"When she not insecure"| Comedy skit


  1. NellyVidz

    NellyVidzヶ月 前

    It feels good to have a women who isn’t insecure 😂😌. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and check out those bloopers at the end 💪🏽

  2. terri bookman

    terri bookman2 日 前

    What's good

  3. Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis10 日 前

    Jordan Davis 18 Don’t forget To Have a and

  4. myiesha Pierre

    myiesha Pierre23 日 前


  5. Mbg Bear

    Mbg Bear24 日 前


  6. Yvens Darilus

    Yvens Darilus28 日 前

    Love your videos man. Keep them coming.

  7. Fermion

    Fermion15 時間 前

    There's insecurity, stupidity, and apathy. I'd say she is the latter. She's obviously not insecure, and doesn't necessarily strike me as stupid. The only thing left is that she just doesn't give af, cause Derrik prolly beating the brakes off that thang.

  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic2 日 前

    That first Blooper killed me🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀

  9. Tr3y Devon

    Tr3y Devon3 日 前

    Like rlly stfu that can get her really thinking if u cheating 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. Dj Andy _Khalifa

    Dj Andy _Khalifa4 日 前

    deom she's beautiful

  11. Tobias Dont matter

    Tobias Dont matter7 日 前

    Everybody talking bout how a secure bitch got secrets and is “cheating too” lol nah that’s called choosing to be happy. Don’t let shitty people steal your peace and if you find out that they did you wrong then good riddance you move on with your life.

  12. Baschir Shanjenga

    Baschir Shanjenga8 日 前

    Shit that’s me. No shit no insecurity

  13. lightskinderek

    lightskinderek9 日 前

    I’m Derek 😈😈

  14. Alaya Joshua

    Alaya Joshua9 日 前

    The girl is so me 💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🥰🥰💕💕Periodddd I don’t care if I trust u I trust u 💯💯🤟🏽🖤

  15. The Legacy of Gaming

    The Legacy of Gaming12 日 前

    Nah, it was cool until she found the condom. Now it ain't about being insecure, she just willfully blind 😂

  16. biss biss

    biss biss13 日 前

    I really don't know if it's a good thing or not but I really don't feel like babysitting a grown ass man and besides you check them they cheat you don't they cheat so why stress when I'm literally gonna find someone else i will cry tho like A LOT😅 The condom part tho make it make sense 💀

  17. Cal V Thomas

    Cal V Thomas14 日 前

    Is that Jaleel White (Urkel)?

  18. D B

    D B14 日 前

    No way either of this true. Especially not the condom wrapper 😂😂😂 shawty doing her own thing or waiting for the right time to strike

  19. Kj Williams

    Kj Williams14 日 前

    She not insecure these care called shit test

  20. Promise Nelson

    Promise Nelson15 日 前

    Bruh that shit what y’all be actin is final fantasy ain’t no chick be like that dog

  21. Paolo Hanse

    Paolo Hanse15 日 前

    This is why females don't trust us😂😂

  22. buffy sauce

    buffy sauce16 日 前

    imagination subordination this is my reality negation

  23. Abel Cohiba

    Abel Cohiba16 日 前

    Loool there's not a woman alive like this. She cheating cheating

  24. Anderson Ultra

    Anderson Ultra16 日 前

    This is a lie shes going to poison his coffee

  25. Brill Eargasm

    Brill Eargasm17 日 前

    "I eat chicken again" what a long-term girlfriend-y thing to say.

  26. Akupunktura Kičme

    Akupunktura Kičme17 日 前

    This video should be named "Never gonna happen EVER"

  27. Teflon's Mansion

    Teflon's Mansion17 日 前

    Bruh she look so good.......

  28. The Campbell Family

    The Campbell Family18 日 前

    She definitely got a side piece but he shouldn't check her because he messing up himself.

  29. tennaj

    tennaj18 日 前

    For the record, not all dudes cheat.. But ladies follow your intuition! 7 out of 10 times you're right. But it's VERY VERY importantly that you are NOT bringing past relationship infidelity"issues"/memories into your current relationship! I had a girlfriend who thought I was cheating everytime I went somewhere.! Even when I went to the damn grocery store. What she didn't realize is that there was not a woman on this ENTIRE earth that could have convinced me cheat on her. But her past experiences /relationships had her scarred/"heartbroken". She didn't take the time to heal her heart. And it help to ruined the relationship.


    noGODSnoMASTERS19 日 前

    She didn't say "I love you" back or even acknowledge it. Red flag.

  31. Any Gaming

    Any Gaming19 日 前

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    BEAST NYC19 日 前

    Human psychology is much more complicated... you can say, she is either - confident, or just doesn’t care much about him....

  33. kade foster

    kade foster19 日 前

    She is to fine to cheat on


    LORD ILLS19 日 前

    In what world lol

  35. Chad

    Chad19 日 前

    She’s totally cool , the guy though lol

  36. Joseph Richards

    Joseph Richards20 日 前

    She cheatin

  37. Darryl Hayes

    Darryl Hayes20 日 前

    A open condom wrapper...... Really Bruh u slipping big ⏰

  38. Angela Mullins

    Angela Mullins20 日 前

    I'm confused???

  39. Chris Bass

    Chris Bass20 日 前

    Derick was dropping that table leg off that’s why

  40. Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards20 日 前

    If only...

  41. Jyuichi Sasori

    Jyuichi Sasori20 日 前

    “I eat chicken again, so get me a chicken salad or something.” Idk why but that was just good writing imo

  42. Mthuthuzeli Ramothibe

    Mthuthuzeli Ramothibe20 日 前

    Toxicity got us thinkin lack of insecurity is absence of love..."like damn shawdy ain't mad fr fr" lmao😂😂😂

  43. Keich

    Keich20 日 前

    Nigha fuck what this skit say 🤣 if your woman is nonchalant like this for all related scenarios, she’s fucking someone else 💯 confident and in control is one thing, but for things all the time, lmao she gone bruh

  44. Francesca Deyo

    Francesca Deyo19 日 前

    @Keich 100%

  45. Keich

    Keich19 日 前

    @Francesca Deyo there is jealousy and then there is a set of boundaries. If a woman allows me to play with temptation but only worries if I actually commit to an act, then I know she does not care. And then I will be curious of her ACTUAL motive for being with me. But I feel you. I’m not a person that plays with a woman’s emotions, and I don’t like mines being played with. However, a person who has low tolerance and a set boundaries wouldn’t entertain that type of behavior for long anyways, let alone get emotionally attached.

  46. Francesca Deyo

    Francesca Deyo19 日 前

    @Keich no actually because if I'm in a trusting relationship then I shouldn't be worried about him being around his ex, jealousy will ruin a lot of relationships

  47. Keich

    Keich19 日 前

    @Francesca Deyo or maybe you’re in denial? 🤪

  48. Francesca Deyo

    Francesca Deyo19 日 前

    Umm... no there are women like this that exist and aren't cheaters so maybe you're just insecure

  49. Smot Butterman

    Smot Butterman21 日 前

    I thought that was Zazie Beetz. Damn!

  50. Lala Land

    Lala Land21 日 前

    My nigga ...this so true

  51. Weekend Nomad

    Weekend Nomad21 日 前

    Nahhhh I would have snapped at the condom wrapper ... she’s cheating tho watch

  52. Abdi Abdirahman

    Abdi Abdirahman21 日 前


  53. Weekend Nomad

    Weekend Nomad21 日 前

    Like when I tell a man “ok” and he freaks out

  54. Eyë NEED Ü

    Eyë NEED Ü21 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣...ummm who

  55. Traffic Control

    Traffic Control21 日 前

    If there is real trust then there is no reason to be insecure. Insecurities come from lack of trust, deception and low self-esteem.

  56. Traffic Control

    Traffic Control21 日 前

    She pretty, pretty 😍

  57. Simlicity09

    Simlicity0921 日 前

    Lol naw she not secure she is a fool!lol or he a fool because she obviously has another dude somewhere lol

  58. Shane Tare

    Shane Tare21 日 前

    Then dudes are like why girls so insecure this is why

  59. Steven

    Steven21 日 前

    Steven Eurkel is hilarious. Love him

  60. CrimsonStallion21

    CrimsonStallion2121 日 前

    Is it really insecure if a woman (or any man) were to react with suspicion if she experiences this? Meeting an ex, coming later than usual, finding an opened condom wrapper are all perfectly rational red flags. If you don't trust your partner 100% blindly, you are insecure? That makes no sense to me. Trust is ofcourse important but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to your partners behaviour if something feels off.

  61. Tionge nyasulu

    Tionge nyasulu22 日 前


  62. G0ddEity

    G0ddEity22 日 前

    You look like ludacris

  63. devildire666

    devildire66622 日 前

    Somehow those quadrangles resting on her shoulder are making me uncomfortable.

  64. 12mansside

    12mansside22 日 前

    Is that Bianca Lawson from “Breaking All the Rules”?

  65. Hero Miles

    Hero Miles19 日 前

    What the? NOOO

  66. Aaron W

    Aaron W22 日 前

    Couldn't imagine doing this when you have wifey material like that. Do people actually take advantage of people like this in real life??

  67. ChoCho

    ChoCho21 日 前

    Yes they do unfortunately

  68. Chipili

    Chipili22 日 前

    There ain't no girl like that 😂

  69. BRYAN

    BRYAN22 日 前

    This is actually like a show

  70. Michael Kuhn

    Michael Kuhn22 日 前

    "Oh I dunno, usually aWw hElL nAw YoU aIn'T bOuT tO bE" killed me hahaha

  71. Omega Prime

    Omega Prime22 日 前

    Where is my Murch

  72. Aya Taloaie

    Aya Taloaie22 日 前

    she doesnt have to be insecure to be jealous or to have some respect for the relationship

  73. Ayumi Ayoka

    Ayumi Ayoka22 日 前

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  74. Tierra Herbert

    Tierra Herbert22 日 前

    Being insecure has nothing to do with not caring about what he’s doing or going. It’s about respect. If he is disrespectful he brings out the insecurity.

  75. Natajha Anglin

    Natajha Anglin22 日 前

    Let me tell you something,if you have a girl and she isn't insecure about any of the shit you do infront of her or behind her back,dude that girl is cheating that's why she don't give a damn.Because I'm a girl my self and we're only insecure about guys we care about.

  76. Hoffmann Arthur

    Hoffmann Arthur22 日 前

    The fuck's up with all of you? Can't a woman be confident?

  77. TEF Entertainment

    TEF Entertainment22 日 前

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  78. Archangel Tactics

    Archangel Tactics22 日 前

    There is *always* a catch. Question *everything*



    Wow .. a gem

  80. Bjay Tv

    Bjay Tv23 日 前

    I need women like that

  81. TNT Section

    TNT Section23 日 前

    I have NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR Met a female like This.

  82. Kathie D

    Kathie D23 日 前

    What SZA grandma say? “He think I’m stupid!”

  83. Hill B.

    Hill B.23 日 前

    She can get anyone anytime so she ain’t tripping.🤠

  84. yaboyshelz

    yaboyshelz23 日 前

    She dnt care cuz she got a whole man waiting for her "omw rite now" text. 😂

  85. Salty Scorpion

    Salty Scorpion23 日 前

    The Holy motherfuckin Grail boys

  86. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones23 日 前


  87. Porsche Giles

    Porsche Giles23 日 前

    The fact he cheating cheating...whew child

  88. Porsche Giles

    Porsche Giles23 日 前

    But let it be other way around.. dudes hate the taste of their own medicine

  89. 21

    2123 日 前

    If yo girl acts like this, you should be worried fam.

  90. Tedd bloc

    Tedd bloc18 日 前

    How long she has been acting sush like if its from the get go that means its some about her thats natural Cant help it However if she suddenly acting brand new its a red fly though

  91. African With No Flies

    African With No Flies24 日 前

    My relationship has no worries

  92. Don Solo

    Don Solo24 日 前

    Bad people assume other people do bad things. Good people assume other people gonna do the right thing. That's how I look at it

  93. Sony Stark

    Sony Stark24 日 前

    So she smashing Jamal or tyreke?

  94. alexa1 bliss

    alexa1 bliss24 日 前

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    alexa1 bliss24 日 前

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  96. Mook & Kaayy

    Mook & Kaayy24 日 前

    I get your Drift but you chose the wrong scenarios

  97. Kately Williams

    Kately Williams24 日 前


  98. Tristen Hernandez

    Tristen Hernandez24 日 前

    This Urkel and Stephon somehow mixed in one 😂

  99. John Herndon

    John Herndon24 日 前

    This takes place on bizarro world.

  100. Nate Lipscomb

    Nate Lipscomb24 日 前

    She's cheating...

  101. Clifford Kapia

    Clifford Kapia24 日 前

    Exclusive but not possessive. She is a true soldier.💯

  102. JAT Trill

    JAT Trill24 日 前

    (SNS) Side Nigga Sunday is in Full Effect in this one 😂🤞🏾😂



    Any guy don’t think she cheating is a sucker cause if she doesn’t care bout obvious signs of u cheating n she always on the phone secretly texting won’t let u see her phone. If your girl like that tell her u trust her enough 2 give her your phone n she should do the same if she avoids it there u go that’s your answer

  104. Marissa C.

    Marissa C.25 日 前

    Sometimes (most times) we just ✨don't care✨

  105. sxymamij

    sxymamij25 日 前

    You remind me of Jaleel White. That's a compliment I like him as an actor

  106. Foul pcifk

    Foul pcifk25 日 前

    Ya she bout dumb asl😂😂😂I ain een think it was yours

  107. Tobe thee Naija Player

    Tobe thee Naija Player25 日 前

    At 3:38, did she say, "Yeah, with the" "ass", or "abs"? I thought she said "abs", but the captions blanked out the word like it was a curse word.

  108. starhakmll coley

    starhakmll coley25 日 前

    No girl ever would put up with this period not in this 21st century

  109. Je'Don Sr.

    Je'Don Sr.25 日 前

    How many showers she gonna take?? Lol

  110. TheOfficialVint TV

    TheOfficialVint TV25 日 前

    Being secure and naive are two different things. 👨🏾‍💻

  111. Chico Fontane

    Chico Fontane25 日 前

    Why she keep hoping in shower tho lol smh

  112. TerranMarineCore

    TerranMarineCore25 日 前

    If she dont care your just a beta male provider and shes getting her guts dug out by Jamal.

  113. Bkinstatainment

    Bkinstatainment25 日 前

    She knew it wasn't yours but thought itv was Jamal or Tyreeks Yooooo LMMFAO 😂😂😂😂