1. Ashley

    Ashley11 時間 前

    When Declan jumps up out of NOWHERE😂😂😂 9:56

  2. Jade Moore

    Jade Moore15 時間 前

    Yeah Starbucks is not good I only like the pink drink

  3. Ashley

    Ashley15 時間 前

    Declan is adorable running around 1:20

  4. Hannah Truesdale

    Hannah Truesdale17 時間 前

    Whereas if Starbucks was the only option I wouldn't get coffee" 🤣🤣

  5. jas

    jas23 時間 前

    Emma: I ordered an almond milk latte from all these coffee shops Philz workers: ...sooo, who’s gonna tell her

  6. Manda Mendenhall

    Manda Mendenhall23 時間 前

    I'm so late but bruh... micky d's coffee is NOT BAD! Lol

  7. Nova and Hannah

    Nova and Hannah日 前

    Ok but Starbucks’ almond milk is gross so that might be why u don’t like it

  8. Ruby Kuester

    Ruby Kuester日 前

    I love your coffee videos and idek why😂😂

  9. The Disney Expert Of All Time

    The Disney Expert Of All Time日 前

    Me, a tea drinker: *wot*

  10. Taly Kornfeld

    Taly Kornfeld日 前

    "Ooooo... I love those icecubes!!"

  11. Amanda Long

    Amanda Long2 日 前

    Does anyone think Emma would like Wawa coffee??

  12. Abigaail bonnici

    Abigaail bonnici2 日 前


  13. Melanie Rodriguez

    Melanie Rodriguez3 日 前

    get tierra mia coffee

  14. Nebula 2000

    Nebula 20003 日 前

    All the McDonald’s up here in Chicago area have lattes and mochas and macchiatos

  15. addy

    addy4 日 前

    I strongly recommend putting 9:54 in 0.25 speed. Just trust me

  16. Hannah Elizabeth

    Hannah Elizabeth4 日 前

    come to summer moon wood fire roasted coffee in katy tx and tell me the 1/2 wintermoon isnt the best iced latte you've ever had

  17. Zahrah Fakier

    Zahrah Fakier4 日 前

    When the cat jumped omw that got me lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Aya Younis

    Aya Younis5 日 前

    Emma’s like a burp machine

  19. Mr Sid

    Mr Sid5 日 前

    You need to try Starbucks in the UK because the American one just aint it (Ye america, it has a bigger menu but the coffee ;-;)

  20. Giselle Zavala

    Giselle Zavala5 日 前

    9:52 even the cat was shook 😂

  21. Carli Grace

    Carli Grace5 日 前

    emma go to pets.byspotify.com . trust me.

  22. Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait5 日 前

    Emma reminds me of my grandpa, he likes to visit all the coffee shops around where he lives, judges them, and eventually finds his ideal one.

  23. Ash Soto

    Ash Soto6 日 前

    i wonder how she feels abt 7/11

  24. Jillian meyer

    Jillian meyer6 日 前

    at 9:57 kills me every time😂😂

  25. kaia lulany

    kaia lulany6 日 前

    wait emma has tv now?

  26. no0dles130

    no0dles1307 日 前

    Emma seems to know how peepee tastes like 🤔

  27. Angeneque Nash

    Angeneque Nash7 日 前

    Like 🤔😯😶🥱how does she know what urine taste like? I’m still drinking Starbucks lol

  28. Stevie Grant

    Stevie Grant7 日 前

    I live on east coast an theres like 10 dunkins near me you half to have the right person make it HONEY DEW MOCHA MADNESS

  29. Anna Rulevas

    Anna Rulevas7 日 前

    Emma: “Philz is better than Starbucks” Declan: hold my catnip. 9:56

  30. Karina Jauregui

    Karina Jauregui7 日 前

    Starbucks is good though 🥺

  31. terri lamb

    terri lamb7 日 前


  32. McKenzie Staley

    McKenzie Staley7 日 前

    Fun fact. Starbucks burns their coffee beans on purpose so the coffee tastes stronger than it actually is and hides all the artificial sweetener they actually use.

  33. Samantha Bonnie Elizabeth

    Samantha Bonnie Elizabeth8 日 前

    McDonald's coffee is horrid, you'd hace to be desperate to drink that 🤢🤮

  34. Malak Metwally

    Malak Metwally8 日 前

    Costa is underrated

  35. Hanna

    Hanna8 日 前

    I didn’t know urth cafe was only in la? I went to one in japan

  36. Aaliyah Shroyer

    Aaliyah Shroyer8 日 前

    I just realized your cats name is the name of a guy (Ant and Dec) from Britain’s Got Talent and I like him a lot. He’s funny and like able. I approve.

  37. Aaliyah Shroyer

    Aaliyah Shroyer8 日 前

    9:56 I actually died. Declan is freaking annoyingly stupid like my cat it’s cute.

  38. Aaliyah Shroyer

    Aaliyah Shroyer8 日 前

    5:15 I didn’t know you were a X-Factor judge 😂

  39. YAGIRLEMMA 5436

    YAGIRLEMMA 54368 日 前


  40. YAGIRLEMMA 5436

    YAGIRLEMMA 54368 日 前


  41. Sofia Romančáková

    Sofia Romančáková8 日 前

    I PANICKED when the cat jumped on the table 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  42. Sofia Romančáková

    Sofia Romančáková8 日 前

    I PANICKED when the cat jumped on the table 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  43. alisa y

    alisa y9 日 前

    okay but if emma was Canadian she'd 100% love tims

  44. zel games

    zel games9 日 前

    Im watching your video while drinking rim hortons iced coffee 😂

  45. king rose

    king rose9 日 前

    8:44 Starbucks stans coming for Emma 😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  46. king rose

    king rose9 日 前

    May I ask why you know how pee tasts like

  47. Rawand Sullaiman

    Rawand Sullaiman9 日 前

    12:03. Emma: Last but not least, also Emma its a 0/10

  48. David Iskenyan

    David Iskenyan9 日 前

    No one cares

  49. LPS Peanut

    LPS Peanut9 日 前

    9:55 is a few seconds before Declan jumps on the table. You’re welcome

  50. Lisa Mae

    Lisa Mae9 日 前

    lmaooo i love these videos ♡

  51. Justin

    Justin10 日 前

    taste is subjective

  52. Lauren Brown

    Lauren Brown10 日 前

    I am literally crying from when Declan jumped onto the table. Like if you replayed that like 10000 times

  53. marley mogey

    marley mogey10 日 前

    9:55 DECLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao haha i luv u emma

  54. reynaldo reyes

    reynaldo reyes10 日 前

    I need her to try wawa coffee

  55. Miranda nielsen

    Miranda nielsen10 日 前

    Dunkin and Starbucks are the only places in my area. We gotta make things work.

  56. Taylor Murphy

    Taylor Murphy10 日 前

    Starbucks is my fav

  57. Maddie Andersen

    Maddie Andersen11 日 前

    Starbucks is sooo good in new Zealand the coffee is really strong and tastes really good it’s not too bitter

  58. NAOMY

    NAOMY12 日 前

    I have to get starbucks cuz there is no philz close to where i live. No lie the closest one is 14 miles (23 min) but i like getting the refreshers from starbucks

  59. Jordan Walker

    Jordan Walker12 日 前

    she’ll never experience Wawa 😭

  60. Mariana Ortega

    Mariana Ortega12 日 前

    McDonalds has iced lattes