Which of the Sidemen knows Harry the best?


  1. krayGarde.

    krayGarde.日 前

    For all you lads with Chronic Constipation: Eat Almonds, they will save your life.

  2. RighteousOnix

    RighteousOnix2 日 前

    4 inches🤣🤣🤣

  3. Callan Conroy

    Callan Conroy2 日 前

    Dude you got a small cock and now the world knows, whatre ya thinking

  4. Micheal Wright

    Micheal Wright2 日 前

    I have a whole new found respect for harry admitting that

  5. Ludmila

    Ludmila2 日 前

    11:35 JJ’s right. It doesn’t matter if its big or small.. It’s about how you used it. I prefer them medium to bigger tho

  6. SwagMinY00ngay Gacha

    SwagMinY00ngay Gacha3 日 前

    Anyone else read it as ‘who knows harry potter the best’

  7. Leighmkit

    Leighmkit4 日 前

    simon: Ay figs turn into plums when they mature jj:looks at him as if he's got 3 heads then turns to the camera. jj: that is incorrect. funniest part of the whole video

  8. Sophie Scott

    Sophie Scott4 日 前

    I thought he fell off roof with his brother josh and damaged his dads car

  9. Yat Hin NG

    Yat Hin NG4 日 前

    so good because my favourite is harry

  10. Jacob King

    Jacob King4 日 前

    Josh was ryt apple +raspberry is the red one

  11. Lamb Chop

    Lamb Chop5 日 前

    Damn, small peepee, but big dick energy.

  12. Steven Baldwin

    Steven Baldwin5 日 前

    For us americans what is J20?

  13. Arron Michal

    Arron Michal5 日 前

    Steven Baldwin Just a juice brand

  14. 3MB

    3MB7 日 前

    JJ won

  15. The Meme Bush

    The Meme Bush7 日 前

    Who’s here after ksi v logan 2

  16. Jude Kennedy

    Jude Kennedy8 日 前

    JJ guessed my birthday

  17. emery

    emery8 日 前


  18. Hauj Lor

    Hauj Lor9 日 前

    Aye me and harry got the same birthday!!!

  19. scoomthesnooper

    scoomthesnooper9 日 前

    We all know he did a lot of life this summer and a little ket

  20. Patryk Rekawic

    Patryk Rekawic10 日 前

    LOL me and Harry have the same BD


    MR MINION11 日 前

    6 11 Toby cheated

  22. Ben

    Ben12 日 前

    Harry: How did I scar my elbow? Me: Being a dumbass and falling off a roof Harry: Motorcycle accident Me: Wait what

  23. quan quan

    quan quan12 日 前

    Harry:When is my birthday JJ:no idea Harry:What is the longest time I've been without doing shit. JJ:This is big brain brain time

  24. amran307

    amran30713 日 前

    How can harry not be your fave

  25. Angelo Mikail

    Angelo Mikail13 日 前

    harrys birthday is 4 days before mine

  26. Da Dudes

    Da Dudes13 日 前

    How did harry get his scar, From a chest in fortnite

  27. Da Dudes

    Da Dudes13 日 前

    How did harry get his scar, His mum got revenge

  28. BIG MOE Productions

    BIG MOE Productions13 日 前

    This mans got a shmeat😂

  29. VEINS

    VEINS16 日 前

    I wish I could remove vikk from the sidemen. I would add calfreezy instead. Fuck vikk

  30. kaceylee Woodcock

    kaceylee Woodcock17 日 前

    Even I know what rainbow is 😂😂 I loved ittt

  31. David_chisholm 2007

    David_chisholm 200717 日 前

    My first pet was a hamster

  32. Luci Louise

    Luci Louise18 日 前

    Omg rainbow😂

  33. Bunnies & Puppies Guy

    Bunnies & Puppies Guy18 日 前

    KSU doesn’t give a fuck about Harry 😂😂😂


    MS KEISHA19 日 前

    Jj literally knows nothing 😂

  35. Chloe Harknett

    Chloe Harknett21 日 前

    I first found you by my cousin and ever since then I don’t stop watching you. Ilysm. ❤️👍#sidemen

  36. Ali A’s Mum

    Ali A’s Mum21 日 前

    What song is Ksi talking about with the drop that they can’t use in the video

  37. Frans Sitorus

    Frans Sitorus23 日 前

    behz lookin very ginger

  38. Aurora XOX

    Aurora XOX23 日 前


  39. missy missy

    missy missy25 日 前

    JJ doesn’t know shit! Wtf

  40. George Cade

    George Cade25 日 前

    Vik thinks he’s so hard now

  41. PA R

    PA R22 日 前


  42. rodger ashish

    rodger ashish26 日 前

    Fuck...12 days man without pooing bro..how harry is still alive bro..?

  43. Sennootjuhh

    Sennootjuhh26 日 前

    fuck yes, im not the only one i know who's birthday at 24th of novemeber

  44. Jake Massey

    Jake Massey27 日 前

    I bet the song they were talking about at 1:50 was "Allahu Trapbar" xD

  45. Zachary Rogers

    Zachary Rogers27 日 前

    Does harry smoke weed

  46. OpMarcus 7

    OpMarcus 727 日 前

    4:07 April fools. Because his lifes a joke. (Just kidding I love you harry! No homo.) Edit: OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS ON NOVEMBER 24TH AHHHHHHHH

  47. ___________luka____________

    ___________luka____________29 日 前

    No offense but 4 inch dick

  48. Alexander Is ok

    Alexander Is ok29 日 前

    Everyone subscribe to me. I’m racing my friend to 1000 subs and we are both very low but he’s winning so please help me

  49. Platinum JayZ

    Platinum JayZヶ月 前

    4 inches holy shit that’s small

  50. Cameron Murray

    Cameron Murrayヶ月 前

    When Harry said he had a small penis 😭😭😭

  51. Mathis Steffen

    Mathis Steffenヶ月 前

    4 inches while its hard? Really? Thats quiet small😅 #nodjudge

  52. InifnateCrabs Is Cracked

    InifnateCrabs Is Crackedヶ月 前

    my middle finger is longer than harrys knob ahah

  53. Simon Bernet Wahlnäs

    Simon Bernet Wahlnäsヶ月 前

    4:28 no, today´s not harrys birthday vik

  54. Yasmin Sari

    Yasmin Sariヶ月 前

    please shut the fuck up vik “I gotchu”

  55. Oreo

    Oreoヶ月 前

    vik has some major anxiety issues. Not even meming I had it in the past and he deffo has something going on.

  56. Fangirl Sara

    Fangirl Saraヶ月 前

    It might also be a nervous tick, or this could remind him of some stressful school times

  57. 09Assassin _Gaming and More

    09Assassin _Gaming and Moreヶ月 前

    Fk I’m not from the Uk 😂 so is a “U” a good mark?

  58. Friendless Weirdo

    Friendless Weirdoヶ月 前

    U means ungraded, so it's literally so bad they can't grade it

  59. Mr Beaner

    Mr Beanerヶ月 前

    The song is not called vamos a la playa it’s called clama

  60. Laj

    Lajヶ月 前

    Man fuck Simon and JJ

  61. Laj

    Lajヶ月 前

    Gaymon is annoying in this

  62. Alex

    Alexヶ月 前

    Levels for life

  63. Pencil Shavings

    Pencil Shavingsヶ月 前


  64. Galaxy Be4r

    Galaxy Be4rヶ月 前

    Simon literally screamed at JJ looking at Ethans answer and then copied Tobis...