WHO KNOWS ME BETTER?! Mom vs. Girlfriend ft. Kennedy Cymone, Mama DDG


  1. The DDG Family

    The DDG Familyヶ月 前

    Is DDG ever gonna ask Kennedy out? Is this click bait??? Is DDG really adopted?? Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z

  2. boblee swagger

    boblee swagger10 日 前

    that 😺 good after sex u pillow talk😂😂

  3. H H

    H H13 日 前

    Coundoris Moore yess he shoulf


    PURPLE KUSH13 日 前

    *You should have Kennedy go against Tee Tee next time folk.....That’ll be a good one FoSho💯A million views in day, GUARANTEED🚫🧢*

  5. Bubba

    Bubba20 日 前

    The DDG Family Nah why i’m getting some of these right and they not😭

  6. Dylan Dupray

    Dylan Dupray20 日 前

    I think u is adopted

  7. S.E GANG

    S.E GANG19 時間 前

    Dang ddg u said to not skip the ad but then a ad popped up right ather u said that then I skipped it Bc it was too long😂😂😂😭mb

  8. Eureka Leeper

    Eureka Leeper日 前

    I love your mother and Kennedy together

  9. The Eclipse

    The Eclipse5 日 前

    I watched the ad, I'm so proud of myself.

  10. Princess Unique

    Princess Unique6 日 前

    Ddg your mom kinda wrong with the central thing cause it’s a central house school in Michigan 🤷🏽‍♀️but y’all probably didn’t know that

  11. Princess Unique

    Princess Unique6 日 前

    And the only reason I know Bc I live in Michigan and my school be playing central

  12. Natalie Roberts

    Natalie Roberts7 日 前

    Love you guy alot. I am so proud ig this young man

  13. Giovanni Harris

    Giovanni Harris8 日 前


  14. Sullivan Chick

    Sullivan Chick8 日 前

    Do YOU even watch TV. 🤣🤣🤣

  15. emily maximo

    emily maximo8 日 前

    He gives 300 while frosty gives 1000

  16. Predator 13

    Predator 139 日 前

    What was that outro song?

  17. Queen Of Kingz

    Queen Of Kingz9 日 前

    No woman will ever come close to Kennedy when it comes to her & your mom's relationship!!! ❤💙 Y'all should go ahead & tie the knot (in like 5 years)!!!💛💚 She's literally the girl you took home to your mom!!!🧡💜

  18. Alfredo Vargas

    Alfredo Vargas9 日 前

    Real ddg fans will get 10

  19. voidd Jayden

    voidd Jayden9 日 前

    Did anyone noticed sometime he timed them 5 sec and 10sec sometimes.

  20. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    MysticStrike ForceSSJ310 日 前

    Is it weird that I always watch these types of white board games and finally someone actually uses the right colors so people can see. Because they arent really good on black and lots of people who does these videos uses black felnt. Which is not good to use if your recording something.

  21. jocelyn corley

    jocelyn corley10 日 前

    Aye red gang

  22. jocelyn corley

    jocelyn corley10 日 前

    Really ddg $300

  23. Raging Warrior

    Raging Warrior10 日 前

    Who knows us better than our mom

  24. iCarry Wet

    iCarry Wet10 日 前

    Dont even know this dude and I knew his favorite ice cream flavor🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  25. jeremiah nickson

    jeremiah nickson10 日 前

    I knew it was call of duty 😭

  26. Gilligan 123

    Gilligan 12310 日 前

    I promise you.....this is a prank........their brothers and sisters......watch sollumaniti



    Once again i almost passed out reading that title

  28. Ratking Jr

    Ratking Jr11 日 前


  29. K S

    K S11 日 前

    If kennedy is he's girlfriend is tianna he's friend??

  30. Unknown. Qay3

    Unknown. Qay311 日 前

    I knew the sneak mode gaming by hard😂😂

  31. Braylon& Emily

    Braylon& Emily12 日 前

    Do The Proposal Prank On Kennedy

  32. Devvin Lee

    Devvin Lee12 日 前

    This video was lit n so simple DDG 🔥💪🏾💯

  33. Mala Robinson

    Mala Robinson12 日 前

    Jillian is his crush

  34. TipNicole

    TipNicole13 日 前

    1 Million views we ready for Part 2 😏😏

  35. iShoTTi X

    iShoTTi X13 日 前

    Why did I enjoy this video so much.

  36. Iman Sherille

    Iman Sherille13 日 前

    Still waiting for your round 2 since this reached 1M views😳😳

  37. JERRY Machado Barbosa

    JERRY Machado Barbosa13 日 前

    Yeoo DDG do Dub vs Kennedy

  38. jordan sisters jordan

    jordan sisters jordan13 日 前

    After he said don’t skip the add I got some lmao

  39. Bree's Cookies n' Cream

    Bree's Cookies n' Cream13 日 前

    I thought ddg break up with Kennedy tho?

  40. Shy Dabrat

    Shy Dabrat13 日 前

    The mom wanted to cry

  41. Alicia Penn

    Alicia Penn14 日 前

    I knew his fav video game 😂

  42. Bushead Killa

    Bushead Killa12 日 前

    999iii90o9998i8o89898 vhjo778779ìuikuin n 2 J8kjn hoio1kj11ujjiio909

  43. Stat Padder

    Stat Padder15 日 前

    Ngl ur mom and ur gf kinda look alike 😟

  44. Sandy Sandoz

    Sandy Sandoz15 日 前

    Ddg wrong for what he did to vicky smh...

  45. abudo abuy

    abudo abuy15 日 前

    DDG your a millionaire and the winner ONLY gets $300 (not saying i wouldn’t want $300 cause i’m broke asf)

  46. Sullivan Chick

    Sullivan Chick8 日 前

    With BILLS

  47. Derp Coleman

    Derp Coleman15 日 前

    The bottom of DDG's videos look like roads😭💀.

  48. Gloxx X

    Gloxx X16 日 前

    Ik u better

  49. NuUrbanJade

    NuUrbanJade16 日 前

    lmaooo momma ddg talkin about a ralph. she funny asf! a wraith momma. a wraith

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    I'm a small JPreporterr can yall show me some love

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    And subscribe

  52. Click 4 Zenora

    Click 4 Zenora16 日 前

    This add is 1:30 hell nah

  53. garcia

    garcia16 日 前

    I though you were dating tiana musarra😬

  54. Andrew Collins

    Andrew Collins16 日 前

    I like how the mom tried to cheat😂😂4:28

  55. Xavier Davis

    Xavier Davis13 日 前

    She did Chet

  56. Mbatshi

    Mbatshi17 日 前

    Everybody went to their JPreporter search right after DDG said that his first JPreporter Channel Name was Sneak Mode and I'm speaking facts.

  57. Amelia's Vibe

    Amelia's Vibe17 日 前

    Yea call of duty is bomb

  58. Angeline Karises

    Angeline Karises17 日 前

    DDG kinda looks like Quavo or I'm I trippin'?

  59. YFBN TV

    YFBN TV17 日 前

    Take me serious tour coming soon 👏🔥🔥🔥 beautiful ladies 👌

  60. BrejaiBreasia Gibson

    BrejaiBreasia Gibson17 日 前

    U should use titi

  61. Octavia Lee

    Octavia Lee17 日 前

    Beautiful relationship guys, I wish my daughter grandmother on her dad side could have bonding time like this with me!

  62. Kween B

    Kween B17 日 前

    I love ddg mom she's so funny

  63. Kaleahs Channel

    Kaleahs Channel17 日 前

    You got small feet

  64. Baby Rates

    Baby Rates18 日 前

    You should do a video to see who know you better between Dub and Kennedy 💯❤️

  65. ToxicSsaiyan

    ToxicSsaiyan18 日 前

    Did anybody else notice DDG mama had to think who his crush was😭😭 is it something you forgot to tell us DDG😭💯

  66. Faytrain Germain

    Faytrain Germain19 日 前

    Your dad

  67. Brian Baeza • 6 days ago

    Brian Baeza • 6 days ago19 日 前

    I hope tweezy aint smashing kennedy

  68. Brianalee Rodriguez

    Brianalee Rodriguez19 日 前

    I couldn’t see your moms board at all

  69. JB

    JB19 日 前

    am i the only one to subscribe to ddg's sneak mode channel

  70. atl fights

    atl fights19 日 前

    Ralph 😂😂 im dead 💀