Which of the Sidemen knows JJ the best?


  1. Anthony Lance Cayabyab

    Anthony Lance Cayabyab19 時間 前

    I know that JJ is the best because he reads the questions out for 6 Sidemens.

  2. Sad Vibes

    Sad Vibes日 前

    I knew more about jj than harry did

  3. Shaikul !

    Shaikul !3 日 前

    Didnt jj do a disstrack on dax?

  4. Alisha Boyce

    Alisha Boyce3 日 前

    Wait jj is Ksi ??

  5. amir danish

    amir danish4 日 前


  6. D1solv3d

    D1solv3d4 日 前

    KSIS INTRO BE LIKE ITS YOUR BOY K=knowledge S=strength I=integrity

  7. Mahmud Mustafa

    Mahmud Mustafa4 日 前

    From touchdown to knockdown jj evolved a lot

  8. Obliterate tG

    Obliterate tG5 日 前



    xINSERTxTEXTx5 日 前

    So logan got a small role in baywatch and jj got a song, w a c k

  10. RGARR

    RGARR5 日 前

    I love Breaking Benjamin and Red (I doubt JJ sees this but Starset is very similar to both)

  11. justforcomments jeffrey

    justforcomments jeffrey5 日 前

    Can we all appreciate that vik thought ksi did a diss track on ksi

  12. Carter M

    Carter M7 日 前

    Hahah damn Jj didnt know u liked rock ... MY 2 favorite bands are also red and breaking Benjamin hahav

  13. tsunami 2474

    tsunami 24748 日 前

    all im saying is for the diss question they forgot dax

  14. Shaikul !

    Shaikul !3 日 前

    I knoww righttt i thought so!!! It was in beerus wasnt it? Fml i was so angry😂 they all wrote some fool named wings.. but they missed the main fool. DAX

  15. Cheyenne Hall

    Cheyenne Hall8 日 前

    I’m low key in love with Simon.

  16. ZodFi

    ZodFi9 日 前

    I feel a bit better being 20 without a gf considering JJ was 19. Isn't late at all imo.

  17. Amaka Alpha

    Amaka Alpha9 日 前

    there's not even a saga called goku black. Unless he means the future trunks saga

  18. Benjamin Bluett

    Benjamin Bluett9 日 前

    Right for the 7 diss tracks I swear there r more coz I thought it would be Logan Paul Dax Crypt Joe weller W2s Quadeca Bez Like this comment so the sideman see this 👇👇👇👇

  19. J3 draws

    J3 draws10 日 前


  20. The Light

    The Light11 日 前

    Oh another stereotypical black man who doesn't like black women. Lol.

  21. Mailyn Angel Caparros Layug

    Mailyn Angel Caparros Layug12 日 前

    i’ll never get old of the sidemen🥺❤️

  22. Libby Y

    Libby Y12 日 前

    KSI: What does KSI stand for? Me: KING SIZED IDIOT 😂

  23. Sean McCallion

    Sean McCallion13 日 前

    Didn't JJ make a dis on Dax aswell, at the end of quadeca's diss track? So isn't that 9 diss tracks that he has made?

  24. Farjaad khan

    Farjaad khan13 日 前

    19:15 he forgot big zuu?

  25. Bethany Woods

    Bethany Woods13 日 前

    My sisters all went to Stanborough🤣 WGC hometown ✌🏻

  26. Toxic Zombie

    Toxic Zombie13 日 前


  27. Ammar Mahmutovic

    Ammar Mahmutovic13 日 前

    you guys are bad biches

  28. Jesse Orava

    Jesse Orava13 日 前

    Wait didnt JJ feature JME on Pull up

  29. Ashley Lewis

    Ashley Lewis12 日 前

    Yes why

  30. Goku Black

    Goku Black13 日 前

    Subarashi Ningen, my saga is indeed superior

  31. Dragon Warrior

    Dragon Warrior13 日 前

    Next video: how well do the sidemen know Babatunde Edit: Thanks for the likes guys

  32. AT JackieChu

    AT JackieChu14 日 前

    You did a diss on dax

  33. MarshallGT100

    MarshallGT10014 日 前

    Jj forgot he was in joe wellers World Cup song

  34. ZooVooo

    ZooVooo15 日 前

    i love how talia cant get in the door for a solid 10 seconds 5:38

  35. Adham Khaled

    Adham Khaled10 日 前

    ZooVooo that’s not her lol

  36. hobbes296

    hobbes29615 日 前

    Crisis Core is a dope game.

  37. Gianluca Benavides

    Gianluca Benavides15 日 前

    Ppl from 2020 watching

  38. Roberto Maximus

    Roberto Maximus16 日 前

    What about dax?

  39. Afro the monster

    Afro the monster16 日 前

    JJ You have dissed DAX so it must been 8

  40. This person is a potato

    This person is a potato17 日 前

    I'm surprised no one put 'Talia's mum' as one of his crushes😂

  41. Coat Clan

    Coat Clan18 日 前

    Zendaya 🔥

  42. Emma Pearson

    Emma Pearson18 日 前

    sorry harry is the favorite jj:/

  43. Josh Gacha

    Josh Gacha18 日 前

    Tournament of power!!!!!

  44. gassgang2011

    gassgang201119 日 前

    Your one weird yute ya na my g

  45. Marius Bindesbøll Markussen 8A St. Magleby Skole

    Marius Bindesbøll Markussen 8A St. Magleby Skole19 日 前

    He has a disstrack on DAX

  46. nikke Filppula

    nikke Filppula16 日 前

    Marius Bindesbøll Markussen 8A St. Magleby Skole k

  47. Katyeu

    Katyeu19 日 前

    bro magenta is purple

  48. Erin 2007

    Erin 200719 日 前

    Vik’s channel has more subs than this. And that’s fucking saying something. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  49. Kryptic Snipez

    Kryptic Snipez19 日 前

    Who else forgot Simon was in this vid

  50. rangaking

    rangaking20 日 前


  51. Maddie Fishman

    Maddie Fishman21 日 前

    Was I the only one who saw harry keep looking over at simon and vikks

  52. Misted Gamez

    Misted Gamez21 日 前

    he missed jme in pull up

  53. I’m a seal!

    I’m a seal!21 日 前

    1:35 I would have put “nah”

  54. Jqxce

    Jqxce21 日 前

    Insane 😉

  55. SwaY_Quazer Dominatez

    SwaY_Quazer Dominatez21 日 前

    The ear rape at the beginning

  56. Milian Martinez

    Milian Martinez22 日 前

    In the distracks

  57. Milian Martinez

    Milian Martinez22 日 前

    You missed dax

  58. Ghoulifize

    Ghoulifize22 日 前

    Favorite was spelled wrong :(

  59. ApacheHelicopter

    ApacheHelicopter19 日 前

    Favourite in UK Favorite in US

  60. FunnyViktor

    FunnyViktor22 日 前

    When jj asked about his crush i thought he was gonna say Harry's sister

  61. Kryptic Snipez

    Kryptic Snipez19 日 前

    She ain’t a celebrity tho

  62. xMistx gaming

    xMistx gaming22 日 前

    Ksi did a diss track on dax too. It was in quadeca’s same diss track vid

  63. Avocado25

    Avocado2523 日 前

    Who just learnt what ksi stand for

  64. Amil

    Amil23 日 前

    8:33 JJ forgot Dax

  65. FunnyManAdithyae

    FunnyManAdithyae23 日 前

    At 2:35 Vikk shoulda said na (na na na)

  66. Indy Sidhu

    Indy Sidhu24 日 前

    Universe saga ???? Bruh do you even DBZ ? 🤔