WINNER - '뜸(Hold)' M/V


  1. Luansenor

    Luansenor7 分 前

    Winner dando tiro certo ! Aposto que o som foi o Mino que colocou melodia

  2. Myr Myr

    Myr Myr時間 前

    Um dos melhores mvs mds

  3. nurul amalia

    nurul amalia2 時間 前

    Everytime I feel down, this mv always be my moodbooster ❤

  4. Neutrino A

    Neutrino A4 時間 前

    위너 애미없음&D짐

  5. Maria Cristine

    Maria Cristine7 時間 前

    Cute 😍😘

  6. j a y

    j a y7 時間 前

    isn’t she suhyun from akmu? i don’t stan akmu but i think that’s her.

  7. Miss Ajwa

    Miss Ajwa7 時間 前

    Yes she is

  8. Gyeoul Evergarden

    Gyeoul Evergarden7 時間 前

    let's watch all winner mvs who's with me??

  9. D S

    D S7 時間 前

    As usual , Bops are being ignored.

  10. Ruang Hati

    Ruang Hati12 時間 前

    That's Ddaeng! BTS , wtf winner

  11. Pika Lou

    Pika Lou5 時間 前

    Omg look who only rely on rumors made by big accounts of their fandom.

  12. BethSpain

    BethSpain6 時間 前

    You're deaf. Thanks for the view

  13. Abril Mayo

    Abril Mayo6 時間 前

    That's Ddeum! WTF ARMY!

  14. Miss Ajwa

    Miss Ajwa9 時間 前

    Are you deaf?

  15. chick wuv

    chick wuv18 時間 前

    Okay so at first i thought they like her but erm nevermind i misunderstood

  16. chick wuv

    chick wuv18 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> THAT FACE OMAIGOD JINU THAT CHEEKS THAT DIMPLE

  17. chick wuv

    chick wuv18 時間 前

    I love yoonie even moreeeee

  18. Nebila Imam

    Nebila Imam20 時間 前

    this is soo funny and cute

  19. Minh Anh Phan

    Minh Anh Phan22 時間 前

    Cutest MV ever💙💙💙

  20. Nfwari

    Nfwari23 時間 前

    I been holding myself not to drop any comment.. but seriously this winner guys too cute in this MV.

  21. 박인써

    박인써23 時間 前

    아직도 재밌어서 계속 보는 중ㅠㅠ

  22. äina7x

    äina7x日 前

    I had my eyes on mino the whole MV.

  23. Venus Ramirez

    Venus Ramirez日 前 fresh and cute🥰

  24. Tasya_ Syaa

    Tasya_ Syaa日 前


  25. Tez Tezo

    Tez Tezo日 前

    Finally a calm pleasant mv refreshes my soul be back soon winner

  26. Devyvy Aust Laseee

    Devyvy Aust Laseee日 前

    Imagine if the winner's members is your brother. wkwk

  27. KangKim SongLee

    KangKim SongLee日 前

    Winner ♡☆♡

  28. wosamie pc

    wosamie pc日 前

    Sorry to say this but on mark <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a>, I can see Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie. Peace! YG stan here

  29. Ano Lo Tam

    Ano Lo Tam日 前

    this was made on my birthday

  30. Shahirah Hasna

    Shahirah Hasna日 前

    *RELATE* because im the only girl in our family. ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  31. Dannya Morales

    Dannya Morales日 前


  32. ji hyuna

    ji hyuna日 前

    y'all sleep on your bed not this song.

  33. Alëxandër Fuentes

    Alëxandër Fuentes日 前


  34. Alëxandër Fuentes

    Alëxandër Fuentes日 前


  35. Pika Lou

    Pika Lou5 時間 前

    Stay pressed hehe

  36. BethSpain

    BethSpain6 時間 前

    Lmao thanks for the view love

  37. 권현빈

    권현빈日 前

    Winner remind me of my brother whenever i got into a relationship

  38. Ela David

    Ela David日 前

    This song deserves more recognition!!!

  39. laura estanislao

    laura estanislao日 前

    amo esta cancion sus voces son hermosas

  40. yessenia hernandez

    yessenia hernandez日 前

    I want brothers like them now

  41. lyrics world

    lyrics world日 前

    The music make me auto sad🤧

  42. Anna Dominique Ojo

    Anna Dominique Ojo日 前

    Aww cutie hyungs

  43. Rabia Yılmaz

    Rabia Yılmaz日 前


  44. Ty Truck. 。゚

    Ty Truck. 。゚日 前


  45. Dylan Wang

    Dylan Wang日 前

    this song is best 2020 for me

  46. Vibodha

    Vibodha日 前

    Only thing good about quarantine is finding good bops like this🥰🥰

  47. seanbnti17

    seanbnti17日 前

    Why this video makes me remember about my childhood with my brother and sisters ?

  48. Jeanette Svobodová

    Jeanette Svobodová日 前

    such a fun song and MV

  49. ainfff

    ainfff2 日 前

    This song so fresh in kpop industry. Stop sleeping in this song. winner deserve better.

  50. 시발놈

    시발놈2 日 前

    ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ여태껏 봤던 뮤비중 깡 담으로 이게 2등이다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. Safe Rehman

    Safe Rehman2 日 前

    I dont usually listen to kpop but this song is perfect with the video, and it just makes me smile the whole way through

  52. Janna

    Janna2 日 前


  53. 김혜지

    김혜지2 日 前

    이수 넘 기여와....♡

  54. 백결이의 연애세포

    백결이의 연애세포2 日 前

    방탄 땡이랑 일팔 일삼 삼팔 땡 그부분이랑 너무 비슷한데 저만그런가요..

  55. 백결이의 연애세포

    백결이의 연애세포日 前

    @시발놈 아.. 그렇군요 감사합니다

  56. 시발놈

    시발놈2 日 前

    방탄 땡도 ikon 벌떼랑 정말 닮은거같아요..

  57. 멀티팬단

    멀티팬단2 日 前

    Why do i remember their reply 1988 parody... Almost kissed namtae haha

  58. miron kmui

    miron kmui2 日 前

    All song winner I like this song n really really

  59. miron kmui

    miron kmui2 日 前

    All song winner I like this song n really really

  60. Alice Cheran

    Alice Cheran2 日 前

    우리는 당신이 그리워요 WINNER♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️

  61. Iris Espinal

    Iris Espinal2 日 前

    alguien va hablar de lo lindo que se ve JINU con sus miradas psicópatas jajajajajaja i love it.

  62. Agathe Allard

    Agathe Allard2 日 前

    Is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> a reference to the movie Parasite?? He really looks like the housekeeper when she comes back to feed her husband!

  63. Yellie Lops

    Yellie Lops2 日 前

    In love with this comment section. If you’re a new stan you’ll be in for a treat, WINNER’s songs are amazing!!

  64. Claire Park

    Claire Park2 日 前

    This is the cutest, funniest, most adorable, and creative MV so far in 2020 for me. AND IT'S A CERTIFIED BOP!!

  65. Nana Mussuly

    Nana Mussuly2 日 前

    Gente, que hino, como assim eu não vi esse vídeo antes???? YG realmente nao sabe administrar eles

  66. 박거꾸로이

    박거꾸로이2 日 前

  67. 박거꾸로이

    박거꾸로이2 日 前

  68. yellow is

    yellow is2 日 前

    i get pissed by just watchin, if my brother ever dare do something like this i would slap so hard in him face, he never ever dare do this again but is actually very fun

  69. dledestine thing

    dledestine thing2 日 前


  70. rea joy namocatcat

    rea joy namocatcat2 日 前

    So cute MV 😍

  71. Jazmín Molina

    Jazmín Molina2 日 前

    Este MV no tiene todo el reconocimiento que se merece ESTE MV ES ARTEE💖

  72. Allia Sa

    Allia Sa2 日 前

    i just watched now.. it was so funny

  73. Guntur Tale

    Guntur Tale3 日 前

    Fix i will stan with this group .. i love them so much


    DESNA KLIM3 日 前

    Lagi kangen

  75. Soso.

    Soso.3 日 前

    This Video is so got aesthetics, a fun story and the Song is pure Gold...Stop sleeping on them!

  76. Sana Minatozaki

    Sana Minatozaki3 日 前

    not a fan but I really like this song and Mino is so cute when he smiles

  77. Sepi Rosmalina

    Sepi Rosmalina3 日 前


  78. Hey Triiirn

    Hey Triiirn3 日 前


  79. jessica lesmana jessi

    jessica lesmana jessi3 日 前

    You like Yoon Mino Jinu Hoony

  80. Apple Tree

    Apple Tree3 日 前

    Miss u guys😞😞😞

  81. Hannah Mae Alan

    Hannah Mae Alan3 日 前

    This song, and WINNER, made me believe that a good KPOP song is not always based on how extreme and complicated the choreography is. The 4 of them are great dancers but they chose to get out of the box and serve Inseos with this a hillarious MV. 😭 This song is a BOP Winner Fighting💙💙💙💙

  82. daisy olivier

    daisy olivier3 日 前


  83. Nicname Maibong

    Nicname Maibong3 日 前


  84. Lhenra Oztonal

    Lhenra Oztonal3 日 前


  85. bouchra ast

    bouchra ast3 日 前

    Sooo cute omg! 😂❤

  86. Kim JW

    Kim JW3 日 前

    Ah i miss u guys

  87. Sofi Martinez

    Sofi Martinez3 日 前

    definitivamente voy a empezar a stannear a winner

  88. Coral Todea

    Coral Todea3 日 前

    I already miss them. Fuck

  89. Rifah Nanjiba

    Rifah Nanjiba3 日 前

    quarantine with your annoying family be like