Why I Got Married & Didn't Change My Last Name...


  1. Liron Weirdo

    Liron Weirdo8 時間 前

    ahhh wish colleen was coming to ny so i could see her

  2. clary1

    clary1日 前

    I thought I was the only one that think McDonalds coke is so goooooooood! And yes coke taste different in every way you serve it!

  3. Aaryas anecdotes

    Aaryas anecdotes日 前

    I recently started watching your videos and I am obsessed

  4. ყıƙɛ ʂ

    ყıƙɛ ʂ2 日 前

    Idk if this planned or bot but as soon as she was about to sneeze an ad come up LOL

  5. Cleo’s World

    Cleo’s World2 日 前

    as she ever gone on tour since i would love to meet you x

  6. IzzyHcg

    IzzyHcg2 日 前

    I feel like these woman who are pushing that breasts aren't sexual are in denial.. men love to fondle, lick, and suck on titties too 🤣 they are made for feeding AND attracting mates! Stop trying to take the fun out of them colleen! #keeptittiessexy

  7. Noel Bentley

    Noel Bentley3 日 前

    Who cares if q & a are "going out of style" I enjoyed this video very much

  8. Payton Shields

    Payton Shields3 日 前

    Aww you'd be a silkie chicken? That's so cute. My grandma has a ton of chickens and there's this one painted silkie (white w/ black spots) named Oreo that's blind but she's sooo fluffy and adorable ❤️

  9. Mommy Boutique

    Mommy Boutique3 日 前

    I have the same phone case as you, and I also still have my Samatha American Girl Doll, oh and the Pretty, Pretty Princess Game was also my favorite game.

  10. Nevaeh Angel

    Nevaeh Angel4 日 前

    miranda ?🥺

  11. Krystal Phi

    Krystal Phi4 日 前

    before she was about to sneeze and add popped up

  12. Emroullah Zevzet Oglou

    Emroullah Zevzet Oglou4 日 前

    those edits at the end when you sneezed made me laugh out loud hahahhahah

  13. Illuminadia 3

    Illuminadia 35 日 前

    right after colleen sneezed, i had to sneeze... *relax*

  14. Norwegian Little Penguin

    Norwegian Little Penguin5 日 前

    I have pittakionophobia too (don’t know if that’s how it’s spelled) Fruit stickers and stickers that are dirty on the glue are the worst 🤮🤮🤮

  15. Ashlynn McCollum

    Ashlynn McCollum5 日 前

    Can you do a tour at Oklahoma city/state

  16. Mad Madz

    Mad Madz6 日 前

    Omg you have the same function of beauty colors as me! ( this is basically unrelated but I thought it was cool )

  17. JustCodyHere _

    JustCodyHere _6 日 前

    *Colleen starts to sneeze* *Hamster talks about juuls, and burps like Colleen....* *colleen finishes sneezing* I’m confused...!

  18. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life7 日 前

    When are you coming to Chicago

  19. Blazetail 101

    Blazetail 1017 日 前

    I agree with the coke thing. And I really love coke in a can too

  20. Farah Fatin

    Farah Fatin7 日 前

    Right 1 second before u sneezed, JPreporter ad came up! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Iris Rolan

    Iris Rolan9 日 前

    I love American girl dolls

  22. Nico Alcock

    Nico Alcock9 日 前

    I love so much

  23. Autumnated

    Autumnated9 日 前

    Yoo when she was about to sneeze I got an ad😂😂

  24. MusicHappy

    MusicHappy9 日 前

    Colleen finally got the mom bob lol. She’s honestly looks great with it though

  25. kim

    kim10 日 前

    Insomnia cookies are the best!!

  26. Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn Lover10 日 前

    when you search up flynn on youtube flynn ballinger comes up

  27. Mya Annalise

    Mya Annalise10 日 前

    Right before she sneezed there was an ad 😭

  28. Madi Hepler

    Madi Hepler11 日 前

    1. The chicken you were talking about is called a silky chicken 2. I agree with you about the coke! It all tastes different! And I looooove it in a can. Especially ice cold but I can also drink it room temp.

  29. Connor thenewguy2004

    Connor thenewguy200411 日 前

    What is Flynn's Middle Name

  30. Natalie Dejesus

    Natalie Dejesus11 日 前

    I didn't notice your hair I love it soooooooo much 😻

  31. Maddie’s Toy Chest

    Maddie’s Toy Chest11 日 前

    Not gonna lie Colleen ballinger sounds better the Colleen stalklin

  32. Caleb Wolfe

    Caleb Wolfe12 日 前

    I'm obsessed with eating ramen with chips now because of this woman

  33. XxSkyGYTxX #1

    XxSkyGYTxX #112 日 前

    Who else had a ad before she sneezed 😂😍🤦🏽‍♀️

  34. esh g

    esh g12 日 前

    you look so good with short hair!

  35. lunar jisoo

    lunar jisoo12 日 前

    there’s a reason why she reuploaded this video. the first time in the ad with the shampoo and conditioner she accidentally put a song about miranda with farts in the background😎

  36. Alicia None

    Alicia None13 日 前

    I don’t know why, but I’m in tears from those sneezes. That was so funny for absolutely no reason. 😂 RELAX

  37. Amelia Zidek

    Amelia Zidek13 日 前

    I love you Colleen always and forever ♾!❤️

  38. Femke Sijlaar

    Femke Sijlaar13 日 前

    I have the same wif the tickers

  39. Marcela The Marvelous

    Marcela The Marvelous13 日 前

    This may sound weird but sometimes I eat fruit flavored baby food for breakfast because it is fast and delicious

  40. Lauren Ski

    Lauren Ski8 日 前

    What's the texture like?

  41. Maddy Blossom

    Maddy Blossom13 日 前

    A split second before she was going to sneeze (the first time) there was an ad!😂😂

  42. Heidi James

    Heidi James13 日 前

    3:55 Five year old Flynn: look what I got mommy Five year old Flynn: **shows Colleen a sticker** Colleen: **screams and runs away** Five year old Flynn: ???

  43. Heidi James

    Heidi James13 日 前

    3:55 Five year old Flynn: look what I got mommy Five year old Flynn: **shows Colleen a sticker** Colleen: **screams and runs away** Five year old Flynn: ???

  44. Heidi James

    Heidi James13 日 前

    3:55 Five year old Flynn: look what I got mommy Five year old Flynn: **shows Colleen a sticker** Colleen: **screams and runs away** Five year old Flynn: ???

  45. Heidi James

    Heidi James13 日 前

    3:55 Five year old Flynn: look what I got mommy Five year old Flynn: **shows Colleen a sticker** Colleen: **screams and runs away** Five year old Flynn: ???

  46. melody lily

    melody lily14 日 前

    my ant lets her son play with baby doll

  47. PearlyJamx

    PearlyJamx12 日 前


  48. Brahmjot Saini

    Brahmjot Saini14 日 前

    I agree with you on the coke thing but but but come in can is my least fav... My heart broke at that. 😂😂😂😂

  49. LuvLauren

    LuvLauren14 日 前

    when Collen talked about coke I was dying cuz everyone says it tastes the same but I don't agree

  50. Can’t Relate

    Can’t Relate15 日 前


  51. Joe Keegans

    Joe Keegans15 日 前

    More Colleen's cornerssss!!! KWEEN

  52. Unknown :/

    Unknown :/16 日 前

    8:03 Lmao

  53. Hugo Hammond

    Hugo Hammond16 日 前

    Colleen should do a Podcast on Apple Podcast and do a Q&A

  54. Ellie Copeland

    Ellie Copeland16 日 前

    Are u going to fly back down to LA when Jessica gives birth? Please respond!!!

  55. Ellie Copeland

    Ellie Copeland16 日 前

    I thought she was going to say rats😂🥰

  56. C Liberty

    C Liberty16 日 前

    I took my husbands last name and gave my maiden name as my middle name. It's quite old fashioned. IE: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. No hyphen.

  57. Claudia Gallegos

    Claudia Gallegos17 日 前

    Idk if this happened to anybody else but right before she sneezed the first time an add popped 😂

  58. Denny Michael

    Denny Michael17 日 前

    I agree! I played with barbies and dolls with my sister when we were little and I do not see anything wrong with it. I honestly think there should just be one toy section in stores. not two separate sections. some boys like dolls and some girls like cars and action figures.

  59. Adriana Ramos

    Adriana Ramos17 日 前

    Will you move back to la 😅

  60. Carla Gomes

    Carla Gomes17 日 前

    ᵢf yₒᵤ wₑᵣₑ ₐ cₕᵢcₖₑₙ yₒᵤ'd bₑ ᵢₘₚₑccₐbₗₑ 😎 😘 😆 ✌️🤘🤙🖖

  61. Cupcake Girl

    Cupcake Girl17 日 前

    Omg I have the same sticker pet peeve! I never told anyone because i thought no one else had it except me

  62. KT Box

    KT Box18 日 前

    You should get a bunny tattoo for Flynn!