Which Store Makes The Best Custom Sandwich? • Candid Competition


  1. DiiE-Ana 214

    DiiE-Ana 214日 前


  2. Fran Houseton

    Fran Houseton日 前

    TO BE FAIR you told Jimmy Johns to use tuna!! i feel like that was a handicap, damn near SABOTAGE!

  3. Jessica Cavitch

    Jessica Cavitch日 前

    and finally, johhhsy mikes 😄

  4. Samantha Stein

    Samantha Stein2 日 前

    Do you know what Walmart is??

  5. i eat pears

    i eat pears2 日 前

    What if it's Miles who keeps canceling the show

  6. Adriel Banks

    Adriel Banks3 日 前

    This is 20 minutes of them eating sandwiches wrong.

  7. Introverted Musician

    Introverted Musician3 日 前

    Poor Miles...

  8. Songbird Sarah

    Songbird Sarah4 日 前

    i used to work at a subway i wouldve loved this and this video made me so happy i clapped and smiled and screamed yay

  9. Jasmine L

    Jasmine L5 日 前

    3:54 The spy guy was wearing lipstick and it's gone?

  10. Ceci Sekiguchi

    Ceci Sekiguchi5 日 前

    Quiznos still exists ? 🤤

  11. Kaitlyn Roberts

    Kaitlyn Roberts6 日 前

    How had they never seen the creepy Quiznos rat things???

  12. Tortilla Chip

    Tortilla Chip6 日 前

    loves this series

  13. BasicNerd

    BasicNerd7 日 前

    “He’s cute. He’s like my son.” HAHAHAHAHA

  14. Alined alined

    Alined alined8 日 前

    we need more candid competition.

  15. Nerdy Gamers

    Nerdy Gamers8 日 前

    Either A. Eugene Or B. The Producer

  16. J jord02

    J jord029 日 前

    Honestly I love how pleasant u are with the workers👍👍👍

  17. LINDE

    LINDE9 日 前

    candid competition is not about the competition, its about eliminating walmart

  18. Jake The Rake

    Jake The Rake9 日 前


  19. lilly ann

    lilly ann10 日 前

    Ok but this is so well done

  20. Brickish Railways

    Brickish Railways11 日 前


  21. David L

    David L12 日 前

    I've eaten a lot of sub sandwiches in my life and I just wanna say Jersey Mike's is fucking good

  22. V S 8

    V S 813 日 前

    was this filmed in 2016 or is the date just wrong on the camera

  23. Cheese !!!!!

    Cheese !!!!!13 日 前

    The start was an emotional rollercoaster

  24. Chetna Vohra

    Chetna Vohra14 日 前

    eugene lee yang

  25. labj143

    labj14315 日 前

    Too bad you guys don't have Cousin's Subs. That's the best sub shop in the midwest. Also, never heard of QuiznoSub's.

  26. JackyBoiGay

    JackyBoiGay15 日 前

    “Well, shall we eat the baby?”

  27. Kawaii_ Sweet Tea

    Kawaii_ Sweet Tea16 日 前

    Woah another fan fiction.

  28. Alex Daraitis

    Alex Daraitis17 日 前

    Jersey mikes is the best I went there today

  29. Jewel Pearl

    Jewel Pearl17 日 前

    poor miles. he looks so defeated and ashamed.

  30. Nyla Tait

    Nyla Tait18 日 前

    More candid competition!!!!!!

  31. Tess W

    Tess W18 日 前

    you better be tipping these workers real fucking good

  32. Kelley Ryan

    Kelley Ryan18 日 前

    Jersey Mike's is my favorite sandwich chain!

  33. T.M. Gacutan

    T.M. Gacutan19 日 前


  34. Sara

    Sara20 日 前

    Zach absolutely has never shopped at a Walmart

  35. Crispy Boi

    Crispy Boi20 日 前


  36. Gacha Kawaii

    Gacha Kawaii20 日 前


  37. Kendall Morrell

    Kendall Morrell21 日 前

    miles needs a raise

  38. tanny

    tanny21 日 前

    0:14- IS THAT RED GUY FROM DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED??? 1. Zach has good taste in YT content 2. I love Zach more now because of how awesome and sneaky that easter egg is!!!

  39. SpeedyGD

    SpeedyGD22 日 前

    This is a real Candid Spy Mission.

  40. Nikki Cedrone

    Nikki Cedrone23 日 前

    JJ's looked like they were trying to make sure it was still a sandwich when u closed it.

  41. Nikki Cedrone

    Nikki Cedrone23 日 前

    I was like "Baby Moses? Who says that? Why not Baby Jeez-ooooh...'cuz Jewish."

  42. CrazyMinded101

    CrazyMinded10124 日 前

    did anyone notice red guy from dhmis in the beginning? almost lost my shit

  43. Pang Kou Xiong

    Pang Kou Xiong25 日 前

    Subway have my vote 😂

  44. Faith Rigatoni

    Faith Rigatoni25 日 前

    It’s Eugene canceling it he’s not in the intro he was replaced with miles

  45. JaiT Fittz

    JaiT Fittz25 日 前

    The way they folded subway 💀

  46. Eleanor C

    Eleanor C25 日 前

    Subway: *has literally one customer* Zach: “oh boy they’re crowded”

  47. Aubrey Hull

    Aubrey Hull25 日 前

    My sister works at jersey mikes and when they won I literally screamed and cheered like I was at a football game 😂

  48. yabbers teo

    yabbers teo26 日 前

    miles’s outfit gives me eboy vibes 🖤✌🏻

  49. Ranger Bearington

    Ranger Bearington26 日 前

    So was this shot in 2016?

  50. hahihu heho

    hahihu heho27 日 前

    more pleaSRrRE

  51. Carissa Dahlia

    Carissa Dahlia27 日 前

    Did no one else realize that the JJ's mustard was supposed to be Zach's glasses??

  52. Hana Kisaragi

    Hana Kisaragi28 日 前

    The spongemonkies...I remember that sadly.



    🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:57 🔥 👇🔥

  54. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angelヶ月 前

    I think the show got cancelled because some of the chains found out it was going on and got in their feels about it

  55. Ximena Martinez de la Paz

    Ximena Martinez de la Pazヶ月 前

    I hope they don't waste the food

  56. Jon Adkins

    Jon Adkinsヶ月 前

    We need more candid competition!

  57. Crystal Li

    Crystal Liヶ月 前

    Lmao what noise did Zach make when closing jersey Mike's sandwich 😆😆😆

  58. Mollie White

    Mollie Whiteヶ月 前

    Literally no one would do this in the UK, you’d be told to piss off 😂

  59. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandezヶ月 前

    I work at subway and if i had done it, it would have been Uhhh would’ve been uhhhh... shit it would’ve been shit.

  60. Marcus Cheng

    Marcus Chengヶ月 前

    Zach is such a nice genuine guy!!