Will IT Run? Giant Vac Garage Sale Leaf Blower,


  1. T Rex

    T Rex9 時間 前

    Some carbs are unstable without the air filter.

  2. Moto Gordo

    Moto Gordo日 前

    Won't her dog dish?!!! I thought that was why her coat was so black and shiny?!!😂😂😂

  3. 4 日 前

    Why don't you try an small easy out ? I'm sure you know that they have backwards dig in type ridges that might grip the inside of that jet. What have you got to lose. Give it a shot.

  4. 3dSorcery

    3dSorcery4 日 前

    Mustie! What was the size of that lower left bolt in the beginning after you took the air filter off!? I was guessing 8mm and you never said what it was! Huge anti-climax! LOL

  5. burningfeet 57

    burningfeet 576 日 前

    Last time they used it was 1970s or 80s :0 and it worked then LOL.

  6. Erik Fredriksson

    Erik Fredriksson6 日 前

    Do not use autogenerated subs on this one. At 27.40 it goes like "I'm fu*ed over Rika". I misses a lot in this episode. Love this chanel anyway. Mustie1, you are the boss!

  7. barneycarparts

    barneycarparts9 日 前

    Id like to see you silver solder a brass elbow to save a carb some time. That would blow a few minds. :)

  8. stephen porth

    stephen porth13 日 前

    solder a extension to the brass for the fuel hose and I am concerned if the muffler hang out unsprung weight could warp the head

  9. sam jackson

    sam jackson13 日 前

    The idle problem was air related. It needed the drag of the air cleaner to draw fuel at low rpm.

  10. CurtisTarwater

    CurtisTarwater13 日 前

    That shot of Lily smiling at the end made my day.

  11. Burleism

    Burleism14 日 前

    Man those giant vac are killer! Used to run one just like that ...... about every golf course in Pinehurst had a couple of these back in the late 80's and 90's. I could get more done with one of those than 3 or 4 guys w/ backpack blowers

  12. 15 日 前

    Love the shop my garage is too small to work in too, hopefully I will get a shop built in a few years! Keep em coming!

  13. Mowers N Blowers

    Mowers N Blowers15 日 前

    Flailers is what you were thinking from the wood chippers.

  14. Pickles Gherkin

    Pickles Gherkin15 日 前

    having a lil pun with the beaver are ya ? lol....

  15. secaII4884

    secaII488417 日 前

    Mustie, you must have good karma for that carb to come back. The blower is happy to have some attention 😁

  16. WorldRenownedCFE

    WorldRenownedCFE18 日 前

    you should wrap a large green screen around where your scaffolding is. then you can add in sponsor photos or logos behind as you work. lol

  17. Oldcarnutzs

    Oldcarnutzs18 日 前

    I just got one for free this should help inspire me to get it running

  18. P C

    P C18 日 前

    I'm reaching out to this community for help. I've got a craftsman walk behind mower, 6.5hp. Starts right up, but after I empty the bag, it won't start again will the engine cools. It has an auto choke, but that dosnt appear to be the problem. The butterfly is closed when cold and full open when hot. What could be the issue? Thanks!

  19. Brad O'Neal

    Brad O'Neal19 日 前

    Good thing that i had my safety glasses on, something flew out and almost got me.

  20. 21 日 前

    Hey! BIG space for more projects! Awesome.

  21. LT7 Automotive

    LT7 Automotive21 日 前

    I like that you can chuckle when it seems like the parts are giving you a hard time. That little o-ring in the carburetor did not want to seat. I don't yet have that ability. People listening to me work on something might think that I HATE it rather than enjoy it.

  22. David91

    David9121 日 前

    doggy has cataracts

  23. Martin Houlton

    Martin Houlton21 日 前

    Haha I see you have a highly efficiently organised tool-chest.

  24. Rob Ignatov

    Rob Ignatov21 日 前

    When are you gonna make a blooper video? Everybody knows that when you work in the garage, fingers get whacked, things fall over and burns happen....I would love to see it!!!

  25. DarthRevan

    DarthRevan19 日 前

    Ikr lol

  26. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle22 日 前

    21:23 + pour slower through layered cheese cloth or coffee filters, or both in multiple passes :)

  27. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle22 日 前

    "I flipped them around"... plain face to plain face wins at locking as such ;)

  28. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle22 日 前

    I first ground down and bent a cheap wrench to fit 18MM nut inside a pocket hole slot of frame-rail in early to mid 90's, on late 80's JUNK...... yeah garbage quality stooge invasion/speed assembly as of the early to mid 80's........................ euro-trash involvement.............. I wont say whom/what did that, but they just lost it............

  29. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle22 日 前

    2 nuts locked and outer just above flush with stud end, swat hard with proper size hammer ( don't break/shear it off) yeah I guess that takes skill and years of knowledge :|

  30. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle22 日 前

    of course it will, lol

  31. Dave Jeffers

    Dave Jeffers22 日 前

    Yeah Mustie, we were all hoping you would continue working in your small garage, wearing out your back...

  32. 5150mxVW

    5150mxVW22 日 前

    Nice find and fix for 25 bucks , those are good machines . The new shop is coming along nicely , I'm looking forward to you being able to work on multiple projects with the new space . Happy hunting this weekend 👍

  33. BikeStuff

    BikeStuff22 日 前

    I understand why people miss the old garage, its because it had a homely feeling. So i would reccomend you cover the walls and such with homely stuff to make it feel more "bangs chest" tim the toolman allen.

  34. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith23 日 前

    Pretty brave sticking your hand in that black hole with feather sticking out of it lol nice to see ya buddy 👍🏻

  35. Dad Life

    Dad Life23 日 前

    Rob Smith I was waiting for a rat to come crawling out while he had is hand up in there!

  36. Dad Life

    Dad Life23 日 前

    Loving the new shop. Nice amount of space. I was working out of a garage very similar to your old one for about 7 years. Built my new shop about a year ago, about double the space. I still don’t have it completely set up and I’m already considering closing in the RV port I had built on the side for additional space. Never too much shop space, right?

  37. rickshak1

    rickshak123 日 前

    It’s no different than when my wife decides to grocery shop on Tuesdays instead of Mondays; I don’t know why but I don’t like it. Change is hard for guys.

  38. Brianna Michelle

    Brianna Michelle23 日 前

    I don't think this could ever happen, but I think it would be awesome if you and Oliver from the JPreporter channel Oliver Motorized could do some sort of build video together. You both have the same sense of humor, share a love for motorized bicycles and other motorized vehiculars. I think being from different generations could bring different ideas to the table and what you two could come up with would be pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure you don't live anywhere near each other, hence why it would likely never happen. Just wanted to put it out there though :)

  39. Antoine McAdams

    Antoine McAdams23 日 前

    How do I get in touch with you, I found a VW product I think you'll love!

  40. dave52732

    dave5273223 日 前

    Hi Mustie,, I know, never ask a woman her age, but just wondering how old Lilly is... :-)

  41. Mustie1

    Mustie122 日 前


  42. dossod

    dossod23 日 前

    Where can one get a pair of linear pliers can they be found on eaby

  43. Allan B

    Allan B23 日 前

    I am hoping to get back up to 3 videos a week, by having several projects going at once????

  44. Timothy Kirkpatrick

    Timothy Kirkpatrick23 日 前

    Thanks to one of your older vids, I found out about the GuardAir blow guns. Bought a Long John 36". Best blow gun I ever used. Thanks to your vids, I never would have found out about it. I still like the old garage tho, has that intimate atmosphere, but it was a little crowded, lol. I really enjoy all your vids. Thanks for those!

  45. 23 日 前

    I got a fever and the only prescription is more Mustie1.

  46. Roger Penndorf

    Roger Penndorf23 日 前

    looks like what 60s knew youd get it. nice welding tip...!!

  47. Tucker Amidon

    Tucker Amidon24 日 前

    Why do I enjoy watching a dude put on a carburetor bowl seal as much as I do? And when he gets it on, ... woohoo!

  48. crash32301

    crash3230124 日 前

    cut the video times love watching work on the old stuff and bringing it back to life , but ! 1 hr plus is killing me

  49. Repeat After Me:

    Repeat After Me:22 日 前

    I disagree. I like the lengthy adventure.

  50. Brian Johnston

    Brian Johnston24 日 前

    Keep running those machines in there you are going to need to install a exhaust vent/hood. I do miss the days with the garage door open watching the rain fall.

  51. Matt Stalvey

    Matt Stalvey24 日 前

    Mustie1 fans... any channels you can reccomend that are almost as good as this one?

  52. Dad Life

    Dad Life23 日 前

    Matt Stalvey I recently stumbled on Red Beard’s Garage (possibly via a comment on one of M1’s videos) and have been enjoying watching it.

  53. Travis Farmer

    Travis Farmer24 日 前

    Mustie1, i sent you an email, not sure if you got it, or if the junk-mail filter ate it.

  54. John Brookbank

    John Brookbank24 日 前

    Fun day for sure , glad to see growing to the new shop daily ! keep thinking, how warm is your shop going to be this winter ??? that was one of my problem years ago in larger shop !

  55. M W

    M W24 日 前

    My homelite trimmer was running on the choke, sprayed carb cleaner into it, still died off choke, the next weekend when i got it out to use it worked fine.