1. Stirling D

    Stirling D2 時間 前

    damian and olivia r both slytherin, courtney is gryffindor and shayne is ravenclaw that’s just what i think

  2. Yolanda Gonzalez

    Yolanda Gonzalez8 時間 前

    I'm personally a ravenclaw

  3. Aries The Furry

    Aries The Furry14 時間 前

    I'm a Gryffinpuff!

  4. Cat Nugget

    Cat Nugget日 前

    Livia, you’re the cutest

  5. Nicole J.

    Nicole J.日 前

    “They’re not bad guys they’re just really crappy people” Slytherins for the most part lmfaooo

  6. Pastel,Sweets,AndMore!

    Pastel,Sweets,AndMore!日 前

    Damien casually wears a bony no hero academia shirt-

  7. santadj101 gaming

    santadj101 gaming日 前

    I’m a gryffindor but I still think hufflepuffs are underrated

  8. Nila A

    Nila A日 前


  9. Bonnie and Such

    Bonnie and Such2 日 前

    *Most accurate depiction of each house* Hufflepuff = Hungry House Slytherin = Sassy House Ravenclaw = Rational House Gryffindor = Gamer House

  10. ♡venuz_babi♡

    ♡venuz_babi♡2 日 前

    00:15 What a fun way to get all of the Harry Potter fans to click out of the video! 🤣 Edit: Ravenclaw is the best easily.... I'm in no way biased

  11. Carlee McGee

    Carlee McGee2 日 前

    Keith is a ravenclaw

  12. Kyra Stewart

    Kyra Stewart2 日 前

    I'm a hufflepuff and but i will not hesitate to go all slytherin on anyone who disrespects hufflepuffs

  13. Kyra Stewart

    Kyra Stewart2 日 前

    Damien: "Damnit youre gonna make me a Hufflepuff" Me: "hey shush im a Hufflepuff!!!"

  14. Jake Assidio

    Jake Assidio2 日 前

    I’m a ravenclaw

  15. Maya kalderon

    Maya kalderon2 日 前

    Hufflepuffs are the best!

  16. ᕍ๏๏Ᏸḭḕ ᑬ๏๏ᑬ

    ᕍ๏๏Ᏸḭḕ ᑬ๏๏ᑬ2 日 前

    bruh im a huffleclaw 😎

  17. Reka Ramu

    Reka Ramu2 日 前


  18. Baxter Couldridge

    Baxter Couldridge2 日 前

    I a griffyndor

  19. Foxy Shazaam

    Foxy Shazaam3 日 前

    I love how into Harry Potter Damien is

  20. T ɾ x ʂ ԋ ყ

    T ɾ x ʂ ԋ ყ3 日 前

    Me seeing Deku on Damien's shirt: PLUS ULTRA! 🤣😁

  21. Delaney Pavelek

    Delaney Pavelek4 日 前

    im a hufflepuff

  22. Epic slime squad!!

    Epic slime squad!!4 日 前


  23. Da gacha peeps

    Da gacha peeps4 日 前

    I'm either ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. How dare they say Hufflepuffs are bad cuz they're not! Hufflepuffs are great people! Have a good day.

  24. Noisy Nora

    Noisy Nora4 日 前

    Love Harry Potter raven and grifendor

  25. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon4 日 前

    Damien's a Bird Person. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

  26. BaconDragon

    BaconDragon4 日 前

    I know I'm a Hufflepuff. There were moments where I just kinda paused and stared.

  27. InFeuxMercials B

    InFeuxMercials B5 日 前


  28. Sofia Rus

    Sofia Rus5 日 前

    Damion has the best shirt PERIOD

  29. wat3rg0ddess

    wat3rg0ddess5 日 前

    Smosh: Hufflepuffs are bad Me:(opens arms) what the heck I'm a hufflepuff :c

  30. Grace Smith

    Grace Smith6 日 前

    Personally out of u 4 I think Shane is either griffindoor or ravenclaw Courtney is a griffindoor Olivia is either griffindoor or hufflepuff and Damian is a hufflepuff but that’s my opinions

  31. DogKeeperTube

    DogKeeperTube7 日 前

    Ex-squeeze me!? What!? How are Hufflepuff bad!? Have you seen Newt Scamander!? He's a very amazing Hufflepuff that helped save New York! How dare thy! T^T

  32. Samantha Lizardo

    Samantha Lizardo7 日 前

    I identify myself as Luna Lovegood and I’m also a Ravenclaw.

  33. Short Girl Music

    Short Girl Music7 日 前

    Hufflepuff😭there’s nothing wrong with us

  34. Emeralds and diamonds

    Emeralds and diamonds7 日 前

    One day a kid said: all slytherins are evil. Then I grabbed a sharp pencil and say : you better hope I'm not.

  35. mha obssison •_•

    mha obssison •_•8 日 前

    Everyone:*talking about the houses* Me: DaMiEn Is WeArInG a DeKu ShIrT

  36. EdgyShadow25

    EdgyShadow258 日 前

    Hey Olivia fo you remember being slutty Gandalf

  37. Benjamin Whisson

    Benjamin Whisson9 日 前

    I’m hufflepuff and I’m affended

  38. Makena Padon

    Makena Padon9 日 前

    if i was in the hat and the question asks me " what power do you choose to have?" i would pick speaking to animals becuase i love nature and i want to help it have a good life.

  39. Eileen Flisk

    Eileen Flisk9 日 前

    in the beginning they kept bashing huffelpuff and u was rly offended lol

  40. littleasianalex

    littleasianalex9 日 前

    im the angriest hufflepuff youll ever meet and i dont care who knows it in other news heres my own personal sorting for you guys Courtney- Gryffindor Keith- Gryffindor Ian- Gryffindor Damien- Hufflepuff Noah- Hufflepuff Olivia- Ravenclaw Shayne- Ravenclaw

  41. Weston

    Weston9 日 前


  42. Da purple Panduh

    Da purple Panduh9 日 前

    I'm a Hufflepuff and this hurts

  43. Breanna Morice

    Breanna Morice9 日 前

    I’m a Slytherin

  44. Viccy H

    Viccy H10 日 前

    I'm slytherin, and we really aren't that bad... just don't question why your dorm is located in the dungeon floor (lol)

  45. Alleasha Zoey

    Alleasha Zoey10 日 前

    1) I’m hufflepuff 2) I want damien’s shirt of Deku

  46. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya10 日 前

    i really want to be friends with damien we have alot in common and i LOVE his shirt

  47. Effa Schäfer

    Effa Schäfer10 日 前

    I'm a proud Badger. How dare you said Hufflepuff is stupid. As an asian girl I will slap your asian face.. 😡



    what is with damian and fat animals in this episode

  49. Jaden Dahlin

    Jaden Dahlin11 日 前

    Yo, did y’all know that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is a Hufflepuff? And so is Deadpool?

  50. Bonnie and Such

    Bonnie and Such2 日 前

    Yess we have the badasses

  51. Michelle yuri

    Michelle yuri11 日 前

    He watches my hero academia look at his shirt

  52. That One Kawaii Potato

    That One Kawaii Potato11 日 前

    2 minutes into the video and I finally see Damian's* shirt and I just start fan girling (I have no idea where I got Ein from 😂😂)

  53. jetta claws

    jetta claws11 日 前

    I have the same pants Olivia is wearing

  54. LiviQuail Studios

    LiviQuail Studios11 日 前

    Is no one going to talk about the sticker of Rhett's face on the laptop?

  55. Mo Jo

    Mo Jo11 日 前

    Slither squad where u at???

  56. Leizer420

    Leizer42011 日 前

    Why do you even care you will probably get expelled out of the school

  57. Emerald_Magic Gamez

    Emerald_Magic Gamez12 日 前

    I'm a Hufflepuff, how dare you! that hurt me on a spiritual level T^T

  58. The Raven

    The Raven13 日 前

    I'm a ravenclaw too 🤗🤗

  59. Pedro Quesado

    Pedro Quesado13 日 前

    Wait wait wait. Slytherin are ALWAYS the bad guys...

  60. Kaitlyn Dunaway

    Kaitlyn Dunaway13 日 前

    Hey, I'M A HUFFLEPUFF!! I like knowing that I value friendship and loyalty.

  61. Abbie Pierce

    Abbie Pierce13 日 前

    You need to do like a skit where you are all dressed as your houses and have all the animals that you chose!