Which Store Makes The Best Custom Sandwich? • Candid Competition


  1. Kaitlyn Blount

    Kaitlyn Blount18 時間 前

    I'm just imagining this adorable little man dressed brightly and all cheery walking into these places and then there's this scary tall goth right next to him. Like such a weird duo. I would laugh immediately if I were working and they walked in. 😅 Miles is just standing there like a security guard, lmao.

  2. Kaitlyn Blount

    Kaitlyn Blount18 時間 前

    Omg what did you do to Miles?!

  3. Leilabeth Ledford

    Leilabeth Ledford日 前


  4. mohanned alamin

    mohanned alamin日 前

    Still no hair...

  5. Avy Perkins

    Avy Perkins2 日 前

    No body: Absolutely No one: Keith: Soooo, should we eat the baby?

  6. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa Mandes3 日 前

    Best fuckin ending ever

  7. Piriathy

    Piriathy3 日 前

    3:50 Zach: so we are on our way Me: god. damn it. Does Zach secretly wish he’d pursued being an mua?

  8. Tyler Smythe

    Tyler Smythe3 日 前

    PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one to notice the hairy red guy cameo from the DONTHUGMEIMSCARED series at 0:14 ??!

  9. Alex Valcarcel

    Alex Valcarcel3 日 前

    when you put the sub in the TRUNK OF THE CAR I died a little lmfao

  10. Asha Does

    Asha Does3 日 前

    Thanks for making me crave Subway

  11. Fandom Godmother

    Fandom Godmother3 日 前

    The owner of JJ illegally hunts and kills engaged animals so double F in the chat for JJ

  12. PureAwkwardness

    PureAwkwardness3 日 前

    I have a feeling it might be Eugene. He's not there in the party.



    Jersey mikes is the best

  14. Air miles Travel and more

    Air miles Travel and more6 日 前

    Holiday cheer. Shows chef juggling hotdogs

  15. Hi welcome to Chilis

    Hi welcome to Chilis7 日 前

    I’m betting it’s Walmart because they always lose

  16. pihu agarwal

    pihu agarwal7 日 前

    9:51 zach said DO DO

  17. Jonas Craig

    Jonas Craig7 日 前

    JJ had the most holiday spirit

  18. Grace Campbell

    Grace Campbell7 日 前

    I got a walmart ad haaaaaa they cant handle elimination

  19. Rebecca Breedlove-Berry

    Rebecca Breedlove-Berry8 日 前

    Love Candid Competition!

  20. Lauren Uveges

    Lauren Uveges8 日 前


  21. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr9 日 前


  22. cutetimesinfinity

    cutetimesinfinity9 日 前

    KornDiddy for PRESIDENT!!

  23. Abigail Marie

    Abigail Marie10 日 前

    i can s m e l l this vide

  24. Angel Montefalcon

    Angel Montefalcon10 日 前

    Muchos gay

  25. conversequeen64

    conversequeen6410 日 前

    This show cracks me up but also gives me intense stress as an ex-service worker . . .

  26. Christina

    Christina11 日 前

    Honestly why not just order the same regular sandwich from all of them then judge them in taste & freshness?

  27. Da Quacken

    Da Quacken7 日 前

    Ah you haven’t seen candid competition before have you? The cake one they used his face too.

  28. Sayje

    Sayje11 日 前

    I love what this series has turned into

  29. Diane 9

    Diane 911 日 前

    That filming and editing at the very start was actually so good (until he asked about the sandwich) like could have been movie trailer worthy

  30. Hello People

    Hello People11 日 前

    Love this series ❤️

  31. Loki Lacaille

    Loki Lacaille12 日 前

    that sexy goth camera-choker look

  32. Kylie Fulton

    Kylie Fulton12 日 前


  33. anoja31

    anoja3112 日 前


  34. Melody B.

    Melody B.12 日 前

    Yo why do all of the candid competition episodes have such a creepy underlying horror vibe to them

  35. Kurishi Vang

    Kurishi Vang12 日 前

    I miss watching the Rank King and Without A Recipe ~

  36. Mikayla J

    Mikayla J12 日 前

    I need a video on the camera man's goth transformation please

  37. Roberta Almeida

    Roberta Almeida12 日 前

    “I feel like I am carrying baby Moses” The jew JUMPED OUT

  38. Kenedy Brooks

    Kenedy Brooks12 日 前

    When I was a young BOY ( not man you fake ) ((( BTW I am not being malicious, its a joke love yall )))

  39. andyp2212

    andyp221213 日 前

    Anyone else noticed that the dinosaur on his hoodie changes sides from the first time he's on camera or am I just tripping??

  40. Tori Ruby

    Tori Ruby13 日 前

    Head on down to Burbank, California, where the skyline consists of two Holiday Inns

  41. Izzy T.

    Izzy T.13 日 前

    u inspired me to create my own candid competition

  42. Ho Yau Chung

    Ho Yau Chung13 日 前

    13:56 I though Zach farted lmfaooooo

  43. Ho Yau Chung

    Ho Yau Chung13 日 前

    Rename this video "miles transforming into full goth"

  44. WildEJWest

    WildEJWest13 日 前

    subway is the correct answer

  45. Almondmilkandbees

    Almondmilkandbees13 日 前

    Anyone else think the jersey mike sandwich looks like something from a jack stauber video?

  46. Laurenaerialkim

    Laurenaerialkim13 日 前

    i will cancel every other try guys series to keep candid competition

  47. kathybryar06

    kathybryar0614 日 前

    As a 10-year Subway veteran this made me so happy lol. I would not have done nearly as good a job as that sandwich artist but I def would have had fun with the request! Also Miles in disguise had me dying, but I felt personally attacked by the MCR lyric at the end 😂

  48. Eastwest Management

    Eastwest Management14 日 前

    Zach: We need to give you a full makeover Miles: Why **Rolls Intro** Miles: *Comes back lookin like a goth*

  49. Sanne Veldhuis

    Sanne Veldhuis14 日 前

    The watch probably needs to be connected to the phone, and through the phone the camera works..

  50. Sanne Veldhuis

    Sanne Veldhuis14 日 前

    Gotta love that you’re driving a Toyota.. which one tho?

  51. Kazza B

    Kazza B15 日 前

    Is nobody going to say anything about the way Zac bit into the middle of the sandwich

  52. Santana Faria

    Santana Faria15 日 前

    I wish they tried Publix subs. But only in Florida :(

  53. Autumn Deneault

    Autumn Deneault15 日 前

    Do burrito bowls

  54. Bccccz

    Bccccz15 日 前

    That intro was awesome. Time to watch the rest of the video.

  55. kenicia Muhammad Trody

    kenicia Muhammad Trody15 日 前

    Publix would win honestly there sandwiches are the best.

  56. Masterchef 97

    Masterchef 973 日 前

    kenicia Muhammad Trody Not really

  57. Queen of the Slums

    Queen of the Slums15 日 前

    the jersey mike sandwich said " 👁👄👁"

  58. Queen of the Slums

    Queen of the Slums15 日 前

    does anyone else just feel SUPER tall when looking through miles' camera coz gosh damn

  59. Watermelon POPs

    Watermelon POPs15 日 前

    Yo, Mike and Ikes has damn good sandwiches

  60. smol cat

    smol cat16 日 前

    I love this series so much

  61. Ykcor

    Ykcor16 日 前

    What if, during Candid Competition, while Zach is making the order, one of the workers scream out "CANDID COMPETITION! "

  62. I See YOU

    I See YOU16 日 前

    14:13 did he just say jimmy james?