Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. Brian

    Brian30 秒 前

    What happened to all the other 1982 Wonder Woman movies? -Please tell me someone else in this comment section didn't make this joke already-

  2. Danni Rodriguez

    Danni Rodriguez31 秒 前

    The music 😱😍


    BROWN22 SUGAR33 秒 前

    Is no one talking about how a DC movie is set in DC?

  4. Kermit of Rivia

    Kermit of Rivia33 秒 前

    Still 10x's better than Captain Marvel!

  5. htownlithium

    htownlithium34 秒 前

    this looks boring.... yawn

  6. Raima Khan

    Raima Khan38 秒 前

    Amazing trailer!!! But the description says June 5, 2019😂. But amazing trailer the action scenes look cool!

  7. Dryboneszero

    Dryboneszero44 秒 前

    If they ever make a Dragon Ball movie Gal Gadot should be Frieza.

  8. vik saggu

    vik saggu45 秒 前

    So sexy she is

  9. Parag Patel

    Parag Patel49 秒 前

    Next decade is for DC

  10. Jimmy Rae

    Jimmy Rae49 秒 前

    Thought I was watching stranger things at first

  11. FearsomeTiger86

    FearsomeTiger8649 秒 前

    The music is soo good love it,am impressed.

  12. Tom K

    Tom K50 秒 前

    Plot twist : Steve is the same Steve who crashed the plane into the ice. Wait, wow!

  13. Dalibor Dupor

    Dalibor Dupor57 秒 前

    She is too skinny for Wonder woman.

  14. Alok kumar Alok

    Alok kumar Alok分 前

    I hope this movie also come in Hindi in India

  15. Pravat Kr Mishra

    Pravat Kr Mishra分 前

    Trailer is good...but what the hell DC doing...They r so careless I mean in description box they wrote release date of this movie is June 5, 2019.. what is this 🤣😂😅

  16. nachykt

    nachykt分 前

    I was Hoping they'd play that BvS wonder woman theme music at her Golden eagle costume debut, but this 80s music is way more awesome!!

  17. Michael Lefort

    Michael Lefort分 前

    Steve Trevor, resurected by Max Lord's reality altering mind-fuck, sends Diana on a collision course with crazy stalker-chick who dresses like a Cheeta. Or is it a Cheeto?

  18. Luke Foord

    Luke Foord分 前

    Could have put money on it being this song for the trailer.

  19. kusali11

    kusali11分 前


  20. V.A.L

    V.A.L分 前


  21. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith分 前

    Can't wait

  22. Sourav Das

    Sourav Das分 前

    1billion on the thethre

  23. pandoraheartsvd

    pandoraheartsvd分 前

    I'm super excited for this film!

  24. Frankie G

    Frankie G分 前

    Looks dope AF!

  25. Carlito Carlito

    Carlito Carlito分 前

    The Cheetah is from The Cats movie. She luckily escaped before they release the trailer.

  26. Dim Bose

    Dim Bose分 前


  27. Bea Bristow

    Bea Bristow分 前

    ah, another movie with a soldier called steve who crashes a plane to save a bunch of people then comes back again and meets his girlfriend from long ago.

  28. collis paisley

    collis paisley分 前

    Is she swinging on lightning...awsomee..sweet

  29. V Guy

    V Guy分 前

    Marvel: Releases Black Widow Trailer DC: Hold My Comic Books

  30. anderson alvin

    anderson alvin分 前

    This movie will flop because Men not going to see it ,just like Charlie Angels. (Elizabeth Banks )

  31. Jaylin Thornton

    Jaylin Thornton分 前

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  32. Ramesh Prabhu

    Ramesh Prabhu分 前

    F.C.U.K.I.N.G I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E!!

  33. M Teguh Pradhana

    M Teguh Pradhana2 分 前

    COOL 🔥

  34. Oskar Giraldo

    Oskar Giraldo2 分 前

    es una actriz muy linda y muy bella, una dulce y noble princesa

  35. Necessary Evil

    Necessary Evil2 分 前

    If Cheetah is just going to be a woman in a cheetah suit, I can see why she's not in the trailer



    Trailer song Blue Monday new order



    Finally the mandalorian vs wonderwomen, starwars vs DC 😍

  38. Tapajoy Pathak

    Tapajoy Pathak2 分 前

    I am so excited 😍

  39. Think About it

    Think About it2 分 前

    They About to ruin Steve by bringing him back probably feminize him

  40. Navjot Dhillon

    Navjot Dhillon2 分 前

    Black Widow Trailer ; Jim hopper WW84 ; Hold my pascal