World's Weirdest Pillow | OT 11


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect年 前

    Y'all are the best. Thanks for watching homies. Next Vid 📺 HELICOPTER BATTLESHIP BATTLE 😮

  2. Dayaan Azar

    Dayaan Azar3 日 前

    @Reem Ammouneh your mum

  3. Reem Ammouneh

    Reem Ammouneh4 日 前


  4. Muvva Bhavani

    Muvva Bhavani15 日 前

    The word video is this

  5. Dayaan Azar

    Dayaan Azarヶ月 前

    Im first

  6. Alaa Cell

    Alaa Cellヶ月 前

    زيزيززيزؤ مميمثءيجصذزر

  7. Dennis Schumberg

    Dennis Schumberg3 時間 前

    Cody vote Green!!!!!!!

  8. Chris Spremulli

    Chris Spremulli11 時間 前

    The smooth shrimp multivariably practise because garden osmotically practise outside a overt himalayan. resolute, sedate gray

  9. The Question

    The Question15 時間 前

    What happens if Garrett lands on be Garrett’s butler for a day?

  10. Colin MacNeil

    Colin MacNeil日 前

    I agree,and by the way my favorite dude perfect member is Garrett

  11. True_ WesT

    True_ WesT日 前

    Love it

  12. Mak Rich

    Mak Rich日 前

    I hate Cody

  13. Mak Rich

    Mak Rich日 前


  14. Mak Rich

    Mak Rich日 前

    No body not Cody

  15. Solahuddin Sugino

    Solahuddin Sugino日 前


  16. Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    Evalyn Kirkpatrick2 日 前

    The separate color bailly mourn because light contradictorily choke unto a flat pollution. quack, equal number

  17. Christopher Barrientos

    Christopher Barrientos2 日 前

    are we not going to talk about in the time 14:22-14:24 Coby's t shirt went from red to orange.........EXPLAIN......

  18. Chris Larson

    Chris Larson2 日 前

    it could just be the cameras one is set up differently for the lense or they put in another clip in the middle of it

  19. Anwen Lokier

    Anwen Lokier2 日 前

    The incident happened when I was a year old

  20. B L O O N S

    B L O O N S2 日 前

    2:23 Panothetic acid is actually found in foods and drinks. Such as rice, its needed to have carbs and fats in your drinks and food. So thats a basic energy drink, and cody did red.

  21. Impostor

    Impostor2 日 前

    Let's take a moment for the people who are taking the cort segment seriously! ...

  22. Robert Ritter

    Robert Ritter2 日 前

    Garrett has gotten a super cool before. The pancake maker

  23. Anita D Costa

    Anita D Costa2 日 前

    The ostrich pillow is only 16 dollars. Such liars

  24. Lapiz

    Lapiz2 日 前

    Judge doodie

  25. HardScopeZ YT

    HardScopeZ YT3 日 前

    Imagine a clean shaved tyler

  26. Boom Squad

    Boom Squad3 日 前

    Tyler: did you get your coffee today? Chad: yes but you took it Me: oof thats sad :(

  27. Boom Squad

    Boom Squad3 日 前

    Tyler: there is one place Ad be like: 👁👄👁

  28. Shaanzi Playz

    Shaanzi Playz3 日 前

    Judge duty is so wrong 😂😂😂😂

  29. Me Gaming

    Me Gaming3 日 前

    Garrett I was really hoping that was going to be my first super cool. does not realized used Ty for a super cool

  30. Repulse

    Repulse3 日 前

    imagine garret landed on be garret's butler for a day

  31. Quinn Henderson

    Quinn Henderson3 日 前

    judge dudy sucks

  32. Ya boi Ripppy

    Ya boi Ripppy3 日 前

    15:54 he said si in a Italian accent lol

  33. NSGaming1501

    NSGaming15013 日 前


  34. Reborn and more

    Reborn and more3 日 前

    Me and my cousin watch you

  35. Dylan Yutzy

    Dylan Yutzy3 日 前

    Tyler’s beard is bugging me lol

  36. sonicYOUTUBE

    sonicYOUTUBE4 日 前

    14:46 Wheel Unfortunate

  37. sonicYOUTUBE

    sonicYOUTUBE4 日 前


  38. sonicYOUTUBE

    sonicYOUTUBE4 日 前

    Judge Dudy 6:28

  39. sonicYOUTUBE

    sonicYOUTUBE4 日 前

    Garrett:🟢 Ty:🟡 Cody:🔴 Cory:🟢 Coby:🔴 Cool Not Cool 0:43

  40. Abid Hussain

    Abid Hussain4 日 前


  41. K B

    K B4 日 前

    If you pause in the intro it says “tall guy, weird twins, purple hoe-“

  42. Sebastian Sepulveda

    Sebastian Sepulveda4 日 前

    Coby could have make 8 donuts but they decided to glue one of them in a cam XD

  43. Carbon Games

    Carbon Games4 日 前

    If coby ate the donuts after I would hate to be him and also I love donuts so I don’t know

  44. Lucas Hutchens

    Lucas Hutchens4 日 前

    Judge dudy made the right decision.

  45. Leonor Santos

    Leonor Santos4 日 前

    I thought that the ostrich pillow was a E.T mask :/

  46. S Games26

    S Games264 日 前

    Mr Lobster!

  47. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi4 日 前

    I'm bored so I'm watching the older overtime vids. I loved the Rent issue with the twins in the most recent video. Amazing

  48. Luka & Leeloo HP

    Luka & Leeloo HP4 日 前

    My favorite segment is cool not cool

  49. Catherine Stevenson

    Catherine Stevenson4 日 前


  50. Pokey23

    Pokey234 日 前

    The camera man got it the worst. He had to record Garrett while waiting

  51. taylor wilkinson

    taylor wilkinson4 日 前

    pantothenenic acid: vitamin b5

  52. Matt Lange

    Matt Lange5 日 前

    8:52 Irrelevant Sir!!! Like he doesn’t want to talk about that! Backfired!!!

  53. Cheese Pizza

    Cheese Pizza5 日 前

    7:01 Anybody else realizes the flags switched around

  54. Hebrews4:15

    Hebrews4:155 日 前

    16:05 little did garret know is that 9 OverTimes later he would own a cat🙀😺

  55. Yogesh Vartak

    Yogesh Vartak5 日 前

    Cody should just get out of Cool not cool. He is definitely not a team player. Just get out of DP cody

  56. Richard Markinco

    Richard Markinco5 日 前

    How did he get the world record if he tied the world record?

  57. Eshaan Simha

    Eshaan Simha5 日 前

    Who else was that one guy who would wait in the lines with friends but not actually ride anything?

  58. Melt

    Melt5 日 前


  59. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf6 日 前

    I Feel Really Bad for Garett 😭 he doesn't get to ride any rides not Even Food

  60. Will Alexander Barbour

    Will Alexander Barbour6 日 前

    Agree with Dudy

  61. The epic Gamer

    The epic Gamer6 日 前

    Almost lands on be Garrets butler for a day Me: what would happen then?

  62. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf6 日 前

    You know just because it's a budget cool not cool I don't Care The Pillow is a GREEN 🟢💚

  63. Eklipse

    Eklipse6 日 前

    has there ever been a vid of OT without wheel unfortunate?

  64. Ty Ty Your Shoes

    Ty Ty Your Shoes7 日 前

    17:24 watch that hand garret 😆

  65. Lovely Times

    Lovely Times7 日 前

    I agree with judge duty

  66. JJ Gaming

    JJ Gaming8 日 前

    That pillow is from VAT 19 check them out now!

  67. Loves Heart

    Loves Heart8 日 前

    You should do more judge duty!!

  68. Justin Jakson

    Justin Jakson8 日 前

    Bob Ross

  69. phil bathan

    phil bathan8 日 前


  70. Jamin 69

    Jamin 698 日 前

    We need more Judge Dudy

  71. Aidan Rathgeber

    Aidan Rathgeber8 日 前

    Bro ty's beard is so big if he dyed it white he would be Santa lol

  72. O9c7

    O9c78 日 前

    Tyler was legitimately angry when Coby went off budget

  73. Tess Noble

    Tess Noble8 日 前

    “Did you get your coffee this morning?” “I did and you took it...that’s fine.”

  74. Aron Prasad

    Aron Prasad8 日 前

    The day garret boke the table is the exalted day I was born

  75. cool dude

    cool dude8 日 前

    Judge dudy should be judgey😂😂

  76. Kayoko Hashimoto

    Kayoko Hashimoto9 日 前

    11:03 orange shirt 11:06 red shirt

  77. Tripti Arya

    Tripti Arya9 日 前


  78. Frooty

    Frooty9 日 前

    Imagine if garret when spinning the wheel got “be garrets butler for a day”

  79. Rickie Fowler

    Rickie Fowler9 日 前


  80. Epic Stuff

    Epic Stuff9 日 前

    We want more Judge Dudy!!!

  81. Oliver Graetz

    Oliver Graetz10 日 前

    i thought it was gonna land on be garretts butler for a day.

  82. Oliver Graetz

    Oliver Graetz10 日 前

    3:42 wink, wink

  83. Holly Blanton

    Holly Blanton10 日 前

    Donut came

  84. Paisley Trojanowski

    Paisley Trojanowski10 日 前

    I don’t agree with Judge duty

  85. Marwa Al Mamari

    Marwa Al Mamari10 日 前

    I love you

  86. Ved Deore

    Ved Deore10 日 前

    Cool not cool is my favourite

  87. Juan Tota

    Juan Tota10 日 前

    cody just threw cory's unspillable coffee mug carrier like it's just trash

  88. Dibya Saha

    Dibya Saha10 日 前

    React when you saw the exact ostrich pillow in dp's thumbnail as it was in slayy points video

  89. Erick Perez

    Erick Perez10 日 前

    TT: “Next time, Cool Not Cool. No buttons, no mic. You say a word, you’re spinning the wheel.”

  90. Caiti Cat

    Caiti Cat11 日 前

    Me watching in 2021 and thinking why is Ty’s beard so long?

  91. Wilson Sisters

    Wilson Sisters11 日 前

    I love all the hats that Ty brings.

  92. BrYSoN BaRClAY

    BrYSoN BaRClAY11 日 前

    Agreed Mr. Dudy

  93. Logan McCormick

    Logan McCormick11 日 前


  94. Alex

    Alex11 日 前

    The best Coby quote: "I'm gonna go over to Garrett's house and see if I can break some stuff and who knows, maybe I'll make a few million".

  95. Lydia Sepulvado

    Lydia Sepulvado11 日 前

    Do more judge dudy

  96. Damon Neutz

    Damon Neutz11 日 前

    Awful choice Ty horrible 🤮😡😠🤯🤨🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  97. Owen Petersen

    Owen Petersen12 日 前

    I love that intro


    LUFC DEMON12 日 前

    Bruh Cody is such a negative Nancy he always finds something to not cool on every item

  99. Plazma- lightning

    Plazma- lightning12 日 前

    Who else misses “Absurd Rucurds” 👇

  100. E You

    E You12 日 前

    How needs tv on watch dude perfect overtime



    7:45 8:53 9:11 MR COTTON

  102. Rouge Frost

    Rouge Frost12 日 前

    3:42 did anyone realize this?

  103. HS Unlimited

    HS Unlimited12 日 前

    Do you ever wonder if Coby likes a battle trophy or a world record

  104. Tiger Shimabukuro

    Tiger Shimabukuro12 日 前

    No! He worked hard to get the desk and should not have to pay when he gets $8+tips

  105. Siddharth Adani

    Siddharth Adani13 日 前

    coll shity

  106. Natalie Koontz

    Natalie Koontz13 日 前

    16:9 Foreshadowing

  107. Erin Boland

    Erin Boland13 日 前

    I love ty and garret

  108. La Nha

    La Nha13 日 前

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .💋😘🔥💄