Why Dubai's Man-Made Islands Are Still Empty


  1. happy thoughts-ken

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    Is that Priyanka Chopra

  2. isaac_ttking

    isaac_ttking時間 前

    Burj Khalifa has now become the largest and not the tallest building in the world. Nice

  3. Ivanka Leonie Fuchs

    Ivanka Leonie Fuchs時間 前

    They ruined their once pretty coastline. The man-made islands look quite ugly. Their tourist trade ist declining as well with many hotels only ever partially reserved, und their oil money ist running out so they can't continue spending many millions every year to maintain repair of the man-made islands' constant erosion problems. Most all of the islands will possibly be submerged from rising ocean levels in another 25 years. I surely wouldn't even consider purchasing or building a Haus there. Quite often those who suddenly become wealthy remain ignorant of their new responsibility.

  4. Jamaal Curry

    Jamaal Curry時間 前

    Maybe they can become film production sites for films or elaborate theme parks. How about low cost rentals?

  5. Morevidzz

    Morevidzz2 時間 前

    lol in our lifetime Dubai as a tourist destination will become a thing of the past.

  6. The_LuftWaffle

    The_LuftWaffle3 時間 前

    “What happened here?” Simple, no one found purpose in them

  7. Jti007

    Jti0074 時間 前

    What happened?? No road to show off their fancy cars...

  8. Be Kind Be Humankind

    Be Kind Be Humankind5 時間 前

    Build on the back of unfortunate Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indian and Nepali men under the Kabala contract. Their legal papers and passports are withheld by their employers. Their living and pay condition is so poor they suffer everyday.

  9. Forex Trader

    Forex Trader5 時間 前

    The ocean is to unpredictable and powerful to control. Who would have thought?

  10. Ivan

    Ivan5 時間 前

    Why dubai not issuing resident visa but tourist can come? I wait for my reliever to replace me on job becouse I should go urgent to Europe but he can not get visa Now until end of July I will go home Together with my family i will close business

  11. Cesar Cruz

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    4:51-4:59 biggest OOF ever 😭😂

  12. yenjyezm

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    Godbless DUBAI

  13. Robert Yaeger

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    isalmic shithole

  14. Pramila Saini

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    Shit ik those r not circles but they’re triggering my Trypophobia.....aight imma head out

  15. Argos Ron

    Argos Ron6 時間 前

    Islam is done.

  16. Jason Rods

    Jason Rods7 時間 前

    Those islands looks so beautiful, but all at cost of environmental destruction 👎🏼

  17. James Massin

    James Massin8 時間 前

    More money then sense

  18. 505 Time

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  19. nyanchi lionel

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    The lost city of Atlantis

  20. ElementEvil

    ElementEvil9 時間 前

    the coronavirus will accelerate the death of dubais artificial islands

  21. loki Griffith

    loki Griffith10 時間 前

    Sand wars... Google it

  22. DarnMan

    DarnMan10 時間 前

    The world be looking like the fortnite map

  23. JkGozdzik

    JkGozdzik11 時間 前

    They don't seem to be getting that these 'prestigious' or 'luxurious' or whatever things just look like cemeteries? Fake ass hotels, beaches tidier than the carpets at home, it all looks dehumanizing and unnatural. There is no place for humans and natural urban development. You will never see a graffiti there, no sign of human activity, of historical events. There are probably few to no sidewalks because it's expected to drive a 'luxury' car to these 'awesome' 'luxurious' malls. For me it's what hell looks like.

  24. bloodandguts

    bloodandguts11 時間 前

    The money should have been spent moving inland. Desalinization plants along the coast pumping water to massive reservoirs.

  25. Walter Kovac

    Walter Kovac11 時間 前

    the next Big Bang is coming....... after that it will be Ghost town........

  26. pudgy panda

    pudgy panda11 時間 前

    Dubai is literally a cesspit of corruption and money laundering, It may have impressive buildings but it's still a place I would never visit. As for the islands, They tried copying Japan but failed miserably. Now they have ruined their coast line and probably ruined the eco system with the islands

  27. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie11 時間 前

    Very very ugly.. it proves to that money can't always buy class and taste.

  28. Vegito-Sama

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    Y’all didn’t search this video up 👀

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    0:45 Joe momma happened

  30. Pyro Z

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    China was watching and taking notes.

  31. Shine Bright

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    Man usurping God

  32. Lyons T-BAG

    Lyons T-BAG14 時間 前

    So to sum this all up in a nutshell. Don't mess with mother nature.

  33. Darkness

    Darkness14 時間 前

    Next time when you try to build artificial island just buy soil to other country like what the china did in PH.

  34. Patrick Rapan

    Patrick Rapan14 時間 前

    Ideas Conjured up when on Cocaine

  35. ROOK

    ROOK15 時間 前

    Za warudo.

  36. Alfred Khoo

    Alfred Khoo15 時間 前

    " we're gonna spend billions of dollars on building some artificial island." "but what about all the empty space in Dubai's backyard that are cheap and available?" "shut up"

  37. Rufus Immanuel

    Rufus Immanuel15 時間 前

    Give a fool $1000, he will probably return with an iPhone Give a wise man $1000, he will return with $2000

  38. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

    I'm sooo bored Jaehyun15 時間 前

    This what the prophet predicted 1400 years ago that arab Bedouins will compete in making tall buildings Believe in Allah before it is too late

  39. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

    I'm sooo bored Jaehyun15 時間 前

    I’m watching this now because it keeps getting recommended to me

  40. RXDEKU

    RXDEKU17 時間 前

    Well UAE is strong

  41. anon neymous

    anon neymous18 時間 前

    They have money. they invested. Some success, many failed. Sounds normal to me.

  42. varun kumar

    varun kumar18 時間 前

    Let's make everything Artificial !!!!! What say!!!

  43. Theerthan Vidya

    Theerthan Vidya19 時間 前

    it look like a plant cell to me.. a nuclie, mitocondria and wat not..

  44. Esther Reed

    Esther Reed20 時間 前

    If I recall some of these are actually for sale last I checked

  45. Keziah Cadena

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    The thumbnail looks like bacteria

  46. Hayden Harris

    Hayden Harris21 時間 前

    What a horrible baron land.

  47. bobby was

    bobby was21 時間 前

    typical stupid heads investment hahaha when the oil is gone what you gonna do ? immigrating in western europe. ?

  48. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

    I'm sooo bored Jaehyun15 時間 前

    Wat will u guys do u mean without oil where will u guys go to find it

  49. rasika harikrishna

    rasika harikrishna22 時間 前

    Only buildings no trees

  50. Dennis Schramm

    Dennis Schramm22 時間 前

    lots of stupid people with way to much money!!!!

  51. Rwaring Retro

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    Its like me in a minecraft world wanting to build something but failing miserably

  52. EROK

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  53. 北北大埔

    北北大埔日 前

    What went wrong ? Nothing by now... But we know the fact that there's something money can not buy AND the mother Nature will revenge

  54. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

    I'm sooo bored Jaehyun15 時間 前

    Allah is the almighty believe in him before the day of judgement

  55. Yeetus Maximus

    Yeetus Maximus日 前

    How do they even do this?

  56. Mustafa Haciahmet

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  57. Azaan Ashraf

    Azaan Ashraf日 前

    Well now it's experiment over. Dubai failed

  58. Ivett Tinoco

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    The format of your videos are very similar to VOX

  59. Lauren

    Lauren日 前

    A place that has never appealed to me, nor will it ever

  60. Lauren

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    @I'm sooo bored Jaehyun expensive ha the place is cheap and nasty, matches the people who go there

  61. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

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    So u wont go to dubai ever what is too expensive for u

  62. Souhaj

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  63. Will Meyers

    Will Meyers日 前

    looks like a Minecraft project someone got tired of working on

  64. WeebMaster007 GokuAndDekuSan

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    Tbh I'd rather live in the forests to relax and worry about nothing

  65. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

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    LOL same

  66. Rudds

    Rudds日 前

    They’re empty because every time someone says The World, time freezes

  67. Ece Yaz

    Ece Yaz日 前

    Dubai best place ever . UAE Most pretty and peaceful Islamic place . My dream is to live there 💕

  68. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

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    Azaan Ashraf how?

  69. Azaan Ashraf

    Azaan Ashraf日 前

    Dubai is satanic. Not Islamic.

  70. Leon

    Leon日 前

    Man this idea is like an anime where the whole world is destroyed by monsters and the whole world started to build islands to live in

  71. V

    V日 前

    They should build some islands around Monaco.

  72. Sana

    Sana日 前

    I lived in UAE, Dubai for almost 16 years, and tbh, everyone thought that the idea of ruining the cost line and " making" new land is just absolutely fucking ridiculous tbh. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  73. Fuchsschwinge

    Fuchsschwinge日 前

    Me: having trouble saving up for an ordinary small house some millinonaire: owning several artificial islands close to a desert and planning to have artificial snow on one of them

  74. Anas Mohamed

    Anas Mohamed日 前

    Dubai is a good place

  75. Andrew Kim TV

    Andrew Kim TV日 前

    Answer: isolation /claustrophobia

  76. katiephong

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    y’all come here from tik tok?

  77. Jason G. Clauß

    Jason G. Clauß日 前

    States with cultural values stuck in the stone age get industrial age money and space age technology. What could go wrong?

  78. Paul Klee

    Paul Klee日 前

    Let's build a thousand artificial islands from sand dredged out of the sea and then lets build 100,000 buildings on top of them. What could possibly go wrong?

  79. Ann Dee

    Ann Dee日 前

    These causes sea level rise in some natural islands like Guam and other pacific islands which some are already gone because sea levels rises.

  80. Dani

    Dani日 前

    Palm Jebel Ali looks like something out of Hunger Games

  81. Simoko James Phiri

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    Absolutely everyone else: JoJo's fans: it's pronounced za warldu

  82. 吳永仁

    吳永仁2 日 前

    怎麼 不造一座森林來 這才是為人民好啊

  83. James Chesshire

    James Chesshire2 日 前

    Kinda reminds you of egypt.

  84. Oli Duffell

    Oli Duffell2 日 前

    I’ll have you know that Upernavik Island is actually called Island Michael Schumacher and was gifted to Michael during his final season in Formula One 🏎

  85. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    Reminds of Westworld. Like an artificial version of reality.

  86. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

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    U watch that shit shows alot about u

  87. Jenna S

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    What happened is that they didn’t give them over to me

  88. Jenna S

    Jenna S2 日 前

    They should use these for couple therapy or dates/seeing if two people actually like each other and can handle each other

  89. I'm sooo bored Jaehyun

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    Wat u dont have a say in an islamic country