Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It - Challenge | ZHC


  1. ZHC

    ZHC4 ヶ月 前

    Sub and I'll let you buy anything you draw yiannimize lambo in the thumbnail btw just found out first comment: Kaylen

  2. Dongsaeng

    Dongsaeng14 日 前

    ZHC you're so nice what the hell?? 😆 Love the Lamborghini btw 👌😂

  3. jam doodles

    jam doodles2 ヶ月 前

    I subbed since the start of this year

  4. Aaronthelol Gamer

    Aaronthelol Gamer2 ヶ月 前

    I sub

  5. Yocell Gaming

    Yocell Gaming2 ヶ月 前

    I GOT click baited lamboooooo

  6. Mr, SUAVE JR

    Mr, SUAVE JR2 ヶ月 前

    Hi ZHC : i drew pc. But its not a good drawing. can you by me a secohand pc or laptop.. its only cost 100$ here in ph. So i can use it for my small digital shirt print. It will help me for my hospital and medicines bills.. i have CKD and im PWD i cant apply for any job. This is only can support my dialisys session.. tnx

  7. Jaydyn Boykin

    Jaydyn Boykin27 分 前

    Omg how did you afford a car like that on 1:17

  8. Arab Rup

    Arab Rup40 分 前

    Can I get a PS4

  9. Arab Rup

    Arab Rup42 分 前

    Lamborghin no way

  10. Oleo _123

    Oleo _12343 分 前

    you guys are so lucky having a lot of money, i wish i could have as much money as you guys😞😞

  11. Arab Rup

    Arab Rup46 分 前

    Can I get one

  12. Arab Rup

    Arab Rup47 分 前

    Can I get one

  13. Harvey Newsom

    Harvey Newsom2 時間 前

    Your so nice

  14. GoldWolf -313

    GoldWolf -3133 時間 前

    I mean this is an older vid but if you want to but stuff for someone subbing, I subbed a couple videos ago and I lost all my copics and inking tools

  15. starboy Knight

    starboy Knight4 時間 前

    Good man

  16. starboy Knight

    starboy Knight4 時間 前

    Biggest fan

  17. starboy Knight

    starboy Knight4 時間 前

    I love your paintings

  18. Critter Meleen

    Critter Meleen5 時間 前


  19. Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget6 時間 前

    What store is the one he got the squishies and the pens?

  20. Neon xd

    Neon xd6 時間 前

    If u don’t sub to zhc I will eat your drawings.

  21. Teresa Patterson

    Teresa Patterson7 時間 前

    A Lamborghini a small

  22. tinydude bro

    tinydude bro7 時間 前

    Bruh moments

  23. TheUnknown Hacker

    TheUnknown Hacker7 時間 前

    Contestant 1 looks like a yet that uploaded a video called my first time petting a puppy

  24. soaR duck

    soaR duck8 時間 前

    Is that morgs

  25. kate the baker

    kate the baker9 時間 前

    hey zac um I need an iPhone so yeah..............😅

  26. Tram anh Le

    Tram anh Le10 時間 前

    I mean no offence but yours is way better than the other ones

  27. Mr Irate

    Mr Irate11 時間 前

    Can I have a thousand dollars

  28. Mr Irate

    Mr Irate11 時間 前


  29. Mr Irate

    Mr Irate11 時間 前


  30. Mr Irate

    Mr Irate11 時間 前


  31. Hyperzz

    Hyperzz11 時間 前

    these hoes man

  32. Samantha and melanie productions

    Samantha and melanie productions11 時間 前

    Nasty beans has like one good one the blue one you get a good one no matter what

  33. AriGaming109

    AriGaming10912 時間 前


  34. chubby chim

    chubby chim13 時間 前

    How can he be so rich I always wonder if he has an infinity wallet lol who doesn’t agree I wish to be rich too lol even tho that won’t happened lol 😂

  35. Ana Aspiazu

    Ana Aspiazu13 時間 前

    hahahahaha lambo

  36. Lorcan Murphy

    Lorcan Murphy15 時間 前

    this Mr beast 2.0

  37. ichelle kiut

    ichelle kiut17 時間 前

    super awesome ! 😍

  38. Teresa Valdez

    Teresa Valdez18 時間 前

    Idol Zach can you give me a racket in ping pong I'm always watching your video and liking it.

  39. Angelina :D

    Angelina :D18 時間 前

    *Crazy Rich Asian.* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  40. xxoxochlow big head

    xxoxochlow big head19 時間 前

    Your sister can draw good

  41. Brianna Hooper

    Brianna Hooper19 時間 前

    Sister I am not my brother so I can not draw. Me yes you caaaaaaaaan

  42. Rimbun AT Janda Baik

    Rimbun AT Janda Baik20 時間 前

    Not. Lambo

  43. Harshit Goyal

    Harshit Goyal21 時間 前

    You should also open a sarcasm channel

  44. _LeahTheWeeb_

    _LeahTheWeeb_23 時間 前

    I love that Lamborghini

  45. Rik d

    Rik d日 前

    Tech us how to draw as good as you

  46. Luqman Hakim

    Luqman Hakim日 前

    Bro it’s crazy, every single time i had said fck for this video, let’s come to Malaysia bro 🤘🏻🔥

  47. Fatima morelos

    Fatima morelos日 前

    “Those guys are professionals” I can’t even 😂😂😂

  48. Fatima morelos

    Fatima morelos日 前


  49. Sonic Simon

    Sonic Simon日 前

    Man i would cry if I got dat Lego set lucky kid very lucky....

  50. Rhys Wagar

    Rhys Wagar日 前

    These is how many times he said pretty good I I V

  51. mu heen

    mu heen日 前

    I subscribed ...

  52. Kittenin DaShadow

    Kittenin DaShadow日 前

    "Thank you" "Thank you" "Thank y-" "SHUT UP STEVE" Me: Wheezes

  53. stuart haack

    stuart haack日 前

    I subscribed for zac cause his family destroyed his bank account

  54. Bee Videos

    Bee Videos日 前

    12:30 OOF

  55. AlanGreatGod BTSLOVER

    AlanGreatGod BTSLOVER日 前

    I’m gonna draw something I want tomorrow in my channel

  56. UnknownZYYY

    UnknownZYYY日 前

    13:28 san jose?

  57. Xander Bachman

    Xander Bachman日 前

    I wanna say this Where tf is the -ahem- LAMBORGHINI? Just wondering.

  58. Ricky Li

    Ricky Li日 前

    No one drawed Zach’s merch? Rolex? Turkey? Raid shadow Legend? Aw man




  60. Mrs. McRoblox

    Mrs. McRoblox日 前

    what its like to live with a rich bro xD

  61. Elvin Santana

    Elvin Santana日 前

    I can’t believe you did that

  62. rcbrual98

    rcbrual98日 前

    people in sj LOL

  63. spot yolinski

    spot yolinski日 前

    Not clickbait

  64. cristian gamer

    cristian gamer日 前

    Don't say that you're bad at drawing you're good at drawing believe in yourself 😊

  65. cristian gamer

    cristian gamer日 前

    ZHC you're are good at drawing

  66. Mr. Cord

    Mr. Cord日 前

    Hahahahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂

  67. Salut.c.moi.clorox

    Salut.c.moi.clorox日 前

    how many dollar did you use ?

  68. Henry Jiang

    Henry Jiang日 前

    ZHC can u plz get me 20 $25 robux giftcards