Who Even Is An Entrepreneur?: Crash Course Business - Entrepreneurship #1


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    Please use Ana more often please (2020).

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    Great voice, great presence. Oh and, great content😁



    Are you an Entrepreneur, Bazingo I don't care

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    how many you guys thought she was pretty

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    is the cat real or fake

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    "Ooooh Crash Course Business sure, I'll take it" *sees it's hosted by Anna Akana "AHHHHDJFHDJAKFHLKSAD"

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    Oh, wow. Did not know Anna did a Crash Course hahaha.

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    Loved everything about this :)

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    good video, i'm sure the one who works from home and has 12 cats :)

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    Great Content. Knowledge is Power

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    Great video, want to be friends

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    Yes sir

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    wanna know what the sad thing is? she probably looks at herself in the mirror and thinks she's ugly. like OmG i would die to be you.

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    Excellent content, I love it

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    Yes sir

  17. Jack

    Jack29 日 前

    Whilst what you are saying is valid there was no need to mention about you being a woman and LGBT, it just wasnt necersary im sorry.

  18. Mirlan Karimov

    Mirlan Karimov28 日 前

    I felt like listening to personality issues during most of the talk

  19. Ben Culp

    Ben Culp29 日 前

    Oh nono

  20. Yung Yucci

    Yung Yucciヶ月 前

    It would be easier to learn from other people failures.

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymousヶ月 前

    " You may have stopped believing in unicorns but they have never stopped believing in you " * Im not crying *

  22. Oscar Payne

    Oscar Payneヶ月 前

    I can't focus on what she's saying. She's so damn beautiful

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    Are u in "Ant Man" movie?

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    Thank you x

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    nice madam

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> how i feel when i look at myself in the mirror

  27. Reb Sero

    Reb Seroヶ月 前

    Why is this digressing from the normal Crash Course format, and instead becoming an Anna Akana advertisement?

  28. Giuseppe Mariniello

    Giuseppe Marinielloヶ月 前

    I totally like these kind of videos because i can learn english and some thoughts about some topics. Thanks @crashcourse

  29. Business Ways

    Business Waysヶ月 前

    Dealers are entrepreneurs and they don't even know it.

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    Hey nice video. Just wanted to say you are such a likeable person:XD

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    love. so funny and taght me a lot

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    SOO much more to being an entrepreneur. Most people aren't prepared for it

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    Start reading books. Oh wait the corona closed down the libraries..

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    You’ve got to see the rich spending like the poor and investing more money in their business while the poor spending lavishly and not starting up a Business

  38. AskMeStartUp

    AskMeStartUp18 日 前

    To me also the lack of information that starting a business is possible leads to the way people are spending money and not thinking about using it for starting a business

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    My friend is 47, and he doesn’t have a degree, but he is very good at inventing things. So can he become an entrepreneur ?

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    hi...i found your video very helpful...i think that the entrepreneur are a very important community and they are growing

  46. 1234qwer

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    This video is false af, not everyone can be a succesful entrepreneur, actually entrepreneurs have very specific personality traits. Theres a free harvard research pdf in google about this

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    I always thought enterpreneur was a random word in the sims 4

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    She is gorgeous 😍!! I'd pay to listen 🤤

  49. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii3 ヶ月 前

    "Entrepreneur" is basically a synonym for "endeavorer," or "doer," but just almost amalgamated into the business context in the English language.

  50. Deepika Kapila

    Deepika Kapila3 ヶ月 前

    Fake frood hai sale ye SB future ka lalach dekr Paisa khate h aur present bhi krte hai

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    I came here cause I chose the business course stayed here for the fun personality she has

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    It's very hard to focus when your instructor is prohibitively beautiful...

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    Lol... as a matter of fact.... I love being a Lyft driver! Meeting new people, and driving are things I really love

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    animations are catchy and helped me to understand enterpreneurship better ... thank you :)

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    Wow really nice content about entrepreneruship. Go on with these channel.

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    In the words of Bigweld: “See a need, fill the need.”

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    When I study for medschool and I get a headache, I watch Anna Akana and learn new things. When I get drunk and want to feel nostalgic I watch equals 3. They both make me smile after a bad day. A big hello from Romania, crash course! 🇷🇴

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    Marcus White3 ヶ月 前

    Great. Crash Course Economics and Entrepreneurship. Now just Crash Course Finance and Investment and it will get my subscription.

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    Came for Anna, stayed for Anna.

  63. DCED

    DCED4 ヶ月 前

    Not going to lie 2 videos in an already feeling the bias towards men. Should i point it out and care - no - do i want to point it out though, yes.

  64. DCED

    DCED4 ヶ月 前

    To clarify maybe it was all the encouragement for woman to try to be entrepreneurs & that is fine but there are more than just females on this planet. Sure most entrepreneurs are men and i suppose this speaker feels they not need be mentioned but yea i point out the inevitable bias we all seem to have. In business (material) however they should really be left out especially when you want traffic coming to your videos.

  65. IVN

    IVN4 ヶ月 前

    Beyonce isn't a real entrepreneur and even by definition I wouldn't use her as a reference as someone great. Just saying

  66. Ae Norist

    Ae Norist4 ヶ月 前

    Not sure if you are cheering systematic underemployment, lack of collective bargaining and general exploitation by corporations that by definition care about nothing but profit ... but it sounds like you do, and its a bit disgusting, not gonna lie.

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    I'm watching the playlist on shuffle

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    *as a professional musician an open mic night isn’t a gig just saying

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  72. Isabella Ballesta

    Isabella Ballesta5 ヶ月 前

    Great video! I think you should also put in an example about how being in a MLM DOES NOT make you an entrepreneur since that term is so overused by the Huns. When a person is in a MLM all they're doing is supporting their upline.

  73. how bow dat

    how bow dat5 ヶ月 前

    Women are less funny than men, on average. Fact of life that has nothing to do with sexism.

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    you are beautiful

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    Anna needs to be in AART the movie.

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    wow she’s good! she should start her own youtube channel



    Are small indie game devs considered entrepreneurs?

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    where do you get your teachers?

  81. LunarX

    LunarX5 ヶ月 前

    Why don't you mention discrimination from women, minorities (because white is a color too), or homosexuals against straight white males? Are you claiming it doesn't exist? 🤔 Not very tolerant if you ask me.

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    Welldone video. Using this with my 8th graders who are starting their own business in the context of a business ed class.

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    So this is where Anna has been hiding!

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    Y’all remember when she was dating ray william Johnson

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