WHO KNOWS HACKER PZ9 BETTER? Girlfriend VS Boyfriend Wins 24 Hour Challenge to Reveal Vy's Secrets


  1. Vy Qwaint

    Vy Qwaint28 日 前

    Who do you think will win the Who Knows Me Better Challenge?

  2. Patricia Kinloch

    Patricia Kinloch5 日 前

    Hlow v i lic yor

  3. yohance angelo Galido

    yohance angelo Galido15 日 前

    But vy cheated

  4. Sasha Cantin

    Sasha Cantin28 日 前


  5. Israel Reyes

    Israel Reyes28 日 前

    Vy Qwaint p

  6. Unicorn Gaming

    Unicorn Gaming28 日 前

    Vy Qwaint you

  7. Maggie Woolery

    Maggie Woolery時間 前

    Chad and vy will win

  8. Maggie Woolery

    Maggie Woolery時間 前

    We love the spy ninjas PZ9 not you you are loud , mean , and obnoxious do not subscribe to PZ9 guys

  9. Sam Gorodetsky

    Sam Gorodetsky時間 前

    Project zorgo is watching... ALWAYS

  10. Shawn Clary

    Shawn Clary3 時間 前

    I'm looking at the picture boy

  11. Bobby Wilson

    Bobby Wilson3 時間 前

    PZ9 is a loser

  12. marguerite tynan

    marguerite tynan4 時間 前

    Ccxccvvghjnjnhuhycggssxs, makes you feel like you need to. Hghgjhjuhyug

  13. Jody Smith

    Jody Smith4 時間 前

    PZ9 looks crossed eyed and he looks a bit Chinese if you agree with me like and comment thanks and his laugh is a bit loud and yeah thanks bye

  14. TheKarla199

    TheKarla1995 時間 前

    Pz9 is melvin cause his hair is curly like melven

  15. Gum San Dashi

    Gum San Dashi5 時間 前

    i love chad and vy

  16. lixat

    lixat5 時間 前

    I think he said "no funny busmess"0:18

  17. PluNinja

    PluNinja6 時間 前

    I love you

  18. Denny Ching

    Denny Ching7 時間 前

    Nerd means smart. PZ9 was being nice. Chad was saying that we’re not smart. Who agrees?

  19. Indranie Sookhoo

    Indranie Sookhoo7 時間 前

    Vy get your phone

  20. Criss Guitarrero

    Criss Guitarrero7 時間 前

    Vy sat on pz9 lap there in a realationship

  21. Serenity Thomas

    Serenity Thomas7 時間 前


  22. GV Siva sankar

    GV Siva sankar8 時間 前

    I am a big fan

  23. Mary J

    Mary J8 時間 前

    LOL sweet tarts and the original spy ninjas would win aka chad and vy

  24. Tery Robert

    Tery Robert9 時間 前

    Pz9 you will pay for it

  25. Monica Garcia

    Monica Garcia10 時間 前



    SAVHIRE10 時間 前

    i just here chad could vy babe

  27. Ally Keller

    Ally Keller10 時間 前

    I wish i can be a spy ninja.

  28. nya Tut

    nya Tut10 時間 前

    Chad you are funny

  29. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith10 時間 前


  30. Uzma Malik

    Uzma Malik10 時間 前

    Tell the police

  31. Dawn Brauchle

    Dawn Brauchle11 時間 前

    F5fffcgyffgcfyu ygcfg. Hgccgg ggiijji kiuokiokjik’njln nkkk j. Ikkk okkjkk lljollp

  32. Hope Welch

    Hope Welch11 時間 前


  33. Hope Welch

    Hope Welch11 時間 前


  34. Mariano Badillo

    Mariano Badillo11 時間 前

    Sut up pz9

  35. Jena Dhakal

    Jena Dhakal11 時間 前

    if your a spy ninja click the blue bottin

  36. marco hernandez

    marco hernandez11 時間 前

    My fovrite game overwach

  37. Tonie Barker

    Tonie Barker12 時間 前

    PZ9 is the most warst fudr ever

  38. maria barrera

    maria barrera13 時間 前

    No we are not nerds and we are spy ninjas and you are project dumbers so yeah plz give me a shoutout i really want one love you guys

  39. Danielle Wilton

    Danielle Wilton13 時間 前

    You know I love to say yes

  40. Keira Armstrong

    Keira Armstrong14 時間 前

    Pz9 is the only nerd around here

  41. William Payne

    William Payne14 時間 前

    Chad said your wife be Queen is a project zorgo member because I just realized I want to hurt animals looked at her Channel and I went through channels and she and I saw project zorgo and pc9 the best fighter

  42. Secret Girl

    Secret Girl14 時間 前

    This Scene (5:59-6:17) PZ9: As you where saying Regina about our wonderful date Regina: I Think I Know What Your Ideal Date Is. A Date With Me/Regina Everyone: **Laughing** Regina: Picnic 🧺 PZ9: **Laughing And Snorting** No It’s Not!

  43. Faiths Cool channel

    Faiths Cool channel14 時間 前

    Ummm pz9 your not the Best or the strongest and then let’s see could you beat JOHN CENA

  44. gd ryder0407

    gd ryder04073 時間 前

    No he cant

  45. Milourdes Jean Baptiste

    Milourdes Jean Baptiste14 時間 前

    SPY NINJAS Is Better then you pz9 and you well never get more subscribes then the spy NINJAS.

  46. Abigail Ramirez

    Abigail Ramirez14 時間 前

    Boy cant hit girls call the cops

  47. Louise Jones

    Louise Jones14 時間 前

    do you know gloom

  48. Feime Sadiku

    Feime Sadiku14 時間 前

    Vy tell us if you are pz member

  49. paul96 goodwin

    paul96 goodwin15 時間 前

    Loov it you 💖

  50. paul96 goodwin

    paul96 goodwin15 時間 前

    Loov you 💖

  51. paul96 goodwin

    paul96 goodwin15 時間 前

    Like the video

  52. Alessia Trofin

    Alessia Trofin15 時間 前

    PZ9 stincs

  53. Rebecca Waters

    Rebecca Waters15 時間 前


  54. TheMascaraKnight

    TheMascaraKnight16 時間 前

    Pz9 is mean

  55. Tarryn Dykes

    Tarryn Dykes16 時間 前

    I looked at the pic a long time ago it’s funny

  56. Emily gaming

    Emily gaming16 時間 前


  57. Tik Hin Chan

    Tik Hin Chan16 時間 前

    I draw project zorgo

  58. Tik Hin Chan

    Tik Hin Chan16 時間 前

    I draw PZ9

  59. Mariam Al Mansoori

    Mariam Al Mansoori16 時間 前

    spy ninjas

  60. Julie Treesh

    Julie Treesh17 時間 前

    Gina is not pz4 Gina Medina

  61. Oliver Mask

    Oliver Mask17 時間 前

    Oliver Mask You

  62. Priscilla Cole

    Priscilla Cole17 時間 前

    Quick look at the same time

  63. Lexi Altizer

    Lexi Altizer17 時間 前

    Pz9s name is Melvin

  64. Dalton M

    Dalton M17 時間 前

    overwatch was on pz 9s phone

  65. Lexi Altizer

    Lexi Altizer17 時間 前

    Pz9 likes VY quaint

  66. slincuh

    slincuh18 時間 前

    I think i know what is pz 9's name it's melvin!🤫

  67. Karina Simonaviciene

    Karina Simonaviciene18 時間 前

    Pz9 is a nerd