Will Smith hosts Meme Review


  1. Jaisal Kothari

    Jaisal Kothari時間 前

    Guys, petition for Mars rover to host meme review 👏👏

  2. Holzi

    Holzi時間 前

    Me: sees elon musk hosting meme review Also me: throws smartphone through the room out of excitment This meme: dies even further

  3. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah時間 前

    JPreporter is now demonizing videos based on the comments. Let's use this feature to defeat Tseries!

  4. Benjamin Johnsen

    Benjamin Johnsen時間 前


  5. Aditya_A2105

    Aditya_A2105時間 前

    JPreporter-* sees Will Smith on thumbnail* #1 on trending Felix- PSYCH!

  6. Jay Rathod

    Jay Rathod時間 前

    Spins wheel downward.. wheel spins upward.. . . . CONFIRMED

  7. MisscookieGacha Studio

    MisscookieGacha Studio時間 前

    WaVe ChEcK

  8. Connor GT

    Connor GT時間 前

    I was waiting for elon to clap and say next meme :(

  9. Rohan Ghaisas

    Rohan Ghaisas時間 前


  10. Yellow fruit

    Yellow fruit時間 前

    Who invited pickle rick

  11. Sir Watzhizface

    Sir Watzhizface時間 前

    Thanks Elon and Justin, very cool 👌

  12. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord時間 前

    I can finally die peacefully now that Elon has hosted meme review... But he should've clapped his hands and said 👏👏Next Meme👏👏

  13. The Punishers

    The Punishers時間 前

    The like button is broken the dislike button works fine😉

  14. imprisoned mindz

    imprisoned mindz時間 前

    FINALLY! Elon-chan

  15. Shawn Romwell

    Shawn Romwell時間 前


  16. 13akii

    13akii時間 前


  17. Cassandra Sybel

    Cassandra Sybel時間 前

    1# on trending.

  18. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast時間 前

    M Me Mem Meme Meme R Meme Re Meme Rev Meme Revi Meme Revie Meme Review Meme Revie Meme Revi Meme Rev Meme Re Meme R Meme Mem Me M

  19. Anderson Maciel

    Anderson Maciel時間 前

    Tô aqui pelo Windersson

  20. it's me ashbeel

    it's me ashbeel時間 前

    pewdiepie please dont punish me by making me watching Elone Musk host meme review

  21. wilko

    wilko時間 前

    Jesus fucking christ I love Elon Musk

  22. Jeffrey Wong

    Jeffrey Wong時間 前

    Best meme review

  23. Ali107

    Ali107時間 前

    *Next up, Tekashi69*

  24. x x

    x x時間 前

    Do u think UFO SPACCEE SHIPPPPSSSSSS!!!!! are just giant OREOS or nah?

  25. Episca

    Episca時間 前

    i love that rick morty man and tesla man did this episode of pew news

  26. indie rose

    indie rose時間 前

    damn elon really likes animals dying in pools 😂😂

  27. Zephy

    Zephy時間 前

    Elon: *assumes deer is fake* haha wait is that real? *literally bursts out laughing*

  28. NameAbetterCollabthan X AND SKI

    NameAbetterCollabthan X AND SKI時間 前

    Get Michael Jackson to host the next 👏 MEME REVIEW

  29. Rohit Redemption

    Rohit Redemption時間 前

    #40 Trending in India!

  30. Void Run

    Void Run時間 前

    It's actually pronounced Alaah - Deen I think..

  31. K j

    K j時間 前

    Daggum man number 1 on TRENDING

  32. Tsudeki

    Tsudeki時間 前

    please. let pewdiepie reach 100 mil subs first

  33. Heyran Umudova

    Heyran Umudova時間 前

    I wanted to see Elon react to Elon Musk related memes not just the random ones

  34. Lazar Petrovic

    Lazar Petrovic時間 前

    14:14 can the guy just go am seriously angry what the frack

  35. Jonn 05

    Jonn 05時間 前

    *When I Grow Up I want to host MEME Review*

  36. BooshButters

    BooshButters時間 前

    # 1 ON TRENDING!

  37. Sheldon Gunby

    Sheldon Gunby時間 前

    *JPreporter* - _Sees Will Smith in the Title of a Popular JPreporterr's Latest Upload_ *JPreporter* - *"Trend that Non Elon Musk shit right now"*

  38. CLOSE1 Rocket League

    CLOSE1 Rocket League時間 前

    Elon shouldve flew to pewds

  39. Krishna Karthikeyan

    Krishna Karthikeyan時間 前

    Did I just get clickbaited

  40. T R U H

    T R U H時間 前

    People are really overacting with the alladin thing. It’s just because he’s black.

  41. Ian Perry

    Ian Perry時間 前

    Bro Elon’s laugh is great he’s so charismatic

  42. Kat Min

    Kat Min時間 前

    Elon laughing at dead deer meme. Elon finds out it’s a real dead deer. Elon laughs harder at real dead deer. Elon mentally scores it 10/10

  43. Eillyboo

    Eillyboo時間 前

    pewds is #1 on trending, youtube is either broken or was ambushed by 9 year olds.

  44. XetaSphere

    XetaSphere時間 前

    The fact that Pewds actually rated the first meme with a number, 10/10 was a dead giveaway Elon was in meme review

  45. Amalie Skarseth

    Amalie Skarseth時間 前


  46. Da Bomb

    Da Bomb時間 前

    #1 on trending

  47. Leo DeCarlo

    Leo DeCarlo時間 前


  48. Dani Rizki

    Dani Rizki時間 前

    "Mars Opportunity ROOVER"

  49. Wyatt B

    Wyatt B時間 前

    Just here for Elon? 13:20

  50. GUG4 !!!

    GUG4 !!!時間 前

    #1 on trending JPreporter must be stupid :d

  51. Ryszard Janku

    Ryszard Janku時間 前


  52. Alvin Blacky Aria Anak Soleha

    Alvin Blacky Aria Anak Soleha時間 前

    10:30 :(

  53. Morlovea Andrei

    Morlovea Andrei時間 前

    whaaat?? not trending ?? what the fuuck :))

  54. Shark_Burritos

    Shark_Burritos時間 前


  55. Joey N

    Joey N時間 前

    Elon musk really is the hero we need but don’t deserve. His laughter at memes of himself are what will keep the meme community alive. Salute him, gamers.

  56. Big bad wolf

    Big bad wolf時間 前


  57. Snaps

    Snaps時間 前

    You trying to do a collab?❄

  58. Aston Looker

    Aston Looker時間 前


  59. Putra Baskoro

    Putra Baskoro時間 前

    #1 TRENDING Yay

  60. Maddie A

    Maddie A時間 前


  61. Cody Gaskell

    Cody Gaskell時間 前

    Who invited Justin Roiland? We wanted Elon musk in pews studio. Next we need to demand that Elon musk hosts pew news

  62. Pelep Jan

    Pelep Jan時間 前

    I can now die in peace

  63. will mccune

    will mccune時間 前

    sadly underwhelming

  64. Fattoria Slimes

    Fattoria Slimes時間 前


  65. Angus Meller

    Angus Meller時間 前

    Has anyone seen this guy who pronounces Pokemon names wrong? It’s so funny.

  66. 9 year old epic gamer soldier

    9 year old epic gamer soldier時間 前

    Sadly like half of these were pretty bad like i can easily find better memes right under Elon's tweets.

  67. Emiliano Reyes Nogueira

    Emiliano Reyes Nogueira時間 前


  68. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton時間 前


  69. Sad EinMeister

    Sad EinMeister時間 前

    I have never clicked on a video faster in my life

  70. zha zam

    zha zam時間 前


  71. Void Run

    Void Run時間 前

    RIP xxxtentacion

  72. Depressed Pilot

    Depressed Pilot時間 前

    What the Hell, I just watched a Billionaire that sends Teslas to space laugh at memes. *This is the best timeline.*

  73. Amber Hibrant

    Amber Hibrant時間 前

    I could listen to him say Roooooover for eternity.

  74. Remonize

    Remonize時間 前

    number 1 trending

  75. Maximillian Mus

    Maximillian Mus時間 前

    Who is Elon musk

  76. Pwned By A Cat

    Pwned By A Cat時間 前

    Where's Mr.Beast? He needs to buy something expensive...

  77. prod. Refault

    prod. Refault時間 前

    I love how Elon was just laughing his ass off at the deer while Justin actually seemed concerned.

  78. Jesper Skjøtt

    Jesper Skjøtt時間 前

    T-series👎 PewDiePie👍

  79. Arc

    Arc時間 前

    Holy frick

  80. Budget Gamer

    Budget Gamer時間 前

    LTT said it would be nice if you showed up in his event

  81. Caolán Regan

    Caolán Regan時間 前

    Every Wheel of Fortune turn it spins the opposite way Pewds, that's pretty great lol

  82. Cash Channel

    Cash Channel時間 前

    This is number one on trendy youtube did an oopsie

  83. McFetus

    McFetus時間 前

    we have gotten, ben shapiro, elon musk, and Justin roilands on the show, we need everyone

  84. KDSM

    KDSM時間 前

    This was #30 trending for some reason My fellow Asians is probably siding with t series

  85. Rafael Tagalag

    Rafael Tagalag時間 前

    I laughed every single time Elon laughs

  86. Kevin Lozada

    Kevin Lozada時間 前

    Finally on trending

  87. Gael Guzman

    Gael Guzman時間 前


  88. Terraria_master7

    Terraria_master7時間 前

    They couldve given them better memes smh

  89. Cameron Gibb

    Cameron Gibb時間 前

    Post Malusk

  90. DÆMON

    DÆMON時間 前


  91. Mr1makkawi

    Mr1makkawi時間 前

    this video is Overrated af

  92. Fangs Crew

    Fangs Crew時間 前

    LET MEE IN (Pewdepie S next video)

  93. sister shooketh

    sister shooketh時間 前


  94. racso nation

    racso nation時間 前


  95. Blayde Massam

    Blayde Massam時間 前

    Who even is that guy with Elon He ruined it and made it cringe Explaining the obvious in all the memes Like shutup dude just let our hero Elon review them he knows what’s up I call for encore Elon and pewds together doing meme review In the same room ! Like if you agree

  96. Ölüm Ateşi

    Ölüm Ateşi時間 前

    Thank you Elon Musk

  97. nevermind im a human

    nevermind im a human時間 前

    Can u put it in your lil 9 year old's brain again to not disgrace and attack india?

  98. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.時間 前


  99. Eine einzige Produktplazierung

    Eine einzige Produktplazierung時間 前

    13:35 Thank me later

  100. LiAn

    LiAn時間 前

    Sorry but the « my batteries are low and its getting dark » is a fake and Opportunity has been ‘dead’ for a few months already