Woke Disney


  1. nightowl

    nightowl4 時間 前

    These new Disney films just scream "pRoBLeMaTiC." Just looking for Tumblr points.

  2. FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name

    FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name7 時間 前

    If people are concerned about movies being disappeared, they should do something about that, as in pirate the shit. You think the only defense for piracy is price?

  3. The Goddamn Batman

    The Goddamn Batman17 時間 前

    I agree with so much of this, but they aren't erasing their history... now if they yank the old versions off of Disney plus, they'll be erasing that history. At least you can still SEE them.

  4. Nate Dawes

    Nate Dawes19 時間 前

    It’s interesting watching the Disney corporation gradually accidentally devolve into an un-self aware episode of community. Bringing up problematic tropes as they go, as though these are the sins of the father, and we can, in our evolved society, laugh at this from an arms reach.

  5. Not My STAR WARS

    Not My STAR WARS19 時間 前

    "It wasn't always obvious." Oh well, people come around eventually I guess.

  6. Sebi Curca

    Sebi Curca20 時間 前

    This is eddy burbacks female counterpart

  7. Holly Huffstutler

    Holly Huffstutler21 時間 前

    While Disney is remaking their properties from different perspectives, or with commentary on the originals' chauvinism why go to all these other ones and leave freaking Snow White alone!?She's barely a character, unconscious for most of the plot and happily cleaning up after tiny men for the rest, modeled on and voiced by the 14 year old daughter of one of the animators who one of the other animators would MARRY not long after that, and the villian is the only other woman we see and hates her for being prettier!

  8. Karthus Pentakill

    Karthus Pentakill日 前

    Well, hyenas live in a matriachy si it make sens for the new lion king.

  9. Spicie95

    Spicie95日 前

    "Ignore all the things that haven't age well" = what Disney will be doing for decades once they stop all those remakes and attempt to rebuild their legacy

  10. Serlixe

    Serlixe日 前

    Watched 9 min. Just could not listen to trigger sound and girl bosses xD all I saw was cringe. I am so out of the loop. Seeing what I saw obviously film is dead. I didn't even know dumbo was out. Seems I dodged a bullet. And lion King? Christ that looked bad. But great for furries! After all they started the trend of tickling others with furred skin.

  11. Nate Dawes

    Nate Dawes5 時間 前

    Serlixe that’s fair, it was a bit excessive, I underestimate people too much. But to be fair there are a ton of people on the internet to whom face value is the only value.

  12. Serlixe

    Serlixe18 時間 前

    @Nate Dawes yeah I know but it was too painful xD I think I got the point without watching more :3

  13. Nate Dawes

    Nate Dawes19 時間 前

    The girl boss stuff appears to be a joke, the whole video is about how stupid and transparently a cash grab it is to plaster that stuff on everything.

  14. Serlixe

    Serlixe日 前

    @sweetpea yeah the furry line was just a bad tasting joke from my part.

  15. sweetpea

    sweetpea日 前

    I agree with what you said, but I'm just gonna say this really quickly! As a furry, I personally prefer cartoonist animation to hyper-realistic animation. So I'd bet there are a fair amount of furries who didn't go to see the Lion King! That's all, have a good one :)

  16. Will Hoss

    Will Hoss日 前

    Why does she remind me of my English teacher

  17. Oozaru85

    Oozaru852 日 前

    Well, Hyena clans consist of females only most of the time and they are more dominant than the males, while the males basically only exist for reproduction. So it makes sense for Shenzi to be the dominant female who rules over the male Hyenas.

  18. Kaffeine

    Kaffeine日 前

    @Karan Harsh Wardhan ?

  19. Karan Harsh Wardhan

    Karan Harsh Wardhan日 前

    where's the jokes

  20. Nojus the Moth

    Nojus the Moth2 日 前

    God, that Princess scene from Ralph breaks the Internet makes me cringe so much

  21. Lou Minous

    Lou Minous日 前

    Nojus the Moth I liked it at the time but then it got worse over time for me. Like, MUCH worse.

  22. 3Rayfire

    3Rayfire日 前

    I guess that's a hit or miss thing because I loved it. Then again I don't pay attention to Disney that much outside of the MCU, so I didn't realize they clowned themselves so much.

  23. Lee Presson

    Lee Presson2 日 前

    "We never learned to read or write" is more of a showbiz thing than a race thing. When you grow up working in the circus you don't really get a formal education.

  24. Rafa Gómez

    Rafa Gómez2 日 前

    I asume girls that will grow with this new vision are gonna say: "How women came to this state if they were so empowered in the past?"

  25. Veggie Noon

    Veggie Noon2 日 前

    Disney should be broken up by the government

  26. Hayden Whitlatch

    Hayden Whitlatch17 時間 前

    They need to clone walt

  27. Rafa Gómez

    Rafa Gómez2 日 前

    It's like Alicia ending up the "Mirror" film as a pirate executive

  28. Lilas Duveteux

    Lilas Duveteux2 日 前

    I personally prefer the old disney as it was less politically correct and more original. And Shenzi was already a badass in the original. Also, if they want more race, gender inclusion, they can just pick fairy tales from all around the world, like they always did. Many people liked the old movies and still like them, even when some parts have not aged so well. So, how about simply doing something new in accordance with modern sensitivities. And it would work with no one really complaining. I am in general quite cynical of progressisme as it often times happen only when it is profitable, not to solve an injustice.

  29. Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant

    Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant22 時間 前

    @Bourbon Brisk I agree. Disney shouldn't do twist villains since Pixar does them better. If they were to do 2D animated again, they should try and do it in the style of how awesome Ursula was as an obvious villain, or even Frollo, someone who's complex. Imagine a combination of the two in the Haunted Mansion/Phatnom Manor. The Phantom would be excellent.

  30. Bourbon Brisk

    Bourbon Brisk日 前

    @Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant Yes, I just wanted to point out how bad that movie was although Terence Parker did give a good performance as Ramsley. I really would love to see Disney go back to a 2D format and the last great animated villain was Dr. Facilier, because he was the last traditional disney villain while the newer villains are all just predictable twist

  31. Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant

    Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant日 前

    @Bourbon Brisk I agree. But I personally feel that an animated format would be a great way to harken back to classic Disney.

  32. Bourbon Brisk

    Bourbon Brisk日 前

    @Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant Just a new haunted mansion film in general. As much as I enjoy Eddie Murphy, I found his casting as odd. Would be nice to be a little more serious

  33. Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant

    Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant日 前

    Me? I just wish they could make a 2D Animated film of the Haunted Mansion. Or please God, Phantom Manor. The story of Phantom Manor has good material to make a movie with.

  34. Really, I'd rather not.

    Really, I'd rather not.2 日 前

    I think I missed what "lean in feminism" is.

  35. S. Dykes

    S. Dykes2 日 前

    I don't get how any of this is bad? Yeah, Dumbo was set in the 10s-20s but so what if they remade the ending and took out the alcohol? The changes and growth are meant to teach kids the same values we hold dear to our children. It's not that they're being "woke", it's that they're growing with the times and trying to hit their target audience- the parents of the kids that will take their kids to the movies and therefore continuing the legacy of Disney.

  36. Luciana Vila Guillen

    Luciana Vila Guillen2 時間 前

    @inyrui Well, not only Disney, a lot of products in the culture industry nowadays are meant to please the nostalgia rather than challenge us in any way possible: Ready player one is a BIG example: not that I dunno like Spielberg himself, he has always been a mainstream (a good mainstream) director, but this movie is filled with nostalgia (I even have to admit I wanted to see it because of The Shining references). I only remember one new character -I think the lady from Overwatch-, the rest are mostly games or games references from the 90s or 80s. I could honestly list a lot more, but this is happening to all the entertainment industry, the lack of investment or a story to tell makes movies empty shells that look good to the eyes, hence in the end they are mostly either forgotten or they become at best enablers for us to go back to the old but good material (made with passion). "Kids will watch because it's Disney, parents will watch because of the nostalgia".

  37. inyrui

    inyrui18 時間 前

    @S. Dykes i mean... they're one of the largest multinational conglomerates of all time. obviously business is at the forefront of what they do, entertainment is just a means to an end. if making canned ham was the most profitable business on earth, Disney would flip all their business to canned ham lol. they don't make movies because they have original and expressive new ideas or to entertain people. their primary goal is to make money. they found a great business model in remaking old classics and superheros. it's easy because the creative part, coming up with a story and writing it, has already been done for them decades ago. the only division of Disney with any original and creative ideas is Pixar, and even they're milking Toy Story for no reason other than profiting on our childhoods. that's all Disney is. a nostalgia machine churning out movies we already saw 30 years ago

  38. S. Dykes

    S. Dykes19 時間 前

    @inyrui do you work at Disney? Is this Bob Iger? Lol.

  39. inyrui

    inyrui日 前

    lol. These movies are "woke" to please people. Disney doesn't care about the offensive material. they just want to seem progressive. they could care less about family values lol

  40. Carosello Show

    Carosello Show日 前

    Ok what she is saying is that this movies don’t really need to exist simply because they are all remakes made for gaining tons of money. And that’s ok if it wasn’t for the weirdest idea that they need at the same time to “teach values” by fixing the “mistakes” of their first movies, but obviously they are not really doing it ( for example not addressing racism in the first dumbo movie) but just present something that is modernized and so woke without actually addressing the real issues. That’s why it’s woke.

  41. World's Okay-est Person

    World's Okay-est Person2 日 前

    The song that jasmine kept singing sounds horrible. My poor ears.

  42. Benny Lyngdoh

    Benny Lyngdoh3 日 前

    Hyena packs are female boss families. So Disney injected fact to correct their erroneous past. But the question remains, why are they doing the remakes?

  43. Carosello Show

    Carosello Show日 前

    Yeah totally just for money. They work on nostalgia so much because they know it’s gonna bring tons of money.

  44. Zontar

    Zontar日 前


  45. Caren Hall

    Caren Hall3 日 前

    Song of the South is seen as 'revoltingly racist' too. I don''t know why, I saw it as a reflection of what was. If you see differences as barriers, you'll never get anywhere in life. As a kid, I never really cared about skin colour, it was all about Brer Rabbit and his creativity in getting away from Brer Fox. LEAVE KIDS MOVIES ALONE! Stop trying to please everyone, they'll end up pleasing nobody in the end, which makes for a sadder world for everyone and kids who never develop their own minds.

  46. inyrui

    inyrui日 前

    lol "as a kid i only cared about the cartoon parts" newsflash, children are stupid. not a surprise you didn't notice the blatant racism haha. they live on a plantation and Uncle Remus is their slave. he is also perfectly content being a slave. the movie normalizes the master-slave relationship lol. it's literally the whole reason the movie is locked away

  47. Giovanni Lazzaretti

    Giovanni Lazzaretti3 日 前

    Why are all my comments automatically sorted by new.



    Giovanni Lazzaretti I know right

  49. Blue monster

    Blue monster日 前

    Same , led me to the misfortune of seeing some "other" comments

  50. Giovanni Lazzaretti

    Giovanni Lazzaretti2 日 前

    @Guerilla Welder I know that, but usually the comments for me are automatically sorted by most popular. I just wanted to everyone about this weird experience.

  51. Guerilla Welder

    Guerilla Welder2 日 前

    If you scroll to the top of the comments you can change how they're organized/presented by touching the 🎼 looking thing on the right. It's not a musical key, just that was the easiest image I could find to describe it.

  52. Megan Green

    Megan Green3 日 前

    When the sequel to lion King lion two does more about race then the new liking that was made not to Long ago

  53. Gold HeartArt

    Gold HeartArt日 前

    I was thinking the same think! Also the hyena vs lions being a race thing never made sense to me. Hyenas and lions have to compete for food and land so it just made sense that the lions would kick them out at the first chance they got. The second movie made more sense to me because both groups where lions so the theme just fit better. With that said I really don't want to see a live action Lion King 2.

  54. Same Raiza

    Same Raiza4 日 前

    The government is the problem, we dont have true capitalism until the market is free

  55. Greg Fitzgerald

    Greg Fitzgerald4 日 前

    This whole video is mystifying to me. Disney cannot be responsible for the problematic elements in their past work; the creators of those past projects would be the responsible parties. Using remakes to undo those errors is all they can do. I think it's unreasonable to expect that they will address these problems, or even lampshade them. This is not a constructive line of criticism, in my opinion. Judge these movies on their merits, I say.

  56. Jennifer Walne

    Jennifer Walne4 時間 前

    Bold of you to assume they have merits

  57. Nate Dawes

    Nate Dawes19 時間 前

    The sheer amount of reference humour in these movies demands that you take the context into context when judging the movies.

  58. Clara Martens Ávila

    Clara Martens Ávila2 日 前

    It's in her conclusion at 24:36: 'Because a part of media literacy is taking film history, understanding its context exploring different viewpoints on the media and the history in question, and accepting it for what it was; not pretending it didn't happen.'

  59. windwaker407

    windwaker4073 日 前

    I don't think it's unreasonable to say that if they are going to remake these movies and address some of these problems, they should commit to it. That's the thing, they aren't addressing these problems out of a moral sense of duty, they are poking fun at the problematic elements in order to *seem* progressive without actually doing anything progressive. Either choose to be progressive or don't, rather than play this game where you are going to be progressive in ways that are easy, convenient, and above all, profitable. It's not about how Disney NEEDS to address these things. It's how they are trying to seem woke without saying anything of actual value

  60. MrStGeorgeIllawarra

    MrStGeorgeIllawarra3 日 前

    I see you gloss over the part where they completely ignore all the racism, Nice.

  61. urh sušnik vrečič

    urh sušnik vrečič4 日 前

    Disney just makes remakes, so they can keep making profits by renewing the old franchises, which causes them to stay out of the public domain, in the sense of copyright laws. If they stopped doing them, Disney would lose to ownership to most of its elder works years ago, but they just overstretch the copy right law by making films with CGI and moderner, slightly less reactionary themes. I never liked Diseny films/catroons (im a guy), but I consider Mickey Mouse a near 100 years old cultural icon, which should be freely used in public domain.

  62. Carosello Show

    Carosello Show日 前

    They are not making remakes for that reason at all... it goes in public domain when the owner dies but here the owner wasn’t walt disney but the walt disney company. They are making remakes because they realize that it brings tons of money working on nostalgia from remaking old movies, that’s why they remade movies like lion king or the beauty and the beast that were made literally just 30 years ago. Also you have to consider that most of this stories are NOT disney originals they are already in public domain, like pinocchio, cinderella, little mermaid, beauty and the beast and so on and on. It’s all about just bringing money in

  63. urh sušnik vrečič

    urh sušnik vrečič3 日 前

    @Krista Star its not about that, i just dont like the propagandist tone of most of the their work

  64. Kazuichi Souda

    Kazuichi Souda3 日 前

    In the US, copyright is death +70 years. Walt Disney died in '66. You got about a decade to wait, chief.

  65. Krista Star

    Krista Star4 日 前

    urh sušnik vrečič because guys can’t like Disney movies apparently

  66. Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon4 日 前

    so it's more propaganda from american cinema. nothing new under the sun. down with the capitalism!

  67. Trak the Cat

    Trak the Cat日 前

    @Damien Poe Rocks they say that while needing capitalism to continue gaining money.

  68. Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon2 日 前

    Damien Poe Rocks because it’s eevil

  69. Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon2 日 前

    Damien Poe Rocks no, im saying that.

  70. Carlos Moreno

    Carlos Moreno4 日 前

    wow i really dodged a racist bullet by not watching these movies in english

  71. Kybele Augusta

    Kybele Augusta4 日 前

    Hey.... shenzi makes sense because hyenas are matriarchal in the wild...

  72. RIDDICK0911

    RIDDICK09112 日 前

    As much sense as lions talking to hyenas. No one cares how it is in the real world while watching/listening a story meant for little kids.

  73. JerseyFireDragon20

    JerseyFireDragon204 日 前

    new disney movies give big white whale vibes

  74. jakmanxyom

    jakmanxyom4 日 前


  75. Cerberuswaltz

    Cerberuswaltz4 日 前

    Oh, no Linds watch out. The Disney nerds are going to swarm you.

  76. Gabriellie Gouveia

    Gabriellie Gouveia5 日 前

    Didn’t live actions begin with 101 Dalmatians way back in the late 90s?

  77. Carosello Show

    Carosello Show日 前

    Aerindine Scarro no it means pretending to modernize your own content deciding to not deal with actual real problems. Exactly like dumbo where they address animals in circuses but obviously not racism from their old movie. If you wanna present something progressive you can do it with an original story and not by remaking an old one pretending that the old mistakes weren’t made

  78. Aerindine Scarro

    Aerindine Scarro4 日 前

    The King of Nerds What does woke even mean? Not fitting into traditionalism? That’s seems like the opposite of a problem

  79. Anabear

    Anabear5 日 前

    Being a female, having feminist heroes is great and all, but we need our husbandos somewhere disney >:(. but in all seriousness, Dumbo 2019 was dumb. I couldnt stand anyone in the movie. I tried and I could only watch for 20 minutes before tapping out. I did it with a friend and we tapped out after 30 minutes. The movie wanted to redefine stuff? It made it even more boring.

  80. Krista Star

    Krista Star4 日 前

    Husbandos don’t have to be in the story for it to be good. Plus there are men in Disney movies, focusing on female characters is not the bad part

  81. Krista Star

    Krista Star4 日 前

    The King of Nerds Disney doesn’t hate guys, focusing on women doesn’t mean they hate guys stfu

  82. Logan

    Logan5 日 前

    The movie wasn't woke at all,this review on the other hand..

  83. RIDDICK0911

    RIDDICK09112 日 前

    You didn't even watch the video tho, so your comment makes no sense.

  84. Jonah J

    Jonah J5 日 前

    Why did they need to girlboss-ify Bell? She was already kinda a girlboss. She was like, the only literate person in the village or whatever.

  85. Rampant Mutt

    Rampant Mutt5 日 前

    I thought Alladin was supposed to be based in Arabia, not India anyway.

  86. jon simpson

    jon simpson14 時間 前

    @75 aces I really don't like this cultural appropriation nonsense. As you said, it appears to be some sort of folk tale from Asia or the middle East, and from a time when oral tradition was the norm. So people tell stories, some of those stories travel and get changed slightly from person to person, and in a centuries long game of telephone tag you end up with someone writing their version down. How on earth is that cultural appropriation...

  87. 75 aces

    75 aces3 日 前

    It implicitly takes place in some unspecified part of Arabia (or China in early texts), but Aladdin has peculiar origins. It was published with the 1001 Nights anthology, but not part of the original Arabic collection translated by Antoine Galland, who claimed in his diary to have gotten it from a Syrian merchant, and where he got it, nobody knows. A genuine manuscript predating Galland's publication has yet to be authenticated, so if it is based on ancient Middle Eastern folklore, nobody has proven it. As far as we can tell, the story has been a cultural appropriation from the beginning. A story of the kind of exotic elements and locations that appealed to 18th century western Europeans. To make it Bollywood style is just a different type of cultural appropriation.

  88. jon simpson

    jon simpson3 日 前

    @SCOTT FREE presumably set in Arabia judging from the opening song.


    SCOTT FREE4 日 前

    Its set in a fictional nation like Agriba or something, aka the made up muslim nation that never existed.

  90. Ryan

    Ryan5 日 前

    @SONIC DASH Plus I think it's funny they think a female sultan would EVER hold up. She'd be assassinated in literally 2-3 days. Arabia is not a tolerant place for Women and it never has been. Especially not in the past.

  91. youngthinker1

    youngthinker15 日 前

    Disney distorted the grim fairy tales original morals in the cartoon classic movies. Using little mermaid as an example, the original lesson was to temper ones desires in a partner. If you aim too high, then you will be used and tossed aside. The remake throws that out for a "chasing your dreams will lead to success" lesson. In reality, dogmatically pursuing one goal leads to ruin except for a few exceptions. Most people find something else that interests them and pursue that, and again find another thing, adnausium. If anything, Disney continues to take age old truths, remove them, and then expect the story to still hold.

  92. youngthinker1

    youngthinker12 日 前

    @75 aces Well, those tales originate from a time where if you wondered too far from a village at night, then you were likely to die of exposure. Thus, stories contained extreme punishments for going beyond their wisdom. Additionally, such graphic material would be stuck in the child's mind for far longer, and may deter the child from seeking such things out later. I would argue that religious services contained fairly graphic material to communicate morals effectively. Fairly early on in Greek or Roman mythology, you learn of Father Time castrating Sky in order to succeed him, as the leader of the world, and the genitalia of the "lustful" Sky, became the goddess of lust. Along with the warning, came lesson, or objective all sons learned at that time. The son must surpass the father in order to obtain free will. Sky died to his son Chronos, Chronos died to his son Zeus, and Zeus did everything in his power to prevent one of his son killing him. Before committing the deed, the children slaved away. Once the eldest rose up, he took control, and became the master. (Also reflected a bit in Roman law.) Jewish and Christian faith contains several sexual deviant crimes in Genesis, with murders rampant through out the entire book, along with military campaigns with both positive, and negative outcomes. A tale from Judges would be a warning about foolish oaths. A judge proclaimed he would sacrifice the first thing he sees when he gets home, if the Lord gave him victory. Thus, as he came home victorious, his daughter greeted him before anything else. At this point, he would of either been killed for failing to keep his oath, or he would kill his daughter. So he killed his daughter. My point being, graphic images tend to convey the important lesson better than a harmless alternative. With the little mermaid, her fate of losing her voice, and all of her autonomy, in order to step in the same world as the prince, symbolized how tied down a rich or powerful person is. They must be close to their base, and ensure the money keeps coming, or else they will fall out of that world. Out of fear of such a fate, they lose the ability to make certain choices, instead must abide by the will of their base. The more money or power, the lower the limit on his free will and the greater the control of the base. When she meets the prince, and he takes advantage of her, then throws her away at the end of it, reflects the honest truth. Just because you step into the same world as your partner, doesn't mean your partner will have you in the way you desire. Thus, you can say, she was pumped then dumped. However, her death results in Poseidon, her father, destroying said city. Again, reflects the consequence of treating a maiden poorly. Her father will rise up, and make it right. Even if he proves unable, the gods would intervene and seek justice. Therefore the lesson remains, to any young girls, or women, treat your chasity, and dignity highly. Don't go after someone who is in another world compared to you, but someone who would treat you with the respect you deserve. If any harm falls on you, then justice shall be meted out accordingly.

  93. 75 aces

    75 aces3 日 前

    Little Mermaid wasn't a Grimm Fairy Tale, though. As for the GFT's they did adapt, yes, Disney did distort and sanitize some of them beyond recognition, but then, the brothers Grimm actually polished up a lot of the original tales themselves. The story versions they did publish were pretty scatological and unromantic for 20th century children's fare, but some of their source material was considered too dark for 1815.

  94. Mikel DeHart

    Mikel DeHart5 日 前

    You sound like a depressed person. Don't criticize everything around you, you might cheer up more.

  95. Jennifer Walne

    Jennifer Walne4 時間 前

    She's literally a media and film critic... this could be said about any negative movie review...or in fact any other youtuber that does reviews... the guy who does I hate everything for example.

  96. Max Vivian

    Max Vivian日 前

    Mikel DeHart I don’t think she depressed, I think she’s just trying to sound professional, plus criticizing things doesn’t really make anyone depressed, and if anything we need criticism to better ourselves, and those around.

  97. Max Vivian

    Max Vivian日 前

    snazztacular one does not stop feeling depressed, plus depression and sadness are two different things actually.

  98. 3Rayfire

    3Rayfire日 前

    But...she's a critic. She went to school for it and everything.

  99. Dylan Neuens

    Dylan Neuens4 日 前

    If you feel any of her critiques were unfair or misplaced, you'd be better off pointing them out. By attempting to strawman someone's character or motivations, which are beside the entire point, you more or less come off as a person who is incapable to processing constructive criticism for even things that have nothing to do with you. Clearly she's not criticizing EVERYTHING, but very specific things. You, on the other hand, seem more preoccupied that she criticized ANYTHING.

  100. CuddleFish Treasures

    CuddleFish Treasures6 日 前

    wow...you sound like me... Now I know what everyone sees. Thank you for the self-awareness. Also, I have seen none of these reboots except for that one Cinderella one...so, double thanks for telling me what they're about; in detail.

  101. ZaraBee28

    ZaraBee286 日 前

    I’d be curious to know how African Americans feel about crows being cut from new dumbo? I know I’m not the right demographic to have an opinion (white 30s English female) but I always loved the crows! They were the ones who gave dumbo the belief in himself, they saw a bullied child & gave him confidence & as a child I loved them they were the heros!!

  102. where are the empanadas

    where are the empanadas4 日 前

    ZaraBee28 like kids need to be exposed to this, then explained why it’s a bad thing That’s how life works

  103. where are the empanadas

    where are the empanadas4 日 前

    ZaraBee28 FACTSSS

  104. Samantha Morris

    Samantha Morris5 日 前

    The only reason I ever watched Dumbo was for the crows. When I was younger, it was just so boring but here come these crows and they were the only ones (to me) to have any sort of personality.

  105. ZaraBee28

    ZaraBee285 日 前

    where are the empanadas as an adult the underlying themes are undoubtedly gross 🤨😢 I was really fricking shocked at the lyrics with the workers putting up the tents 🤢 but I find it worse to just pretend attitudes weren’t like that by cutting it out completely

  106. where are the empanadas

    where are the empanadas5 日 前

    BellaDoesGaming you see Back in the 50s , they used crows, more specifically Jim Crow, to ridicule African Americans That’s why they’re racist to most people

  107. AnimasterNorris

    AnimasterNorris6 日 前

    Wait, I thought that shenzi was female in the original film.

  108. Nate Dawes

    Nate Dawes18 時間 前

    Yeah she’s just unimportant on the whole, and Disney wanted to grab some easy woke points.

  109. CuddleFish Treasures

    CuddleFish Treasures6 日 前

    She is.

  110. Dcs Cruz

    Dcs Cruz6 日 前

    Also how is that the only movie that remotely admits that racism is a thing is the princess and the frog. The one they barely made publicity for. Quite suspicious. If they make Ariel be african American and on the times of Ariel which racism would've been a thing, I'll be upset

  111. Dcs Cruz

    Dcs Cruz6 日 前

    Jim crow?! And here I thought Warner was the bad guy. That's just balantly f up

  112. Indie Geek

    Indie Geek6 日 前

    If Disney MUST remake all of their classic animated films and they MUST make meta textual commentary on their own company, can they at least actually change the bones of the stories rather than shoehorning in filler and explanations for EVERYTHING? For instance, rather than just having a "dead mom" subplot that goes nowhere in Beauty and the Beast, why not just make the dad absent and have Maurice be a woman? It would appease the pedantic nitpickers while also barely changing a thing so the pacing and storytelling aren't ruined!

  113. Melodyofthesea78

    Melodyofthesea785 日 前

    @Ryan Naw....I don't like the live action Beauty and the Beast. The WHOLE point of the original was that the Prince was spoiled and selfish and it basically The reason why he was turned into a monster not only that but he had to learn to be selfless and kind. The live action was absolutely ridiculous.

  114. Ryan

    Ryan5 日 前

    Beauty and the Beast was terrible literally from the beginning though. The original had the prince punished for his actions. The remake had the prince's home be BROKEN INTO by a VIOLENT CRIMINAL called the Enchantress who kicked open his door, DEMANDED to be fed, and then cursed him with magic when he didn't appease her unfair demands.

  115. Melodyofthesea78

    Melodyofthesea785 日 前

    The old animated movies are better.

  116. Bobby Marr

    Bobby Marr6 日 前

    I don't understand why they don't just remaster the old movies. Clean up the images and audio and rerelease the exact same product but crisper. It'd cost far less money and probably make considerably more.

  117. Emily Harfst

    Emily Harfst7 日 前

    Okay but maleficent was hella good. I get that it was making the villian have a backstory and changing the whole story but angelina jolie can get it.

  118. Lindsay C

    Lindsay C6 時間 前

    I don’t understand why she didn’t get Maleficent’s motivation in the movie...she had appendages literally cut off of her body. If the idea of that doesn’t inspire some rage in you, then damn you must live life as a pushover.

  119. Hjalmar Nilsson

    Hjalmar Nilsson日 前

    What i like its clearly a new story losely based on sleeping beauty

  120. KrazyKelor

    KrazyKelor4 日 前

    It doesn’t bother me because it clearly takes place in a completely different universe than Sleeping Beauty. It takes the old fairy tale and goes somewhere very different. Instead of operating on weird logic like “she cursed an innocent baby because she mad she didn’t get an invite” like she wasn’t gonna leave without hurting someone anyway, Maleficent has the character actually have a meaningful motivation for the curse, and ends up regretting it because Aurora wins her heart and she realizes she doomed an innocent. Her quest for vengeance hurt someone who didn’t deserve it.

  121. shiney piece of toast

    shiney piece of toast4 日 前

    I 100% agree

  122. MrDavicovic

    MrDavicovic7 日 前

    Monarchy is good though.


    SCOTT FREE4 日 前

    I think so as well.

  124. Maerahn

    Maerahn7 日 前

    Here's an idea, Disney - if something from the past is going to be a problem if you include it in a remake, how about... you DON'T REMAKE IT? How about you MAKE SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW AND ORIGINAL INSTEAD? Y'know, with creativity and stuff?

  125. Melodyofthesea78

    Melodyofthesea785 日 前

    @Zelnyair Can you imagine what they'd do to the Fox and the hound?

  126. Zelnyair

    Zelnyair6 日 前

    Because they have to extent copyright on old IP as much as they can. Can't risk Bambi and so on going public, can you?

  127. Dcs Cruz

    Dcs Cruz6 日 前

    Exactly cause we can't ignore that media is a product of its time. Warner even admits to being racist before. For Warner to admit things better than family friendly Disney you know something is bad

  128. William

    William7 日 前

    Actually fun fact, hyenas have a matriarchal society, where the females are larger than the males and are more dominant.

  129. Pineapple

    Pineapple6 日 前

    @Jackson Kutz Now I hope they'll make a movie with the Hyenas adventures after Scars death 😀

  130. Jackson Kutz

    Jackson Kutz6 日 前

    They have very complex, rigid, social structures, the highest ranking male Hyena is lower than the lowest female. There’s also “inheritance” of power. The offspring of a high ranking female will be of a higher ranking. Also, their dominance in the pack is very much based on their ability to create allies, as opposed to their size and strength. It’s rather fascinating.

  131. William

    William7 日 前

    Dark Rider it’s called a pseudo penis If I remember correctly it stops rape from happening and helps dominate the male hyenas

  132. Dark Rider

    Dark Rider7 日 前

    Pretty sure Female Hyenas also have dicks.

  133. Zen

    Zen7 日 前

    Is this supposed to be the phase where leftist go from identity politics to full marxism?

  134. Communism Works Because I Say It Does

    Communism Works Because I Say It Does3 日 前

    @jon simpson left wingers know lack of money is one of the biggest oppressors. Prejudice + power was never progressive, it always was trying to get poor people to shut up.

  135. jon simpson

    jon simpson3 日 前

    @Communism Works Because I Say It Does how's that prejudice plus power narrative that allows a black president to be oppressed by a white hobo because of reasons working for your non identity politics using left wing?

  136. Communism Works Because I Say It Does

    Communism Works Because I Say It Does6 日 前

    Identity politics is used by centrists in the democratic party. Any leftist hates identity politics. Don't use your right wing bullshit when you can't get your facts straightened out

  137. Eduardo Carvajal

    Eduardo Carvajal7 日 前

    Okay got it, from "monarchy is good" to "capitalism is good" is what Disney is doing now. This look like pretty good business.

  138. Eduardo Carvajal

    Eduardo Carvajal7 日 前

    Is it audible good?

  139. Cesar U

    Cesar U7 日 前


  140. Alex Lonnquist

    Alex Lonnquist7 日 前

    This is an excellent video. Awesome job

  141. Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity

    Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity8 日 前

    Disney will own the world by 3000

  142. 3Rayfire

    3Rayfire日 前

    Not if Amazon has anything to say about it.

  143. Nexus E-H 2

    Nexus E-H 22 日 前

    They'll have us all eating out of their hands by 2040, if not sooner. Hosting charity balls at Disney World while dropping Mickey Mouse bombs on all the little boys and girls of the Middle East. Splendid.

  144. Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity

    Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity5 日 前

    @Pineapple I don't really enjoy Frozen or the second one, I was hyped for the second one cuz the trailers we're epic... But F2 came out on my birthday :/

  145. Pineapple

    Pineapple5 日 前

    @Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity I think it's insane how much mercy they can milk out of FROZEN 😅 How much room does these small princesses have left in their rooms for anything but Elsa-stuff by this point? 🙈

  146. Pineapple

    Pineapple5 日 前

    @Wolf 'ShiftFell Chara' Infinity If ppl stopped throwing money at their brands, how would they survive? I mean, I have never been to DisneyLand or owned a Disney Princess dress, but I survived 😅 There are so many small indie studios producing ton of entertainment we could support instead ^_^ I loved my Disney movies, sure- but I loved all my VHS's, and would've had plenty to watch without the Disney-one's 😀 I hope they don't see this comment so that I will suddenly be killed for spreading anti-Disney propaganda 😱😅

  147. Andrew Davids

    Andrew Davids8 日 前

    Star Wars ROS had two chicks kissing at the end...the world needs more of this! Stay woke y'all...

  148. Andrew Davids

    Andrew Davids6 日 前

    @Emily Harfst Definitely was deleted from the Chinese export...lots of dollars there!

  149. Bobby Marr

    Bobby Marr6 日 前

    @Emily Harfst My guess would be China, studios have been pandering to China hard

  150. Emily Harfst

    Emily Harfst7 日 前

    Man 0 all Js yeah I think it was cause they were scared about how other countries would respond. I’m guessing like places in africa and india?? (I’m pretty sure it’s still illegal to be lgbt there but I could be wrong) I think they don’t want to lose a large part of their audience. It sucks and it’s sad but I understand it from an economic standpoint.

  151. Man 0 all Js

    Man 0 all Js7 日 前

    Meanwhile, Disney didn't have the gonads to make PoeXFinn a thing

  152. Zen

    Zen7 日 前

    Thx for the spoiler

  153. Joker

    Joker8 日 前

    Look people: LGTB+ representation is great. Shows like Steven Universe demonstrate that it can work wonders. But for the love of god, stop criticising a character, movie or TV show just for not having lots of gay, straight, male, female, etc. characters. We, as a society, are free to include the characters we want with the sexuality we want. If a director, producer, etc. wants a straight, gay, bisexual or even single character, Leave. Them. The. Fuck. Alone. Just look at Wonder Woman. She was not a great character beacuse she was a women, but beacuse she was a great character. And Ruby and Sapphire weren't a great couple beacuse they were lesbian, but beacuse they were a great couple.

  154. MrAnthonyIII

    MrAnthonyIII5 時間 前

    @jeeshwa123 ​ "My point is that sincere male relationships are never in stories to just be there, but to get fangirls wet" That's a pretty reaching assumption. I don't really see anything to indicate that close male relationships are always written to seem gay. It seems like more often they're written to just be really good friends, and fans ship them anyway because there aren't actual gay characters to ship To assume that the relationships are meant to tempt fujoshis / fudanshis means you have to know the creators' intentions in writing the relationship. And most of the times you really can't, unless they do something glaringly obvious like the Teen Choice Awards Promo for Teen Wolf In most popular ships (e.g. Dean and Castiel, Arthur and Merlin, James and Spock, Steve and Bucky, Sam and Frodo, etc.) the guys are only meant to be close friends. They weren't put in the story to "get fangirls wet". More likely the minority of people who like guy-on-guy weren't considered by the producers at all

  155. jeeshwa123

    jeeshwa1235 時間 前

    @MrAnthonyIII Ehhhhhh that's mostly only true for popular fiction aimed at young adult audiences and nerds. Cartoons, anime, comics, etc. This is also a problem that still plagues other mediums like movies and novels. But I do appreciate your point. I should also mention that there's a specifically female lense that many """""gay""""" characters are written for. Or just queer-bait characters. A big portion of shipping culture and fandom culture is women with a fetish for gay men. Instead of just like, gay men that want to see gay men. This goes both ways too, men that want to see the females hook up, etc. My point is that sincere male relationships are never in stories to just be there, but to get fangirls wet, and I think it's kind of regressive and doesn't do anything for representation.

  156. fire miracle

    fire miracle22 時間 前

    MrAnthonyIII oohhhh. Man i did got mixed up. Fair point.

  157. MrAnthonyIII

    MrAnthonyIII22 時間 前

    @fire miracle People aren't upset that "NOT ALL CHARACTERS" are lgbt. They're upset that practically *no characters* in mainstream media are lgbt. You're talking as if most characters are already lgbt, and as if people want ALL the characters to be lgbt. It's the exact opposite; almost none are, and some people want some to be

  158. fire miracle

    fire miracle23 時間 前

    Joker exactly. Oh my goodness i still remember how crazy things got when in the 5th season of samurai jack where he kissed a woman, a lot of people got triggered all cuz it has been confirmed that jack is straight... like of my gosh its so dumb that people got mad over that. There's even the catra and adora ship from she-ra... like.... why??? Catra HATES adora! It still hasn't been confirmed if they are lesbians. As much as i agree with the lgbt+ representation, and how it's important to have characters that represents it, NOT ALL CHARACTERS have to be lgbt! Yes there's nothing wrong to have gay characters or lesbians or pansexuals, etc, but it's also not wrong if some characters are straight.

  159. its3quiet

    its3quiet8 日 前

    can you be my president?

  160. Macaron

    Macaron8 日 前

    They really wanna be progressive: Have a gay main character! We wanna see something like Shreks rescuing Fiona scene but the Knight takes off his mask to reveal a girl, and the princess kisses her anyway!

  161. MrAnthonyIII

    MrAnthonyIII5 日 前

    @DeepEye1994 Agreed. Personally I find two men kissing most pleasing to the eye. That's why I ship hot guys. But for real, there is a lot more animosity towards gay males. Even the whole "I'm perfectly fine with gay guys! I just think it's gross and don't want to know about it or see it" is contradictory. It's like someone saying "I'm absolutely not racist! I just don't want to see a film about interracial couples and I think it's gross to see a Black person and a White person kiss"


    SONIC DASH5 日 前

    Progressive = Communism in disguise

  163. Macaron

    Macaron8 日 前

    Fair point I didn’t think about that! About time we have a Disney Prince anyway ^-^

  164. DeepEye1994

    DeepEye19948 日 前

    Have it be two dudes, lesbians already have Steven Universe and other shows and movies, guys are always just two gay dads that do nothing or a background decoration or always try to be as vague as possible. Look, I get that two women kissing are more pleasing to the eye, but that kinda proves that most people deep down still find guys kissing "yucky" and thus avoid it =/ I mean Rise of Skywalker can have two ladies kiss, but not two dudes, let's instead establish that Lando has had intimacy with a (female) robot, that's more acceptable. A solution could be making one of the two dudes more feminine, it's still a guy, but at least visually it's more familiar looking to the wider etero audience, maybe we should take one step at a time, gradually making both masculine or feminine, then eventually we can have two normal looking guys doing the same things a typical romantic couple does in a family film or TV show without any problem.