Why Did Simon STOP These Auditions? Watch What Happens Next...


  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recap3 時間 前

    Who is replacing Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent? Read more HERE: talentrecap.com/kelly-clarkson-will-replace-simon-cowell-on-americas-got-talent-after-bicycle-injury/

  2. Lunamane SoulBright

    Lunamane SoulBright4 分 前

    Did anyone else notice at the 19 minit mark and further on when the necklace was removed it looked like she was having an alergic reaction to it......i hope she is alright

  3. Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn5 時間 前

    so many good acts are just BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADD

  4. Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn5 時間 前

    1:37 ---#1 is's act sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cutes


    RED SCORPIO6 時間 前

    What if I wanna kiss u back?

  6. HIDlarissaTERRY

    HIDlarissaTERRY7 時間 前

    Well well brilliance in the right place!

  7. Doreen Glendinning

    Doreen Glendinning8 時間 前

    Brendan is the next Elvis!!!❤️

  8. sedang menulis

    sedang menulis9 時間 前

    Simon have the third eye and ear

  9. Tan Thien Nguyen

    Tan Thien Nguyen9 時間 前

    Werden Wir es sofort sehen......

  10. Tan Thien Nguyen

    Tan Thien Nguyen9 時間 前

    War Er in Frankreich.............?

  11. Linda pautu

    Linda pautu9 時間 前

    20:41 this guy has a killing smile 😉

  12. Sonya B

    Sonya B10 時間 前

    Why do I feel like they are acting sometimes? Like they are in some kind of agreement with each other! And can someone please tell me why I love Simon?

  13. Tom Roger Lilleby

    Tom Roger Lilleby27 分 前

    Some of these acts feels like they are staged. I'll change that to : All of these auditions feels like they are staged.

  14. Michael Curry

    Michael Curry10 時間 前

    The little girl and the lady after (Scarlett) are definitely amazing. I haven't even fished the video yet, but they are my favorites so far. *update I loved everyone's voice after. An probably the performers before but I dont remember there songs.

  15. Johannesius

    Johannesius12 時間 前

    everything sounds the same.

  16. FanFolkMetal

    FanFolkMetal14 時間 前

    the third one is soooooo looking like a fake audition. Being able to change the music and voice effects.... clearly a tape...

  17. Sanskar Gupta

    Sanskar Gupta15 時間 前

    Simon has different way of showing his concern to contestant that really, really has a bright fiture ahead of them........

  18. professional entertainer

    professional entertainer16 時間 前

    It's not singing, It's High Pitch Shouting That Simon loves..

  19. Max Abrahamson

    Max Abrahamson19 時間 前

    Simon is gordon ramsays step cousen

  20. Bongani Launcelot

    Bongani Launcelot20 時間 前

    Ant or Deck backstage "what does he know" referring to Somon.🤣🤣🤣

  21. Prasasti Iclatus

    Prasasti Iclatus21 時間 前

    Simon really is supportive with brendan 😳

  22. Rina Roberts

    Rina Roberts22 時間 前

    Simon face 🤣🤣🤣🤣he passionate on what he do🔥🔥

  23. Rina Roberts

    Rina Roberts22 時間 前

    Simon you are the best!!!!! You bring out the best in people!!!!!! Jehovah bless you❤❤❤

  24. Ana Archila

    Ana Archila日 前

    Scarlet lee made me cry with her beautiful voice! She's the voice!

  25. Kyle Ziggy

    Kyle Ziggy日 前

    That's funny with Ansley, where Simon trashtalks the soundtrack and everyone reacts like he's trashtalking the girl

  26. Christina Aguilar

    Christina Aguilar日 前

    Simon Cowell the best he Albert Einstein

  27. Christina Aguilar

    Christina Aguilar日 前

    Me keeping watching: me seeing :/,me after seeing ;o

  28. Kyle Ziggy

    Kyle Ziggy日 前

    Who the fuck was the first guy? That was goddamned amazing

  29. Jose Melendez

    Jose Melendez日 前

    Simon knows best



    Giving of second chances to the performers bring out the best in them.

  31. Dave medeco

    Dave medeco日 前

    What people do not understand Simon knows what he wants and can hear it. Lying to people is not his style what he gets out of people is the greatest thing and he get it almost every time he asked them to sing something else.

  32. kpkpkpik vrkr

    kpkpkpik vrkr日 前

    Simon help'd all of them to show their real talent! Bravo!!! 😀😀

  33. Ross De Vera

    Ross De Vera日 前

    for the first contestant, does he has a youtube channel? kinda want to listen to his songs

  34. Jevie bobo

    Jevie bobo日 前


  35. mary Mary

    mary Mary日 前

    Simon is genuis and human

  36. Tony West

    Tony West日 前


  37. ig2d

    ig2d日 前

    the problem with the first one was that he was probably saving his own song for a later round

  38. FanFolkMetal

    FanFolkMetal14 時間 前

    probably not. Most of the "interrupt events" were staged before.

  39. Lalisa Irishie

    Lalisa Irishie日 前

    if Simon says stop then stop! if he said keep going then keep going! THAT'S HOW THE GAME WORKS!😂😂

  40. Jerome Yalung

    Jerome Yalung日 前

    Bad Simon

  41. Delaney Mansell

    Delaney Mansell日 前

    people that sing need love their is always a sad story behind their life

  42. Genesis Nicole

    Genesis Nicole2 日 前

    The girl that sang make It rain yoli omfgggggg shes amazing! 😱🤤🤤🤤😵❤ I wish Simon would have let her sing i put a spell on you! I love that song and the way she was singing it!!

  43. Mai Braza

    Mai Braza2 日 前

    great job mommy! Simon is totally honest want to draw out what's the best in you

  44. Hilary Raza

    Hilary Raza2 日 前

    I love to watch your show Simon I'm inspired and I lost my stress More show

  45. Tammy Morgan

    Tammy Morgan2 日 前

    2 and 9 are my favorites

  46. shantell newman

    shantell newman2 日 前

    What a beautiful song in the beginning

  47. Kevin Schmidt

    Kevin Schmidt2 日 前

    Pls make more ads in your Videos so i dislike every Video

  48. Pooja Patankar

    Pooja Patankar2 日 前

    Amazing ♥️😍

  49. Poseidon Davidson

    Poseidon Davidson2 日 前

    I'm convinced Simon really does have magic water after they drink some their like amazing and less anxious

  50. Victoria Middleton

    Victoria Middleton2 日 前

    I liked how Simon helped out some of the singer's. I think sometimes he can be a jerk.

  51. Eddy H Sihombing

    Eddy H Sihombing2 日 前

    Thats the way to be a star...

  52. icilma brooks

    icilma brooks2 日 前

    Simon might be a Tough Judge!! But sometimes he needs to be. Cuz stopping dese First Songs and nade the Singers sang over only Pushed them to be Better..kudos to u Simon .sometimes being such a Critique only Helps those Singers to be their Best

  53. Rany Rany

    Rany Rany3 日 前

    Simon doesn't know God-Damn Talent. Throw him in the trash. And they featured him in every AGT ever. Ah-hole.

  54. 『Thalia〜Da〜Ducki〜Lover』

    『Thalia〜Da〜Ducki〜Lover』2 日 前

    Rany Rany, excuse me but, that’s not true! He’s great at his job but different people can have different opinions, but Simon is a professional and he does know what he is talking about!

  55. Teresa Hickey

    Teresa Hickey3 日 前

    Beautiful beautiful voice and beautiful lady

  56. littlest onliest1

    littlest onliest13 日 前

    I wish I could stop this video at the beginning and say try it again differently, without all the ads!

  57. Cahyo Widioko

    Cahyo Widioko3 日 前

    The musicians need the legal for singing and the left hands for playing guitar etc Should be the pabric prepares Made the faked robotik hands And the all teachers follow.need the legs for speaking Ha ha ha

  58. Gracie Khawbung

    Gracie Khawbung3 日 前

    The more older you get the more you understand Simon

  59. It's StrangeR

    It's StrangeR3 日 前

    Simon is mean these people try there best to get on the stage and win 1000 dollars. Like if u agree with me.

  60. Atilio Medina

    Atilio Medina日 前

    They don’t win 1000 dollars, they win 24,000

  61. Andi OS

    Andi OS3 日 前

    Come on, please! This is all staged. Is Simon Cowell next to go into politics ?

  62. يحيى العطار

    يحيى العطار3 日 前

    احبك الي ان انتهي ...................................للابد

  63. يحيى العطار

    يحيى العطار3 日 前

    Man with black jacket. ..ilove his voice......didn't know why he remember me my boy friend my best friend i miss you so much Jorge from Spain I'm arsoya army from egypt for ever love you for ever remember you احبك يا صديقي داءما اتذكرك

  64. Darth G

    Darth G3 日 前

    don't get me wrong i know simon can be a Ahole .... but on some ponts he is wright ..... lots of press make the vocal even better .im a artist / music producer to for almoste 40 years but what he does is push them .... pleas keep up this cause it's a good yt channel love it... bless to you all and pleas be save

  65. SoloPilot6

    SoloPilot63 日 前

    Gave up watching after the 4th ad interruption before it was 1/3 of the way through.

  66. Janice Tobergte

    Janice Tobergte3 日 前

    eACH ONE WAS DIFFERENT AND ENJOYABLE. hOW DO YOU PICK ONE WHEN Each one could be the one. The one I really liked was number one. Country, voice, personality and good guitar.

  67. Meriem Brasse

    Meriem Brasse4 日 前

    Sometimes he feels the hidden talents and he is so awesome and in other times he is just being an ass and putting everyone to the ground

  68. Jack Trieu

    Jack Trieu4 日 前

    amazingly superstars!!!

  69. Lennon B

    Lennon B4 日 前

    He is a fucking Creeper did you see how he was looking at that girl when she walked away

  70. Ferry Tambunan

    Ferry Tambunan4 日 前

    Ga ada yg kasih komentar

  71. Sabir Hassan

    Sabir Hassan4 日 前

    Neutron Star Rotations: @

  72. Qren Belter

    Qren Belter4 日 前

    Simon does his work👌👌😘...Really for sure thank you sir.

  73. geoffrey irungu

    geoffrey irungu4 日 前

    there is always a second chance and when you get it...give the best

  74. Juberth ocampo Baton

    Juberth ocampo Baton4 日 前

    simon very pefectionist too much but his critics can losse focusing to the contestant.

  75. Juberth ocampo Baton

    Juberth ocampo Baton4 日 前

    your kiss so sweet

  76. Hermie Cuebillas

    Hermie Cuebillas4 日 前

    Looking talents is not an easy task. Thank you so much mr. SIMON FOR choosing the right talents for giving them another chance from their difficulties. And i loved this shows ever since... mabuhay!!!!!

  77. Mike Barton

    Mike Barton4 日 前

    One person told me that his friends father was acquainted with Simon and he thought he was a narcissist. There is no way Simone is a narcissist. He would have never offered a glass of water if he was. So often when Simone stops someone they go on to do something far better.

  78. Mike van Raaij

    Mike van Raaij4 日 前

    Fake! They all have their own music already available to the technicians. So it is set up before. Simon makes a suggestion and suddenly the right music is there. That is not authentic.

  79. ori zelaz

    ori zelaz4 日 前

    así como una patada en el culo hace que avances aun sin querer.

  80. Tzielsky

    Tzielsky4 日 前


  81. Una Nueva Perspectiva

    Una Nueva Perspectiva5 日 前

    Simon at his best.!!

  82. Mikaeyla Thomas

    Mikaeyla Thomas5 日 前

    WOW ........I can't choose which one is better... I like how Simon knows what hes doing.

  83. Livart Oliver

    Livart Oliver5 日 前

    Min 31 she killld it ,smaaaaashhh it girl , that was a real show

  84. jhunray montebon

    jhunray montebon5 日 前

    I hate the ads 😂

  85. Itsmaisy plays

    Itsmaisy plays5 日 前

    Simon how could you do that!!!!!

  86. Grace Manson

    Grace Manson5 日 前

    Simon has been judging for a long time he knows what he's doing 😎

  87. Darius deperio

    Darius deperio5 日 前

    2learned too much all about it Sent

  88. Bojana Simonovska

    Bojana Simonovska5 日 前

    My fav was the second one... She was so cute and talented! I loved her, and her daughter 😢❤

  89. Emjay Abunwa

    Emjay Abunwa5 日 前

    I can't believe dis made me cry😘😘😘😘💗💗💗

  90. SuperMerchus

    SuperMerchus5 日 前

    That first one 😱

  91. luis abion

    luis abion5 日 前

    American audience the best....

  92. Noel Urbano

    Noel Urbano5 日 前

    Too many ads and it's such annoying

  93. tony maxx

    tony maxx5 日 前

    I love the 3rd audition.

  94. tpatter4

    tpatter46 日 前

    This popped up as a suggestion so I gave it a try. Glad I did. I don’t watch any of the Got Talent shows. I have watch videos from time to time. This video showed things about Simon that isn’t portrayed In advertising or promotions. Simon is much more compassionate than portrayed. It was easy to see his talent in this video. He knows what is missing in the performances and really gives truly talented people chances to bring their true colors out. Very interesting.

  95. Julieto Bacsin

    Julieto Bacsin6 日 前

    For america only..

  96. Brianna Jennings

    Brianna Jennings6 日 前

    I hate simmin like i real h do hes so mean

  97. Marshall D. Teach

    Marshall D. Teach6 日 前

    Someone needs to produce Hunter Price's Left Behind in studio quality. The one has out now doesnt even touch this live performance.

  98. Inês Ferreira

    Inês Ferreira6 日 前

    Real Simon??????

  99. Billie Is the Best

    Billie Is the Best6 日 前

    Simon always trys to get THEIR talent out

  100. Gabriella Salinas

    Gabriella Salinas6 日 前

    Love Simon he has a big heart ❤️ 💙 and he knows talent when he hears it.

  101. Debby Bertolani

    Debby Bertolani6 日 前

    Simon, as everyone says, knows what he is doing, how quick he comes up with a different song that so perfectly fir that persons style and voice

  102. tahira love abdullah yamta

    tahira love abdullah yamta7 日 前


  103. Elaine Boehning

    Elaine Boehning7 日 前

    Way too many ads

  104. Andrew Khawlhring

    Andrew Khawlhring7 日 前

    34:30 Ansley Burns your my idol