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Will Smith Used His 'Fresh Prince' Persona as Inspiration for Genie in 'Aladdin'


  1. Formay Youtuv

    Formay Youtuv3 時間 前

    Will smith carried this movie on his back. I was most excited for mena massoud and he was so unbelievably dull. Naomi was great. Not amazin and not horrible. But will completely took the character and transformed it.

  2. willian vs granny w vs g

    willian vs granny w vs g6 時間 前

    Eu gosto mais e da Naomi Scott

  3. Sulaiman abdullah

    Sulaiman abdullah10 時間 前

    will smith did soo good in the movie

  4. Justin B

    Justin B12 時間 前

    I really liked the movie, I’m not going to compare it to other versions, it was good.

  5. Amy Hicks

    Amy Hicks日 前

    I LOVVVED the live version of Aladdin!!! I saw it twice in the theater and will be adding it to my movie collection!!! OMG... I loved the animated movie too but this just blew me away!!! All of you guys were exceptional in the film!!! Thank you so much for an amazing movie!!!!

  6. Megan Walker

    Megan Walker日 前

    As if we needed another reason to love Will Smith 🧞‍♂️ I was skeptical at first but he blew me me away! He made his own version of the character while (imo) staying true to Robin Williams as well

  7. Aishik Ashraf

    Aishik Ashraf日 前

    Nice to see JPreporterr Will Smith coming this far

  8. Aishik Ashraf

    Aishik Ashraf日 前

    Ahh that's hot *that's hot*

  9. Omar Selim

    Omar Selim日 前

    Mina Egyptian broo💪💪💪💖👌👍 God bless u man 🙏

  10. Annie Mae

    Annie Mae日 前

    Love Will Smith

  11. Noor karim fouda

    Noor karim fouda日 前

    I love the film!!!!!! And Mena I am Egyptian too ❤️❤️❤️🎥🎥🎥🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪

  12. Sara Sam

    Sara Sam2 日 前

    Will Smith is so big

  13. Becca Bender

    Becca Bender2 日 前

    Hol up she's english

  14. julia gacha_Life

    julia gacha_Life2 日 前

    I am proud that mena is from my counrty (Egypt)❤

  15. Princess Raima life

    Princess Raima life2 日 前

    Honestly... I feel like priyanka Chopra should of been jasmine But naomi still amazing

  16. Y And z

    Y And z2 日 前

    I love the idea of the film

  17. Monika Ramgopal

    Monika Ramgopal2 日 前

    I love how Will smith gives out the protective dad vibes here to prince Ali and Jasmine 😊

  18. dratelectasis

    dratelectasis3 日 前

    I never disliked Will Smith... Nor did i ever like him... Now I like him. And I love Naomi Scott; seems like a good lay

  19. Yeamelikebeing V_pnotyzed

    Yeamelikebeing V_pnotyzed3 日 前

    luvvv themm 😊😊

  20. Carolina Faria

    Carolina Faria3 日 前

    Cadê os BR??

  21. Zakaria Yash

    Zakaria Yash3 日 前

    I watched Aladdin in cinema Hall today and its was just so legendary! It's a huge recommendation if you're gonna watch any new movies ❤

  22. Marian• WHY DONT WE

    Marian• WHY DONT WE3 日 前

    Lowkey my favorite trio

  23. Jacky Ibarra

    Jacky Ibarra3 日 前

    I love Naomi Scott and Will Smith, Aladdin is my all time favourite Disney princess movie like ughhhhh and Genie was my fav character😢💕

  24. J& J

    J& J3 日 前

    مين عربي هون لايك 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  25. Umaimah Malik

    Umaimah Malik3 日 前

    i love the movie i just love it neowi i love you

  26. SMEGIK 315

    SMEGIK 3154 日 前

    This film was amazing

  27. Nancy Luna

    Nancy Luna4 日 前

    I love the movie sooooooooooooooooooo muchhh

  28. Olimpia G

    Olimpia G4 日 前

    Mena and Naomi are so beautiful but I didn’t feel the chemistry between them in the movie. I think that the directors went for looks and not the connection the actors have.



    Oh man i love the movie ALADDIN!!!

  30. Raps0dia alias Catalina

    Raps0dia alias Catalina4 日 前

    This Friday I'll watch the movie to the cinema for the 3rd time 'CAUSE I LOVED IT.

  31. misun lim

    misun lim4 日 前

    Mena's voice is really good.

  32. ChangH Kim

    ChangH Kim4 日 前

    I like Will Smith. He is great. From Korea.

  33. Gessa Melencion

    Gessa Melencion4 日 前

    Black beauties❤luv u bothhh

  34. Kendra Oceans

    Kendra Oceans5 日 前

    Will smith needs his own damm red table talk🙌 i didnt want it to end😂😂🤷‍♀️

  35. why are you reading my comment ?

    why are you reading my comment ?5 日 前

    I just watched the movie it was great 👌

  36. Brianna Sanchez

    Brianna Sanchez5 日 前

    Will did an incredible job with the role of genie I was so impressed and love every second of it

  37. Shauna C.

    Shauna C.5 日 前

    I love this movie. I saw it twice.

  38. Izzul Kamal

    Izzul Kamal5 日 前

    Mena ❤️✨

  39. Gergő Koós

    Gergő Koós5 日 前

    I think Will made an awesome job. The best about it that Will Smith didn't copied Robin. He did in his own style. Robin Willians would be proud.

  40. itsmesloth Dia

    itsmesloth Dia5 日 前

    umm excuse me... Naomi is so gorgeous 💓

  41. Maria Henen

    Maria Henen5 日 前

    Okay so ... now i am really glad i am egyptian cause dang mena is HOT

  42. Alexandra Antoun

    Alexandra Antoun4 日 前

    Yeaahh, me too and I'm proud of him :)

  43. Songül Denizer

    Songül Denizer5 日 前

    Yoo that guy that played Aladdin is cute tho 😍 🚫🧢

  44. Rumaisa Mustafa

    Rumaisa Mustafa5 日 前

    look at the pretty menaaa n his vibrant smile god his face could literally fix moods

  45. Kawaii Panda!

    Kawaii Panda!6 日 前


  46. iara nallim

    iara nallim6 日 前

    love this cast😍

  47. Maria S.

    Maria S.6 日 前


  48. irvin

    irvin6 日 前

    I love your book about Aladdin

  49. irvin

    irvin6 日 前

    I like your movie

  50. Yaz A

    Yaz A6 日 前

    My nephew auditioned for the Aladdin role.

  51. Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher6 日 前

    Prince Ali nd Speechless Are The Best Songs ❤️😘

  52. Wilson Borromeo

    Wilson Borromeo6 日 前

    Naomi Scott-Jasmine- Alladin 2019 Mena Massoud-Alladin-Alladin 2019 Will Smith-Genie-Alladin 2019

  53. Keep it Random

    Keep it Random6 日 前

    I think part of what made this movie great is how much all the actors love each other, they have such amazing chemistry on and off screen



    Aladdin is funny too, We've got jams!😂 What prince says he's got jams😂😂



    Will Smits the best😂😂

  56. ZXR Elite

    ZXR Elite6 日 前

    Okay so Aladdin kissed his sister??!?!?

  57. Anseea Alai

    Anseea Alai6 日 前

    You are amazing 💕

  58. ✦InfiniteLoveForSJ✦

    ✦InfiniteLoveForSJ✦6 日 前


  59. taehyung’s cute taeger

    taehyung’s cute taeger6 日 前

    Mena: i hope you liked the film! me: YES! I like you- uh oh i slipped.

  60. Jan Jan

    Jan Jan6 日 前

    This movie has really inspired me

  61. Baby Taz

    Baby Taz7 日 前

    Naomi tho bae😍

  62. Juju bee

    Juju bee7 日 前

    That mimicking cough I'm sorry but I had to screen record that because that was amazing😂😂😂

  63. BorEdZz

    BorEdZz5 日 前

    Juju bee I know I laughed sooooo hard. Laughed till I fell from the couch to the floor. Had to watch it multiple times

  64. Lois Loves Cheese

    Lois Loves Cheese7 日 前


  65. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB7 日 前

    3:20 oof

  66. TheDimondBow// TLB

    TheDimondBow// TLB7 日 前


  67. Ghena forever

    Ghena forever7 日 前

    I love the movie soo much and it is my favorite movie

  68. Lxveyyu x

    Lxveyyu x7 日 前

    Mena is so cutee, i just wanna cuddle him and protecc himm

  69. Amber Milsap

    Amber Milsap7 日 前

    I love the movie!!!

  70. Luz Medina

    Luz Medina7 日 前

    The movie you guys filmed is my favorite movie

  71. Juan Acevedo

    Juan Acevedo7 日 前

    Didn’t do Aladdin justice

  72. Hlla Emad

    Hlla Emad7 日 前

    I just watched it and it was amazing

  73. tangled Toram

    tangled Toram7 日 前

    Mena: im the most handsome curly hair Bruno Mars: hold my guitar

  74. gacha Qyana

    gacha Qyana7 日 前

    Mena and will rocked it and naomi

  75. Jessy R

    Jessy R7 日 前

    I recently went to see it and the theatre was still full and it was a beautifully well done movie. 10/10

  76. Aizah Asad

    Aizah Asad7 日 前

    i love it i want to watch it again



    Will Smith is such a humble guy

  78. Damn Dog

    Damn Dog7 日 前

    Nice to see Ellen on Will’s show.

  79. eleyna wood

    eleyna wood8 日 前


  80. christy sung

    christy sung8 日 前

    Love mena!!!

  81. Avanicky Vlogs

    Avanicky Vlogs8 日 前

    Ive already Seen Aladin 3 times 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Khyra A

    Khyra A8 日 前

    Love ❤️ this movie

  83. Kaidence Marie

    Kaidence Marie8 日 前

    I just went to the movies to watch this last night!!!!!

  84. Dorothy Christi

    Dorothy Christi8 日 前

    I watched the movie 4 times hahahahaha maybe the 5th time will come

  85. fxcklove

    fxcklove8 日 前

    she reminds me of millie bobby brown

  86. Kailee Gutierrez

    Kailee Gutierrez8 日 前

    Will smith is so awesome and just like humbled and just such an angle 😁:)💛

  87. maricel lagaran

    maricel lagaran8 日 前

    😂😂😂 dying here! 🤣🤣🤣

  88. xXPlant FriendXx

    xXPlant FriendXx8 日 前

    This is no joke the best movie everrrrr!!!

  89. lubna 234

    lubna 2348 日 前

    I live in kit's and didn't see him, what a luck

  90. Sylviana Banana

    Sylviana Banana8 日 前


  91. Suzana J.

    Suzana J.8 日 前

    Am I the only one who remembers her from Lemonade Mouth??? 😮

  92. Liz Goraieb

    Liz Goraieb8 日 前

    I love will smith he is sooooooo funny

  93. Mia E

    Mia E8 日 前

    Mena and noami look perfect together in real life like in the stroy but i under stand she married 😢😂will smith is destiny to be the genie and s fan b love the ellen show

  94. Simplejen Simplejen21

    Simplejen Simplejen218 日 前


  95. Zombly_acapolyspe

    Zombly_acapolyspe8 日 前

    Am I the ONLY one who remembers Naomi from Lemonade Mouth?

  96. serendipity 222

    serendipity 2228 日 前

    Among all Will's outfit is my taste... fancy pink♡♡

  97. ZuuZ Sh.

    ZuuZ Sh.9 日 前

    الله يحفظ ملك و ملكة الأردن ويديم عليهم نعمة الأمان آمين

  98. ZuuZ Sh.

    ZuuZ Sh.9 日 前

    Viva Jordan 🇯🇴

  99. Stephany Mariah

    Stephany Mariah9 日 前

    There are both so beautiful they look good together 😉

  100. Hanadi Hussein

    Hanadi Hussein9 日 前

    The movie is bomb and I love the actors!!❤️❤️❤️

  101. R N

    R N9 日 前

    Loved the movie!!!

  102. Xia Fil-Am the Goddess

    Xia Fil-Am the Goddess9 日 前

    Me and my son did watched the movie and we love it.

  103. Brianna Simone

    Brianna Simone9 日 前

    Im about to go see it today ! 😂