daniel M. Holmgren日 前

    COBY is now looks like my grandpa🤣🤣😂

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    Koukitaker Sabakji this is my channel please do for me subscribe

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    Do more overtime

  38. TGG Pangolin Productions

    TGG Pangolin Productions日 前

    TY didn't like a food item. What!!!!@!

  39. Sam

    Sam日 前

    Garret is the king of coffee honestly

  40. JerseyWhitetails

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  41. Purple Predator

    Purple Predator日 前

    Is it me or Tyler won because he watches Bob Ross 🤣🤣🤔🤔

  42. Jordan Frazee

    Jordan Frazee日 前

    Portnoys been real quiet since this

  43. Trident Deluxe

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  44. mess 10

    mess 10日 前

    11:56 he does not have a watch and he is still checking for the time

  45. square 019 sand

    square 019 sand2 日 前

    Ty is the new bob ross

  46. Tom Rea

    Tom Rea2 日 前

    Wear a backwards hat coby

  47. Heinrich Zimmer

    Heinrich Zimmer2 日 前

    I love the stunt-man from Tyler !!!! i want it

  48. mani kandan

    mani kandan2 日 前

    Tom cruise from tropic thunder

  49. G Adams

    G Adams2 日 前

    Coby is now my least favorite as he messed up she most simple dinosaur name ever DILOPHODORUS ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! The disrespect! btw thank goodness the editors didn't spell it the way he said it.

  50. Kristy Boyle

    Kristy Boyle2 日 前

    Poor Cory

  51. Kristy Boyle

    Kristy Boyle2 日 前

    I ment cody


    FEAR_GODLY2 日 前




    Please subtitle Indonesia im from Indonesia

  54. Gummii Bear

    Gummii Bear2 日 前

    It’s actually a me a Mario in the thumbnail

  55. Vidit Chavan

    Vidit Chavan2 日 前

    who wants overtime 17

  56. Ethan Glass

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  57. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma2 日 前

    On the last part of the stunt video, he was kinda acting like Deadpool and just saying a bunch of random words

  58. Miguel Morrison

    Miguel Morrison2 日 前

    who else wants the editors to join wheel unfortunate

  59. Brendan Wolfe

    Brendan Wolfe2 日 前

    My favorite segment is cool not cool

  60. Christian Wallace

    Christian Wallace2 日 前

    Anyone could tell dominoes pizza from the others because it tastes like cardboard

  61. Abigail Vancour

    Abigail Vancour2 日 前

    I HAVE THE SAME MASSAGE GUN.🤣 Also 1 like for coby so he can figure out what to do with his hair

  62. lucifer wildfire

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  63. Mads Gaming

    Mads Gaming2 日 前

    Anyone else notice how the coin just landed on coby’s shoulder and just stayed there 🤣

  64. jonyBOI

    jonyBOI2 日 前

    Coby’s face with his hair cut in 19:27 makes me feel uncomfortable 😣

  65. TrixT

    TrixT2 日 前

    Who Thinks He did the Pull ups at the Start of the Video.

  66. Tr1pppLe Playz

    Tr1pppLe Playz2 日 前

    Ty ruins every super cool

  67. Matt C

    Matt C2 日 前

    Let's see if that spaceship can fly...

  68. JTR The Video Maker

    JTR The Video Maker2 日 前

    I wanted he question mark

  69. Ofri Kirshen

    Ofri Kirshen2 日 前

    11:57 Judge Checks Time bit forgets he has no watch

  70. - 3 -

    - 3 -2 日 前


  71. Get Noob

    Get Noob2 日 前

    Another one bites the dust.

  72. Cade Hornbacher

    Cade Hornbacher2 日 前

    My favorite one was the piazza one

  73. Renam Moraes

    Renam Moraes2 日 前

    Pur tradutor for portugues pleace!Não da para entender nada

  74. Efe Ertek

    Efe Ertek2 日 前

    11:56 **looks at fist to tell time**

  75. Oscar Schapiro

    Oscar Schapiro2 日 前

    What if Garrett spun Shave Your Head.

  76. Herbie H

    Herbie H2 日 前

    Y’all should react to Dude Perfect stars oldest to youngest

  77. Brynlee M

    Brynlee M2 日 前

    Why is it that the twins are always getting tortured on wheel unfortunate

  78. Davis Weathers

    Davis Weathers2 日 前

    Cory shouldn’t be sespened

  79. John Roy Shannon

    John Roy Shannon2 日 前

    ot 14 cory: my dad is a phenomenal woodworker he is going to be disappointed in me and cory ot 15 cory: my sister is a professional painter both cory and coby's sister and dad:smh

  80. elyssa camilleri

    elyssa camilleri2 日 前

    I think Ty hasn't ever been picked for wheel unfortunate because he is Ned Forester.

  81. Emma Spielman

    Emma Spielman2 日 前

    THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE how has Cory got it like EVERY time! (Wheel unfortunate)

  82. Isaac Jaacks

    Isaac Jaacks2 日 前

    All Ty needs is an afro and he's Bob Ross😂

  83. atho kire

    atho kire3 日 前

    Anyone noticed how Cody pointed out the gas station pizza right out when Ty was putting it down? 🤔 Interesting

  84. Adejoke Adebayo

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    Can you do a call with my brother on his birthday august 18 phone number is 08033770817

  85. Russell Mangio

    Russell Mangio3 日 前

    Actually he was in the show 4 times not 3

  86. Samu The Shashu

    Samu The Shashu3 日 前

    Yes Garret gets shave your head.