When you're trying NOT to look dumb in front of your smart friend.


  1. pixel man

    pixel man2 時間 前

    When u miss one day of class

  2. Jagan_Master_Hiei 666

    Jagan_Master_Hiei 6666 時間 前

    My mom when I explain anime to her.

  3. Squig

    Squig13 時間 前


  4. dsy

    dsy15 時間 前

    Bruh when we in school we learn like nothing but when we miss a day of school you have to write like a 6 page essay


    I STABED A MAN 28 TIMES16 時間 前

    Big big very big brain

  6. Fyeis Supreme

    Fyeis Supreme16 時間 前

    I miss that one day in 9th grade and everyone learned time comtrol

  7. BoyyouHilarious

    BoyyouHilarious16 時間 前

    This is like half my fuckin life lol😂🤣🤣

  8. pycrow

    pycrow16 時間 前

    I understood everything in this video and I'm in middle school

  9. G T

    G T日 前

    I looked up those words thinking I was gonna learn something. They weren’t on google, dude really did get played

  10. Swear To yeezy

    Swear To yeezy日 前

    Dude I hate how a bunch of people learned shit differently than me, I’ve never leaned calcestic studies and I just finished 9th grade, and I’ve never been acc taught about WW2 yet or a lot of iconic history shit because I live in Washington where the history is so dumb and you have to do Washington history which is literally just spending a semester learning about mf’s living Minecraft style and remembering a bunch of tribes and where they were located relative to the pacific shore or the “puget sound”

  11. JsniperGoat

    JsniperGoat日 前

    It's like that wiht me but I'm the smart one and my friend the dumb ones

  12. subbing to anyone who subs me

    subbing to anyone who subs me日 前

    Ngl I was as smart as the smart one when I was like 10 or something

  13. give_me that_tea

    give_me that_tea日 前

    This is literally me with everyone 💀

  14. Saifuddin Ahmed

    Saifuddin Ahmed日 前

    I felt that. Only the first part. I never confront shit. This teaches me I shouldn't either lol.

  15. jenise cooper

    jenise cooper日 前

    I only understood equilibrium. Lol.

  16. Snake

    Snake日 前

    Me : *Skips school because lazy* School that day : So class today we learn how to create a sword that can cut through space time continuum and make a loaf of bread at the same time

  17. Goose Bee

    Goose Bee日 前

    U know what's about to go down when the music changes

  18. Tshegofatso Mokobodi

    Tshegofatso Mokobodi日 前

    Are those words

  19. ベジータ

    ベジータ日 前

    World is so stereotypical, just because you are not a science major doesn't make you dumb by default. I can't beat you when it comes to physics or chemistry but you can't beat me either when it comes to economics and finance.

  20. Burnt Sausage

    Burnt Sausage日 前

    When you friends with guy that has a bigger brain than your skull

  21. Just Jucc

    Just Jucc日 前

    I am simultaneously both people. I’m more into biology though, so I still don’t know shit about what the smart character is talking about.

  22. The T

    The T2 日 前

    But the thing is with the 4th physical dimension thing is that his voice disappears too you can tell because it fades in and fades out so he isn’t there this is just common knowledge

  23. KirbE

    KirbE2 日 前

    I understood everything in this video and im in middle school

  24. Jo G

    Jo G2 日 前

    My mom when i quote memes

  25. Hazy

    Hazy2 日 前

    that 4th dimension thing actually makes sense based on how the 4th dimension works

  26. Oli Hartley - SPECIFIK

    Oli Hartley - SPECIFIK2 日 前

    Why would he say that?

  27. Homeless Boneless Pizza

    Homeless Boneless Pizza3 日 前

    Me in every conversation... I'm dumb

  28. zovoan!

    zovoan!3 日 前

    I didn’t even know most of those words

  29. LoganXavierGaming • 22 years ago

    LoganXavierGaming • 22 years ago3 日 前

    Ok I understood like... 2 things in this video?

  30. Frantz Bazile

    Frantz Bazile3 日 前

    This is so Fiya! How you came up with this skip

  31. SpiderYass

    SpiderYass3 日 前

    Was i sick XD

  32. Terminator

    Terminator3 日 前

    I understood everything in this video and I'm in middle school.

  33. Bhavy Doshi

    Bhavy Doshi3 日 前

    Why the fuck rick & morty is not availabble in US🤨

  34. Donnovan Mason

    Donnovan Mason3 日 前

    Nah fam, I'll stick with Windscribe.

  35. Bar Rotem

    Bar Rotem3 日 前

    If you don't understand something, ask about it.

  36. John Minecraft

    John Minecraft3 日 前

    I understood everything in this video and im in middle school

  37. Abdulla Sowaidi (Al)

    Abdulla Sowaidi (Al)3 日 前

    This is not funny

  38. Cried2dreamagain

    Cried2dreamagain4 日 前

    Me whenever I'm on Tumblr... I can't keep up.

  39. Cresha X ML

    Cresha X ML4 日 前

    I'm only an middle school student and i didn't understand anything :/

  40. JsniperGoat

    JsniperGoat日 前

    Dont feel bad about it. It's just unnecessary knowledge. Nothing you need to know unless your becoming some kind of scientist

  41. Raptor Games and blogz

    Raptor Games and blogz4 日 前

    That is my friend who doesnt understand me when i explain how to time travel with just stuff from your home Like who doesnt understand time travel

  42. DylanPlays

    DylanPlays4 日 前

    Me says I was sick today. Him: well like 6 celebrities came Michael Jordan signed all of our shoes

  43. VolubleGMR

    VolubleGMR4 日 前

    Honestly that’s common knowledge

  44. Katherine Kass

    Katherine Kass4 日 前

    Dude is he from comitis corrupt homeless shelter in Aurora, Colorado......

  45. Gale Force Wins

    Gale Force Wins4 日 前

    Bro the fuck they talking bout sounds interesting

  46. Sky Hiker 9

    Sky Hiker 94 日 前



    WHAT THE PLAP5 日 前

    At first for some reason I thought the guy on the couch was the smart guy

  48. DezNyx

    DezNyx5 日 前

    I didn’t read the description and I feel so dumb now 😔

  49. SD Jackson

    SD Jackson5 日 前

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  50. Prime Rabbit

    Prime Rabbit5 日 前

    Casually shifts through another dimension "it's so easy, it's 9th grade stuff yo"

  51. Dakota Edwards

    Dakota Edwards5 日 前

    I know how to do that...jk...well actually I meant panic at seeing stuff like that...then again...so does everyone else

  52. SizzlingMelon

    SizzlingMelon5 日 前

    dude how do you not know how to move through the fourth fithacal dimension, like what?

  53. K3N_ New

    K3N_ New6 日 前

    This man went to Gifted Youngster’s School

  54. Nikki Nguyen

    Nikki Nguyen6 日 前

    When Luis tries to act smart lol...

  55. Rigel Pollux

    Rigel Pollux6 日 前

    Am I the onlyone who think he's hot? 🔥

  56. Kiri0

    Kiri06 日 前

    I understood everything except everything

  57. julian12465

    julian124656 日 前

    Fr tho who looked this stuff up thinking it might be real

  58. Karen Overload

    Karen Overload6 日 前

    I was using ExpressVPN and some dude on Xbox still manage to boot me offline, should I be scared or?

  59. Freefire 81

    Freefire 816 日 前

    So you're telling me that Faultian Push Energy isn't real? My life is a lie

  60. Jay S.

    Jay S.6 日 前

    Smart friends almost always want to teach you stuff. If you don't understand what they're saying, they want to have a "smart conversation" with you.

  61. Kelly Family

    Kelly Family6 日 前


  62. smdn.2000

    smdn.20006 日 前

    “YOU WERE GONE!” *“Theoretically.”*