When Did Your Creepy "Gut Feeling" Save Your Life? (r/AskReddit | Reddit Stories)


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    Please put effort in audio..Audio is too fast

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    I have one... I’m a cross country runner at my high school and some creepy guy followed me in a white rusted out for transit. I made a u turn at an intersection and ran back to my starting point. Fucking creep tried to follow me but sense I made that u turn he couldn’t turn the van around.

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    Had you guys heard of the 2019 El Paso shooting? My family and I lived in a small town near the city. My mother was planning to El Paso to buy clothes, food, and cut my little brothers hair. We left the property and I began to feel ill. As my face turn pale my mom asked what was wrong, I told her that we shouldn't go to to El Paso and we went to the nearest city to El Paso. After buying food we got an alert for a shooter in the El Paso area. And we saw a live recording from one of the stores. It was a terrifying time of my life.


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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1460">24:20</a> that's nothing special, I've traveled through Africa and people do this all the time at bus stops. The guy probably gets some money from the hotel owner if he finds new costumers. Actually maybe I'm naive but most of these are nonsense, our brain makes us believe something bad will happen if we think about bad things. Just relax and live a little.

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    Half of the bad things are rapists/pedophiles and the other are cougars. Always cougars

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    i had one a lot like the last one ones idk if anything would have happened bc i never heard anything about it latter on but i was going trick or treating with some friends...back when i had friends ._. ....ANYWAYS we were probably about 10 at the time and i join my best friend and 2 of his cousin so there were 4 of us but we came up to a house where this lady probably in her 30s said if we wanted candy we had to go throw the "hunted house" and it was a tunnel in there front yard that was made out of what looked like pipes and some sort of cloth but we were going down it when it turned and we and we realized that it was leading strait into there back yard and not only that but there were no other kids coming out of there back yard my friend and one of his cousin were going down it when me and his other cousin (who had the name name as me UwU) both looked at one a other with that look of "this is sketchy as hell" and we both stopped my the other 2 people in our group and and ones we explained to them that the tunnel was going strait into there back yard we all just got the hell out of there and and latter on we saw there house again and the tunnel was gone but it was still early in the night so there were still a lot of kids out trick or treating so it seamed realllly sketch looking back on it now im really happy we did skip it it wasn't worth it for a small thing of candy especially seeing how we already had a lot and could go to any other house and get candy that way

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    Cougars are ambush predators. Yeah, leave the area, but if faced with one, the best thing to do is keep it in sight and make sure IT KNOWS you have it in sight. Approach loudly and spook if possible. It won't attack if it thinks it's blown its best chance to come away with the best food vs injury risk.

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    Who else is going to carry a strap from now on

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    Number one rule of Craigslist: Never EVER tell them to meet you at your own home! Make sure it's somewhere public with lot's of potential witnesses and/or security cameras like a grocery store parking lot.

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    Reddit is so underrated

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    This video gives me goosebumps

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="325">5:25</a> i swear dad has like some 6th sense for their kids, when i was 10 i had a fever for like 2 days and then it was 12 am my dad just woke up randomly i couldnt sleep was too tired to get up or talk everything was so hot he literally came to my room with me sweating and breathing fast he just took me to the hospital and turns out i had a dengue fever, it was at papua and and there were alot of mosquitoes there, i stayed in the hospital for around three weeks

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    Its 2am and i have anxiety-

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    Maybe this "Gut Feeling" could be another one of our senses. "The danger sense"

  18. M E G A OOF

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    When I was younger my mom was kinda rude to me because I never wanted to wear feminine clothes. But she'd always somehow get her way. Up until a few years ago (maybe I was 14) I didn't stand up for myself. I went to dance class every Monday after school, I joined in September so a few months in it starting getting dark earlier. Even before joining I was often paranoid and thought I heard people following me when I walked home alone after meeting my friends. Dance class ends at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a>pm, I walked to and home from it. As it got darker during the months I got more paranoid. Soon I was suspicious of someone following me. I didn't look back for a few weeks of this because I was scared to see if there was actually someone. Late December it was pitch black outside. I was planning on finding out if someone was following me or not. I put my headphones on but didn't use music. This time I heard footsteps. I walked a bit faster and heard them speed up. Then I went back to normal speed because I was scared and felt a bit weak. Suddenly I heard the footsteps really close, I couldn't hold myself back and I looked behind me. There was a man wearing a cap and all black clothes. I didn't see his face since he was looking down and the cap covered it. But he was speedwalking and breathing loudly. The scary thing is as soon as I looked back I saw him quickly put his hands in his pockets. I was maybe 3 minutes a walk away from home, and I just legged it. This was an area where there was nowhere to turn. Just road and footpath. You could see far ahead and behind. Really far. After I ran for only about 5 seconds, I felt self conscious and thought he might just be a normal person and think I'm weird for suddenly running. So I looked back. I didn't run far at all. And he was just gone. There were streetlights well lit. He couldn't have ran that fast. I thought I was just seeing things but literally the day after, my friend (lives in the same estate as me) texted me saying someone was following her home and described the same person I saw. I then told her about how I saw him too. When I told my mom, she was worried, and for some reason didn't stop me from dressing how I wanted after that. My friend also told her mom and they just told her they'd pick her up after she goes somewhere from now on. But even outside of walking back from dance I heard someone following me. I was way more paranoid about it then so I stopped wearing leggings. I bought clothes from the men section and cut my hair short and hid it in a cap. I thought that if I looked like a boy I'd be less likely to be targeted. It worked. I heard someone behind me rarely after that. And after some time they stopped. I'm guessing they thought I was someone else? But I'm still careful when I go out and it's dark. I came out to my mom, sister and friends as trans. My mom was okay with it and she was like "Oh at least you won't be raped because you look like a boy now". That kind of triggered me idk why. Lmao plot twist a few weeks later turns out she's transphobic. Story of how I found out. Weird. Why did I say this. Sorry if you wasted your time reading this. I'm just bored and started ranting. But still be careful when you're walking somewhere by yourself. I don't live in a sketchy area at all. So always be aware of your surroundings.

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    Wtf that was such a long story. Literally an essay. I should submit this next time I get an assignment on Google Classroom if we're still doing online school

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    I had a gut feeling that saved me once, I was walking around in the downtown area around where I live and I decided to walk a different way than where I normally walk and I’m glad I did because a car went rolling down the road and went right on the sidewalk where I would’ve been and I might’ve died

  21. Weird Girl

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    Something like this happened to my mum once in Hawksworth Woods, Leeds. She was walking with her dog and passed a guy walking in the opposite direction. About twenty minutes later she got a gut feeling and then there were twigs snapping, looks to her left. Same guy is charging through the bushes towards her so she books it. Runs right up an incredibly steep hill with the dog at her heel.

  22. Vishal Reddy

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    This is why I'm really glad I'm a guy. Being alone at night as a woman you have to have your senses tuned in at a 100%, never know what's out there. Also, don't walk at night with headphones in and always try to walk home with someone you know in the night.

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    Who is the girl in the thumbnail?

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1995">33:15</a>... bikes are furniture?

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    Three fried firies🤣

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    Bruh when I was in high school I was suppose to spend the night at my friends house after we watched the super bowl but for some reason I wasn’t feeling good thinking it was all the food I ate so I decided to go home when I went home and walked in my house I got hit with a huge smell of gas and didn’t know wtf to do so I ran upstairs woke up my dad and sister and started opening windows and doors to air it out and we started looking everywhere for the cause of the gas and it was our stove one of the knobs were slightly on just releasing gas smh could’ve been really bad it had filled our whole house

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    One time when I was about 8-9 there were these creepy guys(I dont remember but there might have been a young woman with them) standing behind our schools court/P.E area holding their hand to their pocket as if they were about to pull out a gun or a knife, the only people paying attention to them were the teachers, then a older lady walked up to them and asked them about something, they pulled a knife on her and that is when my religion teacher called the police. There was a police training station not to far away, the guys didnt even know the police had been called on them, from all I remember thinking was, "They are absolute idiots, they are right next to a catholic school for goodness sakes!", right before they pulled out the knife the teachers had called us over to the plaza for prayer so I am pretty sure that the teachers had known that there was something off about them, before the teacher called us over to prayer I was already running as fast as I could across the court scared they were gonna pull out a gun or knife on me and my friends.

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    my grandma was driving down the road and cape to the lights when it turned green she just didnt want to start moving sure enough not 5 seconds later a super car came barreling dowm the rod infront of her

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  30. iamlegion 14

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  31. Michael Coughlin

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    On King's Cross London tube tragedy, you can see a documentary about it right here on JPreporter. It's a Seconds from Disaster program. I enjoyed that program when it was on.

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    I feel bad for the females god damn guys are always tryna be absolute creeps

  33. Diamond Seraph

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    Okay...so this is some really weird superstitious thing that I'm not even sure I really believe...but this one time I found this really dirty penny (tails up if that means anything to you...) and so me being the broke kid I am picked it up and slipped it into my back pocket. After that things started happening to me for no apparent reason. People started yelling at me (I'm mildly autistic so this really bothers me since it hurts my ears and triggers my anxiety), people started taunting me more, I started making more mistakes and drawing attention to myself (that's a major trigger of my anxiety and often results in anxiety/panic attacks), I kept on accidentally hurting myself, and I just had this really uneasy feeling in my stomach. By the time I got in the bus I had a legitimate anxiety attack and threw that penny away in frustration. Weird thing is is that almost immediately after I got rid of that penny it felt like a weight had been lifted and my anxiety attack just stopped...and after that nothing else bad happened to me for the rest of the day. I later told my teacher and she suggested that the penny might have been cursed or something...

  34. Alarm Tech911

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    I had a gut feeling that something bad was gonna happen one night while getting picked up to drive home from work. I was the passenger. I had decided to make sure my seatbelt was properly on and told the driver to be a little more cautious. 3 minutes later we were going through an intersection with our light green when another car coming from the side runs over the red light and hits us making us almost flip over. I was rushed to the hospital from severe pain on all my body and the driver had to take surgery. 2 years later I still cant believe a gut feeling probably saved my life. To put you guys in perspective, the SUV I was in was totaled and so was the guys small sedan

  35. demons

    demons6 日 前

    One night back in 2017 i had come home from my dads house (my parents are divorced) and it was super windy, like branches flying off the trees and power lines breaking windy. We all ate dinner, and at about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a> the power went out. This was expected because of the wind, so we didn’t think much of it. Our water comes from a well, so if there was no power, there was no water. We all went to sleep. At about <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> that night i woke up. Something felt horrible. I felt so anxious and like something terrible was going to happen. 2 minutes later my step dad comes into my room and tells me there’s a fire and we need to leave. That turned out to be the first of the so cal wildfires. Almost our whole town burned

  36. Sir Bonk

    Sir Bonk6 日 前

    About 4 years ago when i was 14 i was at my dads house making a little a-10 warthog for my 4 year old cousin. However as i was cutting the body on a table saw i had a really bad fealing that something would snag/catch on the saw so i grabbed a push stick and began cutting and not even 2 seconds after i had started cutting again the blade hits a knot and rips it away causing the stick to hit the blade right where my fingers would have been

  37. Abow Tarter

    Abow Tarter6 日 前

    One time I was in a park, and I was swinging around some bars (bc who doesn’t do that) and I sensed that someone was there. I looked around for a bit, but I was in the park alone. My mother was up the hill talking to some friends, but she was far away and out of earshot. So I decided to look in the bushes, and saw a squirrel. I wondered if that was it, but even after I saw it, I still had the feeling. So I sprinted up the hill and a little bit across the field to my mom, and she walked back down with me to see what it could be. (She has the same sensing thing as me, so she trusted that there was someone.) So she and I walked around for a bit and finally led me to the edge of the park, near the tire swing where I had been swinging after I saw the squirrel. There was a small building there, it looked like a classroom, and there was a janitor inside. So technically, it didn’t save me, but it was a strange experience

  38. BritishBubbles

    BritishBubbles6 日 前

    Well tbh, my anxiety gives me paranoia on a almost daily basis so I tend to look hella freaked out or just downright annoyed as heck, I live in a pretty safe area but can never to too aware

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    d a n i e l uk amirite

  40. Logan Almeida

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    The second I saw Dark Knight Rises’ I knew it was the Aurora shooting

  41. Nicholas Johnston

    Nicholas Johnston7 日 前

    Twice I’ve decided not to go to a car meets where there was a shootout. Both in the past month. One I went to a different one instead. The second was last weekend, and we went. We left shortly after arriving because it felt strange. There were a lot of crips on motorcycles too so we left. That night there was a shootout and someone died. That was a couple hours after we left.

  42. Jack Stoutburn

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    Always carry a gun or a knife, dudes.

  43. Taylor Rose

    Taylor Rose8 日 前

    Was looking at something on a shelf in a Family Dollar when this guy passed me and I just got a chill and walked out of the store. Found out he later robbed the store at gunpoint

  44. Extreme A

    Extreme A8 日 前

    This happened to me my grandfather was talking to some people and he was looking at the other side then a taxi driver says you can come and sit in my car and his creepy smile and I was feeling wrong so I said no and ran towards my grandfather and just stood beside him and the taxi driver was giving me a death glare keep in mind I was 5 or 4

  45. Dylangaming12346

    Dylangaming123468 日 前

    So I live in a very good neighborhood, but this is still a little crime, welp one night I was going to bed but I just got this feeling to watch upstairs so I watched JPreporter for a little bit then I turned off all the lights and went to lock the doors and I feel like I should turn the lights on, I did and it looked like a person outside like a teenager, welp I lock the front door and the deck door with the downstairs doors, welp I wake up to my mom in the morning telling me that a few houses got robbed by some teenagers, 2 houses were raided and one they almost broke in but the glass was too strong.

  46. go dig a hole and die

    go dig a hole and die9 日 前

    One day, i don't remeber exactly weither i was out with my dad, came back from school or came back from gymnastics. anyways, i was 9 years old. while my dad parked his car, we were inside it when this creepy ass (that seems like he's 60) 60 year old man wearing a security jacket came up to us, he was talking from the window. i don't remember what he said, but what basically happened is that he somehow convinced dad to let him in the car because he told him he found a brand new iphone layed out in the streets, the man told him to give him like what 200MAD, my dad didn't have ths much in his wallet and the man told him to drive off to the bank as it what near, when he drove there my dad went to bank and he literally got off the car and left me with that man, he did indeed talk to me and he said "are you excited to get your phone?" i said "yeah" as i do not want to seem rude. i have had this awful feeling in my gut since he came, my dad came back and gave him 200MAD but then the man told him it was not enough so my Dad added another 100MAD, the man then said he needed to get off the car so he could get the phone. he never came back. i'm still blaming myself for not trusting my gut feeling, what i don't get is that my dad was math teacher and he had a very high IQ...

  47. Gooser Spookers

    Gooser Spookers9 日 前

    So it wasn’t my gut feeling in this story but I need to tell it. So my mom and I were going for a check up because I was breathing a lot more heavily then normal.(I usually breathe heavy because my nose is faulty) And all the other doctors were saying I probably just had asthma and said my doctor should give me the treatment. But my doctor felt something off about the situation so he said to me and mom to follow him to the x-ray room. We did the x-ray and my doctor found out I had Pneumonia from the x-rays. If my doctor hadn’t had that gut feeling I would be dead.

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    Too many times to count.

  49. ThatOtherTrashcan

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    “Maybe he’s high.... Maybe he’s drunk....” All I know is my gut tells me he’ll put me in the back of his trunk.

  50. yourlocalanti-depressant

    yourlocalanti-depressant10 日 前

    I had one once, I was about 12 with my mom in a gas station, I was walking down the isles looking for snacks, while I was in there my mom was filling up the gas outside. This man was following me around the isles and I looked back a lot. He had nothing in his hands and he never stopped to look for something, he just followed me. I decided to wait in the bathroom for a little bit to see if he would leave, but I came out and he had moved over in the corner waiting for me. I had picked up my stuff and went to the register and paid. When I went outside my mom was cleaning out the car with those vacuum pumps, he was still following me but very discreetly. When I got closer to my mom he was getting closer because she was behind where he couldn't see, then she came around to get in and I saw him stop and turn around. I think if I hadn't had noticed him and his behaviors I wouldn't be here right now.

  51. Tree Hugger

    Tree Hugger10 日 前

    You're probably right. No, you're completely right. Don't ever blow off your inner God/Goddess.

  52. Minecrafter Mike1

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    In my experience, if you think theres danger, theres danger

  53. Tree Hugger

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  54. Tim Bomb

    Tim Bomb11 日 前

    Hearing about creeps stalking behind people makes me want to go out and running headbutt them.

  55. Tim Bomb

    Tim Bomb11 日 前

    I got a weird feeling walking along this bush track i always walk along once, I'm pretty sure it was because I just started on new medication lol. But maybe there was an animal or something out there, I kept looking behind me as I walked and never saw anything though. Being in urban kind of Australia there isn't really any big animals (except wild dogs I guess?) so even if there was an animal it probably couldn't have done anything anyway. Probably should have taken a day off from going outside when starting new medication regardless.

  56. Ambiguous Nut Case

    Ambiguous Nut Case11 日 前

    When I was given an interventional note that circulated. Wow

  57. TheRosey1

    TheRosey112 日 前

    A few years ago, my husband and I lived in a little apartment. The day we moved in, one of our neighbors saw my husband trying to get the mattress up the stairs, and offered to help. It was a nice gesture, and we told him we were really thankful for his help. Fast forward a few months, I had seen the guy here and there, waved occasionally. One day, I was walking to my car when the guy comes out of no where. I get in my car, but I can't tell he's coming to talk to me. So i roll down my window. He says " Hey! Remember me? I am in a bit of a bind today, and really could use a return favor. I need a ride. Can you take me somewhere?" Now.. at this time, I am literally 22 years old 5'2 and 110 pounds. This guy is a very tall and large middle aged man. So I think about it for half a second, and my brain said aaaaaabsolutely no. I made up a lie that I was on my way to a doctors appointment. He says ok, but doesn't hide his disappointment. Feeling bad, I call my husband to tell him. He tells me, never ever let someone into my car. That it was weird for the guy to even ask Weird things kept happening after that. He left his keys in the door once, and when I told him about it, he invited me inside. I declined, and just always left stuff like that alone from then one. Semi frequently, I'd come up the stairs and he'd have left groceries outside the door, or there would be mail on the ground. It just always felt so purposeful. We moved after a while and always wonder if that guy was just super forgetful/lonely, or if he really was trying to lure me.

  58. Raid

    Raid12 日 前

    The gut feeling is actually the blood leaving your stomach and intestines to your muscles, which is your brain telling you you're going into fight or flight mode.

  59. Eli Fybush

    Eli Fybush12 日 前

    This wasn’t a gut feeling but when my parents were just married and living in an apartment my mom was up in the attic getting her skis as it was winter and they were going for a ski trip. she found her skis in the attic when she saw her neighbor dead hanging by a rope. she screamed, ran downstairs, and called the police. he committed suicide and my parents comforted the neighbors who of course were crying. Long story short the ski trip never happened.

  60. Y E E T

    Y E E T12 日 前

    When I was about 13-14, I was sitting in a tree on the edge of my backyard. I climbed this tree a lot, and I knew where to sit to stay out of the rain, so I would usually not go inside because of a storm unless there was thunder and lightning. It was really windy and kinda sprinkling that day, but the weather in Florida’s always weird so I didn’t think much of it. I sat outside for an hour or so, but then I get this really strong chill, like something was really wrong. I didn’t really think anything would happen, but I’ve always been a firm believer in “better safe than sorry”. Headed inside, immediately met with my very worried parents, informed that they’d been looking everywhere in the house for me. There was a tornado warning, could’ve died if I stayed outside.

  61. Y E E T

    Y E E T12 日 前

    There was also a time when I was walking with my younger siblings on Halloween. We lived in a pretty small neighborhood, not many cars, and everyone was pretty used to walking around on the road. We were walking along, and I saw a car parked with its headlights on at the end of the road. It wasn’t moving, but I just got a really bad feeling about it so I said “hey, let’s walk on the grass for a bit”. Barely a minute after we moved, that car revved it’s engine and sped down the road at at least 70 mph. I don’t think anyone was hurt, but it definitely came close to hitting a few kids.

  62. Just Lunii

    Just Lunii13 日 前

    Im in the 8th grade and i give help in english for everybody under my Grade. Im 14 and on the website im on giving ppl help a Person named Janette (49) asked for english help. like that was totally suspiciuous and i declined it. the next day in the news was that name and how they arrested a 49 year old Man for r*ping and sexual abuse. lol

  63. Prof. Awesome

    Prof. Awesome13 日 前

    Last year over the summer, it was like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="690">11:30</a> or something. I get this guy feeling, "go lock the back door". I was just thinking, nah, it's locked. Some time passes, then I finally get out of bed to check it. Lo and behold it was unlocked, which scared the crap out of me. I then proceeded to lock the back door, but I don't think I slept good that night. I don't know what would've happened if I didn't lock it, but thank the Lord I locked it when I did.

  64. New Romanian Mapper /NRM

    New Romanian Mapper /NRM13 日 前

    All of these stories remind me of a story where I only got the bad gut feeling way too late and was only saved by my thickheadedness.Essentially,I was like 8 or so,and minecraft was in the middle of it's first major swing of popularity,and I was talking to my ex-best friend (we'd distanced as time went on due to him being a grade higher which made interactions inside of school hard and was somewhat of a jackass at school and at home I started going outside less) and we were talking on facebook about stuff when somehow I got the idea he'd changed accounts and was about to send me a friend request with his new account,which I'm still unsure *where* that was since he never actually said that when I went back to check,meaning either this was an incredibly well-timed mistake or somehow the guy managed to get a hold of his account and then delete the conversation we had about him moving account after.Anyways,after that,I got a friend request from some guy with a minecraft chicken pfp,which I didn't think overly weird since I knew he was somewhat into minecraft as well.That was also when I'd thought I "reconnected" with my friend as me and the cunt started talking constantly,even by voice chat sometimes which was the weirdest part,since I remember him sounding exactly like my friend which makes me think he had a voice changer and either through some video my friend posted or something found out how he sounded,since I was completely sure I was hearing my friend.And at first he was very willing to talk on voice chat and stuff,and we'd play minecraft together,and he'd randomly ask me questions like "So what school do you go to now",which somefuckinghow,I *didn't* think was suspect in the slightest,and instead just got confused and said "We go to the same school still,dude" and brushed it off,and there were more questions like that that I can't actually remember,that was just the one I did remember because of how ridiculous it was.Eventually however due to my thickheadedness I think he started getting seriously annoyed and wanting to just cut it off but knew just disappearing would be weird,so he continued but started refusing to go onto voice saying that his dad was sleeping and would hear him and beat him if he found him playing and shite,and since I have no real clue how his father actually is since I'd never actually properly interacted with the man,I was convinced.Only a long time of this going on did I realize what was happening in one sudden moment of clarity as the gut feeling hit me and proceeded to instantly block the guy,and I've yet to hear from him again,though I wonder what he even planned to do and what would've happened if I'd been stupider and not realized how weird the questions were at all instead of being confused by them and answered them.

  65. Iry_

    Iry_13 日 前

    person: wants to kill me my gut feeling: NOT SO FAST BUCKAROO

  66. Elijah Bredemeier

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1430">23:50</a> Primm Nevada aa in Primm from Fallout new Vegas?

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    Ok but are we not gonna talk about that smooth outro beat?

  68. King Bob

    King Bob14 日 前

    Once found a great apartment at a very reasonable price. Meet up with the landlord to discuss the lease. Leave after 5 minutes when I notice the guy had a very predatory vibe to him. Turns out the guy had several charges in other states for various crimes against his tenants.

  69. Jay T

    Jay T14 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="530">8:50</a> lol dialing your mom instead of the cops what a loser

  70. []GreenGuy []

    []GreenGuy []14 日 前

    I was 7 years old, my 14 year old cousin and his friends were playing with me in the pool, at some point they drag me underwater as a stupid prank. I was scared, everything started turning darker, the water became colder, I was fading and I did what my gut told me, instinctively I grabbed my cousin’s bare nuts and squeezed with my long nails... I almost killed him after he almost drowned me

  71. AiRsTrIkExXzZ

    AiRsTrIkExXzZ15 日 前

    I think a gut feeling is the brain trying to tell you that: dude, something ain’t right about this

  72. Amazing Muffin

    Amazing Muffin15 日 前

    I have a gut feeling i need to pause the video before <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1317">21:57</a>

  73. TheHobbyistHub

    TheHobbyistHub15 日 前

    I ACTUALLY HAVE A STORY ABOUT THIS: So one time I was running alongside a mainroad in my city racing a friend. I lived in a suburban town on the outskirts of a city. I was beating my friend to an intersection, and when I stepped on to the median. I immediately felt every fiber in my body want to stop, I even feel like in my head i Heard someone say "Stop." My body immediately stopped moving, and it felt as if it were beyond my control. The very second I stopped in place, a car ZOOMED passed in front of me, and I knew that if I took one more step: I would have died I turned to ask my friend if he heard anyone say "stop," and he said "No."

  74. Mariana Serrano

    Mariana Serrano15 日 前

    when i was about 13 or 14, i was walking to the bus stop which was in the apartment complex across from mine. it was a 5 to 7 minutevwalk. i lived in a semi dangerous neighborhood, so i always carried a switchblade, a tazer, pepper spray, and spiked brass knucles. it was normal fro kids over the age of 12 to carry these. so as im walking, i get this feeling that i am being followed. usually one would think that it would be other kids. but there was no one else that took the bus i did so, i walked alone every morning. i had my purse next to me, and luckily, my phone began to ring. so i missed the call on purpose. i pretended to dig through my purse for my phone, but instead i put on my brass knukles, and grab my tazer 'phone' and as soon as i do, i turn around and this man comes running at full speed at me, so as he goes to grab me, i punch him directly in the face, he falls to the floor a bloody mess, and then i proceed to taze him. i grab my pepper spray out of my bag, and spray him. them i bolt in the direction of the bus and tell the bus driver what happened, because she was there. we then drove to school, and she escorted me to the office, where i called my mother, told her what happened, and she came and picked me up. about two weeks later, im reading the paper on a sunday morning like i usually do, and the same guy who tried abducting me, raped a girl that was my friend, kill her by strangulation, and then he commited suicide. we moved out like three to five days later. but it was so traumatic for me that i barely remember what happened after that. i now live in a safe place. but i never leave home without my tazer. be careful kids, men, women, and everyone in general.

  75. OTBS99 6

    OTBS99 615 日 前

    Yoo i live near chico lol

  76. Ghostreaperlord

    Ghostreaperlord15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1270">21:10</a> the guy from the ravens gate but a girl???

  77. Grimus Gaming

    Grimus Gaming15 日 前

    I had a bad gut felling once and i didn't think much about it long story short i was attacked by demons later that day

  78. Gilbert Olivas

    Gilbert Olivas16 日 前

    I listen to these vids while playing minecraft at 2am

  79. Daniel Breslin

    Daniel Breslin17 日 前

    I went to a theme park on a class trip a few years back and we were lining up to get on a roller coaster that had just opened, we were at the front of the line getting ready to get on when I felt really weird and sick to mu stomach, I turned to my friend and told her that I didn't want to go on and I had a bad feeling, we got off and were given a fast pass to skip the queue for that ride, we went off and came back an hour later with the fast pass ready to get on but when we got there it was closed off and we were told that it broke down in the middle of a ride unrelated but even longer ago on another class trip to a different theme park most of the rides were shut or seemed sketchy and even though i love roller coasters i didn't go on them, a day later I go into school and its on the news that the roller coaster we were all hyped about to get on had broken down and fell off the tracks crushing some kids, so glad we we're there the day before

  80. Tijn Hams

    Tijn Hams17 日 前

    I was cooking chicken and tought it was done, but i had suddenly a tummy aché and went to the toilet, forgetting to turn off the stove. Eventually, the chicken was over cooked. But if i didn't take a big dump, i would have probably died of salmonella poisoning.

  81. anime is awesome as hell

    anime is awesome as hell17 日 前

    I woke up at 4am about a week ago and I had a cold chill go down my spine so I sneak downstairs(I can see quite well in the dark) turns out someone had broken into my house so I got the jump on them and lay on them. I called the police and the guy got 26 years in prison. Btw they had a gun(I live in the uk so it is hard to get a gun) so I had to disarm them. Once disarmed I picked up a dirty knife from the side next to me and held it to their throat to help keep them still

  82. Eonic_Aurora

    Eonic_Aurora18 日 前

    So when I was like 11-12 me and my family was in Scotland for a holiday and I randomly got this guy feeling something really bad had happened at home so I cried to my dad to take me home and when we got home after 11-14 hours we get home and see my cat had passed away and that cat was my best friend he meant everything to me and I miss him so so much 😭

  83. ZeroXionXZ

    ZeroXionXZ18 日 前

    It happens to me a lot my foot just stops working when I am walking, then suddenly something happens in front of where I was walking, I've avoided many injuries or being hit by cars because of it, it feels strange, just as you suddenly stop with no reason

  84. Simply

    Simply18 日 前

    Turns out the surgeon had nicked my liver im sorry but that made me laugh a bit

  85. Wooper :]

    Wooper :]18 日 前

    I felt a pain in my gut... I shidded.

  86. Fake Otaku

    Fake Otaku18 日 前

    Mines not super weird, but it was weird to me. When I was like 10-11, I was swimming in a hotel pool with my friend, our parents were lounging at the far end of the pool. The pool was huge, like twice of an Olympic sized pool. So, at the time, my friend and I were at the deep end because we could swim, and we were hanging around at the edge, just talking. The pool is completely empty. Then these two guys walk into the pool area, they looked like teens, and fairly creepy. I noticed that one of them looked over at us. And I looked away quickly, telling my friend that there were some creepers at the pool. I just HAD A FEELING they’d do something weird. I had a very very bad feeling about that leering face. So, anyways we’re on alert, but we didn’t do anything, since we were pretty young and I didn’t think they’d do anything to kids. (Yes I was a bit mature for my age, and I wanted to be careful). Anyways those guys, make a BEELINE for our side of the pool, and get into the water about 12 feet from us (think a distance of two adult men) that’s pretty close for a hugeass pool. Anyways, me and my friend move farther away, drifting. They follow. We move, they come closer. At that point, the creepy vibes are 100% for a 10 year old girl. So I tell my friend “we should swim as fast as possible away from here and to the other side”. Just as push off and swim for my life, I feel one of the guy’s hands miss my foot. I kicked as hard as I could and booked it, lol. Anyways, we got to the other side, and those two guys are laughing on the other side. Maybe they were just teasing two little girls, but it’s a swimming pool where we’re exposed, we’re children, they’re several years older, and then they actually tried touching us, and we didn’t know them. Anyways, we pulled ourselves out of the pool and told our moms, since our dad’s weren’t there with us. They didn’t want to confront the guys so we just left. Note: this wasn’t the U.S. I was vacationing in India.

  87. Daniel Cabrera

    Daniel Cabrera18 日 前

    Why are people scared of shark attacks, like do they know the chances?

  88. Colman Tieszen

    Colman Tieszen18 日 前

    You should be fairly sus of any offers you get in a country you have never been in

  89. BG Ninja

    BG Ninja18 日 前

    Ok so this really doesn’t matter but in one of the stories was the only time I heard Louisville pronounced correctly.

  90. Lee Mcelhenney

    Lee Mcelhenney18 日 前

    I think the go kart kid was overreacting

  91. Kerfuful Kertuful

    Kerfuful Kertuful19 日 前

    I was answered a question on a test correctly because of a nagging (probably gut instinct maybe not) telling me the answer and I was the only one to get a 100 because of that one question because no one else got it.