Women Go Bald For A Day • Ladylike


  1. Millah Bee

    Millah Bee日 前

    Lol all of their friends looked disgusted but morally supported them. That's friendship goals

  2. ArtsyAshlyn

    ArtsyAshlyn日 前

    Ok that’s Safia

  3. ArtsyAshlyn

    ArtsyAshlyn日 前

    Wait does Safia Niagard work for buzzfeed

  4. Flamingo Hara

    Flamingo Hara2 日 前

    Jaz!you did it!I am 10 and my friend shaved her head!

  5. -cloudy_mellow -

    -cloudy_mellow -3 日 前

    Loool i saw my fav youtuber! Saf

  6. Dusty Bun

    Dusty Bun4 日 前

    jojo Siwa in 2021

  7. Claude Akel

    Claude Akel4 日 前

    Where does their hair go?

  8. Halima sa'diah

    Halima sa'diah5 日 前


  9. Мышь из Луганськ!

    Мышь из Луганськ!5 日 前

    The scary part was when the bald caps were removed.

  10. shaon ahmed

    shaon ahmed6 日 前


  11. Alphadoglover123 :3

    Alphadoglover123 :37 日 前


  12. Sarah Harrison

    Sarah Harrison7 日 前

    how do they fit all that hair under the cap

  13. Dk Nurul

    Dk Nurul7 日 前

    Wow! Her legs @1:53

  14. Tyson Capper-Adsett

    Tyson Capper-Adsett8 日 前

    bald cap

  15. ukulai

    ukulai9 日 前

    *how does one...* *FARM GOATS*

  16. sunil mishra

    sunil mishra11 日 前

    if my mom cuts an in of my hair i will cry and it feels like i have depression lol i really love my hair

  17. SkreenFace

    SkreenFace11 日 前

    Onision: **Breathing heavily**

  18. yerowww666

    yerowww66611 日 前

    say whatever but even the most attractive woman alive is basically invisible for me unless her hair reaches her shoulders. but hey, that is just a preference i guess.

  19. Omelette Squirrel

    Omelette Squirrel12 日 前

    Is it just me or does she look like Calum hood? Just me? Ok

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  21. Damien and me Fun

    Damien and me Fun13 日 前

    Jojo Siwa in 2023 If she gets the wrong brush that is too hard on her head It’s all gone

  22. Annoying Alyssa

    Annoying Alyssa13 日 前

    3:18 SAAFIA!!!!


    DİDE SEKMEN14 日 前

    Wow they are so brave Eleven: *hold my eggo waffles*

  24. Alexswap

    Alexswap14 日 前

    टकली पुच्ची। गाव झवणी।।

  25. Allison Chmil

    Allison Chmil14 日 前

    Jojo Siwa in a few years 😂😂😂

  26. Natalie

    Natalie15 日 前

    Ok literally everyone says they have a nice head shape but like they have a whole bunch of hair underneath smoothing it out😂🤷‍♀️

  27. Amelie Che

    Amelie Che15 日 前

    I’m bald because I have cancerous tumor

  28. G&J

    G&J15 日 前

    I have alopecia and I’m fully bald 👨‍🦲 and I didn’t shave it

  29. Anna Johnson

    Anna Johnson17 日 前

    They can fit all that hair under a bald cap but I cant fix mine under a wig. How. Why. I'm tempted to just put on a bald cap and THEN a wig.

  30. Dance Diva

    Dance Diva17 日 前

    I'm bald

  31. Xx Niagra_Gacha xX

    Xx Niagra_Gacha xX17 日 前

    Jazzmyne, you have effected a little girl, and I used to bully people with a shaved head, and now I realized , that’s whether it’s a choice or not , it’s beautiful

  32. Skyplaze !

    Skyplaze !17 日 前

    wait sophia?!?!?

  33. Toy Girls

    Toy Girls19 日 前

    If I shaved my head I would not touch it 😂 lol

  34. Nicole Pancakezzz

    Nicole Pancakezzz19 日 前

    my lego characters

  35. Genevieve Pinkerton

    Genevieve Pinkerton19 日 前

    I do the bald challenge every day

  36. Bill_Loves_Softness

    Bill_Loves_Softness21 日 前

    They look way better without hair


    FACTASTIC21 日 前

    5:49 doesn't she look like Okoye from Black Panther?

  38. Mocha_ l e a f

    Mocha_ l e a f21 日 前

    Very Cute Bald hair.

  39. Giselle’s Candy land

    Giselle’s Candy land21 日 前

    I’m sorry but has nobody got to talk about how we see Sophia nightguard at 3:18

  40. Yannick _01

    Yannick _0122 日 前

    Whahah I wanna try this

  41. Lily sunflower

    Lily sunflower22 日 前

    Is that sayfia!😧😮😧

  42. Mackenzie Lofton

    Mackenzie Lofton23 日 前

    I swear to god if I met Jazzmyn I’d cry,faint, wake up and do it again I LOVE HER SO MUCH OMG IM THAT LITTLE GIRL ARE BOY😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  43. A guy call rio #frenchie

    A guy call rio #frenchie24 日 前

    How do the get there hair back the next day

  44. Ava Shirlow

    Ava Shirlow24 日 前

    0:12 am i the only one who thinks it looks like jazzmyne is crying?

  45. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach24 日 前

    Can we just talk about how the bald caps looks so natural

  46. GamerZ Alloush

    GamerZ Alloush24 日 前

    Bald women barber

  47. Macy House

    Macy House24 日 前

    #jojosiwain2020. Who liked jojo when u where younger and now u hate her like if u where like that

  48. diggby Mellon

    diggby Mellon24 日 前


  49. Guineapig Girl

    Guineapig Girl26 日 前

    I know this is off topic but I ran to JPreporter because I did not want may freind to look at my chats oof...

  50. Meenu Goyal

    Meenu Goyal26 日 前

    At 7:09 looks like she has 2 complexions Is it just because of no makeup in the area where cap was present?

  51. Sitwat Ahmed

    Sitwat Ahmed26 日 前

    *B* eautiful *A* dmirable *L* uscious *D* aring

  52. 1000 subs With no videos

    1000 subs With no videos27 日 前

    Cool 😎

  53. Big Boyo

    Big Boyo27 日 前

    Black woman are the only woman that can go nearly bald but still look good

  54. Alexacooki Gacha

    Alexacooki Gacha27 日 前

    4:16 is that Sophia?

  55. Riley Digory

    Riley Digory27 日 前

    I love the fact saf has makeup brushes on her desk

  56. Icy Diamond

    Icy Diamond28 日 前

    If I shaved my head literally no one would notice... I wear a hijab 🧕🏾 :)

  57. Dina haddad

    Dina haddad26 日 前


  58. Rainbow pixelzzz

    Rainbow pixelzzz29 日 前

    Ah saf when she was still at buzzfeed

  59. XxGammer WolfxX

    XxGammer WolfxX29 日 前

    Its hardvto tell who is who without there hair

  60. Faith Flower

    Faith Flowerヶ月 前

    I was diagnosed with leukaemia, which is a type of blood cancer. The chemotherapy made all my hair fall out, so I shaved it all off, before it got too patchy. My hair is starting to grow back, and now I have a pixie cut. When I was bald, my head was always cold, so I always wore beanies and hats. I had really long hair before I was diagnosed, almost down to my waist.

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    AW3 Laserヶ月 前