Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram - Antimatter at CERN


  1. C Money

    C Money3 時間 前

    OR POOF!!!

  2. Intermountain Gold Refiners

    Intermountain Gold Refiners3 時間 前

    Anti Hydrogen? is it a dimer?

  3. jackson george

    jackson george6 時間 前

    hi dear, I can't believe this. how can we store one gram of antimatter on the earth, because everything was created on the earth is made up of matter. could you please tell me if you know.

  4. Lünkel

    Lünkel5 時間 前

    The basic idea is to have a vacuum chamber and keep the antimatter suspended using magnetic fields I believe.

  5. Diego de la Llata

    Diego de la Llata9 時間 前

    What about the PET scan? How does that work?

  6. Evan Davies

    Evan Davies17 時間 前

    FYI the United Nations is in NYC ;)

  7. CrippledMerc

    CrippledMerc18 時間 前

    Matter and antimatter are like an identical twin brother and sister. The same, but opposite.

  8. Aaron Phelps

    Aaron Phelps19 時間 前

    fake science, Stop Lying

  9. Jase Lynch

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    Apple in a few year "Ey lemme get a gram"

  10. Indigo Storm

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    Nice hat

  11. Dmitry Vakulenko

    Dmitry Vakulenko22 時間 前

    when the text "a.d.hall" went on screen, i immediately thought about object oriented programming

  12. protools fanatic

    protools fanatic23 時間 前

    doesn't make sense to make something that is so sensitive that a 5 gallon pale would blow up 1000 square miles. what is the point ya know.

  13. rj cole

    rj cole23 時間 前

    Please fix that table lol

  14. Joshua Apathy Miller

    Joshua Apathy Miller日 前

    So we have matter & anti-matter, and dark matter...is there dark anti-matter?

  15. American Enigma _

    American Enigma _日 前

    Manages to get antimatter in a bottle ! Takes it out , drops it accidentally! Oops ! Apocalypse begins ......bye bye earth

  16. Ryu Ken

    Ryu Ken日 前

    Black lives anti matter

  17. õõ

    õõ日 前

    So if all the matter in the apparent universe coalesced, just a small proportion of antimatter would create a huge explosion.

  18. Linas Martusevičius

    Linas Martusevičius日 前

    Wait... 10 nukes to destroy Manhattan?...

  19. gtb111

    gtb111日 前

    How do we know if Andromeda isn't an antimatter-galaxy? (Or some Galaxy out there)

  20. kalez238

    kalez238日 前

    So does anyone know the results of the spectroscopie experiment of antihydrogen vs that of hydrogen?

  21. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan日 前

    The monetary value is nonsensical. It's not like you can sell or buy it. Load of bollicks.

  22. Ankit Nain

    Ankit Nain日 前

    Please improve thumbnail ..i ignored this video just because of poor thumbnail...✓ but it is damn good video

  23. gaijininja

    gaijininja日 前

    Maybe there was almost equal quantities of matter and antimatter after the big bang, but as there was slightly more matter, that is all that is left after all the rest of the matter and antimatter annihilated. Dark energy, the mysterious yet unexplained hypothetical "pulse" not long after the big bang, and the fact the universe is accelerating it's expansion rate could all be because of the annihilation of all the matter/antimatter, and the remains of the energy produced. A few particles of antimatter annihilating would go "poof", but a quantity 10, 100, 10E99 times the mass of the known universe now would go boom for hundreds of millions of years. Our universe IS the post annihilation "Boom!"

  24. dijasom

    dijasom日 前

    always confuses me why people question why antimatter and matter didn't wipe each other out, yet never see someone question whether or not we are just a tiny bubble of the original universes "big bang" sent through a wormhole, with more matter than antimatter. Assuming of course, wormholes are possible, wouldn't that initial energetic setting, make for the most plausible situation where they would occur?

  25. sheth tejas

    sheth tejas2 日 前

    Anti proton costs $ 13 a kilo ~ Xi Jinping

  26. Zakaria Rabiai

    Zakaria Rabiai2 日 前

    Assuming the big bang is real

  27. Jared Stuart

    Jared Stuart2 日 前

    All these videos about finding hidden safes full of gold coins. What we should all be looking for is some antimatter!

  28. foxhound928

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    Nostradamus did predict a very large explosion at Geneva.

  29. Ravi Dhyani

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    U explained very well. Awesome

  30. Status Quo

    Status Quo3 日 前

    Producing anti-matter - cannot even install flicker-free lamps.

  31. E. Vasquez

    E. Vasquez3 日 前

    eventually we will learn to make extraterrestrial tools .... this will be the key for manned UFO'S... and maybe time travel.

  32. King Hero

    King Hero3 日 前

    the reason you don't find antimatter on earth is for two reasons 1 it annihilate with matter, and 2 it is gravitationally repelled by matter

  33. Ken Nguyen

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    I can't get over that plant wobbling around every time she leans on that uneven table

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    I have a massive crush over physics girl :"""""S

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    Shut up Tim

  36. Siyao Lee

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    www.reddit.com/r/blackmagicfuckery/comments/e5s3zs/can_someone_explain_how_this_happenes/ So the first person comes to my mind is you.

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    I'm envious...

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    Nothing really antimatter's to me....

  39. S P

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    Maybe there wasn’t meant to be more of it, curiosity is good and all and learning new stuff to advance us is great, but when something “can’t even touch the air” maybe it’s a big warning sign from nature telling us not to go there lol Awesome videos tho

  40. Cheese .EXE.

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    Rappers are gonna be flexing with antimatter watches in 100 years.

  41. Alex Carey

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    They would just exolode

  42. Anshil Agarwal

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    scitechdaily.com/student-solves-physics-mystery-that-has-puzzled-scientists-for-100-years/amp/ Plz explain this in next video

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    Ive been making my own out of Chinese antisheetrock.