Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. Thamarai Kannan

    Thamarai Kannan17 分 前

    Mind blowing and energizing sound track 🤩🤩🤩 Blue monday Remix: Sebastian Bohm 💥

  2. Ergonath

    Ergonath6 時間 前

    Let's find love many, many, many times. Man will NEVER understand hahaha



    i watched incredible trailer with IMAX experience , That fuckin' awesome

  4. WaqarDepp

    WaqarDepp9 時間 前

    2020 is just a trash can.

  5. Carl Gonzalez

    Carl Gonzalez10 時間 前

    is that the same galleria that they used to film terminator 2 and commando? i bet it is.. the sherman oaks galleria.. emblematic 80's building

  6. FnordyBOI54

    FnordyBOI5413 時間 前

    cod Cold War soundtracks vs Wonder Woman

  7. Merch Bros

    Merch Bros15 時間 前

    That one small scene with Steve leaning against the wall tells me his fate might not be on good terms

  8. Joshua Wong

    Joshua Wong16 時間 前

    Man DC has come a long way I have no idea they made 1983 WW movies already, time to catch up

  9. notsomatureguy

    notsomatureguy17 時間 前

    DC is always good at making really good trailers. Take the BvS trailer, it sent goosebumps for everybody who saw it. Regardless of their movies, you cannot deny that their trailers are really good.

  10. dr. No

    dr. No18 時間 前

    0:12 imagine she's smiling to you...😍😍😍

  11. SlayerJ 77k

    SlayerJ 77k19 時間 前

    Megan Boone should be wonder woman, blue eyes not this ugly brown eyed nazi!! Lets revolt!!😕

  12. Abel Martinez Calderon Jr

    Abel Martinez Calderon Jr20 時間 前

    this trailer is so much better than the other one

  13. musicx xa

    musicx xa21 時間 前

    After 1 year still coming back for the music.

  14. Tim D

    Tim D日 前

    Now THAT'S a trailer. Up there with Superman Returns! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-vJJhK8QrZZo.html

  15. Revonis

    Revonis日 前

    The trailer song is the same as Black Ops Cold War lol

  16. Tanzir Hasan

    Tanzir Hasan日 前

    Holy potatoes 😂 I watch this trailer most of the time only because of the soundtrack though !

  17. Shilo Mclain

    Shilo Mclain日 前

    Other than showing us Steve is alive, this was a pretty spoiler free trailer in my opinion

  18. MD.JOYNAL Abedin

    MD.JOYNAL Abedin日 前

    The soundtrack is totally awesome....I love it. For this soundtrack,I see this trailer many times........ ❤❤❤ And the last scene of Steve is very fuuunnyyyyy......... 😂😂😂

  19. Ano Nymous

    Ano Nymous日 前

    Uggh, i cant decide between Black Widow and WW84

  20. Onor TLS

    Onor TLS日 前

    wow i miss landmark mall -_-

  21. John Gate

    John Gate2 日 前

    that's just the trash can...

  22. KhmerGuide

    KhmerGuide2 日 前


  23. Darth Zorn

    Darth Zorn2 日 前

    As much as I LOVE WONDER WOMAN, I kind of want to see CHEETAH kick Wonder Woman's ass! THIS TRAILER LOOKS SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!!!

  24. Shaun EX

    Shaun EX日 前

    lol that was a wierd comment

  25. Veronica Chess

    Veronica Chess2 日 前

    Don’t know what I love more the trailer or her smile

  26. Grayson Kitteh

    Grayson Kitteh2 日 前

    I don't get it. She gone back in time? The first movie was in the present time but this second movie she goes back to the 80s?

  27. Ralph Miles

    Ralph Miles2 日 前

    Iron Man movies was off base from the comic books. Spider Homecoming sucked. The first three Spider Man Toby Mcquire were best movies, The only Marvel movie I like was the first three Spiderman, Captain America Movies, the first Avengers Movies when they battle Loki over New York

  28. Ralph Miles

    Ralph Miles日 前

    @Sqoushie Joshie Are you stating the obvious for your amusement

  29. Ralph Miles

    Ralph Miles日 前

    @Sqoushie Joshie No shit Wonder Woman buddy

  30. Sqoushie Joshie

    Sqoushie Joshie日 前

    This is wonder woman buddy

  31. Ralph Miles

    Ralph Miles2 日 前

    Marvel Universe are doing too much. When you go watch Marvel Universe. They don't make the movie about the superheroes

  32. Ralph Miles

    Ralph Miles2 日 前

    I actually think DC movies are better than Marvel Movies. I think DC does a better job of making the movies about the superheroes. The batman movies were legendary. The Man of Steel by Henry Cavill was legendar. Shazam was great. Aquaman was legendary. Wonder woman was epic

  33. Darius the Hand of Noxus

    Darius the Hand of Noxus2 日 前

    Whoever comes up with this soundtrack needs a raise.

  34. SmileyP

    SmileyP2 日 前

    What is the name of this nice song?

  35. E W

    E W日 前

    Blue Monday by New Order. Probably the best and/or most iconic song of the 80s.

  36. huntercollier

    huntercollier2 日 前

    This really makes me want a bunch of 80s superhero movies now with modern graphics

  37. AcidForBlood

    AcidForBlood2 日 前

    man, I don't give a fuck about the plot. will see this just for being set in the 80's. you know, that time when everything was better.


    PANDA. PLAY TV3 日 前

    Super Beautiful Gal Gadot

  39. Pope Wilson

    Pope Wilson3 日 前

    This soundtrack makes the film " fun " just as the 1st did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. PussyDestroyer69

    PussyDestroyer693 日 前

    Woman woman is no match to Javier pena

  41. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez3 日 前


  42. bokchoi shin

    bokchoi shin3 日 前

    Controversial, but this is better than the Thor Ragnarok trailer which was highly praised because of its soundtrack as well!

  43. allah is enough Kuran is enough

    allah is enough Kuran is enough3 日 前

    hey director There are no ottoman turkey in 1923 was founded 84 years ookeeyy

  44. Adittya C

    Adittya C3 日 前

    Who's here after 35M views ?!

  45. Shaun EX

    Shaun EX日 前

    yo mama

  46. Phil Lusted

    Phil Lusted3 日 前

    Wonder Woman + one of the next tunes from the 1980's BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

  47. YourHumbleAsian

    YourHumbleAsian3 日 前

    Wait. Justice league definitely didn't take place in 1984 so I'm assuming this is before that. And by the time of JL Steve's either old or dead. Hmmm.

  48. Jamshxj Jqbdjwl

    Jamshxj Jqbdjwl3 日 前

    if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray

  49. Isadore Gunn

    Isadore Gunn3 日 前

    That Dragon Ball Z post Yo Gotti was perfect

  50. Isadore Gunn

    Isadore Gunn3 日 前

    From now on Pick good music to go with the movie trailer

  51. Isadore Gunn

    Isadore Gunn3 日 前

    I'm black Great sound track 2 this movie trailer

  52. Slycat128

    Slycat1283 日 前

    Notice how this song is the one used in Cold War?

  53. Super bee

    Super bee3 日 前

    So she's spiderman and can ride lightning. I was interested those two scenes

  54. Madewithlove67

    Madewithlove673 日 前

    Funnily enough, the style of clothing she is wearing is back in fashion.

  55. YABOI 420

    YABOI 4203 日 前

    Anyone else here because cod cold war and wonder woman share the same amazing soundtrack

  56. nermin ner

    nermin ner3 日 前

    miraculous ladybug

  57. Randy Walter

    Randy Walter4 日 前

    2:00 *Metallica intensifies*

  58. Plush Mania

    Plush Mania3 日 前

    @Randy Walter thank you for telling me

  59. Randy Walter

    Randy Walter3 日 前

    @Plush Mania Yea

  60. Plush Mania

    Plush Mania3 日 前

    Let me guess, I'm wrong if I say it's ac/dc thunderstruck

  61. Onizuka Eichiki

    Onizuka Eichiki4 日 前

    The trailer is dope....

  62. Jonny Jones

    Jonny Jones4 日 前

    With all the delays. I don't want to see it now. Give me a refund

  63. Rabecca Chooma

    Rabecca Chooma4 日 前

    Another thing that I hate about dceu is that they make ww action scenes in slow mo which makes it less action

  64. Jolie Mou

    Jolie Mou4 日 前

    This soundtrack is absolutely amazing :D

  65. Siddharth Chilukur

    Siddharth Chilukur4 日 前

    The only hero keeping DC movies worthwhile

  66. Chengfu Saechao

    Chengfu Saechao4 日 前

    NEW ORDER,blue monday!

  67. Robin Ensio

    Robin Ensio2 日 前

    With a touch of Baltic House Orchestra.

  68. Mad Mod

    Mad Mod4 日 前

    who is the guy supposed to be? also havnt seen this yet but she gets together with that blonde lady right?



    What soundtrack is that?

  70. Robin Ensio

    Robin Ensio2 日 前

    Blue Monday with Baltic House Orchestra.

  71. Super Soldier26

    Super Soldier264 日 前

    wow!! Steve Trevor is back and I like this trailer music dude

  72. Kareem Shehata

    Kareem Shehata4 日 前

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  73. PK Scolax

    PK Scolax4 日 前

    Whoever did this subtle bass boosted instrumental mix of Blue Monday (1980s) is a genius. "How does it feel, tell me how. Does. It. Feel?"

  74. Lil_Pepvi

    Lil_Pepvi4 日 前

    Who came here and said “BLACK OPS COLD WAR!”

  75. JoelDiazoni

    JoelDiazoni4 日 前

    Lil_Pepvi i thought the trailer song was familiar

  76. Books, Tea and Autumn

    Books, Tea and Autumn4 日 前

    What theater, u crazy people?

  77. David Button

    David Button5 日 前

    Nice only 9 months old ♠️🌹♠️~~GAL ♠️🌹♠️

  78. Desco enterprises

    Desco enterprises5 日 前

    watching this everyday because of the soundtrack

  79. The Prince of Laos

    The Prince of Laos5 日 前

    Some guy ate a bat, and now you can't even go to see a movie. #Weird.

  80. BaconHair

    BaconHair5 日 前


  81. Adesh Matura

    Adesh Matura5 日 前

    DC does just kill it when it comes to trailers.

  82. Raoul.__.r

    Raoul.__.r5 日 前

    I liked this trailer much more than the second, the villain didnt win me over tbh, but still ill watch it i love dc movies

  83. Jenny Bedlington

    Jenny Bedlington5 日 前

    So freaking excited!!!!!!!!!

  84. Ognyan WLR

    Ognyan WLR5 日 前

    The only cool thing in the video is the Music !

  85. William Fong

    William Fong5 日 前

    keep replaying this trailer just for the soundtrack.... amaZing

  86. Reach

    Reach5 日 前

    I believe I am not the only one here who keep pressing replay button because of the soundtrack haha

  87. BIG BOSS

    BIG BOSS6 日 前

    Is the bad guy in it young Trump. ?? lol Don't you know only crazy people don't like Trump? Still it looks kind of cool

  88. Francois Xavier Leclaire

    Francois Xavier Leclaire6 日 前

    remenber call of duty cols war trailer

  89. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez6 日 前


  90. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez6 日 前


  91. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez6 日 前


  92. Bub Zilla

    Bub Zilla6 日 前

    A cheetah woman villain 🤪🤣🤪 A billionaire businessman as president 🤔 wonder who thats supposed to be? Fuck you hollyweird as usual you are way off and date yourself like granny finding that cat meme 20 years after the rest of the world got bored with it

  93. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez6 日 前


  94. Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez6 日 前


  95. Jeremy Isiguzo

    Jeremy Isiguzo6 日 前

    Yep I'm here again for the 900th time😩

  96. Sunjun M.

    Sunjun M.6 日 前

    This trailer never gets old! I am watching it too many times

  97. Damian Prusik

    Damian Prusik6 日 前

    that's why it will have to be left in time

  98. Damian Prusik

    Damian Prusik6 日 前

    artists 50%, people don't know

  99. Damian Prusik

    Damian Prusik6 日 前

    I don't know why, but I have the impression that they are playing here in opposition to us, maybe they just don't really know what they really want or they have such deep censorship .

  100. The Gonders

    The Gonders6 日 前

    This movie si perfect

  101. labay movies

    labay movies6 日 前

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  102. SevelRomanov

    SevelRomanov6 日 前

    Do not visit this site. If you think a little then the movie has not been released yet, so how can they offer this movie? What you instead is lured to here is a malware infested site, which sneaks either trojans or ransomware on your computers.

  103. Rhys Murdoch

    Rhys Murdoch7 日 前

    This trailer is perfection. Not really a fan of the second trailer mostly because the music sucked 😅

  104. Justin Flores

    Justin Flores7 日 前

    When does this movie come out or were can i buy it at

  105. Okousaná sušenka

    Okousaná sušenka7 日 前

    I don't like this type of movies but when I saw this trailer in the cinema and heard this song, I knew I have to hear it again 😮

  106. bokchoi shin

    bokchoi shin3 日 前

    Me too, the soundtrack is reallyyy good

  107. anna vil

    anna vil7 日 前

    Music:blue monday From New order.

  108. Jason Goodacre

    Jason Goodacre7 日 前

    New Order Blue Monday gets another lease of life. Great remix.

  109. Elj Bunagan

    Elj Bunagan8 日 前

    Cheetah is lying in the right corner 2:06 and we didn't even see her these past months

  110. S M

    S M7 日 前

    I just checked again and its actually a soldier. U can tell because when she fights Cheetah she takes off the wings

  111. Jukic 123

    Jukic 1237 日 前

    Holy shit you really have good eyes pal

  112. MrKiwispirit

    MrKiwispirit8 日 前

    Hurry up And release this already

  113. Daniel Williamson

    Daniel Williamson8 日 前

    Woman Woman 1984 looks amazing. I was born in 1984 and Blue Monday is one of my favourite songs.

  114. BHARGAV

    BHARGAV8 日 前

    The cross sectional area of those beautiful bones tells everything about the strength....

  115. halleyhoop

    halleyhoop8 日 前

    That trailer is so much better than the new one. I don't even watch superhero movies and this trailer gives me chills lol

  116. quazie25

    quazie258 日 前