Will Smith - Prince Ali (From "Aladdin")


  1. x jamila

    x jamila11 分 前

    omg imagine belly dancing like that *small youtuber trying to grow*

  2. Fishy Fishy

    Fishy Fishy時間 前

    People that say the live action is bad, are just jealous they didn’t have such good films and quality in their childhood

  3. M / E / M / I / O / U / S

    M / E / M / I / O / U / S時間 前

    aH tHaTs hOt

  4. Hyein Jin

    Hyein Jin2 時間 前

    흥의 민족이 질 수 없지 👑프린스🤴알리~~🤴🏽 빼뷸러스🎤 히🐒 알리🧞‍♂️ 🕍아바브와🏛🧞‍♀️🧖🏽‍♂️ 쑈썸뤼수풱! 🙈🕺🏽뽀이쨰뉴뿔랙!🙉 돠운온원니~~🔊🐫🐘나우 트롸 유어 베슽 투 스테이 캄🎶 브러슈압 유와 Fㅜ롸이데이 쌀람~~🐒 덴 컴앤 밑앤 스퐥택큘러 코토뤼🎵🎤 푸륀스👑알뤼🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️ 마이리 이스 히🤴 알리 아봐부와🐵 스트롱 에스 텐!!🎧 뤠귤러 뭰!!!🕺🏽 데Fㅟ닡리~~~🔈🐘🐫 히스 Fㅞ이스더 갤로퓡 혿✨ 어 헌두뤧 밷 가이스윋 스웙t🍇🍶 후 센도스 군스 델 롣s??🤸🏼‍♂️🏵 와이🤷🏽‍♀️ 푸릔스👑 알리🤴📣

  5. Godwinf Mumho

    Godwinf Mumho2 時間 前

    l love this but l love him more in action

  6. Jug Head

    Jug Head2 時間 前

    i legit thought this movie would be the flop of 2019 man was i wrong

  7. Soma Ahmed

    Soma Ahmed2 時間 前

    Please put subtitle

  8. - Juniper - UwU

    - Juniper - UwU4 時間 前

    when it said 100 bad guys with swords , Me : Will they attack them? >:O

  9. A Teacher who Games

    A Teacher who Games4 時間 前

    No wonder all the downvotes. I wanted to see Will Smith dressed in drag like the original at 2:13!

  10. كلو ي

    كلو ي4 時間 前

    امم من عربي؟؟

  11. Myah Solomon

    Myah Solomon5 時間 前

    My dumbass thought that was Cameron Boyce when I clicked on it

  12. Dua Ali

    Dua Ali5 時間 前

    He's like your bestfriend hooking you up with your crush

  13. Shubham Sarkate

    Shubham Sarkate6 時間 前

    Many people criticized Will Smith's role for genie even before watching movies. Only those people criticized Will who were racist.

  14. m khairi

    m khairi7 時間 前

    I watch this at whole movie i like it

  15. •Dixie's world :D•

    •Dixie's world :D•8 時間 前

    I realized I got it on 2x I was like why is it so fast 🤠😂

  16. 3T3RNL

    3T3RNL9 時間 前


  17. Revy M. Bation

    Revy M. Bation9 時間 前

    Even after experiencing his life full of shit, he still is one of the best actor in the world. We love you Wil :((

  18. Ruben Avila

    Ruben Avila9 時間 前

    Damn I be warering a god damn towel like a turban to this song

  19. Dr Shyho

    Dr Shyho9 時間 前


  20. jarryd world

    jarryd world10 時間 前

    Say what you want this was 1000 times better than the cartoon version.

  21. Dan Hitchman

    Dan Hitchman10 時間 前

    I have nothing against Will Smith, but he was put in an untenable position in the role of the Genie. Robin Williams ran circles around him as the original Genie. No one could fill those giant slippers.

  22. Damiano Condello

    Damiano Condello11 時間 前

    Prince ali! Entangle me! Ali Ababua!

  23. زهرة

    زهرة12 時間 前

    No matter how time I hear it in English I still miss the Arabic/Egypt’s ver jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-4pqyWAYofsE.html

  24. บริษัท เน็ตCWรุ่น3

    บริษัท เน็ตCWรุ่น312 時間 前


  25. Shahril Azmir

    Shahril Azmir12 時間 前

    Every man needs a wing guy like this!

  26. Shaunz

    Shaunz12 時間 前

    Genie: Heard your princes was HOT! Princess: *rolls eyes and walks away*

  27. Sammy Williams

    Sammy Williams12 時間 前

    When you lie on your resume

  28. Petrus Steele

    Petrus Steele13 時間 前

    Bollywood movie + Will Smith

  29. 뽀요요뽀요요

    뽀요요뽀요요13 時間 前

    알라딘을 지니에게 말헸다 돈내놔

  30. Karly Horse lover

    Karly Horse lover13 時間 前

    Hi random Person Scrolling through The comments And not watching The vidieo

  31. Kiz Wiz

    Kiz Wiz13 時間 前

    I love this song

  32. Mia Skeleton

    Mia Skeleton14 時間 前

    Now this is a story, all about how My life got flipped, turned upside-down... Ops, wrong music.

  33. Lord Torbjorn

    Lord Torbjorn15 時間 前

    Will didint had even half of the talent of signing that the original Genie had RIP he kept bringing the song to tha hood gross

  34. Suçons

    Suçons15 時間 前

    It feels like no one had any energy during this film. Like in any scene you could replace the dialogue with a grocery list and the acting would support it

  35. Kai Ballo

    Kai Ballo17 時間 前

    The original was way better. No one can sing this better than Robin Williams. Robin Williams played the genie better than Will Smith. Robin Williams would cry in pain watching this.

  36. phoebe bonner

    phoebe bonner18 時間 前

    That beat drop killed me off

  37. Dumisile nhlengethwa

    Dumisile nhlengethwa19 時間 前


  38. Ali Alkhudhur

    Ali Alkhudhur21 時間 前

    This song always makes me smile ... for no particular reason :D

  39. MyLifeAsMom

    MyLifeAsMom21 時間 前

    This part its really satisfying to watch the dresses it so colorful

  40. Python Plays

    Python Plays21 時間 前

    Let’s have f’s in the chat for will smith

  41. a c

    a c日 前

    The original version: "Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see..." Will Smith: "Heard your pincess was HOT where is she..."

  42. Coby,s Videos

    Coby,s Videos日 前

    Princ Ali Ali Ali Ali Alain’s alaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  43. 라에유튜브

    라에유튜브日 前

  44. Joanie Michelle Roldan Moreno

    Joanie Michelle Roldan Moreno日 前

    I like it. So cool 😎.

  45. Tricia Van Andler

    Tricia Van Andler日 前

    I eat poop

  46. Mirna Hugo

    Mirna Hugo日 前

    The best of Disney 👍❤❤❤❤🥰😘💐🌺⚘🌷🌹🎈

  47. Russ menizabal

    Russ menizabal日 前

    Genie: hes got 75 golden camels Jasmine's Friend: OooOooO~ he's dang rich Jassy

  48. Aneesh Roghaan

    Aneesh Roghaan日 前

    2:57 That's Will Smith right there!

  49. Stephen Mwana

    Stephen Mwana日 前

    Will Smith my man! You don't deserve what Jada did to you. You deserve better.

  50. Hash

    Hash日 前

    7.3k comments if you find mine your are a legend, plz sub

  51. Naba Barman

    Naba Barman日 前

    It actually one of the best parts of the movie

  52. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa日 前

    Mrs circus Cinderella jones

  53. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa日 前

    Or else no more CS50 or MIT or Maryland.org the pentagon you idiot shut up ok #robzahra

  54. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa日 前

    So accept my PASS application my lesbian thespian love affair with HBS 2015

  55. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa日 前

    Again this a supercharge economy

  56. Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa

    Baghya Samanthi Jinadasa日 前

    Rob Zahara

  57. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien日 前

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  58. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien日 前

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  59. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien日 前

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  60. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien日 前

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  61. michelle Nour jasmien

    michelle Nour jasmien日 前

    AnisaSuwendyJelangSore18des07021.jpg, AnisaSuwendyJelangSore18des07020.jpg

  62. 7 ELITE

    7 ELITE日 前

    Mansa musa : am i a joke to you?

  63. Alisha Hasan(Student)

    Alisha Hasan(Student)日 前

    i really like this song

  64. Kenneth James

    Kenneth James日 前

    Will Smith doesn't deserve his spoiled family. Always take care of your self Mr.Will Smith.❤

  65. Amanpreet Singh

    Amanpreet Singh日 前


  66. Yoyo Yoyoyoyo

    Yoyo Yoyoyoyo日 前

    Looks like he got into an entanglement.

  67. SiimplyZ Rose

    SiimplyZ Rose日 前

    Me: tells my friends who my crush is My friends: goes and tell crush Me: mad but i knew i was making a ridiculous chose telling them but i was fine with it kinda And then there's genie Genie: makes Aladdin's crush public for all

  68. Ah ha ha

    Ah ha ha日 前

    Y’all cannot deny the change of the beat was fire 3:12

  69. Suman Das

    Suman Das日 前


  70. Ka Koi

    Ka Koi日 前

    Disney forgot to paint will Smith to be blue tho.

  71. Rockin Blaze

    Rockin Blaze日 前

    I thought this was going to be a disappointment... I'm glad I was wrong.

  72. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma日 前

    ngl Will was my favorite part of this movie

  73. Dr. Apollo

    Dr. Apollo日 前

    So they just merged Arabian and Indian culture into one thing. K.

  74. Layla Catchum

    Layla Catchum日 前

    Nobody. Not Aladdin. Not a person randomly in the crowd. Will Smith : HEarD YoUR PrINCess WaS HAwT.

  75. Duke Of Coxinhas

    Duke Of Coxinhas日 前

    F Bel Air

  76. Dude Geeks

    Dude Geeks日 前

    Okay there's only one way good way to watch this and it's at 1.25x speed. It's more energetic and fast like the original one. And I think this should of been more of a spectacle. Show alot of the stunts and choreography. And hey there's CGI. Have Aladdin do something besides looking awkward and do nothing. Have Genie poof him muscles whenever Genie says he's strong as ten men, have him stand up when the lyrics about the 100 bad guys with swords, and just make him do something. Other then that it was a pretty decent rendition of Prince Ali. And TBH I did enjoy the beat more in this one then the OG. So put the beat from this and edit it to go with the cartoon. Classic!

  77. ZachMaster97

    ZachMaster97日 前

    2:20 - 2:27, a camera move like that is something you should expect from a Guy Ritchie movie.

  78. William Larrick

    William Larrick日 前


  79. Isha Raj

    Isha Raj日 前

    JPreporter is so sneaky recommending this to me after Will Smith's wife's cheating scandal

  80. ッALADDIN

    ッALADDIN日 前

    Prince ali and Aladdin and saladdin and so much more 💪🇮🇶❤👑 IRAQ

  81. Isis Lewis

    Isis Lewis日 前

    I couldn't help but laugh at "I heard yo princess was HAWT! where is she?" but when I looked up the lyrics for it, it originally said "I heard your princess was a lovely sight to see"

  82. Stick figure

    Stick figure日 前

    They should've gotten Queen Latifa to play the female Genie.

  83. Robin Howe

    Robin Howe日 前

    I am very pleased on how this Movie turned out.......... Will Smith played the Genie role very well ...... An all time favorite movie for all ages ......

  84. Brenda Mina

    Brenda Mina日 前

    Love Prince Ali and Love Aladin

  85. Rebeccah *

    Rebeccah *日 前

    Jasmine: So you're not really a prince Aladdin: I... Had an entanglement with... The genie