1. Amber says hey

    Amber says hey3 時間 前

    “People have tried to dethrone Damien and they have passed away” 😂

  2. Katie Carson

    Katie Carson6 時間 前

    lasercorn - laserwife vs joven

  3. Ann Vinson

    Ann Vinson7 時間 前

    your new best friend should be Courtney freaking miller

  4. leila williams

    leila williams11 時間 前

    moral of the story is that olivia and shayne are the best of friends

  5. Sweet Pea Ratliff

    Sweet Pea Ratliff12 時間 前

    Noah: "Is it under cooked chicken"

  6. chloe mcqueen

    chloe mcqueen23 時間 前

    Young coconut is not small, its the ripeness of the coconut. Cause buko, young coconut is the drinkable one. Hahaha yeah whateber

  7. Johnathon Yang

    Johnathon Yang日 前

    If Damian and Shane were fighting each other it would be like fighting a mirror

  8. lilly ortiz

    lilly ortiz日 前

    or your back

  9. thebookgeek

    thebookgeek日 前

    I love that their ship name is shartney, very fitting for this channel

  10. Alberto

    Alberto日 前

    I've had a pillow ever since I was little & it stays cold. You know what I named it. *cold pillow* I feel personally attacked that shane would call me out like that

  11. Cass Arnold

    Cass Arnold2 日 前

    Can Damien be my actual boyfriend tho????

  12. ツClypz_Vivid

    ツClypz_Vivid2 日 前

  13. Mija Ristić

    Mija Ristić2 日 前

    Olivia might be a psycho XD

  14. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young2 日 前

    3:26 Shut up, Keith

  15. Samid

    Samid3 日 前

    It would be great if it is Actual Girlfriend vs. Actual Boyfriend

  16. nomin batbayar

    nomin batbayar3 日 前

    no one: absolutely no one: damian: *OH LOOK A CGI ELEPHANT IS FLYING*

  17. Xkiller

    Xkiller3 日 前

    I knew Shauna greatest fear it was dolls

  18. Ty gilb

    Ty gilb3 日 前

    Keith and noah

  19. Jacqueline Alix

    Jacqueline Alix3 日 前

    This is how they know about you shayne 1.They know you very well 2.They live with you 3.They some how watched this vidieo 4.There your girlfriend or boyfriend 5.There your siblings 6.Your just friends that live with each other

  20. Kole Newton

    Kole Newton4 日 前

    Shayne: kills Courtney* Damien: NO ITS ALL MY FAULT WHY DO I HAVE TO BE MORE LIKEABLE

  21. Valerie Guillen

    Valerie Guillen4 日 前

    best priority for shane:PE PE what he does with his arms:masterbraition

  22. Brinlee Hitz

    Brinlee Hitz4 日 前

    I also flap my arms I'm ten years old so I also flapped my arms as a kid

  23. Griphanprogram 1

    Griphanprogram 14 日 前

    My little brother used to have a sheet that heed call a cold blanket

  24. BrayBray

    BrayBray4 日 前

    My brother flaps

  25. Titanic 48

    Titanic 484 日 前

    Nice video

  26. Gamerglock

    Gamerglock5 日 前

    Has anyone else noticed that Shayne has a tiny nose 👃

  27. •Sandwich •

    •Sandwich •5 日 前

    Olivia DEFINITELY plans to kill Shayne

  28. ImCloutKinSav AKA DeSavageGamer015

    ImCloutKinSav AKA DeSavageGamer0155 日 前

    Greatest fear is dolls

  29. aarongr3y

    aarongr3y5 日 前

    Courtney is cute afff

  30. Makena Padon

    Makena Padon6 日 前

    but that video is gone so its not that much proof ;-; but i did one time heared him say something mumbling in a video about something and i heared " d o" so i was like okie lets combine that stuff and than it combined with the words "L L" so the thing is completely called Dolls UvU i have amazing hearing UvU

  31. Makena Padon

    Makena Padon6 日 前

    i know shayne's fear and mostly alot of people do too when i saw a video when theres a doll in the smosh area playing a type of game that i forgot what the game name is but shayne was looking at that doll every single time and tried to get away from it as far as he can so all i know that shayne's greatest fear is dolls.

  32. Selish

    Selish6 日 前

    shayne : "I have a fear of hurting others" shayne in videos : *offends everyone and sometimes threatens them*

  33. Not Avery

    Not Avery6 日 前

    Olivia: You have sibling that can replace you Me: Have you forgot about... COURTNEY FREAKING MILLER COURTNEY FREAKING MILLER COURTNEY FREAKING MILLER

  34. Kitsunes Lil Toy

    Kitsunes Lil Toy6 日 前

    Olivia is terrifying

  35. Victoria Thiri

    Victoria Thiri6 日 前

    can olivia share us her skin care routine :')

  36. Spark Plug

    Spark Plug6 日 前

    7:32 Noah’s and Keith’s reaction XD

  37. Tota Wail

    Tota Wail6 日 前

    Isn't shaynes greatest fear dolls? Guess I'm you're best friend XD

  38. Itz_Waffle _Wolf

    Itz_Waffle _Wolf6 日 前

    This was really unfair to damien

  39. Sushi Samurai

    Sushi Samurai6 日 前

    My friend also flaps his hands

  40. Ryan Mason

    Ryan Mason6 日 前

    Keith in the hot seat and Noah vs Olivia

  41. Paul TheVulture

    Paul TheVulture6 日 前

    did'nt know shayne is gay and not gay

  42. Easton Coady

    Easton Coady6 日 前

    It is dollls



    This is getting dark.......

  44. eda jane

    eda jane7 日 前

    3:18 petty lmao

  45. Skillrex 7

    Skillrex 77 日 前

    Where did i sleep in the smosh house? Me: at the same place as Olivia

  46. Jack White

    Jack White7 日 前

    Dude I love chicken pad thia

  47. lexie rieder

    lexie rieder7 日 前

    Shayne: I don’t think much of myself Courtney:CACKLES 😂😂😂

  48. Gaming Rooster

    Gaming Rooster7 日 前

    I thought he would kill Courtney So he could be COURTNEY FRICKIN MILLER

  49. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon8 日 前

    But has Shayne had REAL poke? Some of you mainlanders get that shit horribly wrong.

  50. Heidi & Phoebe Hanstock

    Heidi & Phoebe Hanstock8 日 前

    Shayne: which area did I sleep in in the smosh house? Damien: The living room couch Courtney: he slept on the entryway living area on an air mattress so that if we ever got robbed he'd be the first to go I don't know how but this made me laugh

  51. Nith Ur boi

    Nith Ur boi8 日 前

    If u read this now u know that shayne greatness fear is dolls 🏚

  52. Sara Alzoabi

    Sara Alzoabi8 日 前

    Olivia has strong thighs ,just me...okay

  53. MrFreeForAll25

    MrFreeForAll257 日 前

    Sara Alzoabi I was literally looking for this comment. Lol.

  54. Paloma Lopez

    Paloma Lopez8 日 前

    Person: wanna hang o Courtney: snaps neck Courtney: so where are we going Shayne: still top friend but please snapping people necks because they want to hangout Courtney: NEVER😈

  55. king Ezekiel #2

    king Ezekiel #28 日 前

    One of your brothers with a wig and got surgery

  56. Vera Campbell

    Vera Campbell8 日 前

    Freakin courtney would be replaced as courtney

  57. ReiLea uHOh

    ReiLea uHOh8 日 前

    should of asked a question about that's so random bc u and damien where on cast bc u asked a question abt the smosh house

  58. I'm dead inside

    I'm dead inside8 日 前

    I can just imagine shayne calling courtney and damien to say: remember to bring an extra pair of clothes 2day

  59. Wolf Of13

    Wolf Of138 日 前

    Doollllssss 👸👸👸👸

  60. Martina Alarcón

    Martina Alarcón9 日 前

    Olivia trying so hard to be shaynes bestie

  61. Layla Namba

    Layla Namba9 日 前

    frog leg arms since day 1.