Worst Haircut Ever | Overtime 16


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    1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️

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    Dude Perfect haha

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    @Ayman SloanI don't know why but okays

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    Dude Perfect almost 10k

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    Dude Perfect 460th reply

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    Plot Twist:There's 5 cards saying the name of the twins

  9. Me and the boys- with Yankeesam123

    Me and the boys- with Yankeesam123時間 前

    Anybody notice that one of the fake coins landed on Coby’s shoulder?

  10. Evan and Hailey

    Evan and Hailey時間 前

    I’m waiting for own a cat like if you think Cory is gonna be next.

  11. Movie Micah

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1270">21:10</a> I want a full movie

  12. Sarah Price

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    Cory takes care of his brother so well

  13. Samuel BEBB

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    ... Where is the social distancing???

  14. Movie Micah

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  15. Moriah Motyka

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    the moutain is great

  16. PENGI TnT

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    anyone else notice his head has 2 humps 😂😂😂😂

  17. 666 subscribers with no videos challenge

    666 subscribers with no videos challenge時間 前

    Ty has obviously watched a couple of bob ross’s vidoes😂

  18. 666 subscribers with no videos challenge

    666 subscribers with no videos challenge時間 前

    I am waiting for "Own a Cat" We all are.

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  20. frances ihogoza

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    can u please invite jace norman and cooper barnes and play some games

  21. Shyniex XD

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    Ty definitely watch bob ross.



    Thumbnail be like : Hey ,Vsauce Miachel here.

  23. shubh agrawal

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    Who else is craving for pizza in this quarantine , after watching Taste Test ? 😋😂

  24. وليد احمد محمود محمد الشعراوي

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    سبحان الله

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    1 like Tyler has to shave his head bald

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    please join my zoom meeting room in 5 minutes ID: 689 746 1501 PASS: 123456 please join and make as much noise as possible

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    I didn't think it was real

  28. Concrete Con

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    I joined for like 2 seconds lol

  29. Jean Kisose

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    Great, fun and entertaining video..I really enjoy all your videos DP, love u guys.

  30. Everyday fun with Eli

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    I thought the ice cream was cool🥣

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    Hello my friend like your videos thank you keep going see you soon.......

  32. Abhinandan Bang

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    He looks like Michael from Vsauce. Or does he?

  33. Pony Chou

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    Je comprends rien mais je trouve ça drôle !!!!

  34. Tarun Hrishikesh

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    *spoiler alert* When Ned threw coins at Coby one of coins landed on his shoulders😱🤣 XDXD

  35. Law Cay

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    Joshu can’t even have the worst haircut anymore

  36. Jeremy Hubbard

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    I LOVE dude perfect

  37. Nitin Thakur

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    If you would be the king of pizza.

  38. Johannes Stadler

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    I love how ty is just acting like bob ross😂

  39. 🔥 FireGiggles 🔥

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    wear a cap coby and you'll be the "same".

  40. 🔥 FireGiggles 🔥

    🔥 FireGiggles 🔥時間 前

    why did ned not make him own a cat ?

  41. MAN'D'BAN

    MAN'D'BAN時間 前

    Imagine Garret going to spin the wheel and getting 'shave your head'

  42. Miguel Andrei Joaquin

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    I think panda is sparky

  43. 🔥 FireGiggles 🔥

    🔥 FireGiggles 🔥時間 前

    It shows Tyler bald and had Coby as the wheel spinner?

  44. Brock Lindorff

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    Surely tour Australia Like this comment for them to tour the land down under

  45. Isaac & Bhuvana Rachel

    Isaac & Bhuvana Rachel時間 前

    Who are waiting for all sports golf battle 4?

  46. Real Potato Gamer

    Real Potato Gamer時間 前

    Such a weird mix of energy on this show! Its like I'm in a constant state of smiling but also being in fear for their safety!

  47. Stealth Bucket

    Stealth Bucket時間 前

    Timestamps Wheel Unfortunate - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> Taste Test - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="377">6:17</a> Get Crafty - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="855">14:15</a> Cool not Cool - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1008">16:48</a> Thank me later

  48. Muned Issa

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    Italiani fatevi sentire

  49. Trend Hunt

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    i feel bad Coby

  50. pitipong warakul

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    Tyler is the best at art

  51. Stealth Bucket

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> see the coin on the shoulder.

  52. Akhil Bj

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    Is it me or does Ned Forrester looks like Tyler ?

  53. Growth Mindset

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    **** To whomever is scrolling: you can achieve an abundant lifestyle! It's possible! Sending love and positivity to you! **********

  54. Tylor Lau

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    Tyler the artist

  55. єlfιи943

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    I feel like ty can do anything🤣

  56. veer manuja

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    wow i didnt know u already had 51 mil

  57. Kybercrystal Kk

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    I basically shake my head by choice right before this video was posted

  58. Yah Yak

    Yah Yak2 時間 前

    Anyone else see the coin land on cobys shoulder when Ned threw the money at him on the wheel unfortunate segment

  59. Gabriele Ricci

    Gabriele Ricci2 時間 前

    Wait, I didn’t know Alex Caruso was a member of Dude Perfect 😂



    Plzz do cool not cool in first it’s my favourite 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Nima Burgard

    Nima Burgard2 時間 前

    Day 5 of asking dude perfect to do board game stereotypes, please like that they can see

  62. Professor Gaming

    Professor Gaming2 時間 前

    Can your next overtime have bloops: Stereotypes.

  63. Moudi Maram

    Moudi Maram2 時間 前

    Coby can wear a cap🧢

  64. Alexander

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    For get crafty who thought Cody's was the best

  65. ModernCRISTAL

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    If this doesn’t get 1k likes, Dude Perfect will stop overtime...

  66. DARK Snout

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> will be a meme for Indians. You know what I mene 😅😅😅

  67. Jeff Wheel

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    Whos waiting for own a cut😅 GUYS SPPORT MY CHNNEL🔔

  68. Country Boy

    Country Boy2 時間 前

    So obnoxious. Has turned into a kids show and sellouts

  69. dimitrididas

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    You all are Bob rosses 😂😂

  70. C J Y

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    Who else really wants to see own a cat.

  71. jahangir alam

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    Hi. Bro please aplode pubg APEX same video

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    Sociallllllll distensinggggggg

  73. A cat person I like cats

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    I want one of them to bring a uno revers card to wheel unfotinet

  74. Zak Miah

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    First time Tye not cooled a food item

  75. shital shitole

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="958">15:58</a> WHEN TY TAKES BOB ROSS TUTORIALS.....

  76. elijah monaghan

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    idk about you but i was the first subscriber for d.p

  77. Gorilla

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    but I mean Jason Statham looks badass with this kind of hair.

  78. Ben Huang

    Ben Huang2 時間 前

    Alex caruso?

  79. Luke Simmons

    Luke Simmons2 時間 前

    Cody’s painting was so underrated


    NCT IN THE HOUSE2 時間 前

    Shaving eyebrows and shaving a head the brothers had the shaves

  81. Mohammed Rameez

    Mohammed Rameez2 時間 前

    karthik surya style👨‍🦲

  82. kevin dang

    kevin dang2 時間 前

    Ty is the new Bob Ross

  83. Ibrahim Idris

    Ibrahim Idris2 時間 前

    cody: bring out massage gun my parents: *come running*

  84. Mystical

    Mystical2 時間 前

    What happens to Ned if Tyler gets chosen?

  85. HiDiddilyDoodily

    HiDiddilyDoodily2 時間 前

    Alestorm anyone?

  86. misa misa

    misa misa3 時間 前

    Coby looks like a 30 years older

  87. Adrian Lei frio

    Adrian Lei frio3 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="776">12:56</a> It's Bob Ross' signature move.

  88. Phillip Hoffman

    Phillip Hoffman3 時間 前

    What about the nylon sign for wheel unfortunate