Why I Can't Go Home for 7 Years


  1. BigZoomer

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    that honestly made me cry 💔

  2. Aryan Kushwaha

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    3 year left

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    4 years left man

  5. Vexx

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    I’m half egyptian!

  6. Jo Nas

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    Almost Halftime....4 years to go!!! Stay Strong Ammar!!!

  7. This is Acheson

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    Eat your cereal

  8. Ragad Moualla

    Ragad Moualla3 日 前

    I watch this video over and over again and i cry everytime💔

  9. Sage K

    Sage K4 日 前

    Deeply touching!

  10. Mohamed Behery

    Mohamed Behery4 日 前

    You don't bullshit an Egyptian with those 4 possibilities, because you would never be barred from travelling while being on standby for 7 years. In the fourth case you mentioned, you get to be on standby for 3 years at a time, during which you can apply for a travel permit from the military. And I don't believe you're better than someone else to take your place while you're away, when that someone could be the one achieving his dreams and career opportunities to begin with. I've served in the military as an RTO corporal for 13.5 months and got off to do my masters in Europe, I refused to use my connections to serve in a place that would make my life easier because I'm not that special for someone else to carry my burden. Check out this link: tagned.mod.gov.eg/18militaryServiceTravelPermission.aspx

  11. Tarek Berouijel

    Tarek Berouijel4 日 前

    5 years left

  12. Manuelito Torres

    Manuelito Torres5 日 前

    Not be able to see your family for 7 years is Sad. 4 more years, being positive here, time is really fast. There are other ways that can minimize the sadness and waiting, like be the best as you can be, create more vlogs (I enjoyed your videos at Yes Theory, amazing), study or travel around the world, meet new friends, creativity. You will notice, 4 years have passed and time to see your family again. Also, of course, social media video calls with family? I know its always best to be with them, but for the time being, hopefully video call can minimize the sadness.

  13. FrenzyFortnight

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    4 years left man

  14. Hardik Joshi

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    Only Some more years left bro. And you will be at home. "YES"!

  15. Rasmus Laursen Wiborg

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    This must be so hard for You. so 100% respekt You are the best

  16. Willy Grimm

    Willy Grimm6 日 前

    Brother Amar, you sir are a very kind man. "Yes Theory" is a concept everlasting....Congrats Big Time Brothers!!!! Captain Willy Grimm

  17. Mia Vargas

    Mia Vargas7 日 前

    You're all so genuine 😔❤️ so beautiful

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    4 years left.

  19. Toe Dealer

    Toe Dealer8 日 前

    Same situation with me but with iran. I cant go back forever because we have a political asylum. We basically escaped the country.

  20. Halil Ganiev

    Halil Ganiev10 日 前

    So what if you serve? Its only 1 year, whats the big problem? Do not be a coward

  21. Pedro Dias Serrão

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  22. ahmed fadaly

    ahmed fadaly13 日 前

    I am Egyptian and went to Military. I support ur decision 100% !! Best of luck brother

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    Who else keeps scrolling down to look for the comments

  24. Abolfazl Piadeh Fallah

    Abolfazl Piadeh Fallah15 日 前

    hi i'm from iran and same is here but in here when we turn 18 if we don't go to collage we must go and serve for 2 years ! yep and every thing you going throw we iranian go worse . hope you well and know there is a country name iran . whole world is against us :D and with sangtion we go to worst of worst

  25. Abolfazl Piadeh Fallah

    Abolfazl Piadeh Fallah15 日 前

    hi i'm from iran and same is here but in here when we turn 18 if we don't go to collage we must go and serve for 2 years ! yep and every thing you going throw we iranian go worse . hope you well and know there is a country name iran . whole world is against us :D and with sangtion we go to worst of worst

  26. MA Amr

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    5 years left

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    Nearly 4 years to go... Be strong......... ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  28. Dhanan Abimanto

    Dhanan Abimanto18 日 前

    what if Ammar's father has a hiding message like i disown you as my son but he actually wants to save him from the security issue of his country if he comes back to his country for several times.

  29. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.19 日 前

    You guys show the world healthy, loyal, fun and TRUE friendships. Get you friends like this. You are who you surround yourself around.

  30. Ahmed Ahmed sawfi

    Ahmed Ahmed sawfi21 日 前

    Over 20 million boys have the same situation like you and they didn't do a drama about it. If everyone will refuse to enter the military because they are afraid and escape abroad who will protect the country that you claim to love.?!

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    Ammar is honestly the soul of this channel ❤️

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    5 years left

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    That sad

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    When its my Reportcard next day

  35. Alli Coughlan

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    Only 5 years now ☺

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    Who's here because in the thumbnail the flag looked like Indian?? Just me?

  37. Pedro Le

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    its all started is MONTREAL i still canot believe it wow u guys make me dream

  38. August Moberg

    August Moberg26 日 前

    Man 2 and 1/2 years have passed keep going strong and you made the right decision i would do the same in your situation

  39. The Random Dudeman

    The Random Dudeman26 日 前

    Ammar. We did it.

  40. norik plays

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    4 more years

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    5 years left keep going strong!!!

  42. Aliyah Delgado

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    @norik plays oof

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  44. bryan FL4

    bryan FL426 日 前

    I wish i could become a Spanish Soldier, but here in Spain u need at least highschool finished, wich i dont have because i quited studies.

  45. KingDuck The Third

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    4 years left

  46. @amarsblog folgt mir auf Instagram

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    I would be proud to serve for my country but ok its might just me

  47. Equals Cash

    Equals Cash28 日 前

    IMO mandatory military service is really stupid. Everyone should have a choice and you - my friend made the right one.

  48. Equals Cash

    Equals Cash22 日 前

    @Mohamed Hassan I know how it is... my country was like that not too long ago... It's ridiculous...

  49. Mohamed Hassan

    Mohamed Hassan22 日 前

    Ya dude. Egypt is a military country. It is like apartheid South Africa that Elon Musk also escaped.

  50. brittany sanchez

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    5 more years :)

  51. Micho Time

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    4 Years to Go

  52. Micho Time

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    What was the song used in 2:11-2:49?

  53. streetjewel

    streetjewel29 日 前

    I’ve been living away from my family for the past 8 years. I had to make the same decision you did. It sucks. I’m blessed being able to fly home once a year, but I relate to you so much. My muslim family does not understand what I’m going through and what I’m wanting to do with my life neither. And I’m a female. You are a strong person and I wish you all the best on this harsh journey. Wish I could meet you one day, I need this energy in my life.

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    Great man

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    love this so much

  57. smudge the cat

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    Follow your heart not what anyone tells you

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    aslong as you dont kill christians ammar :)

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    Bruv just bruv this gay waistman shit is killing me inside

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    Woohoo, only 5 more years to go

  62. TSRsoul Genjitsu

    TSRsoul Genjitsuヶ月 前

    I am disappointed in the way I have been living my life. I jist found this channel two days ago and I think that I feel in love with all of you guys and your adventures. I love what you stand for. I don't know if you made the right choice or not but I do know that it wasn't an easy choice to make.

  63. dR1923

    dR1923ヶ月 前

    Are there no consequences when you return at 30 years? Will the authorities simply ignore that you avoided the military?

  64. AB FABE

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    Ammar is look like my friend