World's largest toy popper


  1. Joky cat

    Joky cat5 時間 前

    IDUBBBZ, jsjsnshhHFyfHYF^gTGuGtCyHijyvfyyVHufYu*uYYTgURdRd%F67UyCrC6h%GG7UYcrD^HHtYGrV^uVy&yv6Gt7H7HTcY7YVG&yTf&J&g^h&gV

  2. BobTheBobCatt

    BobTheBobCatt7 時間 前

    0:10 Got jumpscared by that, not gonna lie.

  3. Sad Camaro

    Sad Camaro10 時間 前

    Anyone know the song that starts around 7:00?

  4. Jerry edition

    Jerry edition14 時間 前

    I think the intention of this video was to speed up the aging process of the average reatarded Morgz fan by 10x

  5. Da Sauce GOD Cowley

    Da Sauce GOD Cowley日 前

    Autism leap

  6. Laura Knowwsbest

    Laura Knowwsbest日 前


  7. Ignacio Cuesta Valderrama

    Ignacio Cuesta Valderrama日 前


  8. ItzNinja

    ItzNinja日 前

    Starts playing with childs toy like golumn 2:33

  9. ZachPlaysRBLX

    ZachPlaysRBLX日 前

    iDubzzzTV: uploads Some ppl: hey your that gay meme guy

  10. crisi isterica

    crisi isterica日 前

    that video should have been called 'I love newton's third law'

  11. Sandy Cheeks

    Sandy Cheeks日 前

    I broke my thumb on one of those

  12. JuniorrFurrMonsterr

    JuniorrFurrMonsterr日 前


  13. Caustic

    Caustic2 日 前

    Come too New Mexico too film a family friendly drug brewing channel please.

  14. Caustic

    Caustic2 日 前

    This is the iDubbz version on toy channels.

  15. MaxxTrax

    MaxxTrax2 日 前


  16. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson2 日 前

    The fucking zombie noise at 1:31 took me out lmfao

  17. SpongeGotBank

    SpongeGotBank2 日 前

    Eh, looks like a condom

  18. Ged Pewds

    Ged Pewds2 日 前

    4:48 tho

  19. LETSGO83 Haas

    LETSGO83 Haas2 日 前


  20. Morty

    Morty2 日 前

    Кто то сказал "Матрёшка?"

  21. M. Williams

    M. Williams2 日 前

    Has perfectly good garage, but decides to break glass, blast paint, shaving cream, and glitter all over kitchen. Good stuff.

  22. RavAndrei BRAF

    RavAndrei BRAF2 日 前

    Oh... Dubbbz let me touch your talala

  23. The Gæ Man

    The Gæ Man2 日 前

    *gets number one on trending*

  24. The Fate of Slate

    The Fate of Slate2 日 前

    So we not gonna talk about that scream at 4:50?

  25. FlarKING ZX

    FlarKING ZX2 日 前

    “Meth tends to be bad” -Idubbbz

  26. A Logical Girl Once said

    A Logical Girl Once said2 日 前

    0:08 a weapon stronger than my moms belt

  27. MegaAppleshit

    MegaAppleshit2 日 前

    Invert it and set it on someone's nuts when they are passed out/alseep/drunk!

  28. James Danko

    James Danko日 前


  29. Tim A

    Tim A3 日 前

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: iDubbbzTV: @0:10

  30. Blade Boi

    Blade Boi3 日 前

    You look like a pedophilia

  31. CeeDizzleDizzy

    CeeDizzleDizzy3 日 前

    6:30 why does that remind me of The IT movie

  32. MATTHEW575M

    MATTHEW575M3 日 前


  33. XymXir

    XymXir3 日 前

    *Man terrorized by sentient plastic* cool stuff

  34. drayZ music

    drayZ music3 日 前

    Successfully the pedi file invented a toy that can attract young children

  35. Sagolel4797

    Sagolel47973 日 前

    Have you tried giving this big one to one of those million hydraulic press channels?

  36. Cali native Quiss

    Cali native Quiss3 日 前

    I remember these thing back in the 90'z Wow now i want some of those again getting in trouble n elementary for having these💀

  37. That Review Guy

    That Review Guy3 日 前

    Is iDubbbz outta content? I think not this shits fire

  38. Anwii The French

    Anwii The French4 日 前

    Been hanging out with the aussies to much got him saying bruv haha

  39. Wasert

    Wasert4 日 前

    Try to get a bunch of muscle man and challenge them to turn inside out the biggest of them all.

  40. Malik Muhammad

    Malik Muhammad4 日 前

    ha, more plz my good sir!

  41. Sherman Thompson

    Sherman Thompson4 日 前

    4:02 run it over with the front wheel of your car then back up.

  42. Cody Ashley

    Cody Ashley4 日 前

    It about looks like a condom

  43. Kayden Miller

    Kayden Miller4 日 前

    Why would u put your bare foot in it?

  44. Jersey_ Sniper007

    Jersey_ Sniper0074 日 前

    7:40 me in math class

  45. FlensHammer

    FlensHammer4 日 前

    You should partner up on this with the slow-mo-guys

  46. James Davis

    James Davis4 日 前

    Who is "we" ?

  47. Mariano Abundiz

    Mariano Abundiz4 日 前

    Is that abstract painting for sale?

  48. Majeed Idrus

    Majeed Idrus4 日 前

    what's the song at 6:28

  49. Patrick Rapan

    Patrick Rapan4 日 前

    Edupps > Mark Rober(aka. Chomo)

  50. Many Legs

    Many Legs4 日 前

    So this is how they get prolapses

  51. AFROPUFF 4223

    AFROPUFF 42234 日 前

    Yo idubbz i dare you to make an explosive eye popper with some gun powder😈😈😈

  52. Pitohui

    Pitohui4 日 前

    I remember a friend who had one of those back in the elementary years and she put in on the back of her palm and when it popped, it sort of slapped her and she had a circle bruise there. I legit have a fear of those because of that memory

  53. DeadassMusic

    DeadassMusic5 日 前

    El Camino deleted scenes

  54. Tori Webster

    Tori Webster5 日 前

    Well I hope that it doesn't go to the Moon and back.🤨

  55. Juls Radeke

    Juls Radeke5 日 前

    Its so hard to tell if it’s sarcasm or not

  56. ILLumi ._.

    ILLumi ._.5 日 前

    What if he put it on his head and it fucking made a dent in it 😂😂😂

  57. Pingu SaysNootNoot

    Pingu SaysNootNoot5 日 前

    It looks like a Condom when you Invert it...

  58. MagmaSlendy

    MagmaSlendy5 日 前


  59. Aiden's vlogs

    Aiden's vlogs5 日 前


  60. Waldo

    Waldo5 日 前

    this video soothes my autism.

  61. alex ojideagu

    alex ojideagu5 日 前

    This video has an almost limitless supply of "That's what she said" Jokes