Why I Don't Like Reading


  1. GJ Perkins

    GJ Perkins12 分 前

    Hi there Jaiden you probably wont read my comment but I wanted to let you know that I really like your videos and I think that you have great animating skills that are very entertaining in fact your videos have inspired me to animate sometime but I don't have the proper technology so I can't yet but I will so thank you and I love your work.

  2. Joss Flores

    Joss Flores15 分 前

    Maybe actually trying this book perhaps? I mean its seriously good but, i guess its your choice. If ya do wanna read it, then its "The Chronicles of Narnia

  3. Brent Gibson

    Brent Gibson2 時間 前

    That’s my trouble I would literally not read a book then read a book it’s boring

  4. Amy Rojas

    Amy Rojas2 時間 前

    To be fair I don’t like reading cause every time I get a book I’ll think I’ll like....it turns into a disaster cause I don’t understand the flipping storylines!!!

  5. Leemabari Beage

    Leemabari Beage3 時間 前

    Wait a sec!Does no one see that dude that looks likes He-Man on her wall at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a>?!

  6. Helena

    Helena3 時間 前

    Let’s all be honest We all saw at least one unordinary ad

  7. mr.cube's office

    mr.cube's office3 時間 前

    Did anyone try to read the words behind her if so please reply all the words

  8. riley cuthers

    riley cuthers4 時間 前

    Yea reading is boring 😒

  9. Julian Lopez

    Julian Lopez4 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> id you look closely tou see it say sub 2 pewdiepie do it

  10. Shinryu 949

    Shinryu 9494 時間 前

    Lol me basically on mathematics I got physically punished if weren’t able math problems my dad gave me as a kid So up until now i still hated anything related to computing numbers unless it’s a fun game like card games

  11. Trey Del Bonis

    Trey Del Bonis5 時間 前

    The whole thing with Animal Farm is funny, it's presented as a critique of communism but it's really criticizing capitalism through the imagery. The term "capitalist pigs" comes to mind, where the rest of the animals on the farm are the working class being ruled by a ruling class that abuses their power. Which is funny because when middle school teachers point at it and say "communism bad!" shows how little they actually care about it. Or the propaganda of the public school system lol.

  12. pewdiepie without pie

    pewdiepie without pie5 時間 前

    Splish splash your opinion is cool

  13. kobakuma-chan

    kobakuma-chan5 時間 前

    I love to read manga, but I hate to read books(light novels included).

  14. Mary Landrum

    Mary Landrum7 時間 前

    I am in quatinen and PS my birthday is on the 9/25/2003

  15. TheKitty Gacha

    TheKitty Gacha7 時間 前

    Me: *casually sipping my cornflakes at 1 a.m.*

  16. Amber Stellingwerf

    Amber Stellingwerf8 時間 前

    I don't like reading

  17. Amber Stellingwerf

    Amber Stellingwerf8 時間 前


  18. KiraAsakura14

    KiraAsakura149 時間 前

    I listen to Jaiden to sleep. Like an ASMR video. Just putting that out there.

  19. Chase Brockman

    Chase Brockman9 時間 前


  20. Valkths

    Valkths10 時間 前

    I go to the school library everyday , when school was open to Use the computers

  21. Miguel Bueno Asensio

    Miguel Bueno Asensio10 時間 前

    Jaiden:Doesn't like reading Me:You can't trust on anyone,specially your heroes. Edit:Just kidding i love you Jaiden

  22. Naomi Horn

    Naomi Horn10 時間 前

    I read a 300 page book in one day, but no one cares anymore.

  23. The Sheep

    The Sheep11 時間 前

    im exactly like me

  24. The Sheep

    The Sheep11 時間 前

    its her autocorrect

  25. Preston Burns

    Preston Burns11 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> it says let's talk about how I became a furry

  26. Kitty Warrior

    Kitty Warrior13 時間 前

    moral of the story? juliet=lesbian

  27. Bruanimates Yt

    Bruanimates Yt15 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> who else saw "SUB TO PEWDIEPIE" at the back?

  28. lovelyheartziez x3x

    lovelyheartziez x3x15 時間 前

    me:i love music! also me:music wHy dO yOu MaKe Me SoOoOo LoNeLy then i cry while listening-

  29. Crazy Legends

    Crazy Legends17 時間 前

    I love jaiden


    BLACKTIGER12L17 時間 前

    WHERE'S ARI'S BDAY (I made a mini party for my cockatiel max)

  31. Jarteeka Williams

    Jarteeka Williams17 時間 前


  32. layla jansen

    layla jansen18 時間 前

    I can litteraly read a book with 480 in just a day, and still have time over

  33. Annalyn De jesus

    Annalyn De jesus19 時間 前

    Reading, books, libraries its all boring ayyyy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> 😂😂😂

  34. Lilytoonz

    Lilytoonz20 時間 前

    Oh my gosh HOW DO I DO THE SAME EXACT THING AS JAYDEN I lit stare at the pages til time runs out and I not a fan of music too...that’s weird

  35. Lilytoonz

    Lilytoonz20 時間 前

    I really want to make a video about hating books too but I think people would think I am copying Jayden which I’m not

  36. N4r0

    N4r020 時間 前

    Why is this video so relatable? XD

  37. Chloe Waite

    Chloe Waite21 時間 前

    I know this is her opinion, But this hurts... Books are amazing.

  38. Thatyeetedpotato Oof

    Thatyeetedpotato Oof21 時間 前

    I HATE BOOKS !!!! cuz idk..................;)

  39. A Total Fiasco

    A Total Fiasco21 時間 前

    Man I remember I read so much in elementary school that I became notorious for it. I read the largest books in the library (the largest being Little Women, which I really liked) and did amazing on the AR tests, I was super fast at reading them (and to this day I can read text really fast), and I just swallowed all of them up. It felt like diving underwater into a whole new mindset of a whole new world and whenever I closed a book it felt like I was breaking the surface of the water to breathe again. It was a nice feeling. But of course the public school system came along with forced reading and now I don't even remember the last time I picked up a physical book.

  40. Kookie Gacha

    Kookie Gacha22 時間 前

    Is it normal I can read a 1,000 page book in a day- *Cough*

  41. Candice McCarty

    Candice McCarty22 時間 前

    "P.S. romeo's gonna stab himself lol" 😂😂😂

  42. G-MAN Playz

    G-MAN Playz22 時間 前

    Friend code : SW-4841-7288-6402 plz add me jaiden

  43. Candice McCarty

    Candice McCarty22 時間 前

    I love reading ever sence I got introduced to warrior cats. If you like cats and action I highly suggest it!

  44. Stephanie Mcnabb

    Stephanie Mcnabb23 時間 前

    It's not that bad as long as you like the books. I just try to see what my friends are reading.

  45. Vaeda Prange

    Vaeda Prange23 時間 前

    I can read a Harry Potter book in 1 hour

  46. Martin's batara

    Martin's batara23 時間 前

    What are moral of the story Jaden you can use do you add ones out book that James created in the store OK

  47. PerezGurl

    PerezGurl日 前

    Having to be forced to read books literally had the complete opposite outcome. I'm a complete bookworm.

  48. Candra Kusuma

    Candra Kusuma日 前

    Jaiden:Add me in animal crossing Me with no switch and empty wallet: No...

  49. doro626

    doro626日 前

    This is sponsored by audible right? Reading is for poor people and guys named Henry Bemis.

  50. Kaiden Kwok

    Kaiden Kwok日 前

    Didn’t you say in one video if you have any type of pet you would play with it for three hours

  51. Odey555

    Odey555日 前

    I've got to 100% agree, I loved reading until 7th grade. Now I hate it. School ruined it for me

  52. Isaac Why

    Isaac Why日 前

    Read manga

  53. Orchid UO

    Orchid UO日 前

    I have 2 books I like Where the Red Fern Grows The Boy from the Basement One is from being forced to read it and the other is because the cover looked like a horror movie thing but it turned out to be amazing and about someone finding out their famiky life isn't normal

  54. Good Gurl

    Good Gurl日 前

    Wait was the dragon wings of fire?

  55. lizzet sotelo

    lizzet sotelo日 前

    No School👍

  56. Marvin Barker

    Marvin Barker日 前

    Cat allergy? Doesn't james have that too?

  57. Just a Dumb boi

    Just a Dumb boi日 前

    Speed readers who read a book in 15 minutes where you at?

  58. Joel and Dylan Crazy stuff

    Joel and Dylan Crazy stuff日 前

    School is still closed

  59. ManNny Meeralam

    ManNny Meeralam日 前

    I’m on fifth grade and I read a book with 651 pages in a day, I used to hate reading when I was in first and second grade but when I started third grade I became a book worm,and I always finished a book in one day and now I’m quarantined and I can’t go buy new ones and I finished reading all the books I have so I have to read online books, and it’s not really the same

  60. JaceL Colvin

    JaceL Colvin日 前

    Video chat

  61. Benjamin Lundqvist

    Benjamin Lundqvist日 前

    I do the same thing move the bookmark a reasonal amount and then stare out of the window

  62. floof animates

    floof animates日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> the text behind her says "I have new interests nowadays language and furries. What? Oh I thought you knew I was a furry haha oops. Anyway yeah I'm a furry" And it just goes on about furries

  63. TinTin 1230

    TinTin 1230日 前

    I read a book in two days.

  64. Speckles and Freckles

    Speckles and Freckles日 前

    Me in school: Introvert Me in quarantine reading: Outrovert Me now: WHEN WAS THIS WHEN I NEEDED IT

  65. Elizabeth Lockheart

    Elizabeth Lockheart日 前

    I know I'm super late to this video BUT IM SO GLAD IT ISN'T JUST ME! I have a ton of comic books and Manga I loved to read when I was younger and now I can barely sit down and read five pages of THOSE. Comic books!! It's just bad association!

  66. Егор Залетин

    Егор Залетин日 前

    Тут есть Russen gye?

  67. Cosette Lee

    Cosette Lee日 前

    I actually got animal crossing because when I watched your Covid-19 charity stream and saw how fun animal crossing was, I just kinda fell in love with it.

  68. Daniel Bowden

    Daniel Bowden日 前

    Moral:Read but don't be forced to do it and if you're really good at something maybe something will come out of it,who knows a 16 year old won $3 Million playing video games

  69. Nvscientist

    Nvscientist日 前

    Wait a min. Wa...WARRIORS😱 Best book series! Defenetily read it😃

  70. It's meh O3O

    It's meh O3O日 前

    *Just read on wattpad*

  71. carla hayse

    carla hayse日 前

    I like reading

  72. makmur sejahtera

    makmur sejahtera日 前


  73. Stream Legend

    Stream Legend日 前

    Can I request?... Hmm.. Can you draw an animation on another app? You know?.... Anime maker.. ←this app?..

  74. Jeremy Sánchez

    Jeremy Sánchez日 前

    Hola,gracias por aventurarme a la lectura :D

  75. NickNico

    NickNico日 前

    Guys, Jaden is a furry confirmed. while on my quest to read the whole wall of text in the video i found this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>

  76. makmur sejahtera

    makmur sejahtera日 前


  77. loveroofreemusic

    loveroofreemusic日 前

    that’s what I do in school and home i only read books I like

  78. Tang Gang

    Tang Gang日 前

    Wait... You have a reason for not liking reading? I thought that you dont need a reason 2 hate reading

  79. Eshani Gale

    Eshani Gale日 前

    Who here just realised they’re a nerd? ...because I did.

  80. AetheralMeowstic

    AetheralMeowstic日 前

    I'm a bookworm, just like my mom. I read the Incarnate trilogy, and I really recommended it. Oh, and I like making both end-blown and side-blown flutes out of bamboo and schedule 40 PVC pipe. My most recent flute is a 16" long end-blown alto flute. By end-blown flute, I don't mean a recorder; that's classified as a whistle mouthpiece flute. I mean I cut and sanded a notch, or lip, into the top end of the flute. End-blown flutes are incredibly difficult to play, because you have to hold it at a precise angle to be able to direct the airstream at the lip. My efforts were rewarded with an instrument that has a nice, warm, and somewhat mysterious tone. Fun Fact: End-blown flutes historically have an average maximum of three finger holes and no thumb hole. All of my flutes, whether end-blown or side-blown, have eight finger holes and a thumb hole.

  81. omego 64

    omego 64日 前

    Mucho texto

  82. Nikita Kovalov

    Nikita Kovalov日 前


  83. AetheralMeowstic

    AetheralMeowstic日 前

    I taught myself how to read. Here's how it happened: when I was about four, my mom read to me, and she held the pages in my view as she did so. My eyes followed the line of text as she read it aloud, and my brain made the connection on its own.

  84. AetheralMeowstic

    AetheralMeowstic日 前

    Reading stimulates many large areas of the brain simultaneously. It's a form of mental aerobics.

  85. Jose Paulo Berrios

    Jose Paulo Berrios日 前

    Jaiden I love your videos even though I don't know much English but they're great, can you put subtitles? If you can't be a no, when I watch your videos I always repeat them, already, but to what I came to you are the best 🤯😺😺