Will Patrick Mahomes’ concussion keep him out of AFC title game? - Dr. Matt Provencher | FOX NFL


  1. FOX Sports

    FOX Sportsヶ月 前

    Do you think Patrick Mahomes will play in the AFC Championship Game against the Bills?

  2. Beware The Locusts

    Beware The Locustsヶ月 前

    Will your mama?

  3. Eiman Said

    Eiman Saidヶ月 前

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  4. Keke & Smooth

    Keke & Smoothヶ月 前

    @Travis Stoudt exactly the chiefs are great but they havent exactly been putting teams away like they used to.

  5. Sergio N

    Sergio Nヶ月 前

    One day the NFL will be banned due to how dangerous the game is.

  6. VonBluesman

    VonBluesmanヶ月 前

    @Ronbo Omega It”s going to be a great game. Good luck.

  7. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueヶ月 前

    packers fan here i hope he gets better hes a great player!!!

  8. carni 12

    carni 12ヶ月 前

    A concussion has rules and protocol in the NFL you make one exception what's the point of the rule I like my homes I'm not a Kansas fan or about Bills fan but rules are rules or get rid of them

  9. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyヶ月 前

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  10. dion drogba

    dion drogbaヶ月 前

    Yes mahomo will play, and the refs will be there to make sure he gets all the calls. So the nfl can have their little bish poster boy look good

  11. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyヶ月 前

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  12. Beware The Locusts

    Beware The Locustsヶ月 前

    Lol..scripted lie! You can tell the defensive player was in on the deception.

  13. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueヶ月 前

    Do you think Patrick Mahomes will play in the AFC Championship Game against the Bills?

  14. STILL

    STILLヶ月 前

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺

  15. Notafratdude

    Notafratdudeヶ月 前

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  16. ray herrera

    ray herreraヶ月 前

    Hope not as much I wanna see the best game possible

  17. Vaughn Miller

    Vaughn Millerヶ月 前

    If my boy sideshow Bob Mahomie can't go in the game against the bills, then just pour me a double Henne. We good. Bottoms Up.

  18. ____

    ____ヶ月 前

    Nice shot.

  19. George Johnson

    George Johnsonヶ月 前

    Millions of Americans are about to be evicted at once. Anyone care?

  20. Exciter

    Exciterヶ月 前

    He will play. $$$$$$

  21. Kenny G G

    Kenny G Gヶ月 前

    The neurologist just said no

  22. J Popcorn

    J Popcornヶ月 前

    Yes of course he will be there

  23. DieFlabbergast

    DieFlabbergastヶ月 前

    I'm 71 years old and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone's big toe referred to as a "great toe." What's so great about it?

  24. brandon berg

    brandon bergヶ月 前

    No stinger involved clearly concussed should not play Sunday for his Health

  25. Niko

    Nikoヶ月 前

    Doc: how many fingers am I holding? Patty: Green Doc: He's good put him in

  26. teoff16

    teoff16ヶ月 前

    It's a concussion you idiot.

  27. Fierce Peter Gaming

    Fierce Peter Gamingヶ月 前

    Idk will it?

  28. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Usヶ月 前

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  29. Trey Cary

    Trey Caryヶ月 前

    Chad henne young goat

  30. Nicholas Santiago

    Nicholas Santiagoヶ月 前

    Ultimate goal is player health *wink, wink*

  31. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terranceヶ月 前

    Hello, Humans. "People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude."-John C. Maxwell TERRANCE OUT

  32. Tony Rame

    Tony Rameヶ月 前

    Mahomes is not gonna last, you can't be a running QB and win consistently in the NFL, the history has shown this time and time again. It is better to become a pure pocket passer and only run to scramble or move away from pressure but always try to throw the ball down field or get down if you have to run, don't take unnecessary hits. Mahomes will be hard pressed to have a long career if he keeps taking injuries like this.

  33. Charles Meckwood

    Charles Meckwoodヶ月 前

    That guy on Cleveland should get fined or suspended I thought he had a neck injury he was down and that dude was cranking on his neck sorry I thought it was a dirty play

  34. Rube Tube Review

    Rube Tube Reviewヶ月 前

    Yeah it had nothing to do with them using the quarterback as a running back with a busted toe.

  35. Steven Arneson

    Steven Arnesonヶ月 前


  36. Miguel D

    Miguel Dヶ月 前

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  37. That Guy

    That Guyヶ月 前

    I love how he’s wearing the coat to emphasize he’s a doctor

  38. Steve Yattone

    Steve Yattoneヶ月 前

    He didn't hit his head, and you are not a doctor!!!!! The defensive player wrapped his arm around the main vein, leading to his brain, and cut off blood supply leading to this situation.

  39. Steve Yattone

    Steve Yattoneヶ月 前

    @Rube Tube Review I don't claim to be a doctor, unlike you!! You're a joke!!!

  40. Rube Tube Review

    Rube Tube Reviewヶ月 前

    More of a doctor than you lol

  41. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fireヶ月 前

    Doctor: Pat how do you feel? Pat: Yes Doctor: He's good in my book 👍

  42. Ed

    Edヶ月 前

    Concusion, what an unassuming word, let's replace it with "bruised brain", now it sounds as serious as it really is. Of course he should not play, its just a game.

  43. NIO

    NIOヶ月 前

    “aS a BiLlS fAn”

  44. Brian Roberts

    Brian Robertsヶ月 前

    Get. Well. Soon Patrick. Go Chiefs

  45. 03 AI

    03 AIヶ月 前

    He hasn't hit his head. He was strangled and became oxygen deficient. He will be able to play next week.

  46. Edpo26

    Edpo26ヶ月 前

    His head clearly hits the ground, but ok.

  47. Mama Said - Eat Your Food

    Mama Said - Eat Your Foodヶ月 前


  48. Nunya Business

    Nunya Businessヶ月 前

    He deserved this for being so arrogant, I laughed.

  49. Jeff Criswell

    Jeff Criswellヶ月 前

    Funny how fast Chief fans want a recovery, whether it is in Mahomes' best interest or not.

  50. Megorftbo _

    Megorftbo _ヶ月 前

    I appreciate the white coat. I was unaware if he was really a doctor or not

  51. Amy Ochoa

    Amy Ochoaヶ月 前

    I don't think he'll be trying to play RB anymore. Its completely acceptable for a QB to just slide or lay down if they're not going to make it. No reason to try and charge through.

  52. Julian Hernandez_2240202

    Julian Hernandez_2240202ヶ月 前

    If he plays next week he is going to end up like Antonio brown

  53. Bad Lady Productions

    Bad Lady Productionsヶ月 前

    concussion 100%

  54. J T

    J Tヶ月 前

    Concussion recovery time= Never. Once you have a concussion, you are one small pop away from another. You never recover.

  55. J R

    J Rヶ月 前

    So sad. He is injury prone and his career will suffer. There are too many teams in the NFL and not enough quality players. How many promising QB's were destroyed by a lack of protection from the offensive line?

  56. Larri Lindsey

    Larri Lindseyヶ月 前


  57. Edpo26

    Edpo26ヶ月 前

    You are right. Patrick is a princess.

  58. Jeffrey T

    Jeffrey Tヶ月 前

    Who cares? I won't be watching anymore football after the Browns got robbed! The NFL is rigged!

  59. J R

    J Rヶ月 前

    That does seem to be the case. In the TB-Saints game I think the refs gave about 5 critical penalties against TB that kept the Saints in the game.

  60. Duff Lillie

    Duff Lillieヶ月 前

    Idiot, he got concussed look at him cant walk confused. Hit his head hard enough to get his left arm and leg stiff as a board

  61. Imma Beat Yo Azz

    Imma Beat Yo Azzヶ月 前


  62. Anthony Campos

    Anthony Camposヶ月 前

    If Mahomes plays, Chiefs win. If Mahomes doesn't play, Bills win.

  63. Storminmormn6

    Storminmormn6ヶ月 前

    It’s a concussion. He was woozy, displayed the fencing response, and had a dazed look in the eyes. He should not be allowed to play next week. If he does, the nfl just wants money.

  64. Twins vs Twins

    Twins vs Twinsヶ月 前


  65. Ramen Man

    Ramen Manヶ月 前

    So now if they lose they have a scapegoat eith a injury

  66. Jake Bilyeu

    Jake Bilyeuヶ月 前

    It’s a brachial stun, no concussion. He’ll play vs Bills

  67. Zephyrus

    Zephyrusヶ月 前

    No Mahomes means Bills to the Superbowl

  68. Tommy G

    Tommy Gヶ月 前

    They do this all the time to NOT lose face mahomes. The chief will lose to the bills next week.

  69. Rusty Lee

    Rusty Leeヶ月 前

    I hope you bet a lot of money on it xD xD

  70. Kalia Lee

    Kalia Leeヶ月 前

    Praying for a fast and safe recovery. It’ll be great to see Mahomes play next weeks game against Bills! Two great teams playing against each other! Will def be a great game to watch!

  71. Dave John

    Dave Johnヶ月 前

    Bills are winning this one whether PM plays or not. Packers, Bills Super Bowl.

  72. Zachary Wells

    Zachary Wellsヶ月 前

    Obviously hope the dude okay but this most be a sign from the heavens

  73. Twin Barber

    Twin Barberヶ月 前

    If mahomes is out then chiefs lose

  74. 777d7777 777d7777

    777d7777 777d7777ヶ月 前

    Hopefully he is fine and ready to play As a Packers fan I would hate it if we win the SB without the defending champs s starting QB playing Hopefully all 4 teams are relatively healthy so that we can get a fair fight and the best team ends up with the Lombardi GO PACK GO!!!!

  75. Dillon Thompson

    Dillon Thompsonヶ月 前

    If anyone thinks Mahomes isn't playing against the Bills you are out of you're mind

  76. Dillon Thompson

    Dillon Thompsonヶ月 前

    @j drayton this didn't age well

  77. Dillon Thompson

    Dillon Thompsonヶ月 前

    @j drayton lol there saying it was a nerve not a concussion. He passed the protocol in the locker room he just has to be cleared by an outside doctor.

  78. j drayton

    j draytonヶ月 前

    Well I guess I'm out of my mind because he's not playing

  79. SuperSomebody101

    SuperSomebody101ヶ月 前

    Chris Godwin missed two weeks on concussion protocol and it was not as bad as this. Nfl in on some bullsht if they let mahomes play

  80. VIVA_LA_ TOPA_88

    VIVA_LA_ TOPA_88ヶ月 前

    He'll be fine!!!!!!

  81. Ronbo Omega

    Ronbo Omegaヶ月 前

    I think the bills will win, they are playing very good ball right now.

  82. Mac Nun

    Mac Nunヶ月 前

    The CHIEFS are too

  83. Michael Tiu

    Michael Tiuヶ月 前

    Pleease heal the concussion or injury dont get back right away.. you arer still young there are more super bowls to win in the future...

  84. Brook Ferrington

    Brook Ferringtonヶ月 前

    As a Bill's fan from Australia, I said many weeks ago that the Bill's biggest hurdle will be the chiefs. I hope everyone on both sides are 100% fit because one of these teams are going to the big dance . Go Bill's, BFFB

  85. Dakota Kirk

    Dakota Kirkヶ月 前

    He's starting

  86. esils

    esilsヶ月 前

    I like how he wears a doctor’s uniform but never claims to be one....🤔

  87. Greg Skinner

    Greg Skinnerヶ月 前




    Do you think the refs can steal more games ?

  89. Jared Thomas

    Jared Thomasヶ月 前

    HISTORICALLY BIG ASTERISK on the game if he CAN'T play

  90. DJ Kang

    DJ Kangヶ月 前

    If the bills beat Rodgers or Brady their ain’t no asterisk

  91. oglionel

    oglionelヶ月 前

    As a Chiefs fan I love seeing all the support from Bills fans and other teams in this comment section. Wish there were more like you guys 🙌🏼 Hopefully he’s good to go next week, it’ll make for a fun game for sure if he is. And honestly if we lose I’m glad that it’s the Bills, their fan base is awesome and they’ve been waiting a long time for this moment like we did. I still want to win of course so hopefully we can get the dub but it’s most def going to be a tough game for sure 💪🏼

  92. John john

    John johnヶ月 前

    No pity. We, Bills folk, have suffered enough. No pity. Wreck KC.

  93. Keke & Smooth

    Keke & Smoothヶ月 前

    Lets go Bills!!!

  94. Sarah Poisel

    Sarah Poiselヶ月 前

    He’s out for at least two weeks.

  95. HappyTrees

    HappyTreesヶ月 前


  96. LeCory Oliver

    LeCory Oliverヶ月 前

    It’s not a concussion. He was accidentally chocked out. Look at the defenders arm and position of Mahomes head and neck when he was tackled. It doesn’t take much pressure to quickly lose conciseness.

  97. Billy Gunn

    Billy Gunnヶ月 前

    He should have got him in the sleeper hold !

  98. Tok Kadi

    Tok Kadiヶ月 前

    P urut bro...

  99. Kadin Selmon

    Kadin Selmonヶ月 前

    He was trippin hard when he was getting up

  100. musani nlebesi

    musani nlebesiヶ月 前

    Even if he comes back, which I hope he does. Do the protocols mean no training for him?

  101. Dankilicious123

    Dankilicious123ヶ月 前

    yeah best case scenario is he gets like 1 practice the day before or just suiting up to start the game immediately. i've heard things look good for him currently though so that's most likely what is happening.

  102. bigdaddy Munoz

    bigdaddy Munozヶ月 前

    Sorry I’m a niners fan I’m so glad he got injured 🤣😂

  103. bigdaddy Munoz

    bigdaddy Munozヶ月 前

    You’re mom

  104. Keke & Smooth

    Keke & Smoothヶ月 前

    Thats disgusting!!

  105. Humberto Cantú

    Humberto Cantúヶ月 前


  106. bigdaddy Munoz

    bigdaddy Munozヶ月 前

    Yes I’m still salty 😂

  107. Sam

    Samヶ月 前

    Looked like the arm around his neck cut off his circulation and he passed out for a bit. Didn't looked concussed rather woozy from being unconscious for second

  108. Israel Rodriguez

    Israel Rodriguezヶ月 前

    No way, in real time the play happened so quick and most of the contact was on the side of his neck and not his throat, thats not loss of circulation that quick and from that position of the defenders hand. Whiplash can cause a concussion, you don't need to smack your head off the ground. His head was going down fast and then stopped and snapped back.

  109. Ty Chaney

    Ty Chaneyヶ月 前

    Agreed.. dude literally got choked out

  110. alfredo lopez

    alfredo lopezヶ月 前

    let's keep it real. mahomes will play. everyone wants to see the star players of both sides of the field

  111. Mark Dunford

    Mark Dunfordヶ月 前

    Damaged neck, save him for next year

  112. Karma

    Karmaヶ月 前

    2 games away from winning it all no, just no. There are no guarantees in football

  113. Thansdas Utube

    Thansdas Utubeヶ月 前

    He passed all the tests by the way Andy Reid confirmed it

  114. carni 12

    carni 12ヶ月 前

    Of course he confirmed it he wants him to play

  115. Xavier Malcolm

    Xavier Malcolmヶ月 前

    @Jacob Chrisp So now you are telling me that Mahomes faked a perfect fencing response to a concussion??? Lmao, why would he do that? Why would he fake a concussion, not draw any penalty on the play, and then get himself sent into concussion protocol and miss the rest of the game? An action that could have cost his team the game, and could now mean he doesn't play in the next game when his team will probably need him to win? Why would he risk any of that just to get the refs to throw a penalty flag on the Cleveland Browns in a game they were easily winning at the time. Are you actually insane?

  116. Jacob Chrisp

    Jacob Chrispヶ月 前

    @Xavier Malcolm his concussion is so bad that we're probably going to see him next week LMFAO 😂😂 because his pinched nerve caused him to have a concussion.... Poor guy ....

  117. Jacob Chrisp

    Jacob Chrispヶ月 前

    @Xavier Malcolm first of all everyone has been doing the fencing response lately... Have you not watched the NBA have you not watched the NFL have you not watched the MLB... Literally everyone is trying to find ways to draw fouls today.. that was pure acting that's exactly why he passed the concussion test Andy Reid confirmed it....watching him do that reminded me of them basketball players that send themselves back when they barely get pushed just to draw the foul... Plus there was not enough Force to generate that kind of power... Watch a frame by frame dude even in slow motion you can tell it wasn't even a full horse collar... The worst he got was yanked around... I could literally fall to the ground and get up and display the same thing he did right now and I don't have a concussion??? LMFAO 😂😂😂 I find that funny that you think no one plays that card ....

  118. Xavier Malcolm

    Xavier Malcolmヶ月 前

    @Jacob Chrisp Also I don't care what the Chiefs say, Mahomes was concussed. It's a travesty that they will attempt to claim he wasn't concussed so he can play this Sunday, they'll be putting their franchise QBs health at risk if they actually follow through with this course of action. The facts are simple. You simply DO NOT display the fencing response that is associated with mild to severe concussions if you haven't suffered a brain injury, it's that simple. The Chiefs can say whatever they like, they are clearly attempting to put their pursuit of a superbowl over the health of their best player. And that is highly disturbing to me.

  119. White Unicorn

    White Unicornヶ月 前

    He's done for the year. I'm sorry 😞

  120. Rusty Lee

    Rusty Leeヶ月 前

    Nope, nobody official has said he had a concussion, since he didn't and doesn't. He'll play.

  121. Ron Yantz

    Ron Yantzヶ月 前

    GO BILLS !

  122. Little Change

    Little Changeヶ月 前

    I think it’s a stinger, we watched the highlights over and over and at no point does Mahomes head get stuck, or does his head strike the ground. Bad news is Mahomes head was twisted and it looked like a such an awkward head tackle. The tackler looked like he suddenly yanked Mahomes a foot just pulling on his neck. Such an awkward way his neck was jarred, really hope Mahomes is Ok.

  123. Little Change

    Little Changeヶ月 前

    @Stanley Marrero I had a big Mahomes fan with me and he thought he had awful awkward neck wrench, I’ll watch it again.

  124. Stanley Marrero

    Stanley Marreroヶ月 前

    Wrong his head does hit the ground

  125. 307 Wyo Pride

    307 Wyo Prideヶ月 前

    Praying for Mahomes to a speedy recovery. GO BILLS

  126. Joe

    Joeヶ月 前

    Wasn't really a concussion.

  127. Tiki murtaugh

    Tiki murtaughヶ月 前

    No because the NFL will throw away its rules and morals for ratings

  128. DieFlabbergast

    DieFlabbergastヶ月 前

    "morals"!? They have some?

  129. hopscotch 5

    hopscotch 5ヶ月 前

    I really like Mahomes, hope he recovers

  130. Allen Lin

    Allen Linヶ月 前

    It's like a flash knockdown in boxing. He'll be back next week, no problem.

  131. Kevin Kilner

    Kevin Kilnerヶ月 前

    Bills Fans Rn hearing MVPat coming back next week 👁👄👁

  132. Crosby4ever

    Crosby4everヶ月 前

    I really hope so the AFC title game deserves the Best of the 2 teams have meaning they have to have all their top players playing

  133. itstorok

    itstorokヶ月 前

    As a Bills fan that was super scary to see, I really hope he plays next week it'll be such a fun game to watch I love sports man.

  134. Davion Price

    Davion Priceヶ月 前

    Billsmafia here. We wish no injuries upon anyone . We hope mahomes is out there and healthy. We are ready to go !!!

  135. Arthur Au

    Arthur Auヶ月 前

    Doesn't matter, NFL will FIX both the AFC and NFC Championship game to ensure the Chiefs and the Bucs play in the Super Bowl this season.

  136. Jay boogie

    Jay boogieヶ月 前


  137. Jay boogie

    Jay boogieヶ月 前

    Ya DIGG!!!!! MATT MARK?

  138. Jay boogie

    Jay boogieヶ月 前

    Lol were not browns u struggled last 3 games it will b embarrassing to b a k.c fan this Sunday.....billsmafia has no doubt kc fans deep down are feeling butterflies..........

  139. Matt Mark

    Matt Markヶ月 前

    No you don’t

  140. Steven Bern

    Steven Bernヶ月 前

    Bills fan here I want Mahomes. I want to confirm what I already know- Buffalo is the best team in the Game!

  141. HappyTrees

    HappyTreesヶ月 前

    Didn't they already play this year? 🤔

  142. Ricardo Contreras

    Ricardo Contrerasヶ月 前

    This doctor loving all the attention

  143. Rocky Lee

    Rocky Leeヶ月 前

    No he will be fine

  144. Obama Runtz

    Obama Runtzヶ月 前

    Lamar got a concussion and now Pat got one 😞

  145. Dakwan Geathers

    Dakwan Geathersヶ月 前

    Mahomes will be fine he might play on Sunday to