Will Smith Used His 'Fresh Prince' Persona as Inspiration for Genie in 'Aladdin'


  1. Ahmed Ibrahem

    Ahmed Ibrahem9 時間 前

    Mena the son of egypt 💙🔥♡

  2. Nuha Ahmed

    Nuha Ahmed22 時間 前

    Who else thinks that Aladdin look like Michael Jackson a bit

  3. April James

    April James2 日 前

    Will Smith is the guy

  4. combatmaster

    combatmaster2 日 前

    The dancing after it says "The End" on Aladdin reminded me of Will's movie Hitch.

  5. macmusikpro

    macmusikpro4 日 前

    I miss Robin. And the Jafar in this movie is not evil enough.

  6. Auro 82

    Auro 825 日 前

    “I cannot wait till all of your daughters get to see the princess Jasmine that Naomi created” FINALLY A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE IMPORTANCE OF STRONG FEMALE FIGURES IN DISNEY MOVIES, LOVE YOU WILL💖

  7. Random gacha or maybe not

    Random gacha or maybe not6 日 前

    Will Smith give all his respect Robin Williams

  8. Ilovedoggie tsia

    Ilovedoggie tsia7 日 前

    That Will Smith is too much lol. How he stays so humble and kind and down to earth is surreal. He was America to me. Lol. I watch Fresh Prince for the majority of my early adult life. I love Will

  9. Funtime Kayla

    Funtime Kayla7 日 前

    Ahh thats hot😁

  10. fessells ahmed

    fessells ahmed9 日 前

    None of them are Iranian

  11. lover SDS

    lover SDS11 日 前

    I loved this movie so so much 😍😍😍😍

  12. Puppy Luv123

    Puppy Luv12311 日 前


  13. Gourav Paul

    Gourav Paul14 日 前

    Will Smith born to be the Genie in The Aladdin 2019. Will Smith (genie) was on fire;)

  14. Arianna Holmes

    Arianna Holmes15 日 前

    I loved the film

  15. Oscar

    Oscar15 日 前

    Will Smith = 👍👍👍

  16. Reena Singh

    Reena Singh16 日 前

    Ah I'm crushing on all of them at the same time!! Is that possible!? Such wonderful perosnalities 🤩

  17. tecknos africa

    tecknos africa16 日 前

    when was this video recorded ? Will smith looks younger though he is in early 50's , one can tell he is the great brother of Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott

  18. 花樣年華

    花樣年華17 日 前

    im in love with Naomi omg 😍

  19. kAlzy

    kAlzy17 日 前

    Mena lookin good ye but Scott is on a different level 😍😍

  20. Barbarian Rage

    Barbarian Rage17 日 前

    Robin Williams smashed that genie role.....but Will Smith demolished it!!!

  21. angela 5234

    angela 523418 日 前

    nah man

  22. Games and Colors

    Games and Colors18 日 前

    That was funny will imitating Ellen coughing

  23. 선바님의선글라스

    선바님의선글라스19 日 前

    Love Will smith always lol

  24. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Maria Rinta-Rahko21 日 前

    They all slayed it on the movie and i love Naomi's accent.

  25. Adama Mansaray

    Adama Mansaray21 日 前


  26. Disney65Fan

    Disney65Fan21 日 前

    Libra will smith Virgo mena massoud Taurus Naomi Scott Love these guys

  27. Tommy Anderson

    Tommy Anderson21 日 前

    Amazing movie

  28. ꧁༺Yuki Choi༻꧂

    ꧁༺Yuki Choi༻꧂21 日 前

    Will smith should meet bts

  29. Adel ASCHI

    Adel ASCHI22 日 前

    Like the film

  30. حكايات واساطير

    حكايات واساطير22 日 前

    Mena is Egyptian 🥰

  31. Marites Salan

    Marites Salan22 日 前

    Bruh Prince Ali mighty is he? Lol god is mightier

  32. rangika fernando

    rangika fernando23 日 前

    Nice movie i love it ❤

  33. Nathan Haskenhoff

    Nathan Haskenhoff24 日 前

    He does that for literally every role he’s had

  34. vvenom 50

    vvenom 5025 日 前

    Naomi scott is so cute..

  35. Sarah Fernandes

    Sarah Fernandes25 日 前

    How beautiful they are 😍

  36. Dygna Soleil

    Dygna Soleil25 日 前

    Isn't Ellen honestly the cutest????

  37. Dygna Soleil

    Dygna Soleil25 日 前

    I'm here after watching the movie

  38. Game Zone V

    Game Zone V25 日 前

    If Ellen join the movie. *ALADDIN* I got a real tittle ELLEN-DIN

  39. Lara Cot

    Lara Cot25 日 前

    Game Zone V 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  40. Humble PhoeniXx

    Humble PhoeniXx25 日 前

    Will to be honest with you, Robin would have been proud. And at that you both put your own into the song and genie. ❤️ No one could have done it better than the both of you. 💯

  41. Saleem Haider

    Saleem Haider25 日 前

    Will smith deserve oscar on that movie character

  42. Tyler Dinky Doo Amusement Madness Fun 123

    Tyler Dinky Doo Amusement Madness Fun 12326 日 前

    Will Smith did a really great job as Genie! As well as Robin Williams too!

  43. Re Zero

    Re Zero26 日 前


  44. Rohit Shinde

    Rohit Shinde26 日 前

    OMG Naomi Scott is so beautiful and amazing. No one would've done better role than her.

  45. Percy Perera

    Percy Perera26 日 前

    Will Smith is born to be genie 🎉🎉🎉

  46. Essam Saeed

    Essam Saeed26 日 前


  47. Zeinab Akram

    Zeinab Akram27 日 前

    I'm a proud of being an Egyptian because of mena .. he is so talented and awesome young man .. great job

  48. King Flippy Nips

    King Flippy Nips27 日 前

    "Will Smith Used His 'Fresh Prince' Persona as Inspiration for Genie in 'Aladdin'" you mean just like he does for every single comedic role he has ever played?

  49. co -killer

    co -killer27 日 前

    Boys Will Smith is theee bestttttt!!

  50. Andrea Cadena

    Andrea Cadena27 日 前

    Loved will since fresh prince

  51. Hazel Felzie

    Hazel Felzie27 日 前

    Hahahaha...will Smith is the humble actor I even know since...he so down to earth...any actor and actress will work with him so lucky!

  52. shoaib ali

    shoaib ali27 日 前

    naomi scott was the perfect choice for jasmine because of her indian descent...The real jasmine in the story and agrabah city also had indian connection....So happy for the success of this film.

  53. Tharek Ali

    Tharek Ali27 日 前

    Will smith is a good actor.

  54. Abu Almaaliki

    Abu Almaaliki27 日 前

    Mena has the same last name as my mum family( massoud)

  55. Flipbook Boi

    Flipbook Boi27 日 前

    *YA NAW*

  56. Julia Vistorovskaya

    Julia Vistorovskaya27 日 前

    God took his time with Mena

  57. Shrefh Algotily

    Shrefh Algotily28 日 前

    اكو عرب بالطياره

  58. Indah Wiraraja

    Indah Wiraraja28 日 前

    Meena... OMg ur voice so sexy

  59. Fiza Thalhan

    Fiza Thalhan28 日 前

    Will needs his own bloody talk show😘😘😘

  60. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar29 日 前

    The goodness of the man shines through. A great actor and entertainer

  61. Naya Kabrit

    Naya Kabritヶ月 前

    Will Smith was born to be famous, and btw its the one time someone makes me laugh more than Ellen on the show😂