1. Legen Dary

    Legen Dary分 前

    Can someone tell me the season and episode of each clip

  2. celine yong

    celine yong時間 前

    I love seeing gordon work so professionally to make sure customers don’t die from rancid lobster, the way he works out a problem is very systematic. I love it.

  3. Mr Cool

    Mr Cool2 時間 前

    Idk why I become hungry after watching this

  4. Setin Maganean

    Setin Maganean2 時間 前

    "Knife, fork, spoon, straw"... now that is designing for all! :))

  5. Feeluck

    Feeluck6 時間 前

    i've seen grilled lettuce from a gourmet cook in another show. but that was in 2019, not back in the day they shot this one

  6. matthewcristo rachmat

    matthewcristo rachmat7 時間 前

    "I use microwave fo": me: welp shes dead

  7. Isomer Soma

    Isomer Soma8 時間 前

    Shit is so staged lol 9:31 Ok but what isnt?

  8. Sunscreen and mylk

    Sunscreen and mylk8 時間 前

    It seems like the managers name is ~KAREN~

  9. Raidz Playz

    Raidz Playz8 時間 前

    Lack of NINOO

  10. Anirudh Shukla

    Anirudh Shukla10 時間 前

    i completely lost it when gordon said "chimy changa more like chimy chuck it in the bin"

  11. Matt Aquino

    Matt Aquino11 時間 前

    Man f*ck the vegetarian

  12. ッsourpotatocream

    ッsourpotatocream13 時間 前

    9:57 That face she made when she saw how small it was

  13. Sarah Booi

    Sarah Booi15 時間 前

    Me being like i only smell eat and i know ricky u stupid

  14. YvngSic

    YvngSic20 時間 前

    Idk what that sound at 7:00 is but it sounds like my dad yelling my name

  15. Nachiket Sharma

    Nachiket Sharma21 時間 前

    Patient: why am I not getting better? Doctor: because your condition is not improving Patient: why is that happening? Doctor: because of a lack of improvement in your condition

  16. Nachiket Sharma

    Nachiket Sharma21 時間 前

    Who serves decomposing animals tho

  17. XxItz_KatiexX

    XxItz_KatiexX21 時間 前

    I think even I can cook better then all these chefs plus! I'm only 13 yr old!

  18. XxItz_KatiexX

    XxItz_KatiexX21 時間 前

    BRUUU! he's so savage

  19. Jeolban

    Jeolban日 前

    I rarely like dark-skinned girls (preference, not being racist), but the waitress at 2:09 is seriously hella cute.

  20. Sadlemon

    Sadlemon日 前

    i love how the salad was just a lettuce piece

  21. Sadlemon

    Sadlemon日 前

    and chicken

  22. Rng Arctic

    Rng Arctic日 前

    Shes racist

  23. Ik n

    Ik n日 前

    18:04 "What's wrong with the place?" "Lack of........NINOOOOOO!!!'

  24. TheDoomertron

    TheDoomertron日 前

    I sooooo love Chef Ramsays honesty ! If its good, he will say it, if not, he wont be ashame to say it so that you learn from your mistake. I also saw him against Shark hunters

  25. Savage2403

    Savage2403日 前

    nobody gonna talk about how pretty ami is?

  26. WashYourEyesTwice

    WashYourEyesTwice日 前

    4:09 what the hell is that?!

  27. Osazeme Enodolomwanyi

    Osazeme Enodolomwanyi日 前

    Is that steak ?

  28. Osazeme Enodolomwanyi

    Osazeme Enodolomwanyi日 前

    Amy is beautiful

  29. Andromeda

    Andromeda日 前

    Ricky needs to release a full version of Diamonds On My Fish

  30. EinKleeblatt

    EinKleeblatt日 前

    mistake chicken for beef? 😂 th

  31. yash negi

    yash negi日 前

    Fusion and confusion....

  32. Miss Blueberry

    Miss Blueberry日 前

    11:35 does anyone know which episode this is?

  33. Hypocrite World

    Hypocrite World日 前

    that amy girl so cute , you can tell she is polite too and a good girl , with a face and body like that she could make millions by doing you know what , but instead she is working hard to get paid clean money , respect

  34. HumanBeanz

    HumanBeanz日 前

    is this real ? do people rly do this?

  35. Alex Awm

    Alex Awm日 前

    After the hideous experience, our chef goes to ol reliable Taco Bell cuz it’s strictly regulated and is actually half decent

  36. JackTheUnusual

    JackTheUnusual日 前

    Love him or hate him, that “Diamonds on my fish” verse was fire

  37. Masoy Labajo

    Masoy Labajo日 前

    Hey guys can you understand this.7:59

  38. 우유

    우유2 日 前

    *I swear half of these chefs are smoking something still unknown to mankind* And the one giving the drugs are these managers

  39. k4yser

    k4yser2 日 前

    Watching Ramsey and reading the comments is pure comedy gold. Cheers me up every time.

  40. tu furro a domicilio

    tu furro a domicilio2 日 前

    ¿Me estás diciendo que por identificar el sabor de una carne automáticamente eres mejor cocinero? Menuda tontería

  41. sphokazi nkonde

    sphokazi nkonde2 日 前

    That Kevin guy killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂


    PACIFIK2 日 前

    it's funny how it's always on this program something dramatic happens to a customer somehow..

  43. Jay Bitantes

    Jay Bitantes2 日 前

    im surprised Casimiro isnt on this list. He was the worst "Chef" ever. Old fuck probably choked on his own unedible shit by now.

  44. K.K Slider

    K.K Slider2 日 前


  45. Emiya Shirou

    Emiya Shirou2 日 前

    10:04 that face...I suspect she pulled the bone out of her puse and added it into the soup just for the lols and drama😂

  46. Nedas Bidlauskas

    Nedas Bidlauskas2 日 前

    Did anyone else catch a windows error sound here 9:52

  47. Sean Michael

    Sean Michael2 日 前

    Imagine being one of these chefs 🤣🤣🤣 "WORST CHEFS on Kitchen Nightmares" 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Fabiloux

    Fabiloux2 日 前

    Amy and Gordon have so much synergy

  49. AssasinsSYH

    AssasinsSYH2 日 前

    The waiter was so sweet lmfao He deserved a tip on the third one!!

  50. DaFriendlyRook

    DaFriendlyRook2 日 前

    The description of the video.

  51. Oli O

    Oli O2 日 前

    "Chimi chuck it in the bin" This man is a legend!

  52. exanimalus

    exanimalus2 日 前


  53. Andrew FF

    Andrew FF2 日 前

    Ricky : eats noodle Gordon : what was that? Ricky : definitely ALLIGATOR

  54. Black Chalk Sounds

    Black Chalk Sounds2 日 前

    Pigs eat vegetables. Now it's a Vegetarian sauce.. lok

  55. Judgingtons

    Judgingtons2 日 前

    Ricky: Eats shit Gordon: So Ricky, what was that? Ricky: C H I C K E N

  56. Cj Amador

    Cj Amador3 日 前

    the head waiter guy was cool i bet Gordon like him 🤣

  57. chris walls

    chris walls3 日 前

    'Call an ambulance'. $5000 bill for the customer. i'd rather drive or walk or just risk it. $5000? Cheers Gordan.

  58. mitch

    mitch3 日 前

    that anthony flying around the place with that black jacket on looks like fucking darth maul

  59. Yassin Sabry

    Yassin Sabry3 日 前


  60. memeless boi vlogs

    memeless boi vlogs3 日 前

    When the owner/chef has confidence at the start of a kitchen nightmares episode, I just feel bad for what will go down

  61. Miz Lauren Alexis

    Miz Lauren Alexis3 日 前

    Not _good_ Not _really_ good It was *really, really, **_really_* good 3x the REALLY good...!

  62. 777

    7773 日 前

    Best description ever

  63. Tiago Feitosa

    Tiago Feitosa3 日 前

    Gordon: Did u brush ur teeth this morning? Rick: What do u mean ? I never did that. Seriously...the man's teeth and gums should be rotten and his saliva putrid if he can't recognize flavors!

  64. Anya Leacock

    Anya Leacock3 日 前

    yo that lady that said they need more customers is one of the smartest people i have ever seen speak. pure genius. NO SHIT YOU NEED MORE CUSTOMERS😂😂😂

  65. Rafa Muñoz

    Rafa Muñoz3 日 前

    I hate Perla

  66. batish khan

    batish khan3 日 前

    *is it just me or all the waitresses are so cute wooooo*

  67. Mexamech

    Mexamech3 日 前

    It’s Tamal, for one piece and Tamales for multiple pieces! Come on!

  68. Ramita Walia

    Ramita Walia3 日 前

    Dinner at 4:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. Iván Quero

    Iván Quero3 日 前

    His name: Lex YT subtitles: *Legs*

  70. Itchybell games

    Itchybell games3 日 前

    I wanna show him my cooking skillz *puts shrimp inside chickunz*

  71. Dejan Boskovic

    Dejan Boskovic3 日 前

    i swear that Gordon Ramsay is an absolute genius "chimmy chimmy in da bin" xd

  72. TrollenMLG

    TrollenMLG3 日 前

    Did no one else notice that Gordon Ramsay's Shirt was inside out? XDDDD 2:00

  73. Saitama

    Saitama3 日 前

    “I feel that there will be no fault in what I serve him” Me: *WRONG* there obviously a reason your restaurant is on the show

  74. Federico Garde

    Federico Garde3 日 前

    Perla are u cooking everything? Yes Thats the problem

  75. Joel Alexander

    Joel Alexander3 日 前

    You asked him what to stay away from, so why are you surprised when he told you what to stay away from 😂

  76. DA VID

    DA VID3 日 前

    4:26 Ladies? NO?

  77. Saitama

    Saitama3 日 前

    Gordon: **orders foood** Owner’s watching him: 👁👄👁

  78. Ali Jauhar

    Ali Jauhar3 日 前

    *'Tastes like chicken'*

  79. Old Fox

    Old Fox4 日 前

    Wow, the first time I see that the owner blames the cooks instead of Ramsey

  80. Colagji3ro

    Colagji3ro4 日 前

    his roasts are better than Wendy's

  81. Redhood360 Jason

    Redhood360 Jason4 日 前

    Amy is fucking gorgeous😍😍😍