Whose Heist Is It Anyway?


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare23 日 前

    WATCH THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES - I Trained Like Black Widow! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-YI4NYBB04sY.html

  2. Sephora Amora

    Sephora Amora6 日 前

    Please train like a gymnast, that would be very interesting ❤

  3. desiree kkjhy

    desiree kkjhy14 日 前

    Can you please please please please please try to become a CIA agent I know you did the FBI before but can you do the CIA thank you🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Alex Mota

    Alex Mota17 日 前

    Hi I am a big fan. I wanted to ask you a question. I am only 13 can I still be in one of your extreme body makeover? If not I can wait 5 years til I am 18 years old hopefully you are still around. Please respond - Alex Mota :)

  5. Alexplayz and gamz

    Alexplayz and gamz18 日 前

    You did a great job

  6. Julie McPherson

    Julie McPherson21 日 前


  7. Megan

    Megan5 時間 前

    ok but it would’ve been so sick if we got a shot of her speaking russian or romanian like she would’ve when reporting to the red room

  8. Shadow Man

    Shadow Man16 時間 前

    1:19 That's one of the cutest things I've seen in a fight. "F* your drink!" Haha.. Well done.

  9. Mr. Spaceboy

    Mr. Spaceboy18 時間 前

    I fooofed

  10. Michelle Rojo

    Michelle Rojo日 前

    Lol that was awesome

  11. Kaylee McDowell

    Kaylee McDowell日 前

    For challenge accepted can you train to be a mermaid?

  12. Mia Rivel

    Mia Rivel2 日 前

    Love this. Your awesome Michelle 💕

  13. Connor

    Connor3 日 前

    "And that's how I paid off my student loans." Perfect!

  14. Nothing But Art

    Nothing But Art3 日 前

    Plot twist: They all thought she was dead.

  15. Iplayontrackpad R.G

    Iplayontrackpad R.G3 日 前

    pennsylvania jane. you though I wouldnt notice that.

  16. Albert King

    Albert King3 日 前

    Looks like loads of fun keep making these videos please you guys have real talent.

  17. Misa Yoshida

    Misa Yoshida3 日 前

    I'm such a big fan! This is so cool!

  18. Tobyzuzu

    Tobyzuzu3 日 前

    This vid has about 5 different plots it's trying to make work, and it fails *pretty* spectularly . . .

  19. Beautiepie

    Beautiepie4 日 前

    There was a big chunk there where I thought they were all going to break out into song and it would become a musical

  20. Jhostyn Gallardo

    Jhostyn Gallardo4 日 前

    Michelle looks so hot in that suit 🔥

  21. #ManchesterUnitedSquad 1

    #ManchesterUnitedSquad 14 日 前


  22. bouliche islem

    bouliche islem4 日 前

    Boys, I think we all know who that thief looks like. If you know what I'm saying 😏😏

  23. Emma G.

    Emma G.4 日 前

    Nobody: Me at 2:24: she’s secretly Iron man

  24. Claudia Potosme

    Claudia Potosme4 日 前

    That was great!!

  25. Emil Alexander Karlsen

    Emil Alexander Karlsen4 日 前

    Her body looked soo good in that leather

  26. Lana Ryan

    Lana Ryan4 日 前

    Michelle you did a REALLY GOOD job

  27. Ka andre

    Ka andre4 日 前

    this felt like a cartoon, loved!

  28. The Creeper132

    The Creeper1324 日 前

    I love the comedy breaks (?) I'm between fight scenes 😂

  29. Okami Scorpio

    Okami Scorpio4 日 前

    Black Widow?!?! i thought she was dead

  30. DeniceLindemanPhotography

    DeniceLindemanPhotography5 日 前

    that ending XD XD XD

  31. big tiddie squad

    big tiddie squad5 日 前

    i did NOT expect that plot twist in the end WHATSBDKSNCSL

  32. verbalgaming

    verbalgaming5 日 前

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  33. jenny figueiredo

    jenny figueiredo5 日 前

    i loved this!!!! michelle i love watching your videos

  34. JoelPeachy

    JoelPeachy5 日 前


  35. Andrew Cheung

    Andrew Cheung5 日 前


  36. jadamood

    jadamood5 日 前

    🤣 Great job!!!!

  37. Roumaissa Ibrahimi

    Roumaissa Ibrahimi5 日 前

    wow it's soo good !!!

  38. dan choen

    dan choen5 日 前

    Michelle is the man with the 42,000 jobs the onion reported on

  39. Erin

    Erin6 日 前

    😂😂😂😍🖤 This was awesome!!! You did a great job on this, wow. I am so glad to see you doing so well, and holy moly working with Marvel! 😱

  40. CRA - ZY_786

    CRA - ZY_7866 日 前

    I thought everyone was dead lol

  41. brittany venegas

    brittany venegas6 日 前

    MK Ultra I thought you were dead

  42. Subhajit Mahapatra

    Subhajit Mahapatra6 日 前

    Brittany Vrnegas I thought you r dead

  43. Subhajit Mahapatra

    Subhajit Mahapatra6 日 前

    Why she thinks everyone dead ,,,, do u think we r dead too?🤣🤣

  44. JinaSolo

    JinaSolo6 日 前

    Looks good, and was funny, but the catsuit did not make it... It needed to be shiny Neoprene, or even latex. Though, if you are up for another Challenge: Be a latex Fetish model with full body latex model. At least a catsuit as a base layer, but you can would more latex over that. Maybe something with a 'normal' plot, just everyone is wearing latex...

  45. Vincent Eliot

    Vincent Eliot6 日 前

    No one messes with their glass of ....tea? Either way it makes them pissed

  46. Alena Vesela

    Alena Vesela6 日 前

    Sorry dear, the worst part of MK ultra so far.

  47. Bangle Wei

    Bangle Wei6 日 前

    that guy looks like elon musk right?

  48. olivia brown

    olivia brown6 日 前

    This is so good i wish it could a proper movie on Netflix


    TONG JIA SENG6 日 前

    honestly not bad

  50. Zenitsu Kimetsu

    Zenitsu Kimetsu6 日 前

    Was the whip movement from iron man 2?

  51. Baka Pierre

    Baka Pierre6 日 前

    student loans? more like medical bills in 2020 hahaha...too soon?

  52. JasminLikeThePrincessButNoE

    JasminLikeThePrincessButNoE6 日 前

    We need a whole movie with her!!

  53. OneWoman Army

    OneWoman Army7 日 前

    That’s impressive as f*ck!

  54. TheEverlastingMuse

    TheEverlastingMuse7 日 前

    Role models

  55. Andy Luu

    Andy Luu7 日 前

    "2:18" Does this scene remind anybody of the time Ironman and Whiplash fought.

  56. Reb

    Reb7 日 前

    I never knew how much I needed this video 😂😂

  57. Guillermo Lopez

    Guillermo Lopez7 日 前

    For the next challenge excited do special effects makeup

  58. ASMR-Sunshine

    ASMR-Sunshine7 日 前

    That ending though 🤣

  59. Lisa

    Lisa7 日 前

    Michelle, THIS WAS EPIC! Wow, you did great!

  60. Mr Midnight

    Mr Midnight8 日 前

    Somebody please take her in Avenger now ☺️

  61. Kimlay lowis

    Kimlay lowis8 日 前

    Sml u did well!!!!!🙄😁😁

  62. Jeanne R

    Jeanne R8 日 前

    The Easter egg cowbell sound is at 1:20 😊

  63. 熊晓健

    熊晓健9 日 前


  64. 熊晓健

    熊晓健9 日 前



    HAM QUESO9 日 前

    Hi Michelle Khare I want to take my time to write this and say how much you inspire me even tho I just recently checked out your channel you never fail to make me laugh fell better feel stronger like I can do anything even though well be quarantine I will set one goal for myself and that is to perform im 11 years old I've always dreaded to sing in front of others and I still do but you made me think if anything I should be more grateful and embrace my voice even if just to a small crowd one day I hope i can sing in front of a live audience I love you Michelle sorry I forgot a few things its amazing how you jugle out all these skills and whenever you doubt yourself I think this woman is very confident and strong and you shouldn't ever doubt for a second you can't do something because you can do anything and whenever you mess up or fall like when you had fell in the figure skating I felt like my heart literally dropped to the floor I felt so scared for your life I felt I was the one falling in the moment I would literally cry if I ever saw you I would give you the biggest hug you are the sweetest. and most caring dedicationall person I have heard of and the most beautiful you inspire me every second of every video I watch of you

  66. Taista

    Taista9 日 前

    This was amazing! Great job all of you! Absolutely fantastic.