Which of the Sidemen knows JJ the best?


  1. wardoctor12

    wardoctor1212 時間 前


  2. iCookieYaMum

    iCookieYaMum日 前

    wait was that JJs girl? mad

  3. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 日 前

    Who house is the and did they play hide & seek in it?

  4. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 日 前

    Sidemen should do a documentary

  5. Cassius Felix

    Cassius Felix4 日 前

    What is JJ girl doing to him during sex that he need a safe word?

  6. Maisy Appleby

    Maisy Appleby4 日 前

    You should do the mr & mrs thing or how you all met 🤞🏼❤️

  7. Dinfarsa332

    Dinfarsa3325 日 前

    The "Goku black saga" is actually Future Trunks saga

  8. Ferno.X

    Ferno.X5 日 前

    Why is harry always sleepy 😴


    KSOMIAK5 日 前

    3:50 what do you mean? Cell saga is pick

  10. George Famn

    George Famn7 日 前

    What was the intro

  11. RifleXu

    RifleXu8 日 前

    am i the only one that noticed that on the first question harry spelt strength wrong lol

  12. Jacob MGP

    Jacob MGP9 日 前

    The funniest part of the video is the people not being able to open the door 😂

  13. Weeb- Sama

    Weeb- Sama9 日 前

    See the thing is the best dbz saga is the Cell saga then the best dbs saga was the Zamasu saga

  14. Danny Blue

    Danny Blue9 日 前

    For the safe word while having sex question I'd expect Simon to know after all him and jj do fuck regularly

  15. D.I.L

    D.I.L10 日 前

    Didn’t KSI Diss Dax but they didn’t mention it

  16. Nerdyy

    Nerdyy10 日 前


  17. Oliver .P

    Oliver .P10 日 前

    Saiyan saga Freiza saga Cell saga The 3 most obvious ones and he cant get them Wtf is the universe saga it's called the T.O.P Tournament Of Power

  18. MAJEST- E

    MAJEST- E11 日 前

    I have crush on Selena and zendaya aswell !!😍😂😂

  19. SCAVS S

    SCAVS S13 日 前


  20. Harrison Cushing

    Harrison Cushing15 日 前

    Yo what did everyone else get? I got 12 and let me tell you it was through pure luck and utter shithousery

  21. Christian Arroyo

    Christian Arroyo15 日 前


  22. A B

    A B16 日 前

    Tobi: I’m so upset Also tobi: smiling

  23. Mitchell Kop

    Mitchell Kop16 日 前


  24. Ingmar W

    Ingmar W16 日 前

    JJ: challange to are who knows me the best Hary: how old are you? 😂

  25. MasterG 25

    MasterG 2516 日 前

    get this nigga ksi to listen to old linkin park and then decide fav rock band

  26. Uni Gamer

    Uni Gamer16 日 前

    He didn’t even mention Big zuu

  27. Joshua Harvey

    Joshua Harvey16 日 前

    I like how they forgot deji

  28. EnnerG

    EnnerG16 日 前

    YOOOOOO MAD RESPECT TO KSI!!! I love Breaking Ben and RED.. been listening to them for years 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Roxstar 13

    Roxstar 1317 日 前

    what’s a safe word 😭🤔

  30. Amunky

    Amunky17 日 前

    Ethan is complaining about people changing their answers within the time limit, when he is looking up answers.

  31. The Plep’s

    The Plep’s17 日 前

    The disstrack: its DAX

  32. Apollo Bote

    Apollo Bote18 日 前

    Was Quedeca (dont know how to spell his name) in the list that jj dissed?

  33. Nikola Petkovic

    Nikola Petkovic18 日 前

    Josh's head in the thumbnail is huge the fuq

  34. Sobanel

    Sobanel19 日 前

    Goku Black saga was low tier. Namek/Frieza Saga was the best

  35. Asterix

    Asterix19 日 前

    Everyone knows him well but he doesn't know anyone well

  36. Marco Caballero

    Marco Caballero19 日 前

    JJ said in an old video ksi is his halo clan

  37. dodong matubato

    dodong matubato20 日 前

    why is there a word knowledge in jj ksi?!?

  38. Murtaza Jarral

    Murtaza Jarral20 日 前

    JJ when sidemen say anything: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUAHFDIHFROIEWIYCIOUDIUFEW JJ when he's being one of his characters: -_-

  39. Haddy gaming

    Haddy gaming20 日 前

    You are here for 5:33 Your welcome

  40. Zwart Nek

    Zwart Nek21 日 前

    Ay he said how many song have I featured on but he forgot fifa monstah

  41. Connor Buckton

    Connor Buckton21 日 前


  42. Arif Hussain

    Arif Hussain21 日 前

    Ethan loves cheating man 😂, jus so he could feel better bout himself

  43. CNC 81

    CNC 8121 日 前

    She had trouble with that door, didn’t she?

  44. ACGaming

    ACGaming21 日 前


  45. delfina d.

    delfina d.22 日 前

    I can't believe jj lost his virginity so late 19 is so late

  46. BotStatter

    BotStatter22 日 前

    Featured on wellers wc song as well

  47. Corbin King

    Corbin King23 日 前

    What’s happened to the door in the background no one can get in there 🤣

  48. solo p0wer

    solo p0wer23 日 前

    this is so funny

  49. BinRobberRacc

    BinRobberRacc26 日 前

    Black goku saga is trash

  50. Apex B2 Strong

    Apex B2 Strong27 日 前

    i came here because of vicstarr....anyone else here.... #codfans

  51. Allochtoontje -69

    Allochtoontje -6927 日 前

    How is ‘Goku Black Saga’ (Future Trunks Saga) the best🤢

  52. Mohamed Khalifa

    Mohamed Khalifa28 日 前

    17:26 harry started sniffing drugs

  53. unB4nned

    unB4nned28 日 前


  54. JukePlays

    JukePlays28 日 前

    anyone else notice how JJ almost leaked that he had a song with Offset months before his solo album? 19:10

  55. Mad ST

    Mad ST12 日 前

    and tobi saved it

  56. Akshat Parihar

    Akshat Parihar18 日 前

    @R-Razer nah mate that's not gonna happen anytime soon lol

  57. R-Razer

    R-Razer18 日 前

    @Akshat Parihar what if there is another track offset ft ksi

  58. Sam Finch ludgate

    Sam Finch ludgate20 日 前

    Akshat Parihar oh... moment ruined then

  59. Akshat Parihar

    Akshat Parihar20 日 前

    No, he was talking about offica (Naruto drillings) because ksi featured on his song whereas offset featured on ksi's song

  60. Brian Kaz

    Brian Kaz29 日 前

    0:49 Ethan gassing vikk is so funny

  61. L O

    L O29 日 前

    I was about to ask what KSI meant, then the first thing they asked was that haha.

  62. Habiba Dalal

    Habiba Dalalヶ月 前

    Petition for a ‘Which is the sidemen know Babatunde best’

  63. RiCEKiLLER v2.0

    RiCEKiLLER v2.0ヶ月 前

    What does Simon look like an old grandpa since 19:24

  64. D S

    D Sヶ月 前

    *Man said Zendaya!! F OFF she’s mine!!!*



    Is that JJs gf in the back 5:39

  66. Hayden Crossover

    Hayden Crossoverヶ月 前

    6:54 tobi defo writing it down there 😂

  67. Zoom lad vader

    Zoom lad vaderヶ月 前

    5:46 anyone else see JJ starring at her ass

  68. Ajantha

    Ajantha19 日 前

    Fam relax it is their assistant

  69. Rohan

    Rohanヶ月 前

    Whose house is this ??

  70. Andile Sangweni

    Andile Sangweniヶ月 前

    What's with the door, people struggling 😂

  71. jbowdz

    jbowdzヶ月 前

    everyone was gassed that jj managed to get stefflon don as a feature and now he's got offset, rick ross, lil baby, and s-x (don't forget about s-x)

  72. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前

    I feel like josh does really well in these because he always listens and cares about what people have to say

  73. Mango

    Mangoヶ月 前

    JJ said the last feature was offsegh.... NOBODY SAID ANYTHING



    I thought "nonce" is his favorite word start with N😅

  75. Mike B.

    Mike B.ヶ月 前

    oh yeah yeah

  76. Danish Flamingo

    Danish Flamingoヶ月 前

    Question : Who are JJ’s celebrity crush Me : Montanna Thompson

  77. Corey Mackey

    Corey Mackeyヶ月 前

    Yall are just inflating his ego

  78. Clementino Gilbert Tj

    Clementino Gilbert Tjヶ月 前

    Holy shit.. you like Breaking Benjamin?! nice...

  79. XIXinoccenceXIX 2k

    XIXinoccenceXIX 2kヶ月 前

    I'm first instagram - aman_matharu09

  80. CHAOS king

    CHAOS kingヶ月 前

    The feature you forgot Adam's ex

  81. Ciar

    Ciarヶ月 前

    i would have given harry the point for nincompoop if im being honest

  82. Julian Griffiths

    Julian Griffithsヶ月 前

    13:54 i might think zendaya would like jj hahahaha

  83. Julian Griffiths

    Julian Griffithsヶ月 前

    9:46 yes im normal im 14 and my friends are about 14 and 15 and most of them had sex and im like bruv your 14 whats wrong with you and i thought imma be the biggest simp ever but nope im normal and there insane

  84. FLET YT

    FLET YTヶ月 前


  85. Jack Thompson 1

    Jack Thompson 1ヶ月 前

    I dyed when Simon said "5 of these and we all gonna get 100%" 🤣🤣

  86. Rory Hengeveld

    Rory Hengeveld25 日 前

    Man said dyed

  87. LilMango2001

    LilMango2001ヶ月 前

    and he made a disstrack against dax am i right