Worlds 2019 (League of Legends) | Best Plays Montage


  1. Top Draven

    Top Draven13 時間 前

    Nice Montage! that's my first montage, hope you enjoy it and leave a like #hypesquad

  2. Frosty Los

    Frosty Los2 日 前

    I'm just here to see what these nerds go crazy about. Looks like a bunch of ants clashing

  3. ohhminik

    ohhminik5 日 前

    I can not comprehend how people are able to play this game without falling asleep

  4. Thanh Le

    Thanh Le8 日 前


  5. Chris Kuchta

    Chris Kuchta13 日 前

    19:10 "The greatest team in the history of league of legends" Ya don't know bout that chief

  6. Δημήτρης Μπόκαρης

    Δημήτρης Μπόκαρης7 日 前

    well it is the greatest team, it has won the most internation trophies than any other team , so technically it is

  7. Alan Szeto

    Alan Szeto14 日 前

    16:00 really cool

  8. 신상덕

    신상덕15 日 前

    SK 존나 못하긴한다 클리드 막으니까 바로 스플라이스한테 쳐발리넼ㅋㅋㅋ 미드원딜이 못하면 아무리 대진운 좋아도 결승은 못가 4강까지 간거도 기적

  9. Gothlekid Le deuxième

    Gothlekid Le deuxième16 日 前

    G2 are the best with SKT stop talking kids G2 vs SKT best match

  10. ww ee

    ww ee16 日 前


  11. Phi Le

    Phi Le16 日 前

    this guy loves his fucking ads lmao

  12. Salman Hadi

    Salman Hadi17 日 前

    Holy shit skt1 lose??

  13. Windows XP

    Windows XP17 日 前

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  14. KELLA

    KELLA17 日 前

    The new YT Channel "DrMevil" got a pretty dank tft video xD go check it out fellas..

  15. Francesco B

    Francesco B17 日 前

    10:30 freestyle lol

  16. Seimer - ¡Tutos, Gameplays y Cosas Random!

    Seimer - ¡Tutos, Gameplays y Cosas Random!8 日 前

    i thought the same xD

  17. DiKay

    DiKay18 日 前

    that scream at 00:40 xDD

  18. Le Marquis

    Le Marquis18 日 前

    More adds plz. One per 3mn isn't enough

  19. Karin Ritter

    Karin Ritter18 日 前

    NA is trash, always bad at worlds even tho they 24/7 buy european and korean players lol

  20. dan liao

    dan liao19 日 前

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  21. deepblue

    deepblue19 日 前


  22. 떡진

    떡진19 日 前


  23. KD Universe

    KD Universe19 日 前


  24. Nguyên Trần Khải

    Nguyên Trần Khải19 日 前

    whats the music

  25. Mehmet Osman

    Mehmet Osman19 日 前

    11:15 what is the song name please???

  26. Imstupid 000111

    Imstupid 00011120 日 前

    without tian, that was not possible

  27. TidalCliff

    TidalCliff20 日 前

    imagine how much better this would be without stopwatch. can't wait for next year's


    SDFSF FSDF20 日 前


  29. Ziqi Zhang

    Ziqi Zhang20 日 前

    Dont think these escapes of G2 can be called "best plays"..

  30. Wokod

    Wokod19 日 前

    They made much better plays than we saw in this video imo. Like that moment when Caps killed Faker solo on top under second tower for example ;)

  31. chris a

    chris a20 日 前

    Honor Grf players for putting up with Sword, stayed cool

  32. Matheus Vieira

    Matheus Vieira21 日 前

    In 11:45 Caster: - In to you. Me: - Vulóme


    SPENNY GEE21 日 前

    5:05 had too be so hype

  34. 王辰浩

    王辰浩21 日 前

    Royal Never Give Up Suport for Uzi fighting

  35. dandu

    dandu21 日 前

    if sword doesnt fail aa at 2:48 they kill top lmao

  36. Dark Fish

    Dark Fish15 日 前

    @dandu yep but even pro players make mistakes specially when u are playing in front of huge crowd

  37. dandu

    dandu15 日 前

    @Dark Fish i mean yeah but.. how can a pro player on so high level make such beginner mistake there is a button for attacking champs only..

  38. Dark Fish

    Dark Fish15 日 前

    But it was a beautiful play as well form him

  39. 維王

    維王22 日 前

    Taiwan No1 3Z is so sick

  40. AW AQ3D

    AW AQ3D22 日 前

    Can i get some subsribers to buy PC :(

  41. 예7재야

    예7재야22 日 前

    2:50 Jayce is not korean

  42. Gabe Newell

    Gabe Newell22 日 前

    12:49 Best mid Nemetrash saving flash for LEC next year lmao what a fucking clown

  43. Wenkai Liu

    Wenkai Liu22 日 前

    I just want to shit talk today (why? I learned it from the best midlaner in the world). EU is such an overrated region to be honest. When caps left FNC he joined non other than G2. Why? Because that's the only chance for him to go back to worlds again. Y'all keep calling EU 2nd best region but that's only because all the somewhat capable players are concentrated on FNC and G2. There are literally only 2 consistently competitive EU teams out there because EU as a region only has 10 somewhat good players. I'd say if NA combine TSM, TL, 100T, CG, and C9 into 2 teams NA can be as good of a region on the surface. Not to say if LCK and LPL do the same. LPL and LCK can literally build a championship team comprised of best players who didn't represent their regions in the world this year. Don't believe me? Think about an LPL team with 369/Zoom, Xx, Knight9/Scout, iBoy/LokeN, Meiko or an LCK team with Kiin/Rascal, Peanut/OnFleek, Dove, Ruler, TusiN? This is the kind of depth that good regions have.

  44. Emmanuel Alagbala

    Emmanuel Alagbala3 日 前


  45. Chen Wang

    Chen Wang22 日 前

    So much Eu /NA centric play. There is not a single chance that Caps pyke flash realm warp play is a good montage, wasted tp To a known situation and waste a flash.. Worst play ever....

  46. Mystic

    Mystic22 日 前

    At least put the name of the player we should watch in each play. holy shit LoL videos editing are so bad, just put plays with music and that's it

  47. Armando Myftari

    Armando Myftari22 日 前

    This World wasnt as hyped as it should without Cap Flowers 🙄🙄