Which of the Sidemen knows JJ the best?


  1. Влад Мишанов

    Влад Мишанов9 時間 前

    Favourite N-word? They could try "Nando's"

  2. Michal Kaczmarek

    Michal Kaczmarek日 前

    the intro gave me ear rape

  3. Rhodri Walsh

    Rhodri Walsh日 前

    KSI=Kinda Stupid Inbred

  4. YaBoiDaltonia

    YaBoiDaltonia日 前

    Name all 7 people KSI made a Disstrack on: Ethan Harry Weller Logan Quadeca Himself (Noob) Pewdiepie (Medusa)

  5. Jess Gough

    Jess Gough2 日 前


  6. Adam Mitchell

    Adam Mitchell2 日 前

    Fuck sake, I guessed Goku Black but when he said it was the maddest one I thought it's got to be Buu, that was just mayhem.

  7. Nebrbr Djdjdh

    Nebrbr Djdjdh2 日 前

    When you realise Ethan just looked it up at 21:25 and then at 22:06 shows vik and says it just knowledge

  8. Aaron_ kearns13

    Aaron_ kearns134 日 前

    All I’m saying is who is this guy feat any how is he singing in so many songs

  9. Taio Kabir

    Taio Kabir4 日 前

    Where is Logan paul

  10. George Cook

    George Cook4 日 前

    5:46 when you check someone out then forget you're being recorded

  11. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez5 日 前

    you guys should just use kahoot

  12. Cameron Murray

    Cameron Murray5 日 前

    Ethan looking at vikk the whole time lmaooooo

  13. Christy Traynor

    Christy Traynor5 日 前

    He was in the World Cup song for joe weller

  14. Realist

    Realist6 日 前

    Arrogant AF, still a private school nerd trying to act tough.

  15. Bradley Ballou

    Bradley Ballou6 日 前

    Yo JJ, when you mentioned your favorite rock bands, did you mean the same Red who has the songs “Feed the Machine” and “Already Over”???? Cause if so bro you and I just connected on so many levels cause those are my two favorite rock bands along with Breaking Benjamin

  16. Alisha Ahmed

    Alisha Ahmed6 日 前

    Who else noticed the whiteboard they are using are from *poundland* the ones that come with a marker too 🤨 *I NEVA KNEW RICH PEOPLE GO POUNDLAND LOL*

  17. Yosyas Dawit

    Yosyas Dawit6 日 前

    Harry barely knows JJ and Simon is meant to know him ALOT

  18. Tiernan Meaney

    Tiernan Meaney6 日 前

    He forgot weller for the songs one

  19. Morgan Mackay

    Morgan Mackay7 日 前

    KSI: “What does KSI mean” Everyone: *writes knowledge strength Intergrity* Me: “A halo clan”

  20. Abdirahman Fahie

    Abdirahman Fahie7 日 前

    5:46 Eyes up JJ😂

  21. Faisal Khamdan

    Faisal Khamdan7 日 前

    26:31 wtfc😂

  22. saima yasin

    saima yasin7 日 前


  23. Muhammad Rayyan

    Muhammad Rayyan7 日 前

    JJ you should make a video of you and eton fighting in a boxing ring

  24. Dex

    Dex8 日 前

    Ksi means knowledge semi instigator

  25. Callum Hopkins

    Callum Hopkins8 日 前

    vikk ays he doesn't have a safe word does he eve have sex

  26. Gabe

    Gabe4 日 前

    Callum Hopkins great spelling four year old

  27. Andi Naufal

    Andi Naufal8 日 前

    19:19 vikkstar123.exe has stopped working

  28. Malina Yaldo

    Malina Yaldo9 日 前


  29. Anima Vestra

    Anima Vestra10 日 前


  30. Sam Nicklin

    Sam Nicklin10 日 前

    19:00 JJ forgot h featured in World Cup song by Joe Weller

  31. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones10 日 前

    Bruh crisis core ff7 is amazing the way you follow zack the cutsceans the missions you complete in the pause menu damn he'll of a game

  32. Dennis M.

    Dennis M.10 日 前

    Wait did KSI just forgot JME?

  33. Abdirahman Hussein

    Abdirahman Hussein10 日 前

    At 1:43 At 10:55

  34. Abdirahman Hussein

    Abdirahman Hussein10 日 前

    At 3:13

  35. cameron church

    cameron church11 日 前

    19:23 wtf is wrong with simons body

  36. Tegan47n

    Tegan47n11 日 前

    When you realise Harry spelled 'strength' like S T R E G N T H

  37. Galaxy Be4r

    Galaxy Be4r12 日 前

    18:44 It's actually 9: 1.Yogi 2.Casey Veggies 3. Viddal 4. Sway 5. P Money 6. Offica 7. Knytro 8. 5ive 9ine - Punch Back 9. Kevin LaSean - Got It

  38. Tito Splash31

    Tito Splash3112 日 前

    JJ said he had a crush on selena gomez and zendaya but zendaya is 23 years old and he’s 26 years old🤔

  39. Evan Johnston

    Evan Johnston10 日 前

    Tito Splash31 what’s your point?

  40. Josh Beauplan

    Josh Beauplan11 日 前

    Tito Splash31 ok they both adults

  41. flip mmhcfhm

    flip mmhcfhm12 日 前

    Oh shut up

  42. Slxcky-

    Slxcky-13 日 前

    4 diss tracks.. Harry, ethan, logan paul, Joe weller

  43. L R

    L R13 日 前

    Wonder what made the door so hard to open

  44. Oliver de BRIEY

    Oliver de BRIEY13 日 前

    5:43 discreet JJ my guy

  45. Mohammad Tila

    Mohammad Tila13 日 前

    That sounds that the sounds of everyone thinking about how good of a pick zendeya is .13:52

  46. Thomas Dean

    Thomas Dean14 日 前

    Anyone realise wat was happening behind jj with the door 😂

  47. Kadir Rencber Year 10

    Kadir Rencber Year 1014 日 前

    Stanbury secondary school

  48. Kadir Rencber Year 10

    Kadir Rencber Year 1014 日 前


  49. Stumpy 81

    Stumpy 8115 日 前

    Forgot dax

  50. Electric Benson

    Electric Benson15 日 前

    Jj also featured in a joe weller song

  51. Psgamer123 L

    Psgamer123 L16 日 前

    They could of all got Toby to write the n word 😂😂

  52. RHINO 46

    RHINO 4617 日 前

    Who would have a guesses a black man with most followers in a group

  53. CookedChicken1

    CookedChicken117 日 前

    I agree with SavvFxix Escape room would be amazing 😂

  54. Heaney_S

    Heaney_S17 日 前

    Where’s joshs

  55. Gabs Hands

    Gabs Hands17 日 前

    Did he not feature with Joe weller World Cup Dong

  56. Nova Hornet

    Nova Hornet18 日 前


  57. Jaydon Bergseth

    Jaydon Bergseth18 日 前

    Ksi at 5:43 😂😂😂😂

  58. Hans Kerol

    Hans Kerol18 日 前

    Goku black isn’t even a saga

  59. coro _

    coro _18 日 前

    6:54 Tobi is a cheating nonce

  60. I B

    I B19 日 前

    JJ what’s my favourite word Sidemen. JJ it’s Nando’s

  61. Edgar Reyes

    Edgar Reyes19 日 前

    Who else didn't watch any of them except this one

  62. Golden Shepherd

    Golden Shepherd19 日 前

    Harry really be thinking bout shit

  63. Noah Harden

    Noah Harden19 日 前

    his safe word is "STOP"