1. Kyler and Mad

    Kyler and Mad29 日 前

    Do you think Madison and Cole go together? LOL Tell us your thoughts!

  2. Kaya Rose Davis

    Kaya Rose Davis日 前

    Kyler and Mad I live next to u guys

  3. Boogie Lollipop

    Boogie Lollipop2 日 前


  4. FrannyDango

    FrannyDango14 日 前

    Not really

  5. Caitlyn Fischer

    Caitlyn Fischer16 日 前

    No stupid he goes better with Savannah

  6. Omoye Iyoha

    Omoye Iyoha22 日 前


  7. Olivia Ayala

    Olivia Ayala8 時間 前

    0:59 his reaction 😂

  8. Gabby Ebarb

    Gabby Ebarb8 時間 前

    Cole and Savannah go together

  9. Gabby Ebarb

    Gabby Ebarb9 時間 前


  10. Evelyn Genna

    Evelyn Genna9 時間 前


  11. Vcc Mgh

    Vcc Mgh11 時間 前

    1:37 does anyone heard the twins voices?

  12. Jaime Duke

    Jaime Duke13 時間 前

    That felt a little weird when Mad came.😐😬

  13. Sara Jallad

    Sara Jallad13 時間 前

    nice video

  14. Enoch Asare Konadu

    Enoch Asare Konadu14 時間 前


  15. Jennifer Bennett

    Jennifer Bennett14 時間 前

    does madison and cole go together

  16. Jennifer Bennett

    Jennifer Bennett15 時間 前

    do you think madison and cole go together

  17. cheryl wilson

    cheryl wilson日 前

    This video is lol

  18. cheryl wilson

    cheryl wilson日 前

    This video so lol

  19. Adrienne Sullivan

    Adrienne Sullivan日 前

    I actually think they kinda look alike 😂😂😂

  20. Betty Bennett

    Betty Bennett日 前

    You so weird?????

  21. Akossiwa Koffi

    Akossiwa Koffi日 前

    No way they do not go together Madison and Cole

  22. Pia Jhane Geronimo

    Pia Jhane Geronimo日 前

    Everliegh was like 😐🤨

  23. Aill Harris

    Aill Harris2 日 前

    No Savannah and Cole forever

  24. Amanda Robinson

    Amanda Robinson2 日 前

    Kyler and Cole:Where is my wife uhhhhhhhh Savannah and Mad:What do you mean I'm your wife I'm right here.

  25. kyleigh pisarek

    kyleigh pisarek2 日 前

    omg how maddison was talking was like sav

  26. Kelsey Fields

    Kelsey Fields2 日 前

    What's funny is that Kyler and Savannah get along so well and get use to each other and are having fun but Cole and Everleigh or like I've had enough of Madison 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Boogie Lollipop

    Boogie Lollipop2 日 前

    When posie has more clothes than me...

  28. Fatma Aljabri

    Fatma Aljabri2 日 前

    Or the labrant fam I found can cole and posie lol

  29. Denis Daily

    Denis Daily2 日 前

    Why am I disgusted?

  30. Lizzy Denny

    Lizzy Denny2 日 前

    So funny in a bizarre type of way!! Love it! “Honey I’m HOOOOOOMMMMEEE!”

  31. Makena B

    Makena B4 日 前

    Why are the men being so weird about it

  32. Jay Dar

    Jay Dar4 日 前


  33. Sophia Holmes

    Sophia Holmes4 日 前

    Are you uncomfortable Cole because you look like it

  34. Keira Sabol

    Keira Sabol5 日 前

    Omg yes that intro XD

  35. the reallani

    the reallani5 日 前

    This was soooo funny , mad was acting so weird 😂

  36. Micaela Kennedy

    Micaela Kennedy6 日 前

    I love all your vids and all your kids are so adorable love you guys y’all are a cute family 💕💕💟 talks videos are so good and your kids are so cute💕💟

  37. Roblox with Jade and Angie

    Roblox with Jade and Angie6 日 前

    Who was recording

  38. Roblox Gacha gaming

    Roblox Gacha gaming6 日 前


  39. Abby_McCoin

    Abby_McCoin7 日 前

    "and a chizard!" cole: she has a chizard?! cole: you know its charazard right?

  40. Ishmail Sheriff

    Ishmail Sheriff7 日 前

    I hate savanna your wife

  41. Tim Thomas

    Tim Thomas7 日 前

    I love this vid

  42. Tim Thomas

    Tim Thomas7 日 前


  43. Gacha devil Gacha devil

    Gacha devil Gacha devil7 日 前

    I love Pokémon

  44. Nayaret Diaz

    Nayaret Diaz7 日 前


  45. Nya McCann

    Nya McCann7 日 前

    Mad is so weird🤨🤣🤣

  46. Aubry Ys

    Aubry Ys8 日 前

    Yall have yalls own family

  47. Ella Garšicová

    Ella Garšicová8 日 前


  48. summer lorrainee

    summer lorrainee8 日 前

    halfway through I'm thinking who is filming them lol

  49. Mya Anguiano

    Mya Anguiano9 日 前

    i love when you swap for 24 hours

  50. Renen and Jazzie

    Renen and Jazzie9 日 前

    Madison is hilarious 😂❤️

  51. saan k

    saan k9 日 前

    I love your vids

  52. Mileagoran22 Esmile

    Mileagoran22 Esmile9 日 前

    Is Savannah and Madison sister

  53. The Best Friends

    The Best Friends10 日 前

    Your family is so funny the twines are so count and halsten is count to I love there names there names are so count I love you guise so much you are my favored JPreporterrs in the howl world you and the labrant fam could you sick rib eye to me and my friends chanal I sibskribd to you all ready

  54. Christina per-ez

    Christina per-ez10 日 前

    Noooo Don't do this again. 🙄

  55. Maria The queen

    Maria The queen10 日 前

    Love you guys videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

  56. GachaGirl Galaxy

    GachaGirl Galaxy10 日 前

    Savannah should have got the Gucci for Kyler since Mad got to have Coles pokemon

  57. Elizabeth Woolbright

    Elizabeth Woolbright10 日 前

    I think Madison is crazy if you think so hit that like button

  58. Brooke vs Tyler B

    Brooke vs Tyler B10 日 前

    Poises wardrobe is 1000 times bigger than mine lol

  59. Ava-Jade Rubix

    Ava-Jade Rubix10 日 前


  60. Aahana Krishnan

    Aahana Krishnan10 日 前

    I was cringing sooo hard this whole time

  61. Maria Mozaya

    Maria Mozaya10 日 前


  62. Ana Sierra

    Ana Sierra11 日 前

    Both the dad's were so awkward😂 and Madison was just having fun

  63. Maria Fe Bailon

    Maria Fe Bailon11 日 前

    Everilighs house is better than yours maddie cause its bigger better and cuter softer and its so fun

  64. Hey ace fam What’s goin on everybodyyy

    Hey ace fam What’s goin on everybodyyy11 日 前

    It was so weird omg hahahah 😜😜😜

  65. brookie beansSs

    brookie beansSs11 日 前

    Did anyone wonder who's filming