Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon


  1. Hellen Acosta

    Hellen Acosta時間 前

    why is there quinceanera party music in the background????

  2. AIM clan

    AIM clan2 日 前

    Were frokie

  3. Sigrid Bjergbakke

    Sigrid Bjergbakke2 日 前

    So you are confirming, that women are more important than men - now make governments give us more money :P

  4. ToxicSocks 24

    ToxicSocks 242 日 前

    Waaaaiiittt... A gam theory thumbnail without green text? What is this

  5. dog gamer

    dog gamer4 日 前

    Theory: When A Pokemon And Ditto have a baby, the offspring is ditto permanently trapped as the other pokemon.

  6. anewor yaniham

    anewor yaniham5 日 前


  7. Recneps07

    Recneps075 日 前

    why are tepig and squirtle shiny? I think I found Austin’s favorite starters.

  8. Puddlegum Draws

    Puddlegum Draws6 日 前

    Why are all the males shiny

  9. Krokeiri

    Krokeiri6 日 前

    0:38 Why are tepig and squirtle shiny?

  10. KingPatron

    KingPatron6 日 前

    That Wikipedia page is sick af, holy crap those mites have it rough

  11. Mr. FBI Man

    Mr. FBI Man7 日 前

    In leaf green i breeded my charizard with ditto a lot

  12. MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

    MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez7 日 前


  13. Etienne Venter

    Etienne Venter7 日 前

    At 2:45 is that a shiny Squirtle

  14. Bong Revilla

    Bong Revilla8 日 前

    I love balbasaur

  15. BP

    BP8 日 前

    Maybe the reason that the professors give their dying pokemon to ten year olds is because they know that they will train and evolve them in a quest to become a champion, thereby making them stronger and more attractive to females.

  16. Got KARP

    Got KARP8 日 前

    The music you used is also Illmangos intro. That’s cool. He’s cool and your cool too.

  17. Scragy

    Scragy9 日 前

    I think all the starters are equally amazing

  18. The Vault The Official Channel

    The Vault The Official Channel10 日 前

    Theory: Starters are so rare, due to their 7 males to 1 female ratio, as an counterbalance. Starters are stronger than most other Pokémon. For example, fully-evolved Pokémon have a mean BST of about 480, and fully-evolved Starters have a mean BST of 530, or 50 more than the average. This is what keeps these species from taking over environments.

  19. Insane Gamer

    Insane Gamer10 日 前

    Buuuut hey! That's just a theory! AAAAAAT GAME THEORY! xD

  20. Bjartskular Brightscales

    Bjartskular Brightscales10 日 前

    Did any body else notice how his rival's name is matpat?

  21. Simone Tapp

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  22. Brawl Starsss

    Brawl Starsss11 日 前

    0:10 I thought the Nidorino began singing

  23. random stuff

    random stuff11 日 前

    Notice when the bulbasaur stands it is humping the air

  24. Golden Foxy 999

    Golden Foxy 99911 日 前

    I have 6 scorbunnies...

  25. Mr Me

    Mr Me11 日 前

    The music do 😂

  26. 윤재웅

    윤재웅12 日 前

    who else actually searched for the mite species....I did

  27. Pokemon world tournament 2019

    Pokemon world tournament 201912 日 前

    0:40 why is tepic shiny

  28. Johnny Icee

    Johnny Icee13 日 前

    Nope waiting for mat pat

  29. DJW

    DJW13 日 前

    What if you just breed to Venusaurs together?

  30. The Claimed

    The Claimed13 日 前

    I love how he's like "the other professor trees" lol

  31. Willow Faded

    Willow Faded14 日 前

    Bulbasaur is my favorite gen 1 Pokémon

  32. bluff gawd

    bluff gawd14 日 前

    around 15 minutes in u sound like sam tripoli omg lmao its amazing

  33. bluff gawd

    bluff gawd14 日 前

    also i thought that the started gender depending on ur character sprite once u got to pick whether u were boy or girl? cray.

  34. Joon S

    Joon S14 日 前

    Who tf is this guy and where is Matt

  35. Salah Hilala

    Salah Hilala14 日 前

    What starters are disappearing... the rain?

  36. Sheona Beach

    Sheona Beach14 日 前

    Let’s Go Pikachu exists so Kanto has had a higher population of starters by the way

  37. Jay Bajaj

    Jay Bajaj15 日 前

    man after watching this i suddenly want to revist Pokemon anime season 1 onwards ...

  38. Jordan the Crazy

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  39. lidrew braddy

    lidrew braddy15 日 前

    You really said high school

  40. Kevin Roman

    Kevin Roman15 日 前

    Was it me or the Squirtle was a shiny at the beginning